20 Versatile Outfits With Cross Body Bags For Men to Try

Outfits with cross body bags for men Cross body bags have been in trend for decades due to their fuss-free properties. They are convenient to carry. They keep all your belongings safe and secure. Plus, they instantly elevate your look.

Back then, it was speculated that purses, bags and totes were limited to women. But the world has changed largely. Now fashion is inclusive for both women and men and we are happy with this progress. While leaving home, it is a must have for everyone these days; no matter if you are a man or woman, it forms a wardrobe staple for both.

These days men of all age groups are investing in functional cross-body purses and hitting the streets in style, either to explore the town, head to work or go on dates.

Wearing a crossbody bag is a subtle way to introduce fresh and chic vibes to your basic outfit. From oversized t-shirts to Chino pants and from turtle necks to blue jeans, a bag can be worn with any of your outfits. So let’s get started with some amazing ideas on how to slay in outfits featuring a cross body bag.

What to Wear With A Cross Body Bag?

There has been a misconception that cross body bags are only meant to be worn with loose, baggy and casual attires. We are here to burst this myth. Add this bag to your office wear, family dinner and a hiking trip.

If you pair it with a formal double-breasted or tweed blazer, ensure the color goes well with the outfit. For example, with a black outfit for work, you cannot go for a yellow crossbody bag. That is too bright to be included in formal attire. Rather you should go with colors like a salty nut, gray, brown, and olives when it comes to bags for work.

If you travel to another city, nothing can be better than this bag. Wear your comfy t-shirt, pair it up with blue jeans or cargo pants and wrap this bag across your body. Now you are safe from all the pocket pickers out there.

If you are clumsy, go for a cross-body bag that sits just above your hips. This way, there will be less chance of things hitting your bottom. Choose colors like white and neutrals for your bag if going with a monochromatic bright outfit.

Dos and Don’ts of A Wearing Cross Body Bag

  • Crossbody bags are worn on shoulders with the strap wrapping around the body. Make sure the quality of your strap is good. Otherwise, you might face difficulty if the strap is broken while you are going for a quick grocery run or going for some shopping.
  • The shape and size of a crossbody bag also play a part in reshaping your look. If you want a fuss-free, easy option, go for a cross-body bag that sits on your chest. It is even more easy to carry.
  • A bag on the bottom body is good for the day when you have to carry any gadget like a camera, laptop, and important documents.
Outfits with cross body bags for men
  • Make sure your bag has an adjustable strap to fix them according to your body. You can increase or decrease the length and wear it as a shoulder bag.
  • If you plan to go on a beach day out, carry a cross-body bag made up of nylon. Nylon can withstand sandy and wet conditions. Plus, it is easily washable. Moreover, your beach outfit will instantly look chic with the help of this bag.
Outfits with cross body bags for men
  • While buying a cross body bag, make sure it has enough compartments to carry everything. If you won’t check it before hands, it might be possible that you come home with a bag that has a single compartment.
  • Do not restrict yourself to colors like navy blue, gray or white. Find out what works for you; you might rock a purple shirt better than a black one. You might pull off a mustard sweater better than a navy one.
outfits with cross body bags for men

20 – All Black Outfit With Denim Jacket

The first outfit is this black monochromatic outfit with a black cross-body bag. Since we are wearing all-black attire, add a blue denim jacket to break the monotone.

Glasses are very important in enhancing your features, so be careful when choosing one. Make sure it flatters your face features rather than giving a dull look.

Outfits with cross body bags for men


19 – Add A White Bag to Your Neutral Outfit

Pairing up your casual outfit with a blazer or denim jacket is a great way to convert it into a rather classy and semi-casual fit. A beige blazer with a plain t-shirt and wide leg pants is the best outfit for everyday gatherings. You can wear this to your college or even at a family lunch.

This trend is getting popular among all age groups; whether a teenager or a mature man, you cannot go wrong with this combination. As a rule of thumb, blazers are appropriate for creating a smart casual look.


18 – Go with Orange Button down and White Pants

Orange and white make a terrific combination. Wear this vibrant color and outshine everyone around you. This is a perfect outfit for a brunch date with friends. Carry a Gucci crossbody bag with you and you are free from the hassle of holding cell phones and wallets.

Outfits with cross body bags for men


17 – Go for White Tracksuit And Brown Bag for Athletic Look

White is a staple in all boy’s wardrobes. It looks classy and elegant. Plus it goes with all kinds of jeans, pants and chinos. You get a white shirt and you get sorted for the whole season.

Pair your white t-shirt with this brown cross-body bag. You can go in blue or black jeans with this fit. Lastly, complete your look with white sneakers.


16 – How to Wear A Small Crossbody Bag?

Planning to go for a hike but not sure about the outfit? Well, here we are with a great suggestion for you. Pair up your black shorts with this red hoodie. Add a blue square cross body bag. This bag will be your saviour especially when you need to keep your sunglasses, juices and snacks.

Dont forget to add your sunscreen as well. Hiking could result in tanning and one should use sunscreen to stay safe from all the tan.

Outfits with cross body bags for men


15 – Gray Co Ord Outfit and A White Cross Body Bag

Let’s be honest; we all search for the comfiest outfits when traveling in underground trains and tubes. This gray hoodie and matching gray cargo pants are exactly what you need for a cozy ride on the train. Wear a matching gray cap and break the monotone with a white cross-body bag and brown dad sneakers.


14 – Stripped Pants and Black Fitted T-shirt To The Rescue

This basic yet stylish outfit is a great choice for a family get-together on a Sunday evening. If you are doing it on a farmhouse or beach, add this orange cross-body bag to add some radiance into the outfit.


13 – A Gray T-Shirt And Structured Bag

Outfits with cross body bags for men


12 – Go For a Red Cross Body Bag

Ditch all the boring colors and go for this red cross body bag while strolling the town.

Outfits with cross body bags for men


11 – Funky Outfit Ideas for Guys

Printed and graphic t-shirts are ruling street fashion this year. They are versatile in that you can pair them with any kind of bottoms, including jeans, chino shorts, cargo pants and Bermuda pants. They will look equally good with all of them.

Take the dominant color from your t-shirt and carry a bag in the same color. In this case, the boy has styled a black cross-body bag with a black shirt. You can wear the same sneakers with olive and black hues.

Outfits with cross body bags for men


10 – Checkered Blazers Are Never Out Of Trend

Here comes the evergreen wardrobe staple for men, the checkered blazers. Whether you are going to a casual or formal event, an outfit layered with a checkered blazer will always give you a dapper and pulled-together look.

For a night out with your peers, you can wear a black turtle neck sweater, pants and a checkered blazer over it. This is a ravishing fall outfit that will get you all the limelight in your circle.

If going for a fun day out, create a sporty look by pairing this blazer with a plain white t-shirt and regular blue jeans. Add sneakers, blow dry your hair after applying the hair gel, and you are all set to rock.


9 – Pink T-Shirt With A Yellow Cross Body Bag

Pink is one of the most widely worn colors among men this year. Be it peach pink, hot pink or carnation pink, all shades have dominated men’s fashion, and we love this refreshing trend.

This pink t-shirt with black pants and a yellow cross body bag is a vibrant and dapper combination. You can even add sneakers in black rather than brown and you will steal all the hearts like never before.

Don’t forget to wear a nice wristwatch and spray a refreshing perfume.

Outfits with cross body bags for men


8 – Travel with a Black Cross Body Bag

Traveling is fun as long as you are not worried about your belongings while roaming in the city. Well, in that case, you cannot get a better travel partner than a cross body bag. Create an uber-chic look with this white t-shirt, black jeans, and a small black cross-body bag.

Now you are all set. Wear it, roam around the city, explore the beautiful architecture, and enjoy.

Outfits with cross body bags for men


7 – Go with Blue Suit and A Large Cross Body Bags

Suitcases are too mainstream and old school; go for a brown cross-body bag, this time for a day at work.

This bag is enough to keep all the important documents in your laptop. Along with this, you can wear a formal black and blue suit. Both of them would look sophisticated and classy.


6 – Pink Button Down Shirt with Black Bag

Another option in pink is this light pink button-down shirt worn with a black bag. You can pair this up with white pants and sneakers.


5 – Slay in a Street Style Look Featuring a Baggy Cross Body Bags

Baggy articles are gaining massive popularity among Gen Z and millennial individuals. They look stylish, they are airy, and above all, they stand out. Whether you are wearing it in the form of pants or chinos, it looks dapper.

Outfits with cross body bags for men


4 – Go With Shades of Neutrals and Black Sneakers

These Khaki Cargo Pants with light brown oversized are all you need for a day out with friends. Pair it up with a white bucket cross body bag and sneakers of your choice.

We recommend going with Black shoes with white soles. This color combination of sneakers looks amazing when wearing a neutral outfit. Because this color is bold and bright, you should keep the colors of your outfit lowkey and minimal.

Pro Tip; The black sneakers will offset the monochrome look, extending your leg and making you look taller. If your sneakers have black uppers with white soles, you can expand the color palette slightly. You can go for dark blue denim, khaki chinos, olive greens, and earthy rust tones.


3 – Layer Up With a Woolen Jacket and A Black Bag

Winters and cozy woolen jackets go hand in hand. Whether going to a party or a chill day with friends, you can always layer it with a woolen jacket.

This street-style outfit is especially for all those boys who follow BTS. This is a BTS-inspired outfit for men, perfect for airport looks or a laid-back street-style look.

Sneakers, a casual t-shirt, a black crossbody bag, and straight pants are the recipe for a chic and striking look. You can also swap the blue articles with black, including the hat and the sneaker, which will look equally amazing.

Outfits with cross body bags for men


2 – A Mixture Of Greens And Neutrals Look Classy

What is better than greens mixed with neutrals? For a day at a sports club or the snooker club, wear this beige jacket paired up with white pants.

The green cross body bag has a plus point: it is larger in size. If you are someone who doesn’t leave home without your water bottle, snacks, glasses, and anything else, this will be a great choice for you.


1 – Pair Your Brown Cardigan With Checkered Pants

Cardigans have to be our favorite winter wear. They are warm. They are snazzy and regal. Pair up your brown cardigan with a basic white t-shirt and checked pants.

Complete your look by adding the brown cross body bag.

Outfits with cross body bags for men


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a man wear a cross body bag?

Ans. Yes, definitely. Cross body bags have no gender associated with them and anyone, either a man or woman can wear them. They elevate up your look and keep your things safe and secure. However, you cannot find a lot of colors when it comes to cross-body bags for men. Companies mostly produce colors in darker or neutral tones, and the variety of colors we see in women’s backs is lacking in men’s collections.

Q. What are the best brands for a cross body bag for men?

Ans. Some brands that produce good quality bags are Nike, North Face, Mystery Ranch, Patagonia and East Pak.

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