19 Best Funeral Outfits for Teen Boys

Properly considering what to wear to a funeral is really important, as funerals are extremely serious formal occasions. You do not want to give Generation X another excuse to point fingers at you.

Black suits and ties are mostly worn, but there are numerous other options, too. The level of formality also varies from culture to culture. But what’s common amongst all is that you are expected to respect the deceased and his loved ones.

This is why your attire and presentation say a lot about your attitude. Dark colours are most commonly worn by the mourners which is why most of the outfits in this collection will be in darker colour shades.

Here’s everything that I’ll cover today:

Tips on how to dress for a funeral:

  • Avoid blue denim.
  • Wearing graphic t-shirts or sweatshirts are definitely a big NO.
  • Dress formally, do not wear sweatpants or pyjamas to a funeral.
  • Stay clear of joggers or flipflops, choose formal shoes instead.
  • Baseball caps also do not fit in the definition of ‘Formal’.
  • Leave your baggy or ripped clothes at home and opt for ones with proper fitting.


19 – Black Suit and Tie

First on the list is a black suit and tie – of course! It is the first thing that pops to mind when you hear the word ‘formal’. A modern fit suit looks simple and classic. Here are some Ideas on How to Wear Double-Breasted Suits.

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18 – Slim Fit Suit

Slim-fit suits make you look like a young, crisp gentleman. These are funeral appropriate, as long as they are kept simple and in shades like black, grey, navy blue etc.

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17 – Grey Suit

A grey suit can be a replacement for your conventional black one. Grey is a muted tone, not driving everyone’s attention towards you. Pair it with a white or a light-toned shirt.

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16 – Navy Blue Suit

Navy blue is a good option, in case you do not feel like wearing a black suit.

Blue gives a calm vibe, which is really important for an event like a funeral. Navy blue goes well with white or blue shirts and khaki or brown-coloured shoes. Here are 20 Ways to Wear Blue Suits with Brown Shoes.

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15 – Charcoal Suit

Charcoal color is something between grey and black and in suits, it goes well with a pair of polished black shoes. Do not wear any flashy colored ties, as it is a funeral that you are attending.

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14 – It’s Okay to Add a Little Print

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13 – Collared Shirts

Polo shirts are T-shirts with a collar. These are semi-casual but can be pulled off on a funeral, too. Just try to go for a dark colored shirt. Moreover, make sure there are no stickers of flashy logos on them.

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12 – Tuck-in  Shirts

Tuck in your shirts inside your pant, for formality. If the shirt is hanging out carelessly, it shows informal and nonchalant behaviour.

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11 – Blazer

In case you do not have a suit, then a blazer can do the job. Keep one handy for unexpected events. They look formal, yet are easy to carry.

10 – Vest

You can replace your regular blazer with a vest if you want that extra fit.

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9 – Cardigans or Sweaters

A cardigan is the best way to kill the breeze. Sweatshirts and hoodies, on the other hand, might not work for a funeral. They look too comfortable and the last thing you want at a funeral. Cardigans keep you warm while giving you a sharp look.

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8- Double Breasted Suits

Double Breasted jackets are more formal and less seen at funerals. You might only want to wear it if it is part of the dress code. Otherwise, there’s a slight chance that you will look like a banker from the ’20s. Here are 25 Ideas on How to Wear Double-Breasted Suits.

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7 – Casual Attire

Relax, it only means ditching the suit. In no way is that equal to looking like you just woke up. You are still required to dress up. A button-down shirt with trousers or a polo shirt seems appropriate.

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6 – Slack Pants

Slacks are parts of certain materials which are not part of a suit. But, you can pair them with a good blazer to make a complete formal attire.

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Acceptable Accessories at Funerals

5 – Pocket Squares

A plain white handkerchief in a square fold is perfectly fine. You’re more than likely to end up using it, or giving it to someone else near you. Just remember no colours, no shin silks, and no fancy folds.

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4 – Belts

Belts add a collected look to your outfit. For funerals, go with basic leather belts. They should not have huge logo buckles on them. If you want to show your money off, a funeral is not the place.

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Indian/Asian Funeral Outfits

3 – Black Shalwar Kameez

In the eastern culture, shalwar kameez is the most suitable attire to wear to a funeral.

2 – Kurta

Any decent colored kurta with a shalwar or trouser can work in a South Asian funeral, like in Pakistan, Bangladesh or India. But the color should ideally be either dark or in off-white tones. Bright colors like orange, pink, parrot green just won’t do.

1 – White Shalwar Kameez

Plain, white Shalwar Kameez is the most popular outfit in Hindu and Muslim funerals. Though, there is a lot of relaxation for other colors, too.

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