Men Corduroy Pants Outfits-15 Ways to Wear Corduroy Pants

Corduroy Pants Outfit Ideas for Men. If you are looking for different outfits styles to go with corduroy pants, you’ve come to the right place. We have listed top 15 stylish outfit ideas how to wear corduroy pants. Corduroy pants are really comfortable and are good for both casual and formal wear.

Brown, red and yellow corduroy pants are especially in trend, and look great with a variety of shirts, tee’s and jackets. So go through our list and pick the ideas which you thing would suit you best.

Outfit Ideas with Corduroy Pants for Men

#15 Winter Look with Corduroy Pants

This Khaki corduroy pant looks amazing with red coat and black boots. A great preppy winter look.



#14 Red Sweater and Brown Scarf

The red sweater pops out in this look with a brown scarf, khaki corduroy pants and jacket. Look your best in fall with this attire. It would look even better with brown shoes, so have a look at [highlight]How to wear brown shoes – 16 men outfits with brown dress shoes[/highlight].



#13 Corduroy Pants with a Casual Winter Outfit – A grey sweater with brown is very suitable for casual wear and night out. Great for wearing on concerts in winter.us_fw11_pf_mrtw_9_001_web_look_zoomin


#12 Casual All-grey Look With Corduroy Pants

This all grey preppy look is another great winter look to create with your grey corduroy pants.


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#11 Formal Wear

Corduroy pants are always a stylish item to pick for your formal wear. This stripe coat with printed shirt blend well with corduroy pants to create a partially formal, partially party look. Don’t miss out those laced boots though.



#10 Formal Business Look

Corduroy pants can be used with formal attire for business meetings and gatherings, like this purple suit which is also great for family dinners and parties. To further enhance this look, check out these [highlight]sexy beard styles-15 latest beard styling ideas for swag[/highlight].



#9 Military Jacket with Khaki Corduroy Pants

Military printed jacket and khaki corduroy pants; they are made for each other.



#8 Red Corduroy Pants with White Shirt for Campus

This casual outfit is great for college students. You can put on a black leather jacket to totally convert this look in winter.



#7 With Blazers

Closely fitted blazers with corduroy pants are great for office and private parties. Great summer formal wear.




#6 Burgundy Corduroy Pants with Denim Shirt for a fall street look




#5 Casual Look for Night in Winter

Looking for a cozy attire for a night out in winter? Check out these red corduroy pants with a comfortable jacket and black boots.




#4 Polo Ground Winter Look With Corduroy Pants

A brown corduroy pants with an oxford shirt and blue V-Neck sweater are great to wear on a game of polo in winter. Also have a look at [highlight]27 new trends – men’s outfits to wear with oxford shoes[/highlight].



#3 Summer Look with Beach Shirt

A brown corduroy pants with a beach t-shirt and denim jacket give a sporty casual look for summer.



#2 African Print Sweater

This African print sweater is an amazing company for a unique look in winter to go with corduroy pants.



#1 Winter Street Look

A denim shirt with grey sweater and  black corduroy pants is a great street look and also fit for wearing to college.


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