25 Popular Arabic Beard Styles Trending

 What comes to your mind when you see a man with a beard? Well to me it would be more like manliness. Facial hair gives a man awesomeness. The beard is an identity of a man that gives him a masculine appearance.

A well-groomed beard gives you a classy stud look St. Augustine states that the beard signifies the courageous; the beard distinguishes the grown men, the earnest, the active, and the vigorous. So that when we describe such, we say, he is a bearded man.

Best Arabic Facial Hair Styles

#25.  Thick Facial Hair

This type of full bushy and thick facial hair is being styled by many men. This style is most popular among the scholars and ulema of Arabs. This style is suitable only to those Arab men who have thick facial hair.

For this style, all you need to do is to grow your beard but also keep on trimming it so that it does not look out of shape. It’s one of the simplest beard styles to grow and maintain. Once you think that you have achieved the desired length, then stop growing your beard. Make sure to trim your beard regularly to make this style look good and organized.

Arabic Beard Styles 2

#24. Goatee Styled with Joint Moustache

Get short-trimmed beard of goatee style and get it joined with a moustache. This beard style is perfect for young guys from Arab. They can wear this beard style to work even to college or even when going out to hang out with boys. This beard style includes joint moustaches with a well-trimmed beard. The key point in this beard style is to keep the beard trimmed; otherwise, this style will end up looking like a mess.

Arabic Beard Styles 3

#23. Medium Length Beard

Style well shaved and trimmed medium length facial hair with a mustache.

Arabic Beard Styles 4

#22. Broad Jaw Line

Those who have thin facial hair can look cool with this broad jawline beard style.

Arabic Beard Styles 5

#21. Full Grown Beard

Short hair with full-grown facial hair gives you an elegant look. This beard look is a perfect blend of elegance and hotness. If you think that you can not look handsome while growing a beard, then you are wrong. Research that says, women are more attracted to a guy with a beard than the ones without a beard.

Arabic Beard Styles 6

#20. Rugged Look

Arabic Beard Styles 7

#19. Well Trimmed Short Beard with thin-lined Moustache

Arabic Beard Styles 8

#18. Thick Chin Puff Style – The King Style

The kings of the Arab countries mostly follow this beard style. They feel very proud of this beard style, and it is the most loved style too. For this style, there are only two things that are required, thick mustache and thick chin puff. Only these two things make this beard style fancy. For the cheeks, make sure to go over them with a razor of the blade.

Arabic Beard Styles 9

#17. Black Curly Medium Facial Hair

Arabic Beard Styles 10

#16. Get Sexy Look like Omar Borkan – Arabic Beard Styles 11

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#15. Rough Hairstyle with Facial Hair

Arabic Beard Styles 12

#14. Medium Jaw Lined Beard with Thin Moustache

This amazing and unique beard style is perfect for guys between the ages of 30 – 40. This beard style is all about enhancing your facial points and keeping all the attention on your face rather than to your beard. This board includes line mustache and medium jaw lined beard.

Arabic Beard Styles 13

#13. Thin Untidy Beard

Arabic Beard Styles 14

#12. Thick Heavy Beard

Arabic Beard Styles 15

#11. Head Scarf Styled with short Beard

Arabic Beard Styles 16

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#10. Straight on Jaw Line Arabic Beard Styles 17

#09. Modern Day Swag
Arabic Beard Styles 18

#08. Thin Slope Jaw Line

This slope beard idea is perfect for traditional guys with a little bit of modern touch. This beard style looks perfect with a turban and will show everyone that you are one proud Arab guy who loves to push their culture into everything. This style looks even better with traditional Arab dress.

Arabic Beard Styles 19

#07. Arab Models Look

Arabic Beard Styles 20

#06. Middle Eastern Ethnicity Adult Beard Picture

This is the classic cultural Arabic beard style that is hugely popular among the Arab people. For this beard style, all you need to do is to make your beard extremely thin and very nicely trimmed. You can keep the beard joint with your mustache but make sure to keep the thickness of your beard same throughout the face.

Arabic Beard Styles 21


#05. Long Spikes with Casual Beard

Arabic Beard Styles022

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#04. Mature Stud Style

This beard style is the perfect beard style for those guys who love to look like a stud. This beard style is all about letting your beard grow and trimming it occasionally. You can never go wrong with this beard style; it is perfect for special occasions; you can also wear this type of beard style to your wedding.

Arabic Beard Styles 23

#03. Long Moustache with Chin PuffArabic Beard Styles 24

#02. Mustache joined with Full Thick Beard

You may have seen this beard look in Alladin’s story. This beard idea is another classic vintage styled Arab look. This beard involves normal sized mustaches with thick and trimmed joined beard.

Arabic Beard Styles 25

#01. African Arabs Men Style

Arabic Beard Styles 26


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