Men Sneakers Outfits – 18 Ways to Wear Sneakers Fashionably

Men’s Outfits with Sneakers – No matter what time of the year, sneakers have become a worldwide favourite style of footwear. Not only are they found in an array of styles, sizes, and colors, but they are also very diverse, which means that they can be matched with almost any outfit, all year round. From sportswear to streetwear and even to biker wear, sneakers will be seen worn by men and women of all ages and ethnicities as these are one of the comfiest footwear options available in the present age.

From street style to beach style, there is a look for every guy which incorporates stylish sneakers. High tops, low tops, fabric or leather all are viable alternatives when it comes to finishing your look. This post contains 18 best ways for guys to wear sneakers and the latest sneaker trends. Why not use them to recreate your own stylish get up with sneakers?

Latest Ideas on How to Wear Men’s Sneakers

Matching your sneakers with the outfit you’re opting for is quite some work to do but going through the eighteen looks below will make this the easiest job for you. Setting up a look which includes a pair of this coziest footwear is all simple when you are aware of the dos and don’ts of wearing sneakers. Sneakers are available in multiple styles, thus there is an option for every one of you guys in the market.

what to wear with sneakers for men

Every coming day you will come across a completely transformed style of converse or sneakers; as the market usually consider both similar. The styling and mix and match with these shoes is getting tougher day by day. Keep the points below in mind while designing a silhouette with sneakers incorporated in it:

  1. Bling on top implies neutral at the bottom; if you are adding colors to your outfit then go for earthy toned sneakers to add decency to the look and in case you are opting for neon or dark converse then you gotta keep the clothing subtle. Your aesthetics are supposed to play here.
  2. Big pants are a no-no when wearing with kicks, your pants are not supposed to swallow your shoes thus, you have to get them tailored precisely or you can simply pin-up the end of your pants to give away a smarter look. Your aesthetics should complement your footwear for that matter.
  3. Pick the right category for the right occasion. Wearing the luxe, leather sort of kicks to the gym is horrendous for a fashionista. So you gotta keep a check on the classification of sneakers to pick the right kind for the right time.
  4. Accessorizing with sneakers is not a piece of cake; you cannot wear high-end jewelry with basic sporty sneakers. Casual shoes demand casual accessories, while luxe ones demand classic accessories.
  5. The last one is a super basic point, always begin with buying a jet black pair and experiment with the other styles later. Your wardrobe is the central consideration to be kept in mind while shopping for sneakers.

Outfits with Sneakers (1)

↓ 18 -Leather High-Top Sneakers

Match leather high tops with a striped pattern leather jacket is an amazing choice when you want to opt for a young bike look. Charcoal skinny jeans with a black striped tee inside give this look an edge and enhance one’s statement. These shoes are great for fall as these will be super warm and cozy. If you like wearing leather jackets, do check out these Leather Jacket Outfits for Men


Leather sneakers have this unique luxe feel associated with them. Hence, these classics can be worn for formal meet-ups or lunch dates as well. Try to experiment with the clothing. Wear a long fur coat with a baseball cap for the epic street style during fall.

Outfits with Sneakers (4)


↓ 17 -Perfect Winter Attire with Sneakers

Sneakers are the best winters shoe option for a casual look. Crisp woolen coat with striped jumper and jeans is all you need to get the look. Accessories for this look include a scarf, hat, gloves, and sunglasses which are kind of fall essentials. Crisp and clean white sneakers complete this stylish city look. The look is superb for the college-going, youthful boys and does not require a lot of effort, hence simple and easy to go at the same time.


Another way men can rock low-top sporty kicks is with a perfectly tailored black pant and some high-class leather jacket that fits perfectly over a plain white tee. A pair of current sporty kicks is a classic go-to with such a look and many other looks. Put your hair in spikes or enchanting pomp to complete your look.

Outfits with Sneakers (3)


↓ 16 -How to Wear Sneakers with Blue Jeans?

There are a number of enchanting ways of rocking sneakers with denim. One of which is a suave look for guys with silver high tops. Black leather biker style jacket, plain white t-shirt, and dark dye jeans will make a perfect outfit for a clubbing night out with your boys.


The simplest way you can rock denim is with a half-sleeved plain t-shirt of an earthy shade and some basic white kicks. Here are 27 Ways to Style Guys Blue Jeans

Outfits with Sneakers (7)


15-Casual Sneakers Look for Travelling

Perfect for students and travelers, this look is stylish and casual. Tartan button-up shirt with beige jeans finished with red sneakers. While traveling, you love to keep it comfy as well, hence basics are your best friend when it comes to keeping it simple yet comfortable.

If you love traveling, check out these 18 Winter Travel Outfit Ideas For Men for the best travel tips and outfit suggestions.


↓14-How to Wear Sneakers to Work?

Thick woolen coat with jeans and clean white sneakers. An excellent look for businessmen and city folks, particularly when on business travel. Check out these Men Long Coat Styles for some more awesome styling tips.

Sneakers will be considered a bit off the track at work; however, nowadays there are workplaces which have allowed semi-formal attires at the office. Hence, there is no harm in wearing pure white low-tops with a maroon blazer, matching slim-fit pants and a thin maroon tie. All of these with a white crisp collar shirt is all you need to kill the office look.


Outfits with Sneakers (8)


13-Wear Sneakers at Casual Parties

Simple yet effective look with grey jeans, striped top, and baseball-style jacket. Low-top white sneakers finish this look off.


On the other hand, if you want to dress up, not down, then the luxury ones are perfect for you. As parties are mostly held to flaunt the latest trendy looks, wear white slim pants with luxury black sneakers and corduroy pastel pink jacket to mark your statement. This look is exceptional for spring parties, and accessorizing with such looks only adds to the trendiness of the attire.

Outfits with Sneakers (2)


↓12-Wear The Basics with Swag

Distressed style jeans and distressed, unlaced high-top converse with a blazer, cardigan and grey top make for a great city style casual yet swaggy look. Accessorize this look with a quirky colored tie. Here are 30 Best Men’s Outfit Ideas to Wear with Monk Strap Shoes


11-Ideas to Wear Sneakers with Shorts

Want to wander the streets during spring in fashion, the florals with slip-on sneakers are the answer for you. Florals with sneakers are the ultimate summer-spring look and adding plain white shorts to this combo will add a subtle touch to this highly fashionable silhouette. Wear some leather bracelets and classic shades with this attire to rock the streets in style.

Outfits with Sneakers (5)


In case you want to experiment a bit with luxe neon sporty kicks, then your clothing needs to be monitored closely. Neon orange athletic shoes with grey denim shorts and a white cotton shirt will create an attire which is both decent as well as modern.

Outfits with Sneakers (6)


↓10-Cool Student Style Sneakers

A great and stylish look for broader guys which utilizes sneakers perfectly. Open tartan shirt rolled up jeans and black sneakers. Top it all off with a simple beanie, and you are ready to go to your college or university. Faded jeans with a wider cut can be pinned up to compliment the sneakers. A pair of jet black sneakers are usually owned by every young lad out there, then why not experiment with a different look with these classics.


Get noticed at college or university with this stylish look with a pair of bold and gold sneakers. A dark velvety blazer and skinnies topped with a beige tee will complement these bold, luxurious sneakers. Complete this style with sunglasses, and cheeky touches of jewelry. The look is perfect for men who can pull off any fashion without being criticized much. Here are 20 Shoes To Wear With Guys Sweatpants


And here’s our favourite college look with coffee brown colored sneakers by Paul Andrew, paired with brown chinos.

how to wear mens sneakers


↓9-What to Wear with Red Sneakers?

City hip-hop style is somewhat considered trendy at all times. Create a jet black attire with the help of a luxurious black leather jacket worn over a basic black tee and classic black chinos. Complete this hip-hop look with red current sport sneakers, which catches the attention of the public instantly. You should have a look at these Red Shoes Outfits For Men

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↓8-What to Wear with Converse Sneakers?

Converse shoes are the simplest to style and can be rocked by men of any age or height. Wear a denim jacket over a basic grey tee along with your super casual high-top converse and you are ready to go anywhere around the world.

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↓7-Rocking White Sneakers 

Black jacket with a simple white t-shirt and skinny black jeans matched with crisp, clean white sneakers and accessorized with sunglasses and a large holdall bag is the way to go about it. Here are 16 Trendy Ways to Wear White Shoes

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A retro-style look can be created with the help of a trilby hat and a charcoal suit worn over chic white low-top kicks.

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↓6-Amp Up your Autumn Look with Sneakers

Layering up is the key to a fashionable attire during autumn. Wear a denim shirt and top it with some round-neck grey colored sweater and an olive suede jacket. Wear the look with refined, luxurious converse.

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↓5-Men’s Funky Outfit with Vans Sneakers

This look is not something that anyone can rock, but if you’re daring enough and like to go for bold, shiny outfits then do give it a try. Here we see a vinyl jacket in black, that has been paired with purple sweatpants and vans sneakers. It’s a sporty but funky look, making it a unique combination. If you wish to buy this outfit, then you can get the jacket from ASOS for $103, the purple sweatpants from PacSun for $54.95 and the Vans authentic checker tape shoes are currently available here for $99.95. You should also have a look at these 20 Fashionable Ways to Wear Vans Shoes

what to wear with sneakers for men


↓4-Rainy Streetstyle with Classic Sporty Sneakers

Winter wax coat with matching skinny jeans are going to keep you super warm and safe in the cold rainy weather. I wouldn’t say these sneakers are great in the rain, but they will complete your outfit and the high-heeled shoes will help with the weather condition. Here are 18 Best Winter Outfits Ideas For Men To Stay Fashionably Cozy

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↓3-Perfect Designer Kicks for Teens

This a perfect look for teen fashionistas. Leather jacket over a simple white t-shirt matched with skinny jeans and a black beanie. Subtle contrasting coffee coloured high-end designer sneakers will do the job. Let your shoes do their job and keep the outfit neutral or in a simpler term monochrome as the shoes will help grab the attention.

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↓2-Styling with Neons

Feeling brave? Why not rock the neon look with green high-tops? With Leather jacket and patterned t-shirt, these will definitely get you noticed.

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↓1-Ultimate Vintage Style

Go against the grain and add some stripes to a satin suit for a hint of rebellion. Contrasted beautifully with blue low top sneakers which give it a more casual yet vintage vibe.

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How to Wear High Top Sneakers Guys

Here are some of the coolest ideas as what to wear with high-tops for men. Check them out as well.

Spring-Summer Look

how to wear high top sneakers guys summer

A Little Quirky Look

how to wear high top sneakers guys

Smart Casual

how to wear high top sneakers guys

With a Suit


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