Funky Outfits For Guys – 16 Really Cool Outfits for Boys These Days

Funky Outfits For Guys. Fashion is not limited to girls only. Boys seem more conscious about stylish outfits now a days. They are never behind in fashion street. If you are looking for funky outfits then you  are  exactly at a right place. We present you 16 really cool outfits for boys and ideas what to wear for funky look.

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In terms of Men’s Fashion, dressing is not limited to jeans, dress shirts and trousers only. There are a lot of funky style ideas that boys can add in their daily wardrobe for a cool look.

What to wear for Funky Look

#16 Funky Calf Length Trousers

This outfit is really cool for boys who want a funky look. Calf less trousers above the ankles suits best with T shirts, Plaid shirts, tees and blazers. One can wear oxfords, loafers and sneakers to give a more cool look.


#15- Funky Jeans

Now it is never difficult to get a funky look with your funky jeans. There is a lot of funky jeans collection that you can buy for a cool funky look.


#14- Stylish Scarves

The funky scarf can give your outfit a really cool idea. Now just become a trendsetter with stylish scarf. Try the different colors in different styles. You can match your clothes with your scarf for a stylish look.


#13- Chic Beanies

With the changing fashion trends and styles, beanie is that statement piece in your closet that takes you right to funky style. The different style of beanies are really tricky for a funky cool look. Among beanies the most popular are cuffed, bobble hats, hipster beanie, slouch beanie and high top beanie.


#12- Funky Socks

Avoid the basic boring thumb rule of men’s sock for some time and try bright colored funky socks. They are definitely going to show your funky eccentric individuality. In some cases the colored socks can work with different outfits. And if you want to work into outfits then match the colors with your shirts, jackets or blazers in a bright tone.


#11- Amazing Bow-Ties

For a more cool look, the bow ties can really enhance your look amazingly. For a fun look, you can try the bow ties in bright colors. It really contributes a cool appeal to your personality.


#10- Cool Bandanas

Bandanas Headbands are never behind for an ultra cool look. Bandanas wrapped around the head really make a stylish statement. You can find multiple bandanas variety that you can wear in a number of stylish ways. It is one of that Men’s unique stylish accessory that is never out of fashion. If you want to go in a more funky cool look, try the bright colored bandanas.


#9- Trunks Swimwear

Now the beaches are never behind of the guys with cool, funky and stylish trunks swimwear. The guys add a fun at beaches with their bright colored cool trunks. The wonderful looking swimming trunks also provide leisure with swimming. The cool funky swimwear with a blend of bright prints make you stand out at the beach.


#8- Funky Floral Patterned Dress Shirts

Wildflower patterned dress shirts look cool, funky and stylish. You can get them in various colors and versatile floral patterns. The patterns can be bold and bigger or smaller and beautiful. To modify your boring simple dress shirt collection, try the these bright colored suggested dress shirts.


#7- Designed Vests

Now have some fun while workout with funky vests. Try the funky cool pieces when doing workout and get noticed stylish and chic. The colorful vest idea that are graphically designed with quotes or other funky patterns is really amazing at gym instead of those simple routinely daily vests.


#6- Funky Neon Colored Suits

Now it is the time to go extra bold and funky with the neon colored suits. The bright colored apparels make you stand at a super sparkling funky look in a glance.


#5- Hot Nightwear

Now enjoy your night with soft silky cool nightwear pajama set. Beside being cool and stylish, go for silk stuff that is really relaxing and comfortable.


#4- Funky Undies

Men’s undies designed with floral prints shows a modern and stylish attitude. The floral print underwear are growing more instead of those simple solo colored pieces.


#3- Patterned Jackets

We can’t forget to mention the funky cool jackets that is a part of everyone’s wardrobe. The only graphical designed jacket in your whole outfit is enough for ultra funky look.


#2- Novelty Ties

The funny novelty neckties can bring smile to everyone face wherever you go. Several print categories are available that can be chosen for a funky event.


#1- Accessorize Well For Swag Look

Want to go to rock a concert or a punk party, accessorize yourself funky with cool chic items.


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