20 Best Camping Outfits for Teen Boys- What to Wear Camping?

Camping Outfits For Teen Boys. Technology makes escaping an addiction. It’s supposed to make our lives easier, but the sad truth is people these days depend too much on it. It has become toxic for most people, but luckily, the perfect antidote exists — camping!

Camping is usually held in the wilderness. And more often than not, this activity involves campers staying in a cabin, in a tent, or an RV. Participants take a break from the urban scene to spend some time in a new environment — with nature.

How Should Teens Dress For Camping?

Campers usually engage themselves in swimming, rowing, hiking, and bonfire while on their trip. The sole reason for this is to detach from the virtual world and reconnect with the real one. Once in a while, you have to experience life away from your screens.

camping outfits for teen boys

Outfit Essentials. Having the best clothing options make a big difference in your enjoyment of the trip. And it would help if you organize your clothes — pack your outfits and divide them for different times of the day. 

  • Pullover. This is your weapon against unexpected rain showers. Not that they’re a bad thing to encounter while camping, but it’s better to be safe and prepared. 
  • Aviator Sunglasses. We prefer these specs for camping. But any glasses you have available will do just fine. Wearing such is a stylish way to protect your eyes from the sun. 
  • Bring clothes for the nighttime. You shouldn’t wear to sleep what you wore all day. And an advantage of wearing layers is that you can just ditch something if it gets too hot. 
  • Nice Swimwear. Pack your swimming clothes as there will be chances that you’ll be pitching your tent near a lake. Make sure they’re made of materials safe for the environment. Silk is a good choice as it is a skin-contact fabric; it’s ideal for active individuals. You can get some inspiration from these Amazing Beach Outfits For Men.
  • Long-sleeved shirts and pants. They will protect you from insects and bushy plants. 
  • Headwear. Think of a lightweight hat or visor. 
  • Breathable socks and underwear. 
  • Quick-dry T-shirts.
  • Puffer jackets or quilted coats.

Camping Tips

  • Pack Durable Clothes. When camping, you might want to wear clothes that can withstand the rigors of your adventures throughout the day. I’m talking about nasty weather conditions, sunburn, and bugs.
  • Comfort Before Style. Pick clothes that are comfortable enough. Ditch those that might keep you from moving freely to enjoy the activities. In summer, sweat is a familiar face, so you know the drill. Steer clear of heavy fabric and settle with cotton instead. You can get some really good ideas on comfortable travel wear from these Ideas on What to Wear for a Road Trip.
  • Activities. Plan ahead! It will help if you know what type of activities you’ll be doing there beforehand. For instance, bonfire sessions require you to pack long sleeves and pajamas.
  • Keep your clothes dry. If your clothes got soaked from swimming or dancing in the rain, you have two options. Hang them in the sun or spread them out by the fire; it’s helpful either way.
  • Check The Weather. Consider checking the weather forecast before going out. This will help you decide as to what kind of clothes to pack.

What To Avoid When Camping

  • Tight garments. These include skinny jeans and super tight tees.
  • Walking barefoot. Be it in the rivers or grasslands, always wear something on your foot to avoid stepping on stray fishhooks, shattered glass, and hidden rocks.
  • PVC Clothing On Rainy Days. It is waterproof but not breathable. Also, it can be the cause for you to overheat. Instead, do invest in Gore-Tex, which can keep the water at bay while allowing some air to reach you.
  • Leaving a trace. I understand that you want to brand the place and say, “He has been here.” However, that doesn’t include leaving your trash behind. Remember: Pack out what you pack in!
  • Expensive jewelry. Leave those gems and bling at home. There’s another time and place for showing off. No one wants to play “needle in a haystack.” Thinking whether where you put (dropped) them while camping might ruin the fun.
  • Drug or alcohol-inspired clothes. Don’t be an apple-of-the-eye for forest rangers and security personnel at the campground.
  • Strong perfume. It is a beacon for wild animals like bears and lions. So unless you want a close encounter with them, cross out the perfume from the list.

Where To Buy Camping Clothes

You don’t need to spend your paycheck on quality clothes. Be practical and look for affordable and versatile garments. Get outfits you can also wear outside camping.

And to save money, take a closet tour because you don’t know what you’ll find. You may have some pieces that are camping-appropriate.

Check The North Face and Columbia for jackets and raincoats. Meanwhile, vests, plaid shirts, and trousers can be found on Banana Republic, Far Afield UK, A Day’s March, and Levi’s.

While gear is of paramount importance, don’t overlook another important detail: your outfit. And like any other occasion, do consider functionality and comfort next to style.

In any event, coats like puffer and quilted jackets will work perfectly in such a setting. Not only can they protect you from the cold, but they can also shield you from mosquitoes and insects alike.

↓ 20 – Summer Beach Outfit

Wear your basic tee with some chino shorts. Keep in mind that shorts aren’t named like that for no reason. They are meant to be above the knees to really pull off that beach-ready look. A baseball cap would also be an excellent addition to the team-up. Here are some Cute Hairstyles for Teen Boys to complete the look if you’re not wearing a cap.

Camping Outfits For Teen Boys


Shorts outfits are also a great choice for any water activities that you might take part in during the camping trip.

teen boys camping outfits


↓ 19 – Winter Camping Outfit

When camping in winter, make sure to pack at least one or two quilted jackets. These coats will have you covered in times when you need them the most. With this, I’m talking about chilly nights and wet rainy days. In summer, pay extra attention to mosquitoes, so bringing long sleeves is a good idea.

Camping Outfits For Teen Boys


↓ 18 – Stripes

Stripes are for everyone. And if you are relatively short, opt for vertical stripes. Meanwhile, horizontal stripes are perfect for skinny guys. For instance, throw a brown striped shirt over a white tee. Lastly, pair them with blue jeans. The outfit would look better if you tuck the undershirt to your pants and just leave the shirt open. Here are some more amazing Ways to Wear & Style Striped Shirts.

What To Wear On A Camping - Teens 18


↓ 17 – Harrington Jacket

Think of a grey overshirt — it looks great with dark jeans. Finish off the look with some boxfresh white sneakers. Cuff your pants, and you’re ready to rock! A Harrington jacket is functional as it can shield your arms from bugs and wasps common in camping sites.

What To Wear On A Camping - Teens 15


↓ 16 – Boho Camping Outfit

The Boho fashion is an extension of someone’s personal style and individualism. Bohemian outfits are rather relaxed, so wear clothes that are comfortable enough. Don’t give in to societal pressure or expectations, and live a more free-spirited life, instead.

What To Wear On A Camping - Teens 11


↓ 15 – Monochrome

Opt for a monochrome look by choosing outfits out of one or two neutral colors. Team up a grey fleece hoodie and space blue jogger pants. This is an athleisure style that is perfect for challenging and enjoyable activities like camping. Wear them with white sneakers, and now you’re ready for adventure.

What To Wear On A Camping - Teens 16


↓ 14 – Minimalist

Simple is the new stylish! You don’t need a lot of colors and patterns to achieve a dashing look. In fact, one or two colors would suffice as long as you know how to pull them off. For example, pair a navy blue shirt with white shorts to don a nautical style.

What To Wear On A Camping - Teens 14


↓ 13 – Athleisure

Wear your workout clothes to camping. It may seem cliche to some, but we live in modern times so let them judge. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with this. In fact, activewear is functional enough for you to survive the camping journey. Hoodies, along with lightweight cotton trousers, are essential.

What To Wear On A Camping - Teens 21


↓ 12 – For Skinny Gents

Quick-dry shirts and breathable bottoms are your best bet. And steer clear of lousy garments as much as possible. It’s important to be aware of your body measurements to know the best fit for you. You can also opt for horizontal stripes as they can make you appear bigger, even just for an illusion.

What To Wear On A Camping - Teens 12


↓ 11 – Jacket

First off, choose lightweight jackets and not the ones made of heavy fabrics. Remember that nothing should get in the way of your enjoyment while camping. You must also consider if it dries quickly. More often than not, the fabric becomes heavier when it gets wet, and you don’t want that.

Camping Outfits For Teen Boys


↓ 10 – Camping Outfits For Fall

Sherpa jackets are known for having distinct collars. It’s one of my favorites because of its chic appearance. Wear one over a white tee and pair them with some dark jeans and white sneakers. This outfit is ideal for winter and fall, but you can also rock it in summer with fewer layers.

What To Wear On A Camping - Teens 1


↓ 9 – Trucker Jacket

Wear a trucker jacket as the top layer, red flannel as mid-layer, and knitted sweater as the inner layer. This team-up is ideal for the winter and fall seasons. Add a beanie to the party, and now you’re ready to conquer the campsite. I love this outfit because of the color coordination.

What To Wear On A Camping - Teens 3


↓ 8 – The Boy Next Door

Grab that leather jacket and wear it to camping. A brown one would be nice; just throw it over a green undershirt, like a knitted shirt. Both tops are earthy tones which make them perfect together. Wear them with blue jeans and then finish off with a bang — brown Chukka boots!

What To Wear On A Camping - Teens 4


↓ 7 – Casual

Casual outfit as it is! Wear a white tee with khaki cargo shorts. The pockets of the shorts make them functional – convenient for storing handy tools and essentials. They may be baggy, but they are ideal for such activity because of the construction.

What To Wear On A Camping - Teens 5


↓ 6 – Polka Dots

On summer days when you can’t bear the heat, it’s better to opt for short-sleeved shirts. You can add some playfulness through prints and patterns. For one, polka dots are amazing as they can make a boring outfit an interesting one. Here’s a collection of the Best Polka Dot Outfits For Men.

What To Wear On A Camping - Teens 9


↓ 5 – Travel Outfit

Sort your travel wardrobe, and get what you can call “camping-appropriate.” Remember, they should be comfortable, durable, and functional. For instance, a denim jacket which you only wear on road trips. Try to wear it over something bright like a red shirt.

What To Wear On A Camping - Teens 2


↓ 4 – Hoodie

A hooded sweatshirt or a hoodie is just one of those camping essentials. If you’re going to wear it to camping, you might as well do it right. In any event, accessories would help. A cool pair of sunglasses will do. You don’t need those fancy bling and jewelry – save them for the gala.

What To Wear On A Camping - Teens 8


↓ 3 – Flannel Shirts

A flannel is a familiar friend you can lean on when camping as it is associated with the lumberjack style. Woodchoppers and farmers are tied to this style. The shirt’s aesthetic look makes it ideal for various occasions. Camping, in particular, is the perfect setting to see men in flannel shirts.

Camping Outfits For Teen Boys


camping outfits for teen boys


↓ 2 – Layered

One good thing about layering is that you can just remove something once it gets warm. Be more careful when mixing and matching your clothes. Try not to come up with a color combo that will make others scratch their heads. Consult the fashion color cheat sheet if you must.

Camping Outfits For Teen Boys


↓ 1 – Gilet

Wear a navy blue gilet over a cream hoodie. Who wouldn’t love this color match? They make a great combo!

Camping Outfits For Teen Boys


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can teens wear contacts lenses when camping?

A. Yes. You can wear them as long as you’ll maintain proper lens hygiene. That means you have to bring your essentials with you.

Q. What footwear is best for a sand dune?

A. Mid-height boots. They are ideal for dune hiking as they cover your ankles. They are lighter than your usual boots. If you’re walking on the dunes on a summer afternoon, opt for boots or tennis shoes. In warmer months, sand surface temperatures can go up to 150° F. That said, you might want to hike early in the morning or in the evening.

Q. Can teens wear leggings when hiking?

A. Yes. Anything spandex like yoga pants, cotton leggings, and running tights are perfect for hiking. They are comfortable enough as they fit just right.

Q. What shoes are perfect for camping?

A. Hiking boots are equipped for any environment. It fits to opt for these when going camping.

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