10 Most Productive Hobbies for Women Over 50

Productive hobbies for women over fifty. An unhealthy lifestyle plays an important factor in determining one’s health in the later part of their lives. Hitting the milestone at 50 should not stop any woman from indulging in activities that can help maintain their inner peace as well as mental well-being. Social or Physical activities are a great way to help keep one engaged, and can also be linked to living a longer life.

It is crucial to maintaining a healthier lifestyle, which can be attained through exercising, yoga, walking or by mindful eating. Additionally, it can also be managed by creating an environment that is beneficial for one’s emotional and mental well-being. Make simple changes to your everyday routine to achieve just that.

Best Activities for Women Over 50

top hobbies for women over fifty

Before you begin adopting any of these, it is essential to learn a few things:

  • Starting a new hobby means requiring enough time to get adjusted to it.
  • A hobby can be achieved through trial and error.
  • Start small by finding out your interests.
  • Practice and make it a habit only if it resonates with you.
  • It does not necessarily require a budget.
  • Switch or readjust activities to keep the spark alive.
  • If you do not find something that fits well with you, keep searching.

↓ 10. Become a Style Influencer

Women in their 50’s are expected to dress in age-appropriate outfits, but nobody defines what age-appropriate fashion is. The fashion industry, world-wide, caters to the younger audience, neglecting the senior customers. With limited choices to opt for, it becomes hectic as a shopper to find something that fits well with one’s personality. However, with changing times, it is impressive how a lot of women are now breaking the stereotypes by dressing in edgier outfits, exhibiting their personal taste instead of becoming mere fashion followers. Style cannot only be adopted but rather also be created. So here are Dressing Styles for Women Over 50.

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Lyn Slater of AccidentalIcon does just that. The creative woman defines fashion in a way that is best known to her. From bright colors to impressive cuts, she does it all, and that too, very effortlessly. Greying hair, wrinkly skin and the confidence in her skill of dressing to impressing are what does it for her. Lyn also happens to be a model and knows just how to carry her impressive outfits.

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However, Lyn is not the only Middle-Aged style influencer we know of. Suzie Grant, a Nutritionist by profession, is widely appreciated for her fabulous sense of style. The Fashion Diva does not let age get in her way of picking out the kind of outfits that speak to her. We love her quirky headband collection that earns a gold star from us.

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↓ 9. Travel the World

Baby Boomers is a term defining the demographic cohort belonging from between the 1940s and the 1960s era. The term Boomers is now widely used for addressing individuals in their 50’s and over.

We have recently had the fortune of knowing such boomers who find age to be just a number. If you find yourself capable of taking out the time and resources required for traveling across the globe, this might be a great option for you.check out these 10 Comfortable Travel Outfits For Women Over 60

However, traveling does not only mean staying in world-class hotels and traveling through yachts. It is, in fact, a great opportunity to be able to explore cultures different from your own and to meet people that could become your friends for a lifetime. Do check out these 30 Best Summer Travelling Outfits for Women Over 50.

With an increasing trend towards motorbiking and backpacking comes the demand for travel bloggers that can help guide aspiring travelers. A blog creates a platform for individuals to connect and share their experiences. “Getting on Travel” is one such platform that has also been named as the top baby boomer blog by Feedspot. With over 25 authors, the online magazine features luxury travel experiences of different boomers.

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↓ 8. Start Knitting

As cliched as this sounds, knitting is known to be a therapeutic activity for women in their 50’s and over. Apart from being a great past time, it is great to practice for how budget friendly it is. We love how inspirational Una, of Great Balls of Wool, is.

She is based out of London and has been knitting for a long period and recently learned to crochet. Her blog is dedicated to displaying her beautiful creations, and she also provides instructions for people trying to learn how to create the same. Her creations include making hats, stuffed toys, puppets, etc. For a woman in her 50’s and over could employ the simple techniques taught by Una to create items like these for little children and can also offer them for charity as done by her.

Just like Una, anybody could learn the skills and be of help to others by creating a chain based on hard work and creativity.

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↓ 7. Share Your Love for Food

Food blogging is a thriving industry that has garnered a lot of appreciation from people sharing the same interest – the love for food. If you have an excellent taste palette and the knowledge about cuisines, food blogging could become a great piece of cake for you.

Culinary Arts is a vast subject and can be easily explored or studied. All it takes is for one to be passionate about food and to have the right skills to be able to put it across for audiences to read. If you are someone who has a collection of heritage recipes, starting a food blog would be a great idea to engage people who share your love of food.

Karen of Lavender and Lovage was born in South Africa and brought up in different parts of the world. Largely influenced by her Grandmother, Karen is fond of celebrations and putting together feasts. With a bundle of original and some shared recipes, she is now on her way of writing her cookbook. She spends most of her time styling food, photographic and writing about it.

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↓ 6. Work on Your Fitness

Yoga is an excellent alternative for individuals that refrain from hitting the gym for reasons like muscle pain or other illnesses. Apart from stretching the muscles and getting one in shape, yoga includes deep breathing exercises.

Deep breathing is known to be beneficial for healthy living as it brings one to a relaxing state, curing heart and blood pressure related problems. For people with limited mobility, deep breathing exercises can help improve their overall emotional and mental well-being. While, people that like to take it slow, can begin with exercises for beginners that are gentle on the muscles.

Age should not hamper one’s search for inner peace, and Margaret Manning ensures that. The woman behind the blog Sixty and Me talks about how essential balance exercises are and how they have changed her life.

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↓ 5. Take up Photography

One of the easiest ways to preserve memories, courtesy of technology, is to take photographs. Whether electronic or in print, they last for long and hold significance for many. It is never too late to learn a new art and photography could be a high activity, to begin with.

Other than being a way of making and storing memories, photography enhances cognitive abilities. In that, it helps individual to pay attention to their surroundings, apply new techniques and increase the span of concentration. Additionally, it can encourage one to think creatively, promoting overall mental well-being.

Roger Ballen is a great inspiration in the field of Photography. Initially taken up as a hobby, it was not until he reached 50 that he became a well-known artist. His age does not seem a factor to get in the way of his passion. Here are 30 Best Outfits of Female Celebrities Over 50.

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↓ 4. Arts and Crafts

Hitting the 50’s should not stop one from getting creative as it has its benefits. Making crafts is easy on the pocket and requires some physical activity. Additionally, it can also help enhance one’s cognitive skills which are crucial during and after the middle ages.

The skills can easily be achieved by joining a class or by following blogs/tutorials teaching them. Making flower wreaths, painting stones, recycling old materials and painting glass can also be therapeutic. Additionally, the items can either be sold to collect charity or can be used to decorate your own house. Simple DIY techniques and art skills can also be employed in making birthdays and holidays a whole lot more festive with a bit of personal touch. It is also a great way to indulge children, making weekends more productive and entertaining.

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↓ 3. Gardening

Another fun activity to indulge in during midlife is gardening. With an everyday need to water the plants, it can become easier to take out 15 minutes or half an hour from your everyday routine. One does not necessarily need large spaces to be able to plant, instead, hanging pots or indoor plants can also make it easier to practice the hobby.

Plants are known to be mood-lifters and can help increase productivity. The British Journal of Sports Medicine reports gardening to be helpful in reducing the risk of strokes. Another great tip is to plant your own organic vegetable garden that can be used to produce healthy recipes. The shift to organic eating is an important one, especially as one enters their 50’s. It enables one to reduce, if not end, their intake of produce affected by harmful chemicals. Seniors who use wheelchairs could try basic tasks like planting and watering while taking help for digging out the soil.

Matron of Veggies Only is a great woman to follow for inspiration regarding growing fruits and vegetables. She shares great tips and tricks, as well as, remedies for infestation.

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↓ 2. Personal Blogging

Personal blogging is a way to invite a broader audience to read one’s thoughts and ideas. Your life becomes no more private. It is a great way to build self-esteem and connect with individuals on a broader level.

Furthermore, with a task like personal blogging, it is possible for one to become more aware of their feelings and thoughts, enhancing creativity and instilling positivity. However, it is not an easy task and requires time, resources and commitment. To a certain extent, personal blogging also requires excellent writing and photographing skills. But as they say, there is no age limit to learning and no fun without challenges.

Middle age comes with struggles of its own, where one often loses contact with friends owing to monotony and busy routines. In a phase like that, it is very likely for a person to feel lonely and bored. Putting feelings into words is a therapeutic exercise, enabling one to address feelings that could very much be relatable for individuals going through a similar phase.

Pamela Lutrell, the woman behind Over 50 Feeling 40, is original and very raw on her blog as she talks about the struggles of a 50-something woman. She talks about fashion, beauty, as well as, lifestyle challenges that could inspire women in a similar age bracket.

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↓ 1. Sports

The greatest misunderstanding of all times is how sports and physical activities are only meant for men. Women in their 50’s and over, too, can indulge in some sports to help stay fit as well as active. Cycling, swimming, Running marathons are all sports activities that middle-aged women can also be a part of. As they say, nothing is impossible when one puts their heart to it.

check out these ; 12 Best Workout Outfits for Older Women

Geraldine Glowinski took up bike riding at the age of 38, something that helped her shed the role of a stay-at-home mom. Now in her late 50’s, Geraldine encourages women to experience the joy she feels while riding the bike. The activity can not only help you gain a different experience, but also feel the adrenaline rush like never before. It is essential to reach out of one’s comfort zone and try out things that contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

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