11 Best Kurta Pajama Styles From Indian Male Celebrities

Indian Celebrities Kurta Pajama Styles: Kurta Pajama fashion was deeply enrooted in the subcontinent before partition, and then as Pakistan and India separated, the lovers of kurta pajama parted their ways as well but the love for this style never died. It still lives across India and its people. Men across Asia have adored wearing kurta pajama from the beginning of time, be it men in Pakistan, India, Srilanka or Bangladesh.

The history of kurta pajama style can be traced back to Central Asia, but with passing time Kurta pajama became an identity of Indian and Pakistani men. With the growing influence of modern fashion, cuts, and stitches, kurta pajama has evolved in its sense but the roots of a straight pajama and a straight kurta hasn’t been changed. Styles have evolved from tight straight pajamas to slightly loose ones for better movement and for more comfort, but the essence of the attire has not been changed over the years.

No matter how much westernized Asia becomes, it will never lose its true love for kurta pajamas.

Latest Kurta Pajama Trends From Bollywood

Indian male celebrities have worn and showcased kurta pajamas nationally and internationally as their own, which it definitely is. The style of kurta pajama originating from central Asia got into its true essence in India. Different people from different regions of India took up kurta pajamas in their own way. From Lucknowi kurta pajama, to Pathani, to the ever so famous and loved Agra’s kurta pajama, Bhopali, and Hyderabadi kurta pajama style. Men have worn and adored wearing and carrying kurta pajamas since forever.

Be it the basic and ever classic plain white mid-length or long kurta pajama or a colorful one, any Indian men or Indian male celebrity can pull it off easily. Indian men have worn kurta pajamas from their childhood and seen celebrities and other men wearing it as well, trust me, no one can ever go wrong with a kurta pajama. Let’s start with some tips on wearing kurta pajamas:

  • Wear it as you own it. It has been the attire of your great grandfathers.
  • You can add so much to a kurta and make it look modern, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different accessories and styles.
  • Add a turban and a proper sangeet or mehndi attire is ready.
  • Add a jacket for winters and you got that modern royal look going on.
  • For men with a heavier body, choose a kurta of your fitting and you can definitely pull it off.
  • Be it straight pajamas or chooridars, a straight kurta will rock with both.
  • Do invest in a couple of good quality white pajamas as you can pair them with literally any kurta.
  • While white pajamas look best with light colored kurtas, you also need to invest in some excellent quality black pajamas that you can pair with any dark colored kurta.
  • If you’re wearing a jacket over your kurta pajama, try matching the color of your shoes with it for a well-balanced look.
  • You can always jazz up a simple kurta pajama by accessorizing it the right way.

Now let’s share some dapper kurta-pajama styles for you by the ever so loved and famous Indian male celebrities, without further ado, let’s get into it.

indian male celebrities kurta pajama

↓ 11 – Bachchan Style

Who can age more gracefully than Mr. Bachchan! The way he paired his statement kurta with a white pajama and golden velvet moccasins that had golden tassels. The shoes definitely elevated the otherwise subtle attire, adding the young and energetic vibes that he is known for.

Here’s another look from the Big B, as once again he’s seen upgrading a simple look with the right choice of accessories. This time, his silver bird stole is stealing all the limelight at the Ambani wedding 2019.The basic black kurta is everyone’s favorite so do check out these 26 Best Black Kurta Pajama for Men 2019.

indian celebrities kurta pajama

↓ 10 – Varun Dhavan’s Yellow Silk Kurta

Who says desi men can not pull bright colored kurtas? Varun Dhawan here has been seen defying all conventional stigmas with brown-skinned men and bright colored kurtas. And oh man does he look absolute dapper, heck yes! Varun Dhawan was seen wearing a button down, short-length, silk kurta at a promotional drive for his upcoming movie, and a bright yellow jacket over it, and he pulled it off with absolute perfection and ease. As summer weddings are around the corner as well, nothing better than a silk straight kurta topped with a desi yet chic jacket, and voila, you are summer wedding ready boys. Furthermore, Varun is seen wearing this chic kurta outfit with jogger pants, a summer staple. I love this look, don’t know about you.

↓ 09 – Kartik Aryan’s Kurta Pajama With Jacket

Hats off to Kartik Aryan for pulling off the most stylish kurta pajama look that we have ever seen. The distinctive cut and design of this kurta is such a showstopper that if you wear it on any occasion, you’ll surely be the talk of the event. The black velvet jacket has Pegasus detailing on it, which makes it a must-have for anyone who likes to own statement pieces. Since the kurta and jacket are very eye-catching, the look has been balanced by using simple white pajama as anything else would have made the outfit go over the top. Last but not least, the black suede loafers perfectly complement the whole outfit and especially the jacket. This is definitely one of the best looks that we have seen in a while.

indian male celebrities kurta pajama

↓ 08 – Ranbir Kapoor’s Black & White Kurta Pajama

White has been really trending this year and in this outfit of Ranbir Kapoor, there’s just so much going on that we love. The asymmetrical jacket paired over the self-print white kurta is giving us some major fashion goals. This is, however, a very bold look and it might not be something that everyone can carry. If you’re looking for some inspiration for a wedding outfit, here are the best Men’s Kurta Pajama Styles for Weddings.

bollywood kurta pajama

↓ 07 – Shahid Kapoor’s Simple But Savage Attire

Like already said, nothing can possibly go wrong with a plain white or black kurta-pajama. The dapper Shahid Kapoor has proved it, boys. Generally, a black plain kurta-pajama is something almost every male would have in their wardrobe, especially black lovers. It’s proper ethnic attire for any festival, be it Diwali, Holi or a wedding event. Straight pajamas and straight kurta is the basic kurta pajama style around which all the modern kurta pajama styles revolve. Plain kurta pajama is as versatile as it can get, a printed and colored waistcoat threw over or a blazer or a coat, add a turban or wear it as it is, this outfit speaks volumes for itself. Celebrities are seen wearing and adoring this ethnic attire on their trips and events abroad, which without adding anything is as fashionable yet traditional as it can get. There can’t be said enough or less about this attire, I’m sure almost every Indian men know the importance of a plain black kurta-pajama in their wardrobe.

↓ 06 – Asymmetrical Kurta

What Indian male celebrities have been seen wearing in recent times is the sidecut kurta and straight pajamas. Have to say, a marvelous modern touch to the conventional kurta pajama style. While it keeps the real essence of the straight kurta and straight pajama alive, it also gives it a whole new look. Looks more like a royal dress than a kurta pajama because of the side frill and the cut. These sidecut kurtas are seen usually worn in plain styles by the celebrities with often a jacket was thrown over it to make it look fully modern and changed. However, it is the same straight kurta and pajama which you all men wear all the time. Angad Bedi here is seen flaunting effortlessly in the sidecut kurta and straight pajama with the love of his life, Neha Dhupia.

↓ 05 – Kurta Pajama With Waistcoat

The basic and ever loved and now ages old, but still the same old fashioned and loved kurta pajama with a waistcoat. For me, nothing has ever, or nothing can ever beat the conventional kurta pajama with a waistcoat. In initial times, the waistcoat used to be loose and straight compared to these days, when waistcoats are tighter and fitted. A perfect fit for any given wedding event, festive party, get together or a desi party. For the real essence of tradition, celebrities have been seen wearing the same straight kurta pajama and waistcoat style. Saif Ali Khan, the Nawab himself, pulled off the kurta pajama and waistcoat in his style. And boy oh boy, did he drop some jaws on the way, definitely! Take the nawab inspiration from the ever so dashing Saif Ali Khan, and believe that you can pull off a white kurta pajama and a waistcoat as well. And talking about nawabi looks, here are the Latest Designs Of Jodhpuri Suits For Men.

↓ 04 – Round Edges Mid-length Kurta Pajama

In September last year, Shahid Kapoor was seen wearing mid-length kurta pajama with an apple cut and I am totally digging this style now. A comfortable, easy to move in, fashionable yet chic kurta pajama style which can be worn to any occasion, a summer get together, wedding event, on a winter Diwali or Holi party with a jacket thrown over, this outfit is the basic yet adds the pathani touch to it with its mid-length, apple cut kurta and straight or churidar pajama. Shahid Kapoor definitely looked dapper in this attire and has been giving us major desi goals in kurta pajama outfits since forever. An apple cut mid-length kurta pajama is now a must-have in your wardrobe boys.

↓ 03 – All White Straight Lucknowi Kurta

Lucknowi kurta, my favourite! Nothing like the light, chicken, self embroidered kurta and straight pajamas. Brings back the Manto vibes from the older days of India, Agra, and Lucknow specifically. The ever so loved and basic Lucknowi straight kurta pajama is all that you need for a summer wedding or a get-together. This attire speaks volumes for itself, traditionally and fashionably. A turban and sunglasses to top it off, you are ready. None other than Ranveer Singh with clean shave can pull it off better. The mini-series of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s airport desi outfits post-wedding was all we were living for. They gave us major outfit goals back in the day. Every Indian male must have this Lucknowi straight kurta pajama in their wardrobe to flaunt through a summer get-together or sangeet or mehndi function. For the festivity of Holi, these Lucknowi kurtas are most loved, they are an amazing fit with their straight cut as well as light to wear and easy to move in. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone seen hand in hand here giving us couple goals in matching desi attire.

↓ 02 – Ranveer Singh’s Long Kurta Pajama

There isn’t any outfit that Ranveer Singh cannot easily pull off. From kurta pajama to shalwar kameez to furry jackets at iiFa to floral coats and striped ones too, he is a total fashion diva. Which is why whatever the fashion icon wears becomes the new cool. In the mini-series of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s airport desi outfits post their wedding, he was seen colour coordinating with the love of her life, yet again (heart eyes only) in a light pink straight kurta-pajama with a little white embroidery around the neck. And he totally rocked that sophisticated yet colorful summer outfit hands down. Any Indian male can pull a tea pink kurta pajama outfit with ease now that Ranveer Singh has set the bars for it. So, don’t shy away from light or bright colored kurta boys, it’s the new thing now apparently.

↓ 01 – Short-Length Kurta Pajama

Aditya Roy Kapoor, the heartthrob with a million dollar smile was seen wearing a short-length button down kurta with a straight pajama and he looked super cool. The short-length kurta pajama, sometimes with a waistcoat, has always been the Bollywood male celebrity thing. Be it Saf Ali Khan, Varun Dhawan, Akshay Kumar, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor,  or any other male celebrity, they have been seen flaunting a short-length kurta and straight pajama everywhere, movie promotions, wedding events or any other festival. And they sure know how to carry it. Kurta pajama is as versatile and traditional as it gets, either you wear it with layers or as it is, it gives out the true essence of ethnic Indian wear. With no or little effort you have a perfect desi dress for the go.

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