Black Kurta Pajama | 20+ Ways to Style a Black Kurta Pajama

Black kurta pajama for men – Fashion is a world of diversity. It is like an evolution of one design or a combination of styles to formulate a single pattern. Similarly, eastern fashion styles keep on developing with time and get along with the trending aura.

Black color has always been the show stopper regardless of the time and space, but if it is about black kurta and pajama for men, then yes, it is a jaw-dropping and eye-popping moment coated with vogue. Eastern men have this sexy vibe with the black kurta pajama outfit, which can go along with almost any occasion or event. The specialty of this Punjabi-style outfit is that it looks good on every man.

How to Wear the Black Kurta Pajama in Different Ways

Are you in the mood of making girls droll over you? Then take out black kurta pajama from your closet, roll your sleeves, wear your watch, put on your Peshawari chappal, and catch your sunglasses.

Here are a few tips to be kept in mind before planning on increasing your black kurta collection.

  • Wear a shawl with black kurta pajama in the winter season as it will add style and keep you cozy as well.
  • Experiment with different styles of collars and bans to keep your collection of black kurta pajama interesting.
  • Try different types of bottom wear like Aladin, fitted, churidar or trouser with your black kurta.
  • If you are going to a formal event, wear a waistcoat or blazer over it.
  • For footwear, try out Oxford shoes, dress shoes, Peshawri chappal, Khussa, or Loafers according to your comfort and occasion.
  • You can always consider black printed and embroidered kurtas for Eid, Dewali, weddings, or any other event.
  • Add pockets, zips, and buttons to your black kurta for a trendy and edgy touch.

So we are illustrating you with the 26 best black kurta pajama styles worn by men to hit new levels of fashion in 2019.

black kurta pajama

↓ 26 –  Black kurta pajama with a shawl

A shawl is a very decent and simple piece of cloth for men used for both purposes; style and comfort. It is not right to think that you can’t wear a shawl with kurta pajama. It is effortless to carry, yet most men are baffled as to how to properly wear one, and many feel like that wearing of a shawl is somehow effeminate. But this is not the case. You can always wear a shawl, be it pashmina or a Kashmiri. You can drape it around your neck or over your shoulder.

Moreover, it is of the most comfortable style for winter weddings and festivals.

↓ 25 – Black kurta Pajama With A Black Coat

Plain and straightforward kurta pajama is considered to be the best and most classic attire for men in countries like Pakistan, India,  and Bangladesh, etc. It is the best choice for daily wardrobe solutions, and having this in the black color is a must. You can wear a dull black coat or blazer over it for office use. Dress shoes are going to compliment this attire strikingly.


↓ 24 – Black kurta pajama with embroidery

In the modern age, where everyone is busy buying fashionable clothes, both men and women are so conscious about their dressing. It is very normal to have a desire to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. We know that men have always worn embroidered kurtas, but they were usually were very light and had little embroidery on the front and sleeves. But now, when you’ve decided that you want to step out of your comfort zone, then give a heavily embroidered kurta a try. You can wear it with straight pants or trousers. Wear stylish loafers with buckles to add some design. You will surely slay in this attire just the way Fawad Khan.

↓ 23 – Black kurta pajama with the waistcoat

What next to do after buying black kurta pajama? Grab a waistcoat as it is becoming increasingly popular, and we can not neglect the fact that they provide an eye-catching look. This can be worn on formal as well as casual occasions. It’s not mandatory that you should wear a plain waistcoat; you can experiment with different prints and designs of them. A striped or checkered one might steal your heart.

↓ 22 – Zipped kurta

Wearing the same color with the same design can get really boring at times. To get rid of collar and bans, zip will really help you out. This is the best idea for summers as well as winters. You might also have an urge to add something vibrant to your clothes. Then why not a colored pocket? A black kurta will look enchanting with a multicolored side pocket. You can wear this kind of kurta on a hangout as well as on friends Mehendi. You can see Fahad Mustafa looking phenomenal in a black zipped kurta.

Black zipped kurta- Rs 4200

↓ 21. Chinese Collar

With the slight upward banned neck and a downward shaped v-neck is of great finesse. Skinny-fitting black pajama and three-quarter sleeves are an ideal desi Punjabi way to wear black kurta and pajama for a seemingly macho eastern men’s fashion style. Check out these 15 Latest Eid Kurta Shalwar Designs Men.

kurta pajama


↓ 20 – Creased Black Kurta

A right and proper desi style to wear the kurta pajama for casual purposes – a simply stitched kurta is quite similar to the conventional kameez (shirt) as shown below. A regular men’s shirt collar with 2 to 3 black buttons sewed vertically below it is just decent yet attractive attire. You can crease iron the kurta and pajama for an outgoing appearance too.

kurta pajama


↓ 19 – Black Kurta Pajama For Summer

Do you want to look like a sexy hunk just by wearing a black kurta pajama? No worries, here we are to help you out. Wear a loose pajama, with the real catch of a V-neck without a collar but a ban and folded sleeves. Flaunt your collar bone and hot jawline with this neck style and expose your extra fit arms in this summer ethnic outfit.

↓ 18. Pockets and Buttons

For all those brawny guys out there, add pockets and folded cuffs to show off those muscular arms! Black kurta and pajama will always look exuberant if it is fitted along the shoulders and chest. A shade of light-colored loafers with this dark attire will just make you steal the spotlight.

kurta pajama

↓ 17 – Cowboy Boots

Black kurta and pajama are revived in a countryside manner with long brown laced boots and a matching turban. With this fantastic eastern outfit, you can move anywhere and carry yourself with grace and class. Adding a turban or long boots will hit all the eager-to-fill fashion spots.

kurta pajama


↓ 16 – Striped Pockets And Sleeves

In this century of blended fashion sense, every outfit style proposed is appreciated. Striped pockets and a single stripe on sleeves are one of the most gorgeous eastern yet western methods that you can opt for. You can get them in any color, but white suits the best with black, which itself is a color of poise and charm.

↓ 15 – Red Bands

A variety of trendsetting ideas are achieved in one outfit style. Simple round neck and fitted sleeves with a red patch interval between the upper arm and forearm is the latest trend alert! The length of the shirt is maintained to the knees with a half tilted asymmetric front cut for a fine voguish notification.

kurta pajama

↓ 14 – Nehru Jacket

Just like kurta pajama, a Nehru jacket is also vital on the checklist for a ten on ten Punjabi men’s outfit. A marriage ceremony or a cultural festival can be enjoyed and aced well with a fitted pajama, black silk kurta, Peshawari chappal, and dark grey Nehru jacket. Justify your fashion attire for the night with this idea.

kurta pajama

↓ 14 – Silk Black

Silk cloth always gives a royal look, even if it is stitched and worn simply. Be it Eid or Diwali, or any other casual get-together; silk shines its grace in all crowds! You can wear a simple chappal (Kaula puri) with your outfit.

kurta pajama

↓ 13 – Double Shaded Kurta

An eastern look introduced with a new sense of fashion; simple kurta pajama transformed into an updated runway style with double-stitched inside out kurta for a contrasting reflection of the brighter shade inside. Such a way is intensified with folded cuffs and windy season to lift the purpose of the kurta and black pajama.

kurta pajama

kurta pajama

↓ 12 –  Lined Kurta and Khussa

Defining dignity and honor with a decently stitched black kurta lined with golden embroidery on the front neckline and sleeve edges. A feel of the Mughal era enhanced by slightly churidar pajama and matching Khussa. Here are the 12 Latest Style Fancy Embroidered Kurtas for Men This Season.

kurta pajama

↓ 11 – Band Collar

A long straight kurta with self-print and stiff band collar is perfect for all formal events and occasions. Worn along with flat black Khussa and stole on one arm adds the ultimate grace.

kurta pajama


↓ 10 – Black Plain Jacket

Spend your winters with ethnic and contemporary style. A black plain jacket on your kurta pajama with elegant shoes is all about merging two fashion worlds.

kurta pajama

↓ 9 -Printed Kurta

Printed kurtas are pretty much in fashion these days. You can get a black printed kurta with white stripes. Not only plain prints, but you can also rock digital and floral prints.

↓ 8 – Multi-hued Khussa

With your simple stitched and carried black kurta pajama, you can wear a multi-shaded or double-colored Khussa to brighten up your matte black dress.

kurta pajama

↓ 7 –  Overcoat Styled Kurta

A kurta inspired with overcoat style – a slight side opens cut from the front with a v-neck and overlapped buttons to meet the modern man’s wardrobe.

↓ 6 – Fancy black kurta pajama

With the passage of time, men are getting more concerned with the latest fashion trends. For formal occasions like weddings, especially if you are a groom-to-be, we have this awesome idea for you. Wear a black kurta in flowy style along with a churidar and dress shoes. After all, for your big day, you must be looking for something glossy and thrilling. Get yourself a jacket with some fancy embroidery in golden color.

↓ 5 – White Borders

If you do not like a lot of contrasting colors but still want a different and classy touch in your kurta, you can add white edges and borders to your shirt along with the collars and continue to look dashing.

kurta pajama


↓ 4 – Contrast Coat and Stole

Black kurta and pajama seem a bit incomplete without a simple stole as a symbol of Punjabi men’s style and outfit. A contrasted coat in grey, silver, or lighter dull shade will finalize the dress. We can assure you that dressing up like this will make you appear no less than a hero.

kurta pajama


↓ 3 – Aladdin Pajama

Rose gold or beige pocket squares packed in the black coat is a pretty eastern severe swag for a black kurta and Aladdin pajama outfit. Add dress shoes under your dress to complete the stylish look. This look can be rocked on any formal occasion.

kurta pajama


↓ 2 – Eid Style

Who said that Eid is just about girls dressing up and getting ready? Men, especially young boys, are no less in this regard and are not lacking behind in the race of styling. It is usually believed that traditional yet stylish is preferred on Eids by men. Hence what better idea is than that of wearing a black kurta pajama on such an auspicious occasion? To add a bit more class and style to your eid outfit, wear a waistcoat or blazer over it. Oxford shoes or loafers will work out really well with them. How can and eid go without accessories, right? Wear your watch and rings if you are a  ring person. You are all ready now to take perfect eid pictures for your Instagram.

↓ 1 – Traveling In Black Kurta Pajama

If you are a lifestyle or travel blogger and looking forward to promoting the culture of a country like Pakistan or India, then what better can you wear other than the national dress of that country? You can always consider wearing black kurta pajama as the dress and the color both are picture-perfect. If you are discovering the northern areas of Pakistan, then adding a shawl to your dress is a must!

↓ Accessorizing Black Kurta Pajama

We all have seen women accessorizing their attires but are men not supposed to accessorize to appear dashing? Well, men, now when you have dressed up in the most sophisticated attire, the last step is the use of perfect accessories. You can use an exquisite Kashmiri shawl in winter, which will give you an alluring appearance and keep you warm in the chilling weather as well. Don’t forget to put on your watch if you are planning on rolling your sleeves. Use edgy cufflinks. And of course, wear your sunglasses.

↓ Go To Places For Buying Black Kurta Pajama

You can check out the following if you are planning to buy black kurta pajama—the price for most of the Kurtas from these starts from 2500Rs.

Which kurta and pajama-style your favorite? 


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