20 Trending Outfits From Pakistani Women Celebrities Over 50

Pakistani outfits from women celebrities over 50: Over the years the fashion industry has evolved and so has celebrity fashion. As the famous women of Pakistan age, they change their style to complement their age. Their years of experience and expertise, not just in their field of work, but in the field of fashion helps them ease into this new stage of their lives with flair and grace like none other.

Women going through the same phase in their lives can take inspiration from these celebrities to make sure they’re dressed to impress.

Latest Outfits Of Pakistani Celebrities Over 50

Before we begin on the list of ideas lets take a look at a few tips that you should keep in mind while deciding your outfits for a gathering with your friends, a wedding, a birthday party. Or even at home because who doesn’t want to look good all the time?

  • Try not to wear too bright colors, as these might raise some eyebrows. Better colors for you would be beige, baby pink, baby blue, bisque, almond and lemon green etc.
  • Some outfits may be in fashion but not suit your physique. Try to wear clothes that complement the curves of your body. For example, tights won’t look good on you but a heavy shalwar will really enhance your look. The same goes for short shirts, they might be a good idea but a long shirt with some straight pants will make you look elegant.
  •  Embrace your growing age and dress appropriately, avoid small shirts and too tight pants.
  • Opt for what makes you most comfortable, as of course comfort always comes first.

20 Trending Outfits From Pakistani Women Celebrities Over 50

↓ 20 – Over Fifty Fashion Trends In Pakistan

When you make plans to go out with friends from your school or college life you want to show them that you’re up to date with the latest trends. This outfit is a good place to start as it’s not only traditional but also fashionable.  This outfit will make a statement and show them you’re the one who aged the most well.  You should always have a few simple shalwar kameez in your wardrobe as these are very comfortable and work for any occasion.  Light colors like aqua, baby pink, beige and teal work best. You can also find some great outfit ideas from these 20 Coolest Pakistani Mother Daughter Matching Outfits.

20 Trending Outfits From Pakistani Women Celebrities Over 50

↓ 19 – Birthday Party Outfit

An event like a small birthday party of a grandchild or a friend’s grandchild might turn into a big deal in today’s time. So you should be prepared with your best look. Gowns are always a good option as a semi-formal look. They help cover up any extra layers of fat and give you a very elegant look.

20 Trending Outfits From Pakistani Women Celebrities Over 50

20 Trending Outfits From Pakistani Women Celebrities Over 50

↓ 18 – Wedding Outfit

Wedding season is soon approaching and in such times it gets very stressful to choose an outfit that not only makes you look graceful but also makes a statement. Going for straight shirts with intricate embroidery in light colors are the way to go. Straight pants are in fashion but for your age, it would be desirable to go for silk shalwars. Heavy dupattas on simple shirts are also a really nice look.

20 Trending Outfits From Pakistani Women Celebrities Over 50

↓ 17 – What To Wear In Your 50s In Pakistan

Palazzos are not just comfortable but they also look really smart at this age. You can pair it with a long or short shirt, depending on what length you prefer since both are acceptable these days. If you haven’t tried palazzos yet, do go through our earlier post on 18 Ways to Wear Palazzo with Kurtis.

20 Trending Outfits From Pakistani Women Celebrities Over 50

↓ 16 – Casual Traveling Outfit

It’s every woman’s dream to look her best at all time. Including while she’s traveling or shopping for more clothes or merely groceries. This outfit will not only be comfortable for a day outside while exploring a new place but will also add confidence to your every step. When traveling, you can choose a comfortable shirt that is of medium length with airy pants like a shalwar, comfy trousers or bell bottom jeans. Go for the most comfortable sneakers that you can afford.

20 Trending Outfits From Pakistani Women Celebrities Over 50

↓  15 – Formal Outfit

A gown is always a good choice for formal events as it doesn’t go overboard but is also not too bland. For formal events, it’s better to w 20 Trending Outfits From Pakistani Women Celebrities Over 50 ear colors like teal and silver and pair your look with matching artificial jewelry. Wearing a pair of earrings that match the color of your dress will enhance your overall look. Pairing this with subtle makeup to make your features pop will be the true icing on the cake. Kill the stereotypes of not wearing makeup with increasing age and show the world how to pull off a good formal makeup look. Fazila Qazi is a Pakistani actress in her 50s who has always maintained her graceful look and she’s definitely an inspiration for any plus size Pakistani woman.


↓ 14 – Curvy Women’s Outfit

Worried about your weight? Worry no more. With increasing age comes increasing rolls and responsibilities. The best way to conquer those is by wearing outfits like a nice Saree to compliment those rolls and make you look flawlessly elegant. Saree is a great outfit in itself and when worn with the right accessories, can look even better. Other outfits to opt for could be kurta style shirts as these have a straight cut and don’t latch on to your curves.

20 Trending Outfits From Pakistani Women Celebrities Over 50

↓ 13 – Embroidered Outfit

Embroidery can enhance the simplest of outfits. Anyone who said that embroidered clothes are only for weddings was so wrong. Rock minimalist embroidery on your clothes to make your outfits have a little pop of color and style. Whether the embroidery is on the neckline or hem of your shirt, it’ll make the simplest of outfits seem classy and ready to wear to parties and casual gatherings alike.

20 Trending Outfits From Pakistani Women Celebrities Over 50

↓ 12 – Decent In Stripes

You need to embrace your age as time goes back. Wearing decent outfits like the one Vaneeza is wearing here won’t only complement your age but also make people respect you for not trying too hard. So go for medium length shirts with straight pants to leave everyone awestruck.

20 Trending Outfits From Pakistani Women Celebrities Over 50

↓ 11 – Eid Outfit

Deciding what to wear on Eid can be very daunting. This Eid you should invest time in looks that are not too overboard with bright colors and risky styles. Go for simple looks in colors like beige and almond to give off the perfect elegant vibe like Shaista Wahidi here.  Try going for styles other than a simple shalwar kameez to glam up your Eid this year. Putting your hair up in an elegant updo is a good alternative to just letting it lay loosely down your back. It will not only compliment your dress, but your age too.

20 Trending Outfits From Pakistani Women Celebrities Over 50

↓ 10 – Party Outfit

In today’s time, everyone is hosting parties for different occasions.  Wearing Semi-formal clothes like these will make everyone aware of your presence in the most subtle and sensual way. The shorter front and longer back give this outfit a fairytale feel and make you look and feel like a Queen. And since good makeup is necessary to complete your party look, here are Top 20 Pakistani Beauty Bloggers To Watch In 2019.

20 Trending Outfits From Pakistani Women Celebrities Over 50

↓ 9 – Maxi Look

While attending an important event it is necessary to look your best and make a statement.  Wearing an elegant Maxi Dress will give you a sophisticated and graceful vibe. Making a simple dress, and pairing it with intricate jewelry will make sure you look your best while not going overboard. You can add light embroidery to the neckline to enhance your look.

20 Trending Outfits From Pakistani Women Celebrities Over 50

↓ 8 – Traditional Outfits

Some things never go out of fashion.  A traditional outfit like this is sure to turn some heads.

20 Trending Outfits From Pakistani Women Celebrities Over 50

This light green color is also an amazing choice no matter what outfit you wear as it will complement your age and figure. Such traditional outfits truly make you look amazing. A simple shalwar kameez with the traditional embroidery of our northern regions is a very good choice. You can spice the outfit up by mix and matching different colors and putting on some light earrings.

20 Trending Outfits From Pakistani Women Celebrities Over 50

↓ 7 – Simple But Chic

The best way to attend any event is to look simple yet classy. The following are some ideas for simple summer outfits that are not only stylish but also comfortable.  With newer collections coming out almost every 2 months, you’ll never run out of options. Try the new prints and colors by styling the cloth in different ways like kurtas, straight shirts, and gowns. Wearing lawn outfits in summers is the best feeling ever. So, instead of going for heavy clothes in the summer, opt for simple lawn suits. To help you with stitching new outfits for the season, here are 25 Latest Shalwar Kameez Neck Styles.

20 Trending Outfits From Pakistani Women Celebrities Over 50

20 Trending Outfits From Pakistani Women Celebrities Over 50

↓ 6 – Graceful Outfit For Formal-Wear

You must’ve heard the saying “Age is just a number”. And nothing is truer than that. Look at Bushra Ansari proving it in this stylish formal look at the Hum Awards. Even if you don’t have any award shows to attend, you can still rock looks like these at Walima ceremonies. Elegant updos like the one she has will truly complement your age. While small earrings will keep the outfit minimalistic, colors like magenta and teal will make you look younger and fresher.

20 Trending Outfits From Pakistani Women Celebrities Over 50

↓ 5 –  Jeans Look

Increasing age does not mean you can only wear Shalwar Kameez or Sarees now. Jeans and a nice shirt can still very much be your number 1 choice. Be it going out to meet your friends or just a day to relax at home. A pair of loose ‘Mom Jeans’ with a denim shirt will surely make you look trendy and up to date with fashion. Pairing this with simple bracelets and letting your hair loose down your back will with you a very laid-back, cool vibe. So bring out those old jeans in your closet, iron them out and get ready to look your best!

20 Trending Outfits From Pakistani Women Celebrities Over 50

↓ 4 – Where To Shop From?

No one can go wrong with one of the traditional Pakistani Shalwar Kameez from their closet. Newer prints and newer ways to style those exotic, colorful prints will surely get your closet flowing with multiple options for multiple occasions. Just putting on a nice pair of heels will complete the look. There are so many Pakistani brands that produce beautiful embroidered and printed outfits for women of this age group. Some of the most popular brands that are known for their quality include:

  • Al-Karam
  • Cross stitch
  • Gul-Ahmed
  • Khaadi
  • Bonanza
  • Kayseria

Women Over 50 Pakistani Celebrities Fashion - 20 Outfit Ideas (18)

You should go through the websites of these brands to look for styles and colors that you like. We do recommend buying from their outlets if possible because the online pictures may be different in color or style from the real outfit. Here we see Marina Khan in a beautiful black and white outfit by Bonanza.

pakistani celebrities fashion over 50

Gulahmed also occasionally launches its Mother’s collection which is specially designed by keeping the over 50 Pakistani women in mind. The designs are really decent and the colors look pleasing on all skin tones.

pakistani women over 50 outfits celebrity style

↓ 3 – Formal Saree Look

Wearing a Saree at weddings makes you look graceful and complements your growing age. Pair it with some traditional jewelry to add an extra level of elegance and you’ll be the most beautiful woman in the hall.

Women Over 50 Pakistani Celebrities Fashion - 20 Outfit Ideas (19)

Even a simple saree with a fancy border can make a great outfit for the wedding season since it looks minimalist but classy.

over 50 pakistani celebrity outfits

↓ 2 – Minimalist Outfit

This outfit that Reema Khan is wearing shows that no matter how simple your clothes are, pairing them with the right kind of accessories and a pair of killer heels will make you shine. So don’t worry about looking too bland. Just pull out those comfortable heels that you love so much and fish out some trendy jewelry and you’re good to go.

pakistani celebrities over 50 fashion

Here’s another minimalist but colorful look by the ever-beautiful Pakistani actress Laila Zubairi:

pakistani acrtess over 50 outfits

↓ 1 –  Casual Saree Look

One can never go wrong with a saree. And whats a better color to wear than white? It makes you look angelic and beautiful while at the same time adding just the right amount of elegance to your look. A simple chiffon Saree with embroidery on the hem or a banarsi Saree would truly enhance your look. So pull out that old saree in the back of your closet or go shop for a new one and get ready to look your best.

A Saree is always a good choice as it creates an aura of elegance around the one wearing it. A casual Saree for attending dinners will be a very useful addition to your closet. It won’t be too hard to carry, won’t be uncomfortable and won’t look odd in a casual setting. Using color combinations like blue and yellow will complement your age and make you appear younger at the same time.

pakistani women over 50 outfits

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