How to Wear Red Shoes for Men ? 33 Outfit Ideas

Red shoe outfits for men. When it comes to men’s wardrobe, we think of some particular colors and styles. When we think to override these conventional style statements and choose some peculiar stuff for our use, we undoubtedly enter into a controversial hype.

The same is the case when we choose a color for our shoes. As a schoolboy, of course, you can choose any color for your shoes, but when it comes to middle-aged men, you pause and think before buying a new red pair of shoes that looks attractive, appealing, and promising in a glass rack.

However, the red shoe fever has been all the rage lately, and watching every other celebrity wear red shoes with their outfits makes you want to try them out too. All the big shoe brands like Nike, Reebok, and Gucci are designing red shoe lines for men, and it is very enticing to see the brilliantly colored shoes lined up, waiting to be picked up.

However, most people will avoid wearing them because “RED” is considered unconventional for men. Let me assure you; this has been the perception in the past. Now every man can try out the red shoe outfit as he deems comfortable.

Do not worry about how it will look because we’re here to help you avoid any fashion disaster. Although we agree, it is not easy to choose what to wear with red shoes.

How to Wear Red Shoes?

Tips on What To Wear With Red Boots:

  • The shoes greatly amplify or enhance your overall outlook.
  • Choosing the right color for your outfit is better than going for light colors.
  • Monochrome colors like beige, black, white, and gray for your outfit will work well.
  • You can also go for contrast, such as navy or light blue. Don’t try to wear a red shirt matching your red shoes because it will look too loud and funky.
  • I think a baggy jacket or cardigan in winter will look best, especially in grey. And yes, if you are from warmer regions, you must choose a darker shade of red because it will give a cool effect to your personality. But in more cold regions, a bright red will enhance your personality’s mildness instead of inciting passion and restlessness.

men red shoes outfits

↓ 33. For Travels and Roadtrips

If you are going to a place with steep trails and rocky roads like mountains, red sneakers are the shoes for you. They are designed for adventures like hiking and nature tripping. Pair them with clothes that will make you comfortable, allowing you to move freely and enjoy your trip.

↓ 32. Red and Black Combo

These Spiderman-themed shoes are perfect for MARVEL fans out there! Red and black is a perfect match! Try to stick with the same color choice as the shoes to have a uniform look for your outfit.

↓ 31. Red with a Touch of White

Nothing looks more satisfying than outfits complementing each other. Wear a red suit and make it less formal to make an amazing color combination of your style. Do not wear a dress shirt, just a plain tank top or T-shirt. They would match your red shoes with a touch of white in them. No need for a tie as well. This is suitable for semi-formal and corporate occasions.

↓ 30. Street Style

Look cool and feel good with this outfit – a black shirt paired with chinos. Roll up the sleeves, and show off your ankles to look even hotter and sexier and then accessorize with the perfect sunglasses you got.

↓ 29. Very Casual

No need for too much sophistication – any outfit goes well with red shoes. Let’s be casual, and if you’re just out for a walk around the block for some sightseeing, wear whatever available clothes you have in your closet.

↓ 28. With Denim

A plain T-shirt and a denim jacket on top look perfect with denim jeans and red shoes. Try this style, and you’ll see it for yourself. If your red shoes have a touch of any color, a tip for you is to match that color with the undershirt.

↓ 27. What Socks to Wear

Regardless of what style you’re trying to pull off today or what event you’re attending, you can always experiment with your choice of socks. Time to show off your fancy fashion socks, don’t be shy! But if you prefer going sockless, you can find some good tips from our earlier post on Sockless Guide for Men.

↓ 26. With a Red Flannel

If you are layering your outfit, wear a red undershirt like this one – a checkered black and white shirt. Not only does it look iconic, but it also complements the shoes.

↓ 25. Daily Wear

No need to spend much time thinking about what to wear with red shoes when you’re just going out to run errands. You can wear a T-shirt with jeans, which will look fine.

↓ 24. With a Crewneck Jumper

Time for some layering work! Wear a jumper with a shirt and try to make a nice color combo. In this case, blue and brown are perfect for each other. This style is best for school days and hangouts with friends.

↓ 23. With a Buttoned-down Shirt

Add the red sneakers to your business or smart-casual collection. They look good with a classic shirt. Tuck it in your chinos or pants. Wearing socks is optional. You can use this outfit inspiration for a meeting.

↓ 22. With Shorts

Shorts are best for summer. Just wear them with red rubber shoes, a basic tee, and voila!

↓ 21. With a Leather Jacket

Try the biker-gangster style by wearing a dapper leather jacket paired with jeans. Any undershirt would look good with this outfit, but striped T-shirts are highly recommended. Here are some more awesome Leather Jacket Outfits for you.

↓ 20. Winter Style

Red shoes blend well with a bomber jacket of any color and add a beanie for a winter fashion statement.

↓ 19. Sneakers

Red shoes are a nice option for teens – since they look cool and mature simultaneously. You can easily wear them with your blue jeans and hoodies as a casual outfit.

↓ 18 – Casual Outfit

It is amazing how red shoes can change your outlook and appearance. A basic T-shirt and jeans become a huge style statement when you pair them with red shoes.

Wear casual red sneakers or slip-on, and suddenly, from very casual, you jump to a semi-formal look. Also, look at these Essential Men’s FashMen’sieces for Both Business and Casual Wear.

Red Shoes Outfits For Men-18 Ways to Wear Red Shoes

↓ 17 – To Gym

If you are a gym buff, you can easily pull off red sports shoes and sneakers with any gyming attire. Cool gym shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt will look great on you with a pair of red shoes.

You can also consider taking a red gym bag or wearing a red shirt to make yourself the center of attention at the Gym. Please do not overdo it with red because too much red can easily become an eyesore.

Red Shoes Outfits For Men-18 Ways to Wear Red Shoes

↓ 16 – The Swag Guy Look

When you think about trying out the bad guy look, the only thing that comes to mind is black, metallic, Gothic, or leather. One might think red shoes would never go with the bad guy outlook. That is a wrong perception.

Red shoes will get great with a punk style, bad boy look. Ripped jeans, leather jackets, chains, metallic rings, and red shoes complement everything. A great combination. Pair this look with one of these 21 Most Popular Swag Hairstyles for Men to Try this Season.

Red Shoes Outfits For Men-18 Ways to Wear Red Shoes

↓ 15 – For Formal Events

Ankle boots in red ely a fashion statement. If this is not a fashion statement, I do not know what is. Pair the red boots with a casual or formal outfit, and you are fit for clubbing and partying or a boys’ night out.

Red Shoes Outfits For Men-18 Ways to Wear Red Shoes


↓ 14 – For Men Over 60

Recently the superstar Harrison Ford, a veteran actor of 74+ years, broke the cliche that red shoes are good for young men only. He rocked the red shoe outfit and paved the way for other men to enjoy the luxury of wearing red shoes at any age. You should also check out these 17 Smart Outfits for Men Over 50.

Red Shoes Outfits For Men-18 Ways to Wear Red Shoes

As you can see here, regardless of age, the right pair of red shoes with the right outfit will make you look like a rock star.

Red Shoes Outfits For Men-18 Ways to Wear Red Shoes

↓ 13 – Workwear

A great way to enhance the red shoes and make them your stand-out fashion statement is to wear them with a pair of white pants or white Denim.

You can also try the all-white look with red shoes, but that is playing too safe. Try them with bright tops, white pants, and then add red shoes as the cherry on top.

Red Shoes Outfits For Men-18 Ways to Wear Red Shoes

↓ 12 – Glam Up Beach Outfit With Red Flip Flops

So red is the new color and not just in shoes. You can glam up your beach outfit with cool and flaming red flip-flops. You can also wear colorful T-shirts with monochrome shorts and pair them with red flip-flops. Here are some more ideas on What Men Should Wear at the Beach.

Red Shoes Outfits For Men-18 Ways to Wear Red Shoes

↓ 11 – Celebrities Wearing All Red Sneakers

NBA players are known for their athletic skills and great sense of style, such that many basketball players are also fashion icons. Red shoes are their favorite, and often you can see them wearing red shoes everywhere.

Not only red sneakers but they are wearing red shoes for formal occasions also.

Red Shoes Outfits For Men-18 Ways to Wear Red Shoes

↓ 10 – Red Accessories

Red accessories go well with red shoes. You are again emphasizing not to overdo it with red. When wearing red shoes with red accessories, everything else in your outfit must be monochrome.

We have a red jacket, belt, and red shoes, all black, all blend perfectly. Have a look at these Trendy Men’s Clothing Trends and Fashion Accessories. Men’s 9 – More Celeb Style Inspiration

A casual outfit with a dull red blazer can also go well with red shoes.

Red Shoes Outfits For Men-18 Ways to Wear Red Shoes

↓ 8 – Winter Look

Spice up your dull winter wardrobe with High Heel Red Boots. This style is best for the rainy days.

Red Shoes Outfits For Men-18 Ways to Wear Red Shoes

↓ 7 – With Heels

Okay, you might cringe, but celebs seem to like it. Men are wearing formal red shoes with a bit of heel. Check out these dapper dudes wearing red heels and giving us some serious goals. They make us wonder why men don’t wear heels more often!

Who would have don’t that could rock styles with heels, too? It looks cliche and weird, but this is fashion, even if it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Red Shoes Outfits For Men-18 Ways to Wear Red Shoes

men outfits with red heels

what to wear with red shoes men

↓ 6 – Workwear

Here is a good way to pair your favorite red shoes with a formal office outfit. Here no one can accuse you of taking your work casually. It is a no-nonsense, ready for a work outfit. Here are some more Men’s Summer Office wear outfits.

Red Shoes Outfits For Men-18 Ways to Wear Red Shoes

↓ 5 – Red Loafers To Go With The CasuMen’sok

This can be your workday outfit. There are red sneakers and red shoes. However, red canvas or loafers are the best and most comfortable shoes. If you have a pair of loafers, don’t miss out on these awesome Ideas on How To Wear Loafers.

Red Shoes Outfits For Men-18 Ways to Wear Red Shoes

↓ 4 – The Rough Look

Herdon’ta red shoe look blends perfectly. Here the dressing is pretty rough with a vest and crumpled khakis, but the red shoes make it all give an overall classy look.

Red Shoes Outfits For Men-18 Ways to Wear Red Shoes

↓ 3 – All Black

This safe combination is the most popular with everyone these days. Try this combination if you want to have the hippest look with red shoes. Here are some of our favorAll-Blacklack Outfits for guys.

Red Shoes Outfits For Men-18 Ways to Wear Red Shoes

↓ 2 – Wearing A Formal Top Hat

So the top and bottom both complement each other here.

Red Shoes Outfits For Men-18 Ways to Wear Red Shoes

↓ 1 – With Leather Pants

Leather always adds to the elegance and hotness of red shoes.

Red Shoes Outfits For Men-18 Ways to Wear Red Shoes


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