Men Outfits With Loafers- 30 Ideas How To Wear Loafers Shoes

Men Outfits With Loafers. Loafers have been around for the longest time, but recently they have gained some extra popularity and have become the hottest trend. The coolest part about them is their comfort, the flattering look and their versatility.

The various options and style are available for men that make a perfect style statement and give a completely fresh and modern look. From celebrities to ordinary people, men and women, everyone is jumping on to this trend. If you are new to this style and are unsure about where, when and how to wear your favourite pair of loafers, read on because this post covers it all, deciding which outfits do or do not go with loafers can be a little tricky, but once you get it right the look is totally amazing. A few things you need to keep in mind when selecting loafers and the outfits to be worn with them are the overall look, trouser cut and length, loafers quality and the trouser-shoe gap. For further assistanc, we have compiled different outfits with loafers for all you confused men out there! So have a look at our 30 ideas how to wear loafer shoes!

Clothing Ideas to Wear with Loafers

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#30 -With Simple T Shirt

If you are going out running errands, meeting a couple of friends or just casually hanging out you can simply wear your favourite loafers casually with any tee and jeans.

Men Loafers1


#29 – Match Loafers With Your Outfit

Just putting a slight effort in your outfit makes a lot of difference. Simple detailing such as color coordinating your loafers with pants or shirt will completely transform your look.

Men Loafers2


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#28 – With Button Down Shirt

Loafers can totally be paired with your favourite collared shirt or any other semi formal clothing.

Men Loafers3


#27 – Loafers For Weddings

Who says you can not wear loafers to weddings? You can totally rock them with a formal shirt and bow tie.

Men Outfits4


#26 – For Semi Formal Look

Men Loafers5


#25 – Loafers With Slim Fit Pants

It is important to keep in mind what kind of pants you are wearing with loafers. These slim fitted pants paired with loafers give an amazing modern look.

Men Loafers6


#24 – Loafers With Rolled Up Jeans- You don’t want your pants hanging over your loafers and destroying the whole look. A cool way to stop that from happening is to fold up your jeans. It will make your loafers stand out and also give a very stylish look.

Men Loafers7


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#23 – Loafers With Shorts

Loafers look absolutely stunning with shorts and attract a lot of attention so if you need to show off your new pair of loafers, this outfit is for you!

Men Loafers8


#22 – Go Sock less

With loafers, there are no rules when it comes to socks. You can totally go without socks whenever you want and look fashionable at the same time. Not only that, but you will also stay comfortable all day.

Men Loafers9


#21 – Loafers For College Wear

Men Outfits10


#20 – Loafers For Casual Wear

Men Loafers11


#19 – With Cardigan In Winters

Men Loafers12


#18 – Classy Outfit With Loafers

Men Loafers13


#17 – Loafers For Formal Look

When going to any formal event, you can wear a coat and tie with a pair of classy leather loafers. We assure you that you will make all heads turn your way!

Men Loafers14


#16 -Loafers With Full Length Pants

You do not necessarily have to wear short or folded pants to wear loafers. You can wear them with full pants too and pull it off effortlessly. This style is good for a formal and sophisticated look.

Men Loafers15


#15 – Casual Winter Outfit

Men Loafers16


#14 – Loafers For Beach

Hey, guess what? You can wear loafers to the beach too! Instead of going for the same old black and brown ones, choose something funky and bright such as this blue pair with cute shorts. You will surely receive a lot of compliments!

Men Loafers17


#13 – Loafers With Socks

As said earlier, you do not have to follow a specific rule when it comes to socks. You can wear them with socks in winters or if you feel like wearing it otherwise.

Men Loafers18


#12 – Tassel Loafers For Work And Meetings- How hot do these tassel cool loafers look? You should totally wear one of these for a unique and classy look when going for any professional work. The perfect outfit with these would be a semi formal collared shirt with a coat. This look will surely impress everyone around you.

Men Loafers19


#11 – For Sophisticated Look

Men Loafers20


#10 – Cool Outfit With Loafers For Men

Men Loafers21


#9 – Experiment With Different Colors

Tired of the same look? Well, your loafers can make all the difference. Instead of going for neutrals and dark colors, go for something bright and funky such as this bright yellow pair of loafers. It is perfect for a fresh look. Wear it with a simple white shirt to balance out the look.

Men Loafers22


#8 – Light Colored Pants

Light pants will really enhance how your loafers look and brighten them up. For that, you can wear white or any other colored pants with any shirt and loafers of your choice.

Men Loafers23


#7 – Neutral Tones

Men Loafers24


#6 – With Denim Shirts- Loafers look amazing with denim outfits. You can go for a denim jacket, shirt or jeans. The best kind of loafers to be paired with this outfit would be classy blue colored.

Men Loafers25


#5 – Loafers With Semi Formal Attire

Men Loafers26


#4 – Loafers With Long Coats For Winter

Men Loafers27


#3 – With Jackets And Mufflers

Men Loafers28


#2 – Loafers With Formal Suit

Men Loafers29


#1 – Summer Day Outfit

On a hot sunny day, wear brown loafers with a white shirt and brown shorts. To further enhance the look you can wear a hat and go all retro. Oh and don’t forget your shades!

Men Loafers30

Now these are a lot of options to choose from, aren’t they? We hope this post ends your confusion about loafers and the outfits that go with them. Make sure to not choose something you are not comfortable in as comfort comes first. Be open to different styles and stay confident, that is the key to pulling off this amazing in trend look and no one can stop you from rocking those awesome loafers! Do leave your feedback in the comments section!


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