Best Striped Shirts for Men: 20 Ways to Wear & Style Stripes

Striped shirts for men are very versatile, and they are widely accepted across any dress code. They are easy to wear, so it is hardly surprising that they continue to be a common style in a modern man’s wardrobe. You can wear them throughout the year, with a bit of styling, to suit all occasions and seasons.

Stripe is a universal pattern as it complements almost all body types. The likes of Topman Design and Oliver Spencer have incorporated stripes of various sizes and colors into their looks, showing that they can definitely create a classic and tailored style.

How to Wear Stripes?

Today, stripes are seen on almost every garment – from suits to socks, shirts, ties, and pocket squares. 

Common Types of Stripes

  • Pencil Stripe. This dressy stripe is like a shirt version of a pinstripe. Pencil stripes are very thin that they look like to have been drawn by the sharp point of a pencil. 
  • Bengal Stripe. Bengal stripes are bolder in color and thickness than pencil stripes, often measuring at a width of 1/8″. This is appropriate for business settings.
  • Candy Stripe. Candy stripes are thick, bold, and playful in color. They look like candy canes, and they’re quite casual compared to the previous ones.
  • Deckchair. This is a staple of British summerwear. Its slightly chunkier vertical stripes look great on a casual shirt. It’s a bolder look, especially with the colors red and white. Look for muted options in light greys and pastel colors, especially on your Oxford shirts.
  • Pinstripes. This little boardroom staple has been rebranded as a casual piece recently. The Wall Street might still love that chalky stripe on a dark-colored suit, but you’ll also find shirts that give the pattern a much broader appeal.
  • Banker Stripes. These narrow stripes have also been borrowed from corner offices and transformed into something more casual. It is a good option for the office. And you also have the option of wearing them for smart-casual weekend gigs, or you can look for an oversized version for your streetwear vibe.
  • Breton Stripes. James Dean remains to be a definitive style icon today. And because of him, this stripe variant never dies.

Stripes can be of any width, and the spaces between them can range from small to broad. There are no limitations on the colors of the stripes or the background. From the thickness to the color of the stripes you wear, make this trend more versatile than you realize.

striped shirts for men

Tips on Wearing Striped Shirts

  • For Starters. If you’d like to give in to the trend, a casual T-shirt is a great way to start. Choose pieces with thin stripes in subtle colors. If you already feel comfortable with a short-sleeve shirt, test it out now with a long-sleeve tee. Go for something knitted and oversized, so it looks as if you’re almost swimming in it.
  • Colors. Look for subtle colors such as white, grey, navy, black. Avoid bright colors, such as yellow, orange, red, etc. And of course, consider the fit – make sure you are comfortable.
  • The Fit. Try to get a tailored striped shirt, cut and sewn to your desired measurements. It perfectly complements the natural shape and contours of your body.
  • Exploring. Now’s the perfect time to don a multicolored, odd combination or something resembling candy stripes. For instance, rather than opting for plain and solid ones, break the bland wardrobe with some interesting yet simple patterns like the evergreen stripes, both horizontal & vertical. 

↓ 20 – Everyday Look in Striped T-Shirts

If you don’t have one yet, start with a basic short-sleeve T-shirt. Then try swapping out your regular t-shirts for one with horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes help to offset the tall men’s height. This is really helpful if he’s tall and thin, as the side-to-side optics of these stripes will help fill him out.

How To Style Striped Shirts 2


↓ 19 – Striped Polo Shirt Outfit

A tip for short men: Avoid horizontally striped shirts, as they make you look shorter. The same goes for rounder men as they would make you look heavier. A shirt is timeless, and although stripes are always on-trend, you could easily wear them to complement other seasonal trends. To make things easier, stick to a palette of similar colors. Here’s a complete guide on Modern Ways to Wear Polo Shirts.

How To Style Striped Shirts 3


↓ 18 – Seersucker Shirt

This can be your go-to 9-to-5 wear. Stripes play nicely with dots, so next time you’re feeling confident, throw on a dotted tie with your striped shirt.

How To Style Striped Shirts 4


↓ 17 – As a Gingham Shirt Jacket

Forget floral prints; gingham is back in town. Gingham shirts were first worn in the 60s. Today, they are identified with fans of indie music with brands like Lambretta Clothing and Ben Sherman.

How To Style Striped Shirts 5


↓ 16 – Styling Striped Flannel Shirts

The flannel is a soft and comfortable woven wool fabric. Flannel shirts can be the perfect piece that can help you look good in colder months. For a casual look, team up your flannel shirt with a T-shirt and jeans. And when the weather gets warm, wrap your flannel shirt around your waist.

How To Style Striped Shirts 6


↓ 15 – With Your Basic Jeans

Stripes have remained such a go-to classic. They have the ability to provide a good foundation for layering. Striped pieces can easily be adapted to emphasize other picks in your wardrobe, from your everyday jeans to your new jackets.

How To Style Striped Shirts 7


↓ 14 – As Smart-Casual Outfit

Choosing vertical stripes over horizontal entails various benefits, causing the eye to scan up and down and offer a lengthening effect. This tip is beneficial for shorter and plus-size gentlemen.

How To Style Striped Shirts 8


↓ 13 – With Your Basic Shorts

 It is one of the essential pieces you should have in your summer wardrobe. Most stripe t-shirts are made from 100% cotton, and cotton is perfect for summers. It will help you stay cool and comfortable. Avoid fabrics like polyester, rayon, etc.

How To Style Striped Shirts 9


↓ 12 – With Corduroy Pants

Corduroy pants can be worn throughout the year as they don’t go out of style. Cord is a variation of velvet that’s easy to clean and maintain. Here’s my latest article on all the different Ways to Wear Corduroy Pants

How To Style Striped Shirts 10


↓ 11 – With Cargo Pants

Stripes go along well with other stripes, so long as they are of different scales and proportions. For instance, a shirt with thin and tightly spaced stripes looks good with a jacket, some trousers, and a tie with thick, widely spaced stripes.

How To Style Striped Shirts 11


↓ 10 – With Suspenders 

Belt and suspenders share the same purpose, but don’t wear them at the same time. If you’re wearing suspenders, go for the traditional braces with leather or fabric button attachments. Also, match the color to your shoes and pants.

How To Style Striped Shirts 12


↓ 9 – What to Wear with Striped Shirts in Winters

 You can easily dress up or dress down a striped t-shirt by adding or removing a layering piece. Try this next time: Get a long sleeve striped t-shirt and wear it underneath a basic tee, instead of wearing a short-sleeved one underneath your long-sleeve.

How To Style Striped Shirts 13


↓ 8 – Colorful Stripes with White Pants

White jeans can easily dress them up and down. They’re trendy and timeless at the same time, which means they can look good on guys of any age. Manny de la Cruz from Well Built Style said that white chinos are the ultimate piece for the warmer months. Here’s a collection of the best White Jeans Outfits for Men.

How To Style Striped Shirts 14


↓ 7 – Business Casual Outfit

The vertical stripe shirt is showy enough here, so there is no need for exaggerations on the trousers or shoes – keep both simple and neutral. Thicker deck chair stripes optimize summer, while thinner chalk or pinstripe shirts exude professionalism when teamed with a complementary tie.

How To Style Striped Shirts 15


↓ 6 – Party Outfit 

Going to a party is your chance to don funky color combos. So get that striped shirt with bright and contrast colors combined to suit the occasion.

How To Style Striped Shirts 16


↓ 5 – With a Denim Jacket

The easiest way to follow the trend is by wearing a horizontally striped tee as an undershirt. Try a denim jacket with rolled-up sleeves over a tee and chinos. This combo presents a great balance of cool and relaxed.

How To Style Striped Shirts 17


↓ 4 – With a Bomber Jacket

An open Cuban-collared shirt with horizontal stripes, ideally in linen or lightweight cotton, is ideal for creating smart-casual looks in hotter climates. Here are all the Ways to Wear a Bomber Jacket.

How To Style Striped Shirts 18


↓ 3 – With a Leather Jacket

If you’re not an expert at color mixing, then try teaming a vertical stripe shirt with a neutral leather jacket for an exceptional outfit aesthetic where neither piece fights for attention.

How To Style Striped Shirts 19


↓ 2 – With White Sneakers

White sneakers look perfect in this outfit because they match the pants and the touches of white on the shirt itself.

How To Style Striped Shirts 20


↓ 1 – Wear it as a Jacket

Shirt jackets, including striped ones, look great when paired with jeans. Consider using a basic black or white tee as your undershirt. Shirt jackets are usually made of heavy fabric like wool which makes them suitable for winter. If you are wearing a shacket in summer, leave the buttons open, and roll up the sleeves.

How To Style Striped Shirts 1


Worn properly, stripes can be fun, and the right amount of varying colors and patterns can draw out your playful side without going sideways. We can call stripes every modern man’s best friend on every occasion. And there’s more to consider when you think of how and why stripes have become such a timeless wardrobe staple for men.

Despite the style rules and myths that you learn from others, you are always welcome to rely on your own instinct in fashion. So go out there and try new outfit combos. After all, fashion should be fun, so don’t take it too seriously. It’s all about trial and error, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It’s not a bad idea to laugh at yourself and learn from them afterward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where to shop for men’s striped shirts?

A. According to fashion blog sites, including Fashion Beans, Gant has business casual button-downs with narrow banker stripes or lighter pinstripes for your weekend wardrobe. Meanwhile, Mango sells vertical stripe shirts that perfectly suit that aesthetic. The brand has everything from high-end officewear, casual linen styles, and Oxford shirts with a chunky deckchair stripe. Also, Topman has classic shirt styles like the Cuban collar, the smart cut, and casual styles. If you are not a fan of boxy Cuban collars, go traditional and check a banker stripe shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt. The brand excels at affordable buttoned-up office outfits.

Q. What stripes are best for plus-size men?

A. While short, skinny men should look for tightly spaced stripes, rounder guys, on the other hand, can wear more widely spaced stripes if they so choose, which will help fill out their frames. In fact, Mr. Porter Style Director Olie Arnold says that vertical lines give off slimming qualities as they draw the eyes up and down, creating a lengthening effect.

Q. Should I combine vertical and horizontal stripes?

A. Combining various stripes is a great way to keep things a little interesting and to up your ensemble. You can experiment with both vertical and horizontal stripes – play around with the thickness and color of the stripes in various outfits. A vertical stripe shirt will often be evenly contrasted with horizontal striped barrel cuffs and collar, punctuating the look nicely.  The striped patterns you choose to combine should not be the same. For instance, try to wear a striped shirt and a tie; just make sure their stripe patterns aren’t of the same colors and proportions. It’s good to mix and match.

Q. What is a Cuban-collared shirt?

A. This shirt has become a staple (like its timeless cousin, Breton) of summer wardrobes in recent years. The addition of a wide stripe gives off some candor from the 50s. Buttoned up and tucked in styles are undeniably preppy and chic, but the ideal way to wear this is, open with a crisp white T-shirt underneath.

Q. What are football-style stripes?

A. With terrace fashion being linked to streetwear brands, this stripe makes a summer shift to your shirt collection. As well as wide stripes, look for options with alternating wide and narrow lines.

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