25 Latest Eid Kurta Shalwar Designs for Men to Try This Eid

Mens Eid Kurta Shalwar Designs – Nowadays, men have started giving importance to their dressing and style. Everybody loves to dress up well and wear unique and stylish outfits. When it comes to attending events, men become very cautious, especially when it comes to dressing up for gatherings or religious affairs.

Men equally want to compete with women in this fashion era. In this modernized world, men want to become fashionable and stay up to date about all the latest trends and styles. No one compromises on their dressing style because style significantly impacts one’s personality.

What To Wear On Eid?

Before any function or event just like women, men also do visit shops and markets in search of the best outfits and shoes. For Eid preparations, men look for the soundest costumes, and they usually prefer wearing the traditional kurta with shalwar.

Kurta shalwar is the best option for Eid as it looks very decent and tradition and should be followed on such occasions. Here we have combined a few tips for you so that you dress up even nice in Kurta Shalwar on Eid.

  • If you plan to add a western look to the eastern, then you can wear jeans instead of a shalwar.
  • A bright digital print design over a simple light kurta would look amazing.
  • Digital printing has also got famous this year, and a little block or digital print on the sleeves can add beauty. You should try this style.
  • You should not miss out on Pakistani brands in your hunt for Eid shopping because they offer a great range at reasonable prices and they will provide you with the best style and fabric.
  • Don’t forget to accessorize your dress on Eid with the help of a good watch and shades.
  • For footwear Peshawari Chappal or loafers are going to be a wise choice.

how to wear kurta for eid men

↓ 25 – Waist Coat For Kurta

With modern clothes and designs, men can look astoundingly handsome on Eid. If you want to wear a waistcoat with your kurta, then you can either try a plain jacket in contrast with your dress or a printed one. But still, if you don’t like this idea then check out these 12 stylish combinations of shalwar kameez with a waistcoat.

↓ 24 – White Kurta for Eid Namaz

Whether you like him or not, you’ll have to agree that Imran Khan’s style game is always top-notch. For the Eid namaz, he chose one of the classiest looks – an all-white kurta outfit. So can you, it will help you beat the summer heat as well. White is a color that can never go wrong no matter what.

↓ 23 – Self Printed Kurtas

The Bollywood actor Imran Khan too couldn’t resist the all-white look, but he went for a self-printed one which looks different but amazingly refreshing as well. You can easily find these Kurtas on any local brand or get them stitched yourself.

eid kurta ideas for men

↓ 22 – Statement Collars

Statement collars and sleeves are some of the details which can make you stand out. Here we see Shehroze Sabzwari wearing a kurta with a statement collar and a beautiful color combination. It is a fantastic idea if you don’t like dull and boring clothes. You all young boys out there? Why don’t you try out something classy like this? Afterall you are young and smart, let the world know that too.

men latest eid kurtas

↓ 21 – Striped Kurta With White Trouser

Striped Kurtas or Kurtas with slight lining makes men look elegant by keeping the style and simplicity in perfect harmony with each other. Whether it is young boys or men, both would love wearing these Kurtas on Eid. Search for the most-trendy colors available.


↓ 20 – Vibrant Summer Colors

Some of you might not prefer wearing light clothes on Eid thinking about why to go dull for such a vibrant occasion. We understand this thing, and just for you, we have a few great colors in mind that you might like. Here they are; yellow, blue, orange, purple, or maroon. The most considerable trouser color with them is white without any ambiguity.

Cotton Formal Men Kurtas – Purple EMTK19S-9755 – 2990 Rs

↓ 19 – Pastel Colored Kurtas With Bold Shoes

Pastel colors such as blue, pink, red, yellow, sea green, and white are the trending colors not just for women but also for men this Eid. You must try out these eye-pleasing colors for a cooling effect this Eid.

Pastel green kurta – 4000 Rs

↓ 18 – Edenrobe Men Kurta Collection

When it comes to designer wear, there is not even a single chance that you are not going to check out Edenrobes collection. They are amazing when it comes to the term of fabric, style, and design. They are pretty much pocket-friendly. You can get a ravishing kurta in the range of 2000 – 5000.

Edenrobeis an ideal place for you all men if you want to look trendy and classy on Eid. Their enthralling collection of Eid includes Designer Kurta for Men which shares a complementary look on one’s personality

↓ 17 – Men Kurtas By Junaid Jamshed

Eid is the time to pay a short visit to the style tycoon of the town. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about none other than the tremendous and closest to our hearts; Junaid Jamshed. You find everything here from casual wear to formal wear. Literally anything!! If you aren’t in Pakistan, there are still chances of finding out their outlet near your place. The best thing is that you can find the unstitched fabric here as well and get it stitched just the way you want. For more ideas, you should also check out these 12 Latest Style Fancy Embroidered Kurtas for Men This Season.

J. Kurta JJK-S-30665/S19/JJ6148 PKR2,690.00

JJFW-JPC-21233/S19-ZU-PLN PKR3,490.00

↓ 16 – Almirah Men Kurta Collection

Almirah is recognized for its glamour styled Kurtas, particularly in men’s collection. They have an enormous range of smartly stitched and trendy colored scheme fabric. To add a little bit of traditional glimpse to your eid appearance, wear your kurta with Khussas. You can also find great waistcoats, cufflinks, and footwear on their website as well as stores.

↓ 15 – Designer Eid Kurtas – Amir Adnan

In our list of designers for men, Amir Adnan has to be there because of his irresistible outfits. It’s a brand that is all about men’s clothing, and it guarantees that you are going to find some great stuff. This year his Eid collection is all about class and sophistication. You can buy matching waistcoat, jackets, and accessories from them as well. Moreover, you can easily find a good Kurta for Eid if your budget is around five thousand.

men eid kurtas men eid kurtas

↓ 14 – Eid Kurtas by Alkaram

The eid kurta collection by Alkaram too is an excellent choice for those who look for the best quality material. The designs may be simpler, but Alkaram is a brand that never disappoints in terms of its fabric quality. Their Eid collection has made maintaining class and grace a lot easier. Their price range is so reasonable. Eid kurtas in just 2-3 thousand. Isn’t it amazing? You need to scroll through their men kurta collection.

eid kurtas for men

↓ 13 – Gul Ahmed Eid Kurtas for Men

Another household name that thousands of men and women trust is Gul Ahmed. They recently launched their men’s line, and their Eid kurtas are fantastic indeed. What’s different about their kurtas this year is that they went for Chicken Kari which gives a luxurious look to any Eid outfit. The colors range from sober ones for adult men to bright and vibrant ones for young boys. Have a look at some of our favorite picks.

These were some of our favorites. You can find one that’s according to your taste here. Oh, wait don’t!! Hurry up!! It’s 50-70% off on their line, and we don’t want you to miss this one great chance. Grab your Eid kurtas in 1500 now instead of 3000.

↓ 12 – Bonanza Eid Kurtas

A brand that surprised us with their men’s collection undoubtedly is Bonanza Satrangi. They came forward this year with a mind-blowing add, and their Kurtas for men are as good as their ad is. They also have one of the most affordable ranges of clothing lines to go for. You need to check out Bonanza Satrangi men kurtas. You can grab your eid attire from them in around 2500 up to 5000 depending upon your desire. Moreover, you can find a vast range of colors on their site from the darkest possible shade to the softest pastel color.

men eid kurtas men eid kurtas men eid kurtas

↓ 11 – HSY Eid Collection

For those who can afford high-end designers, HSY is the ultimate choice. His men’s kurtas are distinguishable because of their neat designs and cuts. You all rich hunks this is your go-to place.


↓ 10 – Solid Coloured Kurtas


567_0d406_503x521 126_10866_503x521 121_08d3b_503x521

↓ 9 – Bold Shoes With Dull Kurtas

Dark-colored shoes are going to look stunning with light-colored Kurtas. Be the fashion tycoon yourself by dressing up like this.


Red velvet loafers – 49$

↓ 8 – Collar Kurta

If you don’t like bans or other neck styles than collared kurta is something for you. Get this kind of kurta in your favorite color just like white is our favorite.


↓ 7 – Black Kurta with Ban Embroidered Collar

Black Kurta is never ever going out of fashion. Not even in the coming 10 decades. Get one for yourself with a little embroidery and wear it with a white trouser, shalwar or churidar. Now you are Eid ready! If you love wearing black, don’t miss out on these 26 Best Black Kurta Pajama for Men.

Bonanza Eid Kurta for Men 2

↓ 6 – Khadi Men Eid Kurtas Collection

Events such as Eid are the most important events, and on such occasions, they prefer looking chicer. Since you have to go out, meet your friends and family, therefore, it becomes mandatory to dress up the best possible way. On Eid, the right dressing style and perfect outfit will make you earn a lot of compliments and praise, and let’s be honest – who doesn’t love that?

The price range is pretty affordable, so you can easily get a stylish one which is pocket-friendly for you.

13511060_10153838300159075_8573089723733515442_n 13524330_10153835859419075_7654652450110674071_n Khaadi-Man-kurtas-Eid-New-Dresses-Collection-2016-17-1

Buy Khadi Men Kurtas Online at cheap Price from there Official Site Khaadi

Khaadi-Eid-Ul-Fitr-Kurta-Collection-2014-For-Men-14 Khaadi-Eid-Ul-Fitr-Kurta-Collection-2014-For-Men-17

↓ 5 – Festive Eid Kurtas

Lots of designers launch amazing kurta collections exclusively for Eid. If you go and look around you will see lots of enchanting designs of kurtas. Famous Pakistani fashion designers make these kurtas. Unique embroidery is done on clothes that add more beauty to it. Different patterns are designed to make every other outfit look unique. The designs and work on the kurtas are done very neatly.


festive kurta in PKR2,390.00

↓ 4 – Slightly Embroidered Kurtas

Stop thinking that embroidery is a girlish thing, you are fooling yourself and letting this one chance of styling up go out of your hand. We mean just look at these outfits with slight embroidery on neckline. They are explicitly simple yet providing you style

Embroidered-Amir-Adnan-Men’s-Wear-Eid-kurtas-4 Khaadi-Kurta-Eid-Collection-2014-for-Men-1

 ↓ 3 – Celebrity Style Eid Kurta Collection for Men

Eid is the perfect occasion for men to look hot in desi attire. For men looking for a more professional and complicated look, the best idea is to go for shalwar kameez with waistcoats. A great place to find these in Pakistan is the Eden robe outlet where one can find classic as well as formal outfits for all the businessmen out there. If you can’t find what you are looking for there, then you’ll find something you like from the Orient’s Eid collection. And if you wish to style up like a handsome celebrity, then there’s undoubtedly no better man for inspiration than the great Fawad Afzal Khan. Have a look at some of his royal looks that would be perfect for Eid.

men eid outfits 2016 men eid outfits 2016

↓ 2 – Footwear

We all notice people’s footwear at the very first glance. If we do it how can we expect people to not notice ours? Not just this fact but who would want to just focus on the dress and not footwear? It’s as essential as a good outfit. How about these chappals?


↓ 1 – Accessories

Hey gentlemen, be the lad of Eid day by accessorizing your eid dress in the most ravishing and decent way possible. But before you do that roll your sleeves till half quarter unless you want to flaunt the enthralling cufflinks that you just got for your Eid. Knowing that This Eid is going to be in peak summer a pair of sunglasses is a must. And guys give your mobile phone clocks a break and wear a watch in black or silver shade. Imagine yourself right now for a moment. Don’t you look handsome enough?

Sfk customized kurta

Hopefully, you will love these images and styles we have picked out for you for this Eid. Take ideas and make your Eid a memorable one by dressing up well.


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