How to Style a Check Shirt for Men ? 16 Outfit Ideas

A check shirt is a staple item in a man’s wardrobe. It can be worn in a ton of different ways, for both daytime and evening occasions. It comes in a host of different colours and can be worn in cotton during summer, and flannel or fleece during winter. This is why it is important for men to know how to wear check shirts properly, for superior male fashion and male style.

 Male Check Shirts Outfit IDeas

#1. Casual Street Style

Follow Adam Galla’s style and wear your check shirt open, with a plain white t-shirt underneath. Pair it with a beanie cap and aviators for a sexy, elusive style.

Male Check Shirt Style

#2. Formal Look

Pair your shirt with a suit, pocket handkerchief and a bow tie and black velvet loafers. Perfect male look for weddings or prom.

Male Check Shirt Style `6

#3. Shirt with Khakis

A green and brown shirt looks great with khakis and a dark brown belt. Enhance the green with green loafers and a brown leather bag, perfect for a fun weekend with the boys.

Male Check Shirt Style 1

#4. With a Preppy Bow Tie

Preppy male style is extremely in right now. So put on your small checked shirt and pair it with a patterned bow tie. Keep the trousers simple, in order to enhance the patterns of your shirt and bow tie.

Male Check Shirt Style 2

#5. With a Jacket

A parka, jacket or windbreaker looks great paired with a brightly coloured checked shirt. This adds vibrancy and color to an otherwise boring outfit.

Male Check Shirt Style 3

#6. With A Leather Jacket and Woollen Hoodie– Layer it on this winter, with a leather jacket, a woollen hoodie and a checked shirt in between. This not only adds warmth but gives some pattern to your look.Male Check Shirt Style 4

#7. With Coloured Pants

Make your coloured pants pop with a checked shirt, tie and a buttoned sweater. A fun look for a date or an evening event.

Male Check Shirt Style 5

#8. With Bracelets and Leather Loafers

Open the top buttons of your dress shirt, and pair it with a hipster look. To do this, add bracelets, a wooden belt and leather loafers for added sophistication.

Male Check Shirt Style 6

#9. With a Waistcoat

A waistcoat looks perfect with a patterned shirt. Keep the waistcoat plain and dark, and add contrasting pants.

Male Check Shirt Style 8

#10. With Suspenders

Suspenders add sophistication and style to a checked shirt. This look is perfect for male office attire and professional work fashion.

Male Check Shirt Style 9

#11. With a Sweater

Keep it simple, carefree yet classy by simply putting on a sweater on top of your shirt. The collar will allow the pattern to come through, thus adding a sleek sexy look.

Male Check Shirt Style 10

#12. David Beckham Style

David Beckham knows how to dress up. Match your tailored pants with your waistcoat, and stick to a stripy or checked shirt. Colour co-ordinate this outfit for perfect style.

Male Check Shirt Style 11

#13. With a Long Coat

Male Check Shirt Style 13

#14. With Black Fitted Jeans and a Thick Sweater

Male Check Shirt Style 14

#15. With a Black Blazer

Male Check Shirt Style 15

#16. With Baggy Jeans and Doc Martins

Male Check Shirt Style 17


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