Preppy Winter Outfits- 15 Winter Preppy Outfit Ideas for Men

Preppy Winter Outfits for Men – Winters are the best season for men to dress up. This is because this season allows them to truly flaunt their wardrobe. From scarves, jeans, jackets, sweaters to pants and suits – winters has them all! In order to look classy and sophisticated, men need to layer up.

This season is all about smart dressing and lots of layering for men. Browse through out list of fifteen hottest most preppy clothes for men to wear this cold season. You are bound to find something that you will like!

How To Dress Preppy This Winter Season

↓ 1 – College Football Player Look

For guys who are college players, they need outfits to enhance their bulky bodies. Cable-knit sweaters paired with tweed jackets and fleece scarves help make them look sexy and classy.

preppy winter outfits for men 1


↓2 – Cool and Casual Look

If you are heading out for a quick errand, then simply slip on an oversized coat. Pair this with a fleece jacket underneath, if its really cold. Khakis help pull this look together and draw attention towards your shirt or jacket.

preppy winter outfits for men 2

↓ 3 – Daytime Festival Look

Heading out for a function or concert during the day time? Look sexy and cool by sticking to black, grey and white. A striped scarf will help gel this look together and look funky.

preppy winter outfits for men 3


↓ 4 – Rich White Boy Look

For a truly sophisticated and preppy look, go with blazers, sweaters, a collared shirt and a brown satchel all layered together. Gel your hair back and opt for chocolate brown or khaki pants. If you like wearing khaki pants then do take a look at some interesting men khaki pants outfits.

preppy winter outfits for men 4

↓ 5 – Early Twenties Look

If you are in your early twenties, nothing looks hotter than a striped sweater with loose dark blue jeans. Petite guys can carry this look well.

preppy winter outfits for men 5


↓ 6 – Holidays in The Resorts Look

Heading out for a winter holiday? Remember to take your leather gloves, waterproof windbreaker, and mix it up with white sneaker shoes. Sporty and classy. Also take a look at some more classy outfits and ways to wear sneakers fashionably.

preppy winter outfits for men 6


↓ 7 – Mail Delivery Boy Look

This is a cute outfit that looks great on working guys, such as mail deliveries. Stick to black and yellow, with a yellow beanie cap, loose jeans and brown shoes such as Converse or even casual shoes.

preppy winter outfits for men 7


↓ 8 – Off To Work Look

Heading off to work can be a stylish event too! Pair your pin-striped suit with a funky striped tie, and a sophisticated gray blazer.

New York Fashion Week February 2012


↓ 9 – Super Sylish Casual Look – Preppy Jeans for Men

For a relaxed weekend with your family, opt for a loose sweater top and casual weekend jeans.

preppy winter outfits for men 10


↓ 10 – Sexy Men in Black Look for School/College

If you are in the mood for a sexy outfit for a night out, opt for an all-black look. This looks extremely preppy in the winters, especially with a long blazer. The outfit is perfect for a preppy look to attend a party in winters. Also take a look at some more fashionable [highlight]Men’s party outfits.[/highlight]

preppy winter outfits for men 11


↓ 11 – Teenage Guys Preppy Winter Look

preppy winter outfits for men 12


↓ 12 – Winter Polo Look – With Preppy Men’s Shoes

preppy winter outfits for men 13


↓ 14 – Cool Asian Look

preppy winter outfits for men 15


↓ 15 – Sporty Running Look

preppy winter outfits for men

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