17 Rugged Outfit Ideas for Men with Styling Tips

What defines a rugged man? It’s his attitude, his fearless and responsible nature and his strong masculinity but most importantly, it is the outfit which has the strongest impact. So what are the rugged men’s outfits supposed to be like? First of all, they are comfortable, they allow complete freedom of movement and do not restrict him in any way. Secondly, the highlight his best and masculine features, but at the same time they are also not too revealing.

The key to Being Rugged

If you ask about the key to being rugged in one word then it’s definitely the simplicity. There is never a need for perfection for the rugged man. Just stay natural and simple and remember to feel good.

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Rugged Accessories

While there may be some limited use of accessories, they never go over the top. Joseph Morgan is an ideal rugged man for many men and women around the world these days. He is definitely one of the most handsome men no matter what he’s wearing. Be it a suit, a vest, or a simple t-shirt as shown below, he carries it in a great and natural or effortless way.

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 Fitting of the Clothes

For a rugged male, the fitting of his clothes should never be too tight. Check the image below, while the outfit is highlighting the masculine physique of this guy, it is at the same time quite baggy. But of course it doesn’t have to be too baggy as well. You need to find the right fit for yourself.

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An all-time favourite shoes for the rugged man are the heavy-duty boots which are easily available in a range of designs and colours at various stores. If you feel like shopping online even then they can be found at affordable prices in various stores including Amazon.

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the coats and jackets of the rugged man are always in a neutral shade and have some sort of roughness in them.

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Celebrities Rugged Style

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While the rugged man is usually expected to stick with natural and earth-like colours, he can also conveniently slip into patterns especially checks and plaids.

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No Worries

Another key characteristic of the rugged man is that when it comes to clothes, he has absolutely no worries. The outfit easily blends in with their daily tasks or jobs and he does not need to think about the wrinkles on his shirt or the dirt on his jeans. Check out the amazing naturally rugged look of Gerard Butler below.

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Rugged Outfit for men


Suspenders are one of the manliest outfit items that can be owned by the rugged man and they truly never go out of style.

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