20 Fashionable Easter Outfit Ideas for Men To Wear In 2022

Easter Outfits for Men- Easter comes up with a long weekend that asks for either traveling around a bit to break the monotonous work routine or getting back home to celebrate this religious occasion with friends and family. However, packing has to be economical and full of fashion as flaunting new trends in your hometown will never get old for such festive get-togethers.

Men should pace up to stores and avail themselves some of the Easter discounts to update their spring wardrobe and save a few items for the approaching summers. When it comes to Easter, you want to keep it simple, but why wear it simple during the holidays? Summer is about to hit with all its glorious trends. Hence it becomes mandatory for men worldwide to try at least one or two latest trends during these long weekends. If you are bored and want to try new stuff this Easter, then get ready to add a few accessories and garment pieces to your existing wardrobe.

What to Wear This Easter

Easter is all about life, and it goes very well with spring, which is all about rebirth and regeneration. It is a wonderful occasion when you can wear outfits that you probably don’t wear daily. And, just like the other holidays, you must first find the spirit of the holiday within yourself before you look for it in your closet.

The article will cover some of the coolest style bases for men, making it easier for you guys to pack up your stuff and mix and match perfectly on your Easter holidays. The caprices of weather must be kept in mind as it is always tricky to dress-up for a religious occasion. Hence, go through this complete guide to have a few ideas sorted for your holidays.

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↓ 32 – Easter-themed Tee

You may not be surprised by this. Weird and childish as it is for a man to wear a shirt like this, but I think it’s cute, and it makes a guy even hotter than he already is. If you are in for a casual Easter gig with your colleagues, try to don this outfit.


↓ 31 – Best Shoes For Easter

Brogues and loafers are your best options when it comes to footwear. Slip-on shoes and wingtip oxfords are great, too, especially if you want to give out a dressier vibe. Let’s stay away from running shoes because we will take a break from workouts and focus on celebrating this important holiday. The same goes for the boots – let’s leave that option to cold winter days.


↓ 30 – Layering At The Minimum

Easter falls in the spring season, and you don’t need many layers in spring because, like summer, it is a warm season. But if you insist on layering your outfit, do it at the minimum. Wear a jacket or a vest as it can easily adapt to the weather condition.


↓ 29 – Channel A Casual Vibe With Suits

Wear a plain tee as an undershirt instead of a typical button-down. You may not tuck it in your pants. A nice pocket square can style up your blazer in no time. Let’s skip the tie for now. Wear no-show socks, or if you’re cool with it, don’t wear any at all. Here are some ideas on the different Ways to go Sockless.


↓ 28 – Easter Sunday Church Service

Do not wear shorts and open shirts to Easter Sunday services. You can go for office attire, instead. Jeans and denims are off the table for now. They are too informal for an event like this. A classic white button-down paired up with black tailored fit slacks is a standard option. Go for it, and you will not go wrong. Accessorize with any silver wristwatch you have.


↓ 27 – Business Casual Vibe

Men can don business casual outfits like a navy blue suit to events like an Easter family brunch. For dinners, if you feel a bit cold tonight, a lightweight sweater can be considered, and wear it with khaki pants. Here’s our exclusive Men’s Business Casual Attire Guide.


↓ 26 – When To Wear A Sports Coat

You can wear a button-down shirt and a sports coat for events like a family brunch and Sunday service. You can lose the sports coat later for the afternoon Easter egg hunt.


↓ 25 – Best Colors For Easter

DO NOT wear red. It’s too inappropriate for this religious holiday. While monochrome is suitable for Easter just as much as it is for other occasions, pastel and chalky colors are trendy and cool enough this holiday, especially when you live in the West. Purple, orange, and teal are great as well since we are in spring.


↓ 24 – Trendy Patterns For Easter

The Spring season is like a new beginning for the people. It is the time of the year when flowers and crops start to grow once more, giving us the notion that it’s gonna be a prosperous and abundant year. If you can’t stick with a single color, wear prints and patterns like florals. They can consist of contrasting colors or neutrals like beige, khaki, tan, ivory, etc. In some cases, they can also feature one color in many shades. Do check out some of our favorite Floral Shirt Outfits for Men.


↓ 23 – Gingham Patterns

Gingham is a print that is usually seen on plain-woven fabric. They usually come in stripes, checks, or plaids in white and bright colors. A gingham shirt is always a suitable choice for your Easter beach parties. Roll up the sleeves and unbutton the shirt two or three levels from the collar to show off your chest and give your body the ventilation it deserves. DO NOT wear pants on the beach, and it’s a no-brainer to choose shorts this time.


↓ 22 – Seersucker Prints

Seersucker prints and patterns like stripes or checks can be seen on thin and all-cotton fabric, which are used to make clothing with suitable styles for spring and summer wear.


↓ 21 – What Pants To Wear

The pants can be anything but jeans. Khakis are in; make sure they fit you well. Go for some stretch-fit chinos. I recommend that you take a peek at my recent post on Khaki Pants Outfits.


↓ 20 – Accessories

It all depends on the setting. For instance, if you are having a garden party, you might want to rock a cool pair of sunglasses and a hat. Match the belt to your shoes, and by that, I mean the colors and material must be similar to each other. Meanwhile, jewelry like a watch or a subtle chain will add distinction and maturity to your style. Also, try colorful socks too if you want to show off and create a unique fashion statement.


↓ 19 – How to Wear a Suit on Easter Day

You can definitely wear a suit on Easter Sunday, but it will be better to keep your bottoms lighter. A button-down light cotton material mandarin collar shirt with half sleeves and a light grey blazer will look perfect. Add shades as it will add to your personality and is mandatory for spring. Wear it with either all-white low-top sneakers or charcoal perforated Oxfords. Here are 30 Amazing Men’s Suits Combinations to Get a Sharp Look.

Easter Outfits for Men (12)


↓ 18 – Family Brunch Outfit Idea for Easter

Planning to have a brunch with your fam, or were you invited by in-laws for lunch on Easter day? Well, here is your ultimate dress-up key. Go for white slacks with a cool semi-formal shirt in a navy shade, maroon, or green. Wear a charcoal blazer along with it, and black mocassins will do their job to add charm to it.

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↓ 17- What to Wear on Easter Day Party?

While packing stuff for Easter, you have to be smart enough to pack the necessary, casual garments such that those can be worn on semi-formal events as well. Always pack one or two formal blazers and some cropped straight pants which can be worn at parties and dinners. Dress pants are recommended with a pair of formal Oxfords, which can be worn with almost everything. Never forget to keep chambray or collar shirts with you.

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↓16- Perfect Attire for Easter Sunday Church

Chinos and sweaters will never get boring when dressing up for Easter Church Sundays. Keep your pants cropped, so you can avoid socks and flaunt your ankles as per spring’s requirement. Also, a leather watch will complete this Church look, giving you a classy vibe.

easter outfits for men

↓15 – Get a Hint of Pink on this Easter

This Easter, you should add some tricky shades to your outfits, such as a light pink shirt with shite pants. Brown tassel loafers will work their magic and make you look like a top-notch model but I would recommend a brown belt instead of white here. This idea will work well for guys of all age groups.

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↓ 14- Can You Wear Jeans on Easter?

It is always better for Easter night or evening parties to wear black or dark wash denim skinny bottoms along with denim, leather, or bomber jacket. Wear a simple black or white plain tee which will make you look just simple and fashionable, all at the same time. Low-top Converse shoes will look appropriate as per the event and season. Here are some more Ways to Style Guys Blue Jeans.

easter outfits for men

↓ 13- Keep it Simple yet Classy

Faded denim jean bottoms and a black varsity over a black and white t-shirt is a perfect option for men who avoid shades other than black or white. Wear black sunglasses with such an ensemble to have a complete alpha-male look.

easter outfits for men


↓ 12- Blue for Semi-Formal Style on Easter Day

Blue looks best during summer, especially the faded one or baby blue. Go for blue slacks and a blazer, and a white shirt underneath. Add a white handkerchief if it needs to be more on the formal side.

men easter outfit


↓ 11- Pastel Checks are Mandatory

Pastels are mandatory for spring, especially colors like aqua, lavender, baby pink, and pastel purple. A pastel color gingham print shirt can be paired with white denim pants and leather loafers for a springy pastel look.

Easter Outfits for Men (8)


Such shirts also look super cute for the Easter family pictures:

easter outfits for guys


↓ 10- Double-Breasted Jackets

Easter look can be completed with a navy or black double-breasted jacket over a white shirt and accessorize it with a bow tie. Wear denim pants underneath to keep the look on the festive side. A pair of loafers are best to slay with this ensemble. Check out these awesome Ideas on How to Wear Double-Breasted Suits for Men.

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↓ 9- Funky Tees for Easter

Geometric prints and multi-color tees are perfect when going out with friends for Easter day breakfast. Add a pair of classy shoes that contrasts with your outfit to have a full-fledge funky vibe.

Easter Outfits for Men (14)

↓ 8- Wear Colored Pants on Easter

Lemon or green colored pants can only be worn with casual collar shirts in beige, sky blue, or off-white. Otherwise, you will look overdressed for the occasion.

Easter Outfits for Men (4)


↓ 7- Khaki Pants for Easter Day Wear

Khaki pants can be paired with a light knitted sweater over a light shirt for Sunday church or brunch.

Easter Outfits for Men (9)


↓ 6- Swag in Camel Jackets

A camel color jacket with a stripy shirt and colored bottoms is just perfect for spring attire.

Easter Outfits for Men (10)


↓ 5- Shorts Look Coolest on Easter

Easter look gets perfect when double shirts and shorts are incorporated, in case you are celebrating near a beach or hill station. Here are 20 Stylish Men’s Outfits Combinations with Shorts.

Easter Outfits for Men (5)


↓ 4- Printed Shirts with Red Pants

Gingham print shirts in neutral shades can be pair with bright cropped pants and perforated formal shoes. If you’re not too sure about wearing red pants, you might get convinced with our ideas on Outfits with Red Pants.

Easter Outfits for Men (6)


↓ 3- Cuffed Pants and Semi-Casual Look

Cuff the ends of your bottoms on Easter to keep up with the latest trends and go for Amazon color shirts.

Easter Outfits for Men (20)


↓ 2- How to Dress Funky for Easter

Leafy and floral prints are super amazing if wearing them with Bermuda shorts during holidays.

Easter Outfits for Men (18)

↓ 1- Wear the Coolest Shoes

Amp up your style with charming, bright colored shoes such that it serves as a cherry on top of your ensemble.

Easter Outfits for Men (2)


This was all about Easter dress-up ideas. Do not hesitate to comment on your ideas.

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