17 Sweater Outfits for Men with Styling Tips

Sweater Outfits for Men. Everyone stalls out in a style groove once in a while, regardless of whether it’s wearing the same pair of boots all winter or wearing the same pair of pants week after week. As I dive into those warm and cozy sweaters, one and only one question that rings a bell is how do I wear them?

The clear answer is what is going to be presented in this article. I have devised distinctive ways to cuddle a sweater in the winter season.

To understand sweater fabric, fit, and style, you have to read this article because it holds all kinds of tips and tricks to help you dress yourself up in the best manner that will reflect your individuality.

If you feel like wearing a bomber jacket instead of a cozy sweater, then you might want to look here at How to Wear Bomber Jacket Men, which contains all the tips and tricks for wearing a bomber jacket in the most stylish way in freezing cold temperatures.

How to Style Sweaters

How to Pick the Right Sweater?

There are certain do’s and donts of choosing the right one:

  • Do focus on the material as the choice of material depends on the purpose you want that sweater to perform. If you’re looking for a warm and comfortable sweater for the cold winter days then woolen sweaters would be the best choice. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a sweater to wear in Fall or a light-weight sweater for the beach then cotton ones will best perform this function.
  • Always try a sweater before buying it. This is because unlike shirts, the same size in sweaters can have a completely different look and fitting because of their material.
  • Don’t go for tightly fitted sweaters, instead, it’s better to opt for ones that are slightly on the looser side as sweaters tend to shrink a bit after washing. Moreover, if you decide to layer under your sweater, you would obviously need some space.
  • It’s always better to invest in a few good quality sweaters, even if they are high priced. Rather than a number of low-quality sweaters. This is because a good one will be with you for many years to come, hence acting as a worthy investment.
  • Do keep your skin tone and body shape in mind when choosing your sweater.
  • If you’re an eco-friendly person, then opt for sweaters made of natural fibers rather than synthetic ones.
  • To make your sweaters last longer, always follow the cleaning instructions that come with it.
  • Don’t hang your sweaters, as this would eventually destroy their shape and fit when storing them. Instead, fold them and store in an air tight bag.

What are the Different Types of Men’s Sweaters

Men’s sweaters can be differentiated based on their style as well as their texture. Based on the texture, these are some of the main types that you should look out for:

Aran sweaters are masterpieces with a weave proclaiming the wearer’s faction and history. These sweaters initially filled with the need of keeping a man warm on the vast sea. Whether you’re sprucing up or going for your comfort zone, these sweaters stand out amongst the most cozy garments in a man’s closet.

sweater outfits for men


Cashmere Sweaters. This fabric originates from goats. Amazingly delicate, lightweight and warm.Each man should have the satisfaction in feeling cashmere against his skin. Wearing this fabric will give you a graceful and sophisticated look.

You can contrast with the dress pants, e.g. white color, and you opt for a solid, plain dark color sweater like red, then you would look more fashionable, or if it’s not a dark shade as in the photo below, then you can opt for the same colored dress pants, then this look would be a formal one.

men sweater outfits

Cotton Sweaters. Long-lasting, lightweight, and casual. You wear this in the spring and summer to avert the chilling late at night. For the most part, it is utilized as a part of easygoing dressing, yet it can be spruced up properly if done well, as done in the photo beneath.

men sweater outfits

Sheep wool. One of the most common sweater fabrics, wool is traditionally a favorite when it comes to looks and function.  Wool-weaved attire was the apparel of normal workers in provincial England; today, its proven ability to retain heat, fine hand, and fine hand, and history make it a most loved of men everywhere worldwide.

Wool sweaters do, in any case, require incredible care as they are extremely powerless to get damage from hot running water and rough handling, particularly when wet.

Linen Sweaters. Light, breathable, and retains dampness much superior to cotton. Most men are frightful of cloth since it wrinkles, however this is a piece of the fabric saves you form getting cold in a windy weather.

Synthetic Sweaters. The latest trend of this year is the sweater made of this material, as this material gives a modern and stylish look to the outfit. From one perspective they are absolute necessities due to the prints and low  price yet they are less breathable and less warm, so on the off chance that if you need to make an impression at your work or at indoor parties, then you can wear it and if  you need to remain warm and superb, then go for something other than synthetic sweaters.

Blended sweaters. Mixing the different materials then make sweaters either lighter and cooler, or heavier and warmer.The blending of different materials like cashmere, silk, and linen will deliver a more refined and delicate product, while the mixing of lower-end textures like cotton, wool, and synthetic will create a rougher, lighter look – it is the mixture of cotton and linen that makes it more of a casual outfit.

Now let’s focus on the different sweater styles and how to wear them correctly.

#17. How to Wear a V-Neck Sweater

In the 1920’s, these v-neck sweaters were worn in brilliant and rich shades. the energetic style, step by step, moved forward for more curbed tones and designs, and similarly, these were divided into different outfits formal or casual. In this year, 2017, V-necks are getting quite famous. Regardless of whether you’re going for a school look or a more casual look, this is the ideal sweater. Do check out Trench Coat Outfits Men-19 Ways to Wear Trench Coats this Winter

V-Neck Sweater with Shirt- Formal Outfit

Daniel Craig is dressed up so smartly that this look will be a perfect fit for you if you go to a business meeting or some formal gathering. The focal point of the dress is a plain solid shade v-neck sweater that is worn with a collared shirt, tie, plain black coat, straight jeans, and classy wingtips brogue, which is a great way to add diversity to your style.

Lastly, for complimenting the formal outfit is done by putting on the shades. Note that color theme was lighter from beneath and getting darker while moving toward the outer garments.

V-Neck Sweater Patterns

To make your sweater shirt combo more casual, stick with an Oxford/Polo style top instead of a dress shirt with a jean or cotton material pants instead of a dress pant as in the photo below.There are three basic stlyes of v-neck sweaters as follows;

  1. Plain
  2. Argyle
  3. Cable Knit

#16. Crew-Neck Sweater

The crew neck highlights a great round neckneckline. This current sweater’s outline permits it to sit around the base of the wearer’s neck, giving a spotless finish that suits all body shapes.

The neck area of the sweater is generally a different piece. It is an easygoing Outfit. You can wear a crew-neck all alone or with a T-shirt. Contingent upon the search you’re going for, you can have the shirt on show or covered up.

Collared Shirt Under crew-neck Sweater

#15. Turtleneck Sweater

When thinking about turtle necks, these things mostly pop up a pipe smoke, scratchy neck, or suit. But we cannot blame ourselves for this. It’s time to put these assumptions aside and go for a makeover.

We cherish that a decent turtleneck is sufficiently easygoing for a night out, additionally spruced up enough to get you through shirt-and-tie clothing regulations.

Turtleneck Sweater– Casual Outfit

Turtleneck Sweater– Formal Outfit

#14. Vest Sweaters

Like most v-neck, however deficient with regards to sleeves, sweater vests make an awesome layering alternative for suits as shown in the pictures below these vests give you a more descent look regardless of the pattern on it. You can wear it with a tie or a bow or none.

#13. Roll-Neck Sweater for Weddings

A crossbreed between a turtleneck and a crew neck and a also called a cousin of turtleneck. It’s a combo of both. It regularly accompanies a high neckline with the edge rolled a bit. It is innately worn coolly. RECOMMENDED: Casual Wedding Outfits for Men -18 Ideas What to Wear as Wedding Guest

It’s always a great idea to wear these sweaters with blazers or suits and this is why they look great as a wedding guest outfit as well.

sweater outfit men

#12. Shawl Collar

Commonly found in the cardigans range, however, it can be seen in different outfits wear, from sportswear to official wear, as shown in the photo below. Wear it calmly, spruced up, or for solace as a substitution for a hoodie. Going on the Christmas holidays then this Shawl collar sweater will do the look more stylish and classy.

#11. Raglan Sleeves for Guy’s Night Out

These sleeves are opposite of the in-sleeve as they are sewn with one nonstop fabric; no separate piece is used for sleeves, only for the neck.

If you want to have a professional look, then you might want to go for these sleeves; otherwise, to go to a friend’s party, you can opt for set-in sleeves.

#10. Set in Sleeves for Work

A sleeve is sewn onto the body, and two pieces of the same fabric are sewn together. Set-in sleeves require expertises as a result of the utilization of creases and additional sewing.

#9. What Color of Sweater to Choose

A strong shaded sweater is presumably the best, particularly if the coat has some kind of pattern on it therefore if planning to wear a coat or jacket over it then take in account that the shades and patterns don’t conflict.

The example of shades work best here, particularly on the grounds that it’s to some degree a formal outfit as in the pictures shown.

#8. Ideas for Wearing Patterned Sweaters

Simple solid patterns are the most formal, with examples, regardless of whether woven in or sewn, making the article of clothing more easy-going. Argyle standouts among the most mainstream sweater designs seen on men in the winter months.

The secret of wearing an argyle sweater effectively is comprehending that the sweater’s pattern should be the focal point of your outfit. Coordinate it with basic things that don’t rival it; likewise, know it that it should be worn two or three times each month.

By the end of a long autumn day, I curled up in a chunky knit sweater and read one of my favorite books.  Aside from their ability to make me feel my coziest, sweaters are also a staple piece in any wardrobe, especially during the fall and winter.

#7. Styling a round-neck sweater

Round-neck sweaters are best for college guys, and if you have a striped one, then that’s even better. Wear it with chinos for a stylish and sophisticated look.

#6. How to Wear Sweater with Collared Shirt for Work

The best combination for work – match the color of your shirt with pants or jeans and add a belt to match with your shoes. Here are 16 Men’s Winter Outfits Combinations for Office/Work

sweater outfit for men


#5. Sweater Outfits for Men Above 60

61 year old actor Bruce Willis shows off a cool and casual look by layering his sweater with a scarf and jacket.

sweater outfits for men above 60

#4. Sweater Outfits for Men Above 30

Ryan Gosling loves wearing deep V-neck knitted cardigan sweaters and always styles them to perfection.

#3. Best Shoes to Go with Sweaters

For casual wear this year, nothing beats adidas superstar sneakers.

When it comes to dress shoes, amongst all the trending shoes, leather brogues will definitely be the best choice. Have a look at this stylish attire with leather brogues.

#2. Hairstyles that Go Best with Sweaters

For a clean and polished weekend look, especially one that you’ll be spending on a date – wear your hair sideways with a nice trimmed beard.

If you have long hair, wear them with a pull over sweater in a twisted bun

And for a formal look, go for the classic side parted hairstyle:

#1. Celebrity Style Sweater Outfit

David Beckham is undoubtedly one of the most stylish men around and we love this 2017 look of his which is all about being cozy in a sweater.

He’s wearing the very classic pieces: a turtleneck sweater, relaxed fit trousers and high top sneakers with black sunglasses and yet the way he’s carrying it with style and confidence, he takes these simple pieces to a whole new level.

celebrity style sweater outfits

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