What To Wear In Goa? 20 Best Outfits & Packing Tips for Men

What To Wear In Goa for Men: Goa is the ultimate vacation point for friends, families and with your bae. With its luscious beaches, beachside amazing cafes and restaurants, the cities oozing party and chill vibe, this has been the most go-to point of vacation for people of India as well as the tourists.

Vacations are all about relaxing and having fun and also about bombarding your Instagram with all the aesthetic views of your trip and everyday stylish ootd’s, the main part of the trip. What’s the point of going to Goa for vacation if your Instagram is not filled with some fun beach pictures? All the mind-blowing and aesthetic pictures take an extensive packing session. So, to cover all of the packing details for a trip to Goa, we are going to gather all the important things you need to know about packing and all the clothes you should be choosing. We know the extensive thinking that goes into choosing the right and trendy clothes and packing, and keeping that in mind we thought we’d lend you a helping hand. We have got you covered for Goa from head to toe, but don’t worry, not too covered…

Men Packing List for GOA Travel?

Before we get into the glitz and glam of full outfits you should be carrying with you to Goa, here is some help for you to narrow down what to pack for a Goa vacation your way.

  • As Goa is an ultimate vacation point with beautiful beaches and beachside festivals, people normally prefer the Summer season to plan a trip to Goa so they can enjoy the beaches and sun properly. If you too are visiting in Summers, keep in mind to keep all the synthetic material away from your suitcase. Pack cotton, fine silk and linen outfits for your trip.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen, never forget the sunscreen boys. The summer scorching sun of Goa can damage your face and skin, sunscreen will keep you away from any tan sunburn.
  • Caps, sandals and other lightweight footwear or shoes, sunglasses and everything cool and comfortable and to have a fun and stylish time in Goa.
  • Plan accordingly to your days of the trip. A ton of burden of your luggage you will have to carry everywhere and take care of will only make you slow and put you down, the lighter the better in Goa.
  • As totally already known and understood, it is not possible to go to Goa and not do picnicking and ocean dip ins, don’t forget your swimwear and bikinis to enjoy the beach like nothing is stopping you.
  • For trekking and extensive walking sessions in Goa and when it starts to rain out of nowhere in that city, do not forget mobile and camera covers, medium size carryable bags and hats, omg I can not emphasize how much hats can elevate your summer trip outfits from 0 to 100.
  • Fit everything small and carryable in your travel bags and handbags and set off for Goa, thankfully this city doesn’t have a dress code. Shorts, shirts and slippers will get you through an entire week in Goa.
  • Ditch jeans and pack all the chinos you have with button-down shirts over tees, a basic Goa outfit for boys.

For a number of different outfits consisting of colorful shorts and shirts and chinos, here are all the details for you.

goa outfits for men

↓ 20 – Tank Tops

When it comes down to packing for a summer trip, all it comes to mind is the comfortable and airy clothes to enjoy in the heat. Summer and summer vacations are all about going out of town to enjoy and take in the sun, some suntan along with it and party all you want in style. Especially if you are packing for goa, all you need is some good quality cotton tank tops, shorts, and flip flops or sneakers to get the job done.

↓ 19 – Shorts

Goa is all about going to beaches in the day and going to beach parties and beachside restaurants and cafes at night, all in all, your one week trip to goa will all be about beach dives and dressing accordingly. So, all you need to throw in your trip bag are some shorts of different colors, different colored shoes and some shirts in different colors – because summer is all about colors, with some footwear and accessories to keep you checked in style. These are good style inspirations for what kind of shorts will be good for a goa trip. And of course its never a bad day to flaunt your 6 packs.

outfit for men in goa


↓ 18 – Play With Colours

As an already known and understood statement and fact, summers are all about bright and beautiful colors which keep your mood and emotions bright and colorful as well. When girls always do and can play with colors all around the year, why should boys shy away from it? Don’t. For a happy summer trip with your friends or your girlfriend this summer pack all the tie-dye and printed shirts you have in the wardrobe, cause this is the time to wear them all.

shirts for goa

Men’s long sleeve linen shirt

HXTN supply prime transparent flight bag $24

↓ 17 – Out And About In The City

If you are not a fan of too many colors and want to keep things toned down, this is definitely the perfect outfit for you to go about in goa. No matter what, the party and vacation vibe in goa city demand colors in beach outfits, so colored shorts with a plain white button-down shirt will do the job for you. Add some sunglasses to keep your eyes open in the scorching sun of goa and a cool pair of sandals to keep your style in check. Here are some more Men White Shirt Outfits.

colours in goa

Havana palms Roosevelt swim trunks

Nice fit trim linen sport shirt

Milano sandal

↓ 16 – Beach Party Fix

When you visit goa you will know the city is known for its crazy and wild parties by the beach and its beachside cafes and food. So, there is no chance you are gonna go to goa and not attend a ton of parties planned or unplanned every night, or not go out for dinner strolling the streets of the city and chill by the beach. Keeping that in mind, we thought only shorts or tank tops won’t get the job done properly, so instead, pack a pair of cotton or linen tee with cotton or denim shorts and add a classy wristwatch and sneakers to put the whole look in place. You can never forget a backpack to carry with you as in goa, it’s necessary.

goa beach party outfit

Ecco soft men’s footwear $114.99

Ecco Casper backpack $299.99

↓ 15 – Lightweight Shirts

I can not emphasize enough how lightweight you should be packing for goa. First-timers for goa think they should be packing all their stylish shirts, shorts, jeans, chinos and whatnot, no boys, you do not want so many things for goa. All you need are some lightweight cotton shirts, Bermuda shorts, swim shorts, slip flops, sneakers if you are feeling a little fancy and all the chic accessories you can get at the moment. Cotton shirts in white, yellow, tie and dye printed shirt and all bright colors, chinos and shorts will get you through almost all the days on a goa trip.

shirts for goa

Slim floral short-sleeve button-up shirt $49.00

Slim short-sleeve shirt dress 39.00

Linen short-sleeve shirt $31.60

Solid short-sleeve shirt

↓ 14 – Layering Up

For rainy days and rather cold nights in goa when you need to layer on your attires, you should wear a denim jacket or a button-down shirt over your tank top and shorts to fight the chilliness. Don’t forget to carry denim or a trucker jacket with you for times like these or a party at friend’s where you need to look presentable and have to ditch swim shorts and Bermudas. They look fashionable yet comfortable and light to pack and carry as well, the best option for lightly chilly days in goa.

layering up for goa

Skinny fit chino shorts

Corduroy tucker jacket

Woven low top sneaker

Classic logo embroidered pocket T-shirt 

↓ 13 – What To Wear To Goa Beach?

A basic boy outfit for any day in summer or on a beach day is a cotton polo shirt, swim shorts or Bermuda shorts and white sneakers with white socks and a pair of cool shades to fight the scorching sun that’s right in the face. Brought this picture here for you all to take some chic fashion inspo from. Nothing can go wrong with a basic black shirt, white shorts and white sneakers.

goa trip outfit

Pique polo with tonal croc

Charles water tile swim trunks

Nylite Knit Sneaker

Pyn 55mmmirrored sunglasses

↓ 12 – In Style On The Streets Of Goa

To flaunt your fashion sense and go about the streets of goa in style, this is the style for you. A pair of striped trousers, paired with a black or navy blue short-sleeve button-down shirt with sneakers and classy shades. The basic boy fashion, nothing can go wrong with this attire.

in style in goa

Textured Cuban collar shirt navy £65

Pleat front striped trousers white £95

Clea knitted sneakers white £95

Monokel Eyewear round sunglasses gold £50


↓ 11 – Colourful Summer Outfit

A proper summer outfit for the beach would be this one. A tie and dye printed tank top and tie and dye printed swim shorts. Easy to wear, breathable, and easy to take off and dive in the sea with friends. Lightweight to pack in and it can be worn with different trousers, shorts and shirts to make different outfits for a couple of different days and occasions.

bring some colour to your summer vacation outfit

Archi tie-dye print swims shorts $24.97

Bondi Beach Happy Face Crew Tank Top $28.97

↓ 10 – Accessorise Your Outfits

When basic short and shirt outfits get too boring and cliche for a long trip to goa, accessories your outfits with different hats, sunglasses, neck scarfs, bead bracelets, funky, cool-looking long and short necklaces for boys and wristwatches. Accessorizing can add so much to a boring and simple outfit and can change the look of an outfit you have already worn before. You can then wear the same outfit with different accessories and different look to any party or a pub outing with friends. In case you’re taking a road trip to goa, do check out these Men Road Trip Outfits.

accessories for goa

↓ 09 – Backpacks

Backpacks come in so handy when you are in goa and look uber chic and stylish. Black, brown, white, green, blue and so many other colors they are available in but we suggest going for a dark color and a material that won’t easily get ruined at the beach. When you are out and about in the city, always keep a backpack with you for all your belongings like camera, phone and accessories, a mist, your ID to get in clubs and party away, and so many other things.

bags to carry in goa

‘Walnut Hill’ leather backpack

‘Logan’ leather backpack $485.66

↓ 08 – Winter Days In Goa

If you are traveling to the city of goa in the season of winter or around it, make sure you pack something to keep yourself warm. A denim or trucker jacket would get the job done for you with chino pants or trousers paired with plain white or black polo shirts. Nothing should slow you down or stop you from exploring the city, layer up and get going. Here are some more Winter Travel Outfit Ideas For Men.

winter days in goa

Three bells polo

Nylite knit sneakers

L’Homme denim jacket

Bryce chopper slim fit corduroy pants

↓ 07 – Cruise Outfit In Goa

When you are not planning to go to the beach, you can do so many other things with your friends and family in goa. Go to parties, go to beach festivals, go to restaurants and beachside cafes or go cruising with your friends, nothing better than that. For a cruising day out or going to a restaurant for dinner, this is something you should take inspiration from. Pair a striped polo shirt with your favourite chino shorts, wear sneakers and a pair of sunglasses and you are ready.

cruise out in goa

Priya navy/waterfall shorter-length swim shorts £175

Grey melange/hot coral multi-stripe knitted resort polo £195

↓ 06 – Hats

One of the accessories you can wear with your outfits to up the game a little is hats. Hats are a proper summer vacation accessory and something you should pack for your Goa trip.

strolling the streets in goa

↓ 05 – Lazy Out And About Outfit In Goa

What to do when your friends wake up and suddenly plan to go out for brunch or breakfast? This is the outfit you should be opting for a late brunch or lazy day in goa when you just wake up and head out the door. A plain cotton short-sleeve shirt with swim shorts and flip flops or sneakers, whatever you get at the moment, works fine both ways.

lazy out and about goa outfit

Cotton linen-blend knit t-shirt £14.99

Sperry A/O Gold Moccasin Leather Shoes, Brown £139.95

↓ 04 – Flaunt Them Abs

Nowhere better than a summer vacation and beach to flaunt your abs in. Perfect time to show the world your hard-earned abs. Do check out these ideas on What Men Should Wear at Beach?

colourful bermuda shorts in goa

Wide-Leg Long-Length Logo-Print Swim Shorts $115

Water Print Drawstring Swim Trunks $29.95

Palm Print Reveal Drawstring Swim Trunks $29.95

Mirage Print Board Shorts

↓ 03 – Comfortable Yet In Style

For men out there who like to keep themselves tip-top every minute of the day, this is a style inspo for you all. Denim shorts that look ultra-chic and better presentable than swim shorts or cotton shorts and a button-down white crisp shirt. Throw on some funky sunglasses and a colorful scarf, and your inner colorful men will be satisfied for sure. Don’t shy away from colors boys, it’s your time to shine bright.

comfortable yet in style in goa

Lightwash stretch distressed denim shorts $59.00

Slim Love Unites Lgbtqia+ Short Sleeve Shirt $49.90

↓ 02 – With Your SO In Goa

When you are on a vacation with your SO, (significant other), in goa, packing and choosing clothes to pack is entirely different. You might want to consider your partner’s favorite color or outfits when packing.

out an dabout with your SO in goagoa men outfits

↓ 01 – Striped Tee To Rescue

Another basic outfit for going out strolling on the streets of goa or to parties is this one. A striped t-shirt, a pair of crisp white sneakers and cotton shorts, throw on some glasses and wear a pair of white socks under your shoes to complete the look in style.

out and about in goa

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