58 Best Flannel Shirt Outfits for Men & Styling Tips

Starting as a piece of garment worn by the farmers to protect themselves against wet and windy weather, it gained recognition and has been made popular with appearances in films and through the grunge music scene.

Since Fall and Winter are the most popular times to wear Flannel, we’ll focus our article on them – including both smart casual and casual wear for men. Here’s everything that we’ll cover:

How to Wear Flannel Shirts? (Styling Tips)

Here are some tips for perfectly donning flannel shirts:

  • Maintaining the Balance. As the flannel print itself can be pretty bold at times, it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit low-key and laidback.
  • Shades and Hues. Opt for classic colors, such as red and black. Grey and dark green are your winter staples, while brown for autumn, and then cream and white shades for summer.
  • The Magic of Matching. Pair bold flannel patterns and prints with simple and neutral-colored bottoms and jackets.
  • Styling Oversized Flannels. Roll up the sleeves to give your arms some definition
  • When to wear Flannel shirts? While they work pretty well as everyday outfits, it would also be great to wear them to a party. Checkered flannel shirts have a more casual and laidback feel, unlike the plain versions, which create a sharper look.
How To Wear Flannel  16
  • Want to wear flannel in summer? Many retailers today offer light or mid-weight flannels that have timeless appeal. And you could always choose a flannel-style shirt that’s made with a lighter fabric. If you’re game for something iconic, use it as an accessory by wrapping it around your waist. Mind that light colors work best here.
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Fall Outfits

58 – Black Flannel

These shirts work best with gents who wouldn’t bother looking rugged and imperfect. But if you prefer a cleaner look, go with a subtle print or no print at all.

On that note, white touches on the shirt can lighten your outfit and make the fabric appear more lightweight. It can easily be teamed up with any outfit because of its neutral tone.

How To Wear Flannel 6

57 – Smart-Casual

A flannel shirt is no doubt a casual piece, but it doesn’t mean you can dress it up for smart casual situations. It all comes down to how you style it and what you wear with it. Avoid flashy colors and choose subdued hues instead.

Also, opt for a nice fit – drop the baggy option. And when it comes to formal and business-related occasions, leave the flannel at home and opt for a dress shirt instead. As for footwear, opt for something neither casual nor too formal, such as loafers, Derbies, and sneakers.

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56 – Casual 

You’ll probably wear your flannel shirt in casual gigs, so it’s paramount to rock it nicely. But just because it is casual doesn’t mean that you can wear it with anything you want.

How To Wear Flannel 2

55 – Over A T-Shirt

Do some layering work. Throwing a flannel over a T-shirt is an excellent casual outfit move. Another way to style the shirt is to tie it around your waist should it gets hot outside. Alternatively, look for a short-sleeved flannel shirt for warmer weather options.

How To Wear Flannel 4


54 – For Men Over 50

Prefer to choose a check version over a plain style. Plain red flannel shirts are a bit challenging to find, and they can also be tricky to style.

How To Wear Flannel 5


53 – Green Flannel

They’re linked with the lumberjack look. Green flannel shirts look cooler than the others as they often have blue or navy checks. And this color looks particularly exceptional on gents with pale skin undertone.

How To Wear Flannel 7


52 – Grey Flannel

It’s especially suitable for situations requiring a polished look, such as lunch dates and evening drinks. Go for a single hue or a subtle check to ensure your shirt is appropriately dressed up.

How To Wear Flannel 8


51 – Brown Flannel

This is ideal for adding a warm touch to outfits in fall. Opt for different shades, such as camel tones and chocolate hues.

How To Wear Flannel 9


50 – Under Denim

How To Wear Flannel 11


49 – For Plus-Size Men

How To Wear Flannel 18


48 – Different Ways to Wear an Oversized Flannel

Oversized Flannels can be great for styling and can be used for layering up with different pieces of garments. You can either go for a simple buttoned-up look with jeans or wear it with your favorite tee and an acid-washed denim jacket. Here are 24 Ways to Style Jackets Sharply.

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys


Flannel Shirt Styles for guys


47 – Over a Button Down Shirt

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys


46 – Replacing the Jackets

A beautiful bright red flannel will not only be ideal in keeping you warm but will also give you that joyous feeling with the instantaneous pop of color.

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys


45 – Pairing it with Chambray

The combination of chambray and flannel is a match made in heaven. You can wear the two together for a great look. Style it with your beige or brown chinos, and you are good to go!

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys


44 – University Outfit

For a quick university outfit, you can wear your favorite flannel with jeans. Adding cool white sneakers will enhance the look.

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys

43 – Concert Outfit

To tone down the typically dark and heavy traditional look, you might opt for a rock or metal concert, a nice flannel shirt with the combination of dark and light color tones will give you a nice edge.

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys


42 – Street Style

Many fashion bloggers have been rocking their flannel shirts for a great street-style look.

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys

41 – Boys’ Friday Night

Nothing can be a better companion for a boys’ night than flannel, and despite any age group, you can rock it with whatever style you might choose.

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys


40 – Styling for Comfort

If you are looking for casual, comfortable attire, a flannel shirt will fulfill this criterion and add a little style and color to your overall look. Wear it with a crewneck shirt and a baggy pair of jeans or pants. Have a look at these 25 Outfits to Wear with White Sneakers

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys

39 – Weekend Outfit

A perfect weekend outfit will provide you with casual comfort and still leave you looking suave. Flannels can take your weekend dressing-up game a notch.

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys

38 – For Outdoor Events

A statement graphic tee and flannel with jeans can be the perfect outfit for outdoor events, as it will not only look good but will also keep you warm.

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys

37 – Contrasting & Layering

Flannel shirts are so versatile, which makes them easy to layer up with practically anything. A light-colored flannel will look great with a dark-colored tee and jeans combo. Check out these 29 Ideas on How To Style Black Pants.

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys

36 – Beach Outfit

Wear your flannels with shorts for a great day at the beach.

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys

35 – Sightseeing Attire

Flannels afford you minimalism and comfort, which is one essential feature to look for in garments you plan to take for sightseeing and traveling. They can be paired with jeans, chinos, and shorts for casual strolls or business meetings, and formal dinners.

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys

34 – Simple Look With White Jeans

For a completely badass look, pair your flannels with white jeans and tan boots.

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys

33 – Experimenting with Colors

Mustard sweaters and cardigans have been very in these days. Pair up your mustard cardigan with a beautiful classic flannel shirt and burgundy pants for a great winter look.

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys

32 – Business Casual Outfit

Without a doubt, flannels can be great for a business casual Friday. Pair it with khaki or chinos and leave for your workplace looking and feeling awesome! Here are 18 Tips What to Wear for Business Casual.

men flannel shirt outfits

31 – Boating Outfit

If you don’t want to go over the top with your boating outfit, flannels and corduroy will make your day! Embrace texture and team up a flannel shirt with fellow tactile garments, such as suede and cord. Use these textures in unity and watch simple outfits level up in ways you don’t see coming.

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys

30 – Backyard Party Dress

Whether you plan on wearing it above a tee or below a jacket, flannels can be great for backyard parties. Pair it with bright or dull mustard pants and boots.

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys

29 – Camping Trips

For a rustic casual look, wear your flannels with jeans and boots for camping trips.

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys

28 – With Suspenders

Wear classic black with golden buckle suspenders with your flannel shirt and khaki for a winning style.

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys


27 – Styling with Short Sleeves Shirt

Show off the innerwear with a classic rolled-up or short-sleeved flannel shirt.

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys

26 – With Skinny Jeans and Boots

Flannel Outfit Ideas for Men (20)


25 – Wear Flannel Around the Waist

Wearing the flannel around your waist is a cliché yet classy look. It takes guts and loads of style to pull it off in a snazzy manner. To do so, you should first completely unbutton the shirt and then tie it below the belt area by the sleeves. Simple!

Flannel Outfit Ideas for Men (16)


24 – Roll Up Flannel Sleeves

Rolling up long cuffed sleeves is a timeless style of men that has always won in capturing the hearts of lasses. All you have to do is unbutton the cuffs of the sleeves and roll them inside out and ta-da!

You turn into a hottie in the span of a few seconds.

Flannel Outfit Ideas for Men (18)

23 – How to Wear a Flannel Shirt That’s Too Big

Men should always try to don on clothes that fit them. Unless you are Ezra Miller. Some men though look very steezy in oversized shirts.

Flannel Outfit Ideas for Men (11)

22 – Layering Flannel Shirt with a Sweater

You can wear the flannel shirt under your sweater for an adorable look.

Flannel Outfit Ideas for Men (7)


21 – With Black Jeans

The overall look of a flannel shirt is enhanced when paired with jeans. Whether the jeans are a slim fit or baggie one, you will look handsome. Add brown boots, and you are bound to make a style statement; be it blue jeans or black.

Flannel Outfit Ideas for Men (6)


How To Wear Flannel 3

20 – Under a Jeans Jacket

For the ultimate streetwear look don a jacket over the flannel shirt. It looks ultra-modern. Jeans jackets with flannel button-downs are in vogue these days.

Flannel Outfit Ideas for Men (4)


19 – Styling Flannel Shirt with Shorts

Flannel Outfit Ideas for Men (5)


18 – Best Flannel Shirt Color

Flannel shirts come in many colors, but the most popular checkered combos include blue and green, blue and black, maroon and black, red and black, white and black, and grey and black.

Reddish colors in flannel are however the most loved as they have a classic vibe and are suitable for most occasions.

Flannel Outfit Ideas for Men (19)


17 – What to Wear With a Grey Flannel Shirt

Pair the grey flannel shirt with black jeans and white sneakers.

Flannel Outfit Ideas for Men (3)

16 – How to wear a Blue Flannel Shirt

The blue flannel would look kicky with either blue or black jeans.

Flannel Outfit Ideas for Men (17)

Winter Outfits

15 – With Blazer

How To Wear Flannel 13


14 – With Vest

How To Wear Flannel 14


13 – For the Rainy Days

The right flannel shirt can bring extra depth and texture with layered autumn and winter looks. You can also take inspiration from this cold weather smart casual outfit if you need layering ideas.

How To Wear Flannel 15


12- With Hoodie

How To Wear Flannel 17


11 – Winter Bonfire Night

When it comes to the bonfire night essentials, the importance of a flannel shirt can’t be denied. It is the perfect option to keep you not only warm and toasty but also excellently complements whatever you choose to wear along with it. Here are the 18 Best Bonfire Night Outfits for Men to Try.

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys


10 – Pairing Up with Leather

For an impeccable outfit, pair up your leather jacket with that classic flannel shirt and dark denim.

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys
How To Wear Flannel 12

9 – With a Sherpa Denim Jacket

Looking to ward off that chilly breeze? Flannels will provide you with a great layering option.

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys

8 – Creative Photoshoot Outfit

Wear your flannel with a grey vest and beige trousers for a creative photoshoot attire.

Flannel Shirt Styles for guys

7 – With a Puffer Jacket

Flannel Outfit Ideas for Men (13)


6 – Layer with a Lightweight Suede Hoodie

Flannel Outfit Ideas for Men (2)

5 – Layer it with a Suede Jacket for Coffee Date

Flannel Outfit Ideas for Men (1)


Celebrity Style

4 – Ryan Renolds

3 – Justin Beiber

30 Ways How to Wear a Flannel Shirt

2 – Scott Disick

Flannel Outfit Ideas for Men (14)


1 – David Beckham

Flannel Outfit Ideas for Men (9)


Q. Where To Buy Flannel Shirts?

Whether you got it from a rack at a thrift store or fancy department store, the flannel shirt would make a useful team member (I’m talking about your wardrobe, here.) That said, you might want to check on these brands:

  • Uniqlo
  • Woolrich
  • Pendleton
  • Topman

Q. Should flannel shirts be tucked in?

For smarter situations, it’s a good idea to tuck it in. However, for casual occasions, it’s better to leave it sitting loose.

Q. What shoes go best with flannel shirts?

From Chelseas to Derbies, make sure the uppers’ color complements or creates a pleasant contrast with the other pieces.

Q. Can I wear flannel for formal occasions?

Yes. But if you’re wearing a relatively thick flannel shirt, pair it with a suit of a similar texture and weight.


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