35 Best Outfits of Female Celebrities Over 50-Fashion Ideas

Best Outfits Of Female Celebrities Over 50 – It is often said that age is just a number, and that is true. Sass, style, and personality if nurtured carefully, can be a lifelong companion. Sometimes we often see people, and it is difficult to assess their age because they look as if the years haven’t slowed them down at all. Here we have put together a list of some of the most elegant and beautiful celebrities’ dresses. These celebrities are giving us major goals with their youthful appearances by rocking even in their 50s and above.

Let us know which of these stylish and ageless divas you adore the most!

Over 50 Celebrities – Fashion Ideas

Hey, there pretty women! We know many of you are die-hard fans of celebrities like Salma, Sandra Bullocks, Julia Robert, and so many more. If you are reading this blog because of the number fifty in the title, then they are all in your age group? Do you look as young as them? Have you maintained yourself that well all these years? Well, if not, and they are a source of inspiration for you then now is the right time to start working on yourself.

Here we have a few tips and tricks for you all after a good struggle of digging in celebrities over fifty life and their secret to being so fit and enchanting.

  • Wear universally flattering attires like pencil skirts, suits, maxi dresses and gowns to big events.
  • You are 50, that does not mean you are allowed to dress up boring. Add a touch of whimsy, pop up with accessories.
  • One of the reasons why celebrities look so elegant is that they wear fabric like silk, satin, velvet, and cashmere.
  • From the celebrities fashion sense that we have studied, we’d conclude that go for lighter colors like peach, skin, nude and blue. Switch extremely bold colors like orange, parrot green and red with burgundy, violet, and emerald green. Black and white are universal colors. You can wear them whenever you want.
  • Don’t go with way too large prints, add a sense of decency to your wardrobe and life.
  • Wear outfits that are at least knee-length, not shorter than that.
  • There exists nothing as anti-aging because it’s a reality and cannot be denied. But staying fit does exist. Do workout, cardio or yoga and eat healthy food.
  • Pay special attention to your skin. Do skincare routine daily.
  • Makeup is everyone’s need in today’s world, and we love it. Hence always moisturize and conceal. Plump up your lips and don’t go for lip colors like orange and purple.
  • Focus on your eye makeup, especially under eyes. Work on enhancing your eyelashes and never leave your eyebrows undone.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget your most adorable asset; your smile!

That’s all that celebrities over fifty does to appear glamorous and ever young, now is your time.

What Celebrities Think About Cross Fifty

You will come to believe that “the beauty of women with passing years only grows” after reading about these 35 fashion icons. But before rushing read what these celebrities think about growing up.

  • According to Diane Lane, she takes comfort in aging up as it is part of everyone’s life. But the puffiness and droops do bother her.
  • Oprah Winfrey takes growing up as a lesson, and she embraces aging up. No wonder why she is called the queen of wisdom.
  • Dame Judi dench doesn’t like being called old or vintage at all. These words are forbidden at her home.
  • According to Helen Mirren getting older means having more fun. Growing old is fascinating, enjoyable, and emotional.
  • Sharon Stones think there are a lot of things one gains with age.
  • Patti LaBelle says that worrying about aging hurts you age you, not the age itself.

↓ 35 – Jennifer Aniston

The worldwide recognized American Actress Jennifer just turned 50 this year. She is not only a great actress, producer, director, and businesswomen but also style inspiration for so many of us. She always amazes us with her fantastic sense of fashion. She rocks every single event that she attends; see here for yourself.

↓ 34 – Sheryl Crow

Sheryl’s Crow wore black Christian Siriano gown that highlighted an all-over design and delicate insets at ACM Awards. She polished off her look with gold earrings, Brian Atwood heels.

↓ 33 – Casual Attires That Celebrities Wear

We only see celebrities on screen and go crazy over their flawless skin and expensive clothes. They have an off-screen life as well, just like all of us. Here we have gathered a few pictures of Sarah Jessica, Nichole Kidman, and Marisa Tomei. Have a look at there casual attire and try to add similar pieces to your wardrobe.

↓ 32 – Indian Celebrities Over Fifty

Madhuri Dixit, the queen of everyone’s heart. No one heats the dance floor as she does. She is a fashion icon as well. She wore an off white saree with gold and silver embellishment at Filmfare Awards and rocked her looked. The bold makeup with soft colored outfit added life to her entire look.

It is rightly said that age has nothing to do with style. You should aways flaunty your sensibility and body in the way that works splendidly for you. Rekha at 63 years is proving all this right. She wore a Manish Malhotra Saree to Global Spa Awards 2019 and totally stunned it. She went with black and gold colors. Moreover, she didn’t keep her hand light on jewelry nor makeup. She knows how to carry herself well, and that’s all that matters in fashion.

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↓ 31 – Pakistani Celebrities Over Fifty

Bushra Ansari is a 63 years old Pakistani celebrity. She has received a lifetime achievement award. She’s an extremely graceful lady and knows how to carry herself well. The Pakistani diva wore a pink saree with golden to Lux Style Awards. She embraced her Eastern culture in traditional attire and jewelry. Her red nails and loose curls make her the epitome of grace.

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Here is another Pakistani celebrity Samina Peerzada who wore a black silver saree with a pearl necklace. She loves to keep her look classic.

↓ 30 – Elizabeth Hurley’s White Dress

Elizabeth Hurley, The Royals actress, it seems is getting more toned and beautiful with age. Attending the Sir Elton John’s AIDS Foundation Ball, she looked gorgeous in this white dress with plunging neckline and decorative silver accessories. If you are inspired by her and want to wear a flowing dress, then make sure it’s not raining and is an indoor event because you don’t want to see your white turning brown.

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50 plus celebrities


↓ 29 – Sara Jessica Parker

As a huge fan of Sex and the City, we can never stop fangirling over Sara Jessica Parker. Look how she carried this perfect look with a charismatic green dress from Elie Saab Couture in 2015 for Hamilton’s opening night in New York.


↓ 28 – Halle Berry’s Red Carpet Dress

How inspiring is Halle Berry as she grows prettier with age and is the epitome of aging gracefully?  She rocked this white cut blouse dress with cold shoulder frilled sleeves, and the glow on her is incredible!


↓ 27 – Meryl Streep Classy Outfit

At 69, Meryl Streep is still such natural beauty, and her outfit choices make her appear so much more graceful and elegant. She wore this really sophisticated beautiful dress on Oscar Ceremony.


↓ 26 – Helen Mirren’s Golden Globe Dress

Helen Mirren is perfection personified, and she never fails to dazzle us with her beautiful outfit choices. Here she is in a gorgeous red Dolce and Gabbana gown, rocking as always with her confident aura. Oh, and the diamond Chandler earring and plumped lips make her look even more stunning.


↓ 25 – Julia Roberts’ Cape dress

If we hadn’t known better, it would have been very easy to assume that Julia Robert could be anything but 50. She wore this suave and pretty Gucci Embroidered black and green cape dress at GLSEN Respect Awards and looks so classy.


↓ 24 – Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman at 51, is brilliant with her outfit choices and she tries daring dresses that give her a very youthful and charming look. She wore this custom-made black and white Calvin Klein dress in Cannes that makes her look like a beautiful ballerina. The way she carries herself makes it hard to believe that she is over fifty.


↓ 23 – Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore captures sophistication and grace perfectly with her appearances at various public events. See how awesome she looks in this red velvet claret fitted dress with a thigh-high slit.


↓ 22 – Diane Keaton’s Unique Outfits

Diane Keaton is like no one else as far as style and outfits selection is concerned, and she puts a twist and edge to her already unique dresses and is a great pleasure to watch. Here she can be seen wearing a flawless white suit tailored with a wide black belt and a hat to perfection at the Toronto Film Festival premiere.


↓ 21 – Michelle Pfeiffer’s Stunning Dress

How luminous and naturally radiant is Michelle Pfeiffer? With her beautiful skin and exemplary figure, she is rocking the after 50’s look as she graced the Emmys in LA with her presence in an Oscar de la Renta dress with beautiful floral detailing.


↓ 20 – Sandra Bollock’s Oscar Dress

Sandra Bullock has been a popular actress, and she can pull off dresses with great finesse. Her beautiful shimmery golden dress in Oscars was quite a head-turner. Moreover, her balanced makeup enhancing eyes and the center portioned hair were inspiring.

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↓ 19 – Laura Dern’s Sparkling Dress

Laura Dern should be applauded for her bold choice of wearing a dark blue sparkling dress for Oscars. This gear looks so pretty on her.


↓ 18 – Marisa Tomei In Yellow

She wore this bright sunny yellow gown in the Vanity Fair Oscar Party and looked a vision of absolute charm and charisma. She is wise enough do not wear loud yellow, she toned down the yellow with a golden touch and its amazing. Let’s not forget to focus on her matching pumps and clutch. She is a head-turner for sure.


↓ 17 – Viola Davis Star Speckled Dress

Viola Davis, with her beautiful star-speckled gown, took our breath away in the Golden Globes Ceremony.


↓ 16 – Felicity Huffman Icy Blue Gown

Felicity Huffman in her beautiful Icy blue gown doesn’t even look anywhere near 50.


↓ 15 – Jane Fonda Hot Pink Dress

Jane Fonda is 79. And it is hard to believe because she’s still a completion for women who are half her age. How smashing hot does she looks in this Hot Pink Brandon Maxwell gown on Emmy’s red carpet! She is undoubtedly giving us fashion goals by accessorizing this attire with a diamond necklace and emerald green earrings. Her pumps, clutch, hair, makeup, and even footwear is so on point.

Hey, hello you all women lost in her beauty. She should be your style and fitness inspiration.


↓ 14 – Yolanda Hadid’s Sultry Black Dress

Yolanda Hadid seems like a competition to her daughters Gigi and Bella. Doesn’t it look like this? She still can turn many heads, as she is seen in New York for Lyme disease awareness in a sultry black dress that does justice to her perfect figure.


↓ 13 – Sharon Stones Plunging Neckline

Whether you are 20 or 50, your confidence and belief in yourself is the primary reason that assists you in flaunting the most daring outfits, and that is exactly what we see Sharon Stone doing in this awesome sequin detailing gown.


↓ 12 – Christie Brinkley’s Polka Dot Outfit

Christie Brinkley might be crossing her way into her 60s, but she has an enviable figure, and we can see that in this cute and flirty polka dot dress she wore on Harper’s Bazaar 150th anniversary party.


↓ 11 – Angela Basset Gown

Angela Basset wore this praiseworthy and curve-hugging yellow custom-made chartreuse gown by Christian Siriano at the Emmy’s, and she is rocking that color.


↓ 10 – Allison Janney’s Intricate Dress

True beauty and talented actress, Allison Janney wore this attire on the Golden Globes Ceremony which was designed by Mario Dice.

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↓ 9 – Laurie Metcalf In Glittery Outfit

This time around we saw Laurie Metcalf in a very fancy and glittery outfit by Sachin & Babi and doesn’t she looks marvelous?


↓ 8 – Oprah Winfrey In White

How totally charming does our idol Oprah Winfrey look in this sophisticated white outfit!


↓ 7 – Sheryl Crow In Black

Even though she has crossed the 50s threshold, but she looks youthful and fabulous in this smooth black silk top and slacks.


↓ 6 – Katie Couric’s In Shimmery Cocktail Dress

Seen in this beautiful shimmery cocktail dress, Katie still has got the perfect charm to turn heads with her stunning looks.


↓ 5 – Robin Roberts In Jumpsuit

She is the lady to watch out for if you are to look at versatile fashion figures because she can rock both feminine and non-feminine outfits with equal finesse.


↓ 4 – Floral Cocktail Dress

Marisa appeared in this elegant and vibrant red floral cocktail party dress for Critics Choice Award.


↓ 3 – Rita Wilson In Pink


↓ 2 – Kim Cattrall Green Outfit

Emerald green is a very tricky color to wear, but Kim Cattrall, who is fifty-five, has flaunted it with divine grace and style.


↓ 1 – Sandra Bullock In Double Shaded Gown

Sandra Bullock wore an astounding black and white gown with gold embellishment round to waist to Critics Choice Award and she stunned that look.


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