40 Cool White Sneakers Outfits for Men

Everyone in every corner of the world must own at least one pair of white sneakers. Owning a pair of sneakers today is like drinking water- it’s essential. White sneakers can automatically make your outfit go from 1 to 10.

The versatility of white sneakers is what makes the shoes a must-have. You can wear the shoes to a party and look cool; wear them with denim, and it’s the perfect street style; wear them to your office, and they will still look appropriate.

Here’s everything we’ll cover:

Outfits with white sneakers for men (51)

How to Wear White Sneakers? (Styling Tips)

  • The whole point of white sneakers is that they’re white. You would not want any colored marks or stains showing on them; this is why clean your shoes regularly.
  • Low tops are better than high tops as they go with almost anything.
  • Use an old toothbrush, warm water, and gentle soap if your shoes have some dirt spots in hard-to-reach places. Scrub gently till the stain disappears.
  • Leather shoes are a little more costly than canvas, but they also live longer and will not stain that easily.
  • Your white sneakers need to be stored in a cool, dark place when not being used. UV exposure can cause fading and discoloration making your shoes look old.
  • Wear your sneakers with either white ankle-length socks or slip-on socks. But of course it’s totally cool to go sockless.

Casual Looks with White Sneakers

40 – With Striped Socks + Tee + Hoodie


39 – With Jeans + White Tee

White shoes and denim go as old as the word ‘fashion’ was invented. Pair it with a jacket of any sort, and you have a perfect urban style ready. Here are some of our favorite White Shirt Outfits.

white sneakers for men outfits

38 – White Vans + Camo Pants

Vans are one of the most popular and affordable shoes. They’re comfortable and easy to wear. Pair them with a casual T-shirt and camo jogger pants for that popular I don’t care look.

Outfits with White sneakers (17)

37 – Striped Shirts + Denim

A laid-back striped tee and some blue jeans with a pair of white sneakers can be your perfect street look. Throw in some cool shades, and you’re officially a chick magnet.

Outfits with White sneakers (20)


36 – All Neutrals

There are days when you feel so down and low that you don’t even look at perky things; it’s okay. We all have days like these. But, it does not mean this has to show on your outfit.

You can go with neutral shades of clothes, and your white sneakers will be by your side because that’s how adaptable they are.

Outfits with White sneakers (25)


35 – Shorts + Tee

The scorching sun and rising temperatures do not mean that your outfits should suffer.

Wear your white shoes with your favorite t-shirt and shorts and you’re ready for summer. A piece of accessory like a watch in your arm could easily add another five points to your game.

Outfits with White sneakers (21)


34 – Gym Outfit

Hit the gym in your white joggers. Wear them with some sweatpants and a sleeveless workout top. Whether you exercise or not is a different story, but you can still take a picture next to the equipment for some likes on Instagram.

Check out these 20 Athletic Gym-wear Ideas for more similar ideas.

Outfits with White sneakers (23)


33 – Let White Dominate but with a Touch of Black

Outfits with White sneakers (14)


32 – Black Leather Jacket

Leather jackets + white shoes = the bad boy look every girl falls for.

Every girl at least once in her life has been in admiration of a black leather-ed jacket bad boy. Pair yours with white shoes and become the heartthrob everyone loves.

Outfits with White sneakers (12)


31 – Simple Black Denim and Grey Crew Neck

Fashion does not mean an elaborate crazy look put together. Sometimes a simple collected look still looks sexy. For this very reason, a grey shirt is a must. It should ALWAYS be in your collection.

Outfits with white sneakers for men (38)


30 – With Bold Colored Sweaters

A plain bright colored sweater makes your white shoes pop and get attention to your feet and your shiny shoes.

Colors like red, electric blue, forest green are more prevalent in hoodies or t-shirts. Avoid bold colored pants. Leave that funk back in 2016, where it belongs. Go for pure denim or any pants with a bright shirt and white shoes. Adding extra accessories like a cap or sunglasses can attain more style.

Outfits with white sneakers for men (37)


29 – With Neon Tops

For days when you’re feeling a little funky but don’t want to go too overboard, choose a graphic neon top or hoodie. The white shoes add decency to the outfit so you don’t end up looking like a clown.

white sneakers for men outfits


28 – The James Dean, Daydream Look

Blue jeans, white shirt walked into the room, you know you make my eyes burn. Okay, there are so many music references for this. This is your perfect Rebel Without a Cause look. This outfit is youthful and straightforward.

Pair it with your favorite white sneakers to add a modern feel to your look. Here are Men Outfits with Blue Jeans.

Outfits with White sneakers (19)


27 – All Black Outfit

When is an all-black outfit not an option?

Black and white have always been everyone’s favorite combination. The white shoes will perfectly go with all-black attire.

We all know this combination has never gone wrong, so it’s a safe and stylish trend-setting play. Throw in a black coat, and you have become the eye-catcher of every passing person.

men outfits with white sneakers


26 – What to Wear with White Adidas Superstars

I can’t believe we have discussed all these outfits with white shoes but still not a single one, including Adidas Superstars. You see these everywhere, in school, in malls, or Instagram. These are the most popular shoes today. And for a reason.

These shoes go with every outfit in your closet. They’re the perfect shoes to wear, comfortable to roam around in, and attractive to look at. The best of these famous shoes is the fact that they can be worn with literally everything.

Whether you want to wear all black, black, and white, funky and bold colors and even nudes. The Superstars compliment and make every outfit look ten times better. Here’s an exclusive guide on How to Style Adidas Superstars.

Outfits with white sneakers for men (42)


Outfits with white sneakers for men (41)

25 – Denim Jacket

In case it still isn’t apparent already, blue denim and white make the perfect match.

Denim jackets add a hobo look to your outfit and white shoes perfectly balance that with their sophistication.

Denim jackets will never go out of style, so you better get one because you would gain a long time benefit. You can rock it every year and still look fashion-forward. They are easy to contrast with, as well.

You can wear any color under the jacket; white, black, bold, nude, anything! The white shoes and denim make every color look good.

Outfits with white sneakers for men (29)

Arket – Cable Knit Lambswool Jumper

24 – Beach, please

Outfits with white sneakers for men (39)


Men's Outfit with white shoe (1)

23 – Faded Jeans and a Smart Blazer

White plimsolls will contrast beautifully with neutral-colored jeans and a black blazer. Wear a white crew-neck underneath to keep the look subtle.

Faded jeans with a blazer are easily the signature denim look. A blazer adds a semi-formal touch to this outfit, making it appropriate for a good restaurant or a first date.

white sneakers for men outfit


22 – Jogger Set

A two-piece jogger set in shades of brown with white shoes is perfect for the gym, for a stroll down the block or a quick run to the store or for your new post on Instagram with the hashtag OOTD.

Jogger sets are not only comfortable but look incredibly trendy. Moreover, these are worn by almost everyone who knows a little something about street fashion.

white sneaker for men outfit


Men's Outfit with white shoe

Formal & Semi-Formal Outfits with White Sneakers

21 – Classic Navy and Beige

Blue and beige is a magnet for the ladies. It’s classy, it’s sassy, and it’s fashionable. Whether it be a casual meeting or any social event, this attire is perfect. The divergence of the colors in this is somehow really captivating to the eye. No wonder girls admire men in this attire.

Outfits with White sneakers (24)


20 – How to Style with White Thom Browne Shoes

Thom Browne Shoes are worn in all ways formal, semi-formal and even casual looks. These shoes uplift the full attire of the outfit as they themselves have very stylish cuts.

Men's Outfit with White Shoes (1)


Men's Outfit with White Shoes (3)


19 – Nude Jackets and Printed Pants

This look gives a warm comfy vibe, perfect for the crisp weather. Nude-toned jackets and overalls look as good as day wear. You can wear them while traveling or errands and look dashing doing it. The nude jacket really compliments the white shoes, making the whole outfit ten times hotter.

Outfits with white sneakers for men (28)


18 – Luxury and Comfort

Outfits with white sneakers for men (30)


 BONOBOS – Foundation Chambray Suit Jacket

BONOBOS – Italian Stretch Wool Dress Pants

17 – Maroon and White

This color combination is so pleasing to the eyes, no wonder Adidas keeps making maroon footgear.

Maroon and white show a bold and daring, yet fashion-forward male. You can even go with maroon hoodies and white pants for an evening look.

Outfits with white sneakers for men (33)


16 – Men’s Party Outfit with White Buck Dress Shoe

Men's Outfit with White Shoes (2)

15 – How to Wear Men’s White Shoes at Wedding

Men's outfit with white shoe
men's Outfit with White Shoe

14 – Go sockless with White Shoes

Men's Outfit with White Shoes (1)


13 – With a Grey Suit

Men's outfit with White shoes (1)


Celebrity Style

12 – Patrick Schwarzenegger

Men's Outfit with White Shoes (1)
Men's Outfit with White Shoes (2)

11 – Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling in white Oxfords
Men's Outfit with White Oxfords Shoes
Men's Outfit with white Shoes (1)

10 – David Beckham

Men's Outfit with White Shoes (11)

9 – Justin Timberlake

Men's Outfit with White Shoes (1)
Men's Outfit with White Shoes (9)

8 – Justin Beiber

Outfits with White sneakers (22)
Men's Outfit with White Shoes (11)

7 – Drake

Outfits with White sneakers (9)


Outfits with white sneakers for men (34)

6 – Wiz Khalifa

Men's Outfit with White Shoes (1)

5 – Brad Pitt

Men's Outfit with white shoe

4 – Chris Brown

Men's Outfit with White Shoe

3 – Zac Effron

Zac Efron in white Converse

2 – Kanye West

Men's Outfit with White Shoes (16)

1 – Tom Cruise

Men's Outfit with White Shoes (15)


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