Outfits for Short Height Guys-20 Fashion Tips to Look Taller

Being short does not have to be associated with being less attractive, only because society demands guys to be the taller counterparts to girls. Not at least, when it comes to fashion, you have just as much of a ground to appear your most stylish just as any other guy can.

4 Outfit Styles to avoid as they make you appear shorter:

  • Avoid baggy and low-waisted trousers.
  • Do not wear short sleeves.
  • Your shirt shouldn’t be passing your hipbone.
  • Do not go for fancier accessories.

 Fashion Tips for Men to Look Taller

#20 – Strechable Pants

A note-worthy office idea to go for, if you happen to be below 6 ft. For the best outcomes of professionalism, go for stretchable pants. Wear warmer colours the most.

#19 – Long Coats

The best winter looks for shorter men come in coat styles. Longer coats will be your cleverest guide in this. Also, check out this amazing guide on How to Wear Shorts in Winter


#18 – Shorts

Love summer outfits with shorts? Here’s your try with a nice idea of wearing shorts, specifically for shorter guys. Probably avoid shorter sleeves, half sleeves would do, though.


#17 – Blazer


#16 – Dress Shirt

For a more professional look, wearing a dress shirt with a tie will also be a handy tip for shorter guys, as it gives stronger posture to one’s torso. For an even more sophisticated look, check out Men Waistcoat Styles


#15 – Denims

#14 – Long Length Shirts

#13 – Suit Style for Short Guys

#12 – Cargo Pants

Cargo pants with boots will be a good element and can be considered one of the outfits that short men should wear.


#11 – Daniel Radcliffe Fashion Tips for Men

Our beloved Harry Potter star has got some handy tips: always go for wearing coats. Even for a casual look, because coats make your shoulders appear more edging outwards.

#10 – Leather Jacket

#9 – Formal Looks for Boys

#8 – Button Down Shirt

Wear button shirts and avoid tucking your shirt on. That’s also a tip to be noted.

#7 – Thick Sole Shoes


#6 – Casual Looks


#5 – All Black

#4 – Vintage Style

#3 – Sweater

#2 – Burgundy Shoes

#1 – Waist Coats

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