15 Stylish Shalwar Kameez & Waistcoats Combinations For Men

Shalwar kameez waistcoat combination – Are you tired of wearing the same shalwar kameez everywhere? Well, today we will talk about the latest men fashion ideas and how they can style a waistcoat with shalwar kameez to look more stylish.

So if you are looking for ideas on “how to wear a waistcoat with shalwar kameez” or “the latest and trendy waistcoat shalwar kameez combinations” then stay tuned because there are plenty of great ideas to groove here.

Latest Waistcoat Styles For Guys

Whether it’s a wedding day or any other occasion, it is essential for all the men to dress up well. Fashion sense is just not important for women but equally important for all the men. I mean it’s not something new and you’ve probably heard it many times before but the fact remains that dressing well gives you so much more confidence. With every passing year, the fashion trends keep evolving for not just women but also for men and this often makes it hard to decide which style to go for.

waistcoat shalwar kameez matching combinations

When it comes to shalwar kameez, both Pakistan and India are the top places that people look for the latest designs, trends and colours. The shirts are embellished with beautiful embroidered work which men usually wear on occasions and festivities. Waistcoats can also be made from different fabrics and stitched well according to the fitting. Recently, Junaid Jamshed also launched a line of his waist coats collection and in his waistcoat collection, the designer has put together all the current and fashionable cuts. Indian style waistcoats with shalwar kammez fashion are also very popular and many designers like Sabyasachi are creating the most magnificent and royal looks with waistcoats. Many celebrities too like Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan have been spotted elegant waistcoats on different occasions. Style it for Eid. As eid ul fitr is almost near so you can wear a waistcoat on this eid to look classy and modest at the same time. Here are 15 latest style men dresses for eid you can check out and make a perfect outfit for eid yourself.

↓ 15 – How To Match Waist Coat with Shalwar Kameez

When you want to buy a waistcoat, start with the base colour of the shalwar kameez that you’re wearing. Then, think of what sort of waistcoat you would want to go with that – would you want a matching waistcoat or a contrasting one? Or perhaps you would like to go with the latest trend of colour blocking? Here are some colour combination ideas for waistcoats that can help you make this decision.


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↓ 14 – White Shalwar Kameez With Waist Coat

White shalwar kameez is a wardrobe staple that every guy has to own. But when every guy on this planet is owning a white shalwar kameez, how do you make yourself stand out? What makes your style unique? The answer to all these questions, of course, lies in the waistcoats! With your waistcoat, you can easily make your white shalwar kameez stand out from the rest.

Junaid Jamshed Stylish Waistcoats Collection 2015Elegant shalwar kameez waist coat

Designers waist coat shalwar kameez

↓ 13 – Celebrity Style

And since we’re talking about white shalwar kameez, how can we miss out Ranveer Singh’s awesome styling. After his wedding, he has often been spotted wearing a white kameez with different waistcoats with kameez and he definitely rocked each of these looked.



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