31 Euphoria Outfits That Can Be Easily Recreated

Euphoria Outfits. Euphoria’s enchanting season two has our social media flooded with inspirational outfits, and makeup. Our Pinterest boards are filled to the brim with Euphoria fashion and we cannot wait any longer to recreate them. Understandably so, who can resist the dramatic, youthful, and mega trendy clothes worn by the show’s leads?

From the return of the Y2K aesthetic. To the intricate details that express the personality of each character. There hasn’t been a show with fashion like this one since Gossip Girl in 2009. Euphoria is full of unapologetic, extra expressive fashion. Read along to find euphoria outfits easy to recreate for both women and men. You can easily find that special character that tugs on your heartstrings, that you just want to embody.

Female Characters and Their Styles

  • Maddie: Maddie’s style, much like her personality is clear and unapologetic. If we were to describe her fashion sense in three words it would be – grunge, sexy and Y2K. It is perfect for those who will wear something eye-catching without thinking twice about it. If you are a lover of low-rise jeans and crop tops, you will find lots of her outfits to your liking.
  • Cassie: Although Cassie has had some transformations along the way of season 2, her style remained authentically hers. The overly elegant, and innocent aesthetic persists. However, you can still find pieces that will be quite playful here. Her looks can work from day to day. They are not as provocative as Maddy’s but can also work for a night out.
  • Rue: Her style might seem lazy at first glance but, is actually very elaborate. Rue encapsulates that tomboy aesthetic, and at times she even makes it look girly. This style has the tendency to be overlooked however we think it’s perfect for a modern young woman. It is expressive and hugely unique.
  • Jules: If you like to have fun with your style, and aren’t afraid of dressing like a kid from time to time, you will love Jules’ aesthetic. Her style is full of prints and pastel colors. It is the perfect choice for the upcoming 2022 Spring and Summer fashion.
  • Lexi: Her style can easily be downplayed as nerdy, but it is so much more than that. It is french chic mixed with cottage core. With large accents on checkered patterns, flowy lacey blouses, and collared shirts.
euphoria outfits

31 – Get a Retro Colored Raincoat to Recreate Jules’ Sporty Aesthetic

First on the list is Jules. Her outfits have a sporty, free spirit to them. Begin with choosing a color palette you will enjoy – however, make sure it is in the pastel family. Secondly, you will need a retro windbreaker. Pair it with some colorful high wasted pants and you’re all set.

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30 – Create Unique Layered Outfits with a Cropped Blouse and a Co-ord

Another outfit inspired by Jules’ style in the show is none other than a simple, layered one. Invest in a unique cropped button-down, blouse. Pair it with a matching sporty co-ord. This can be a bra top and shorts, or a skirt.


29 – Pair Crazy Patterned Pants with a Simple Cropped Top

Not all outfits inspired by Euphoria need a crazy, overhaul of colors and prints. It is possible to strike a balance, especially for those of you who don’t like the color that much. For example, this outfit has its focal point; the printed lime green pants. Yet it is balanced with a simple t-shirt in a modest white.


28 – Pair Your Jeans with a Colorful Vest for an Easy Jules Outfit

Last but certainly not least on the list of Jules-inspired outfits is this casual day-to-day look. Pair the jeans that fit you best with a pop of color in your top. For instance a very trendy woven vest.


27 – Keep It Simple With a Checkered One-Piece

The first outfit inspired by Lexi is very easy to achieve. Go out shopping for a simple collared one-piece. For bonus points make sure that you find it in a checkered print, in red or pink. Pair with large black loafers and ankle-length white socks and you are all set.


26 – Get Yourself a Lacey White Dress For Summer Dates

In classic Lexi fashion, you must own a lacey white dress, to wear on cute summer dates. Make sure that this dress screams french girl’s style. With fluffy long sleeves, and a classic collar.


25 – Layer Tops to Take Your Look From Simple to Stylish

Some of Lexi’s outfits truly aren’t hard to recreate, although that is not to say they are not special. They are simply really easy to achieve. For example, if you want to recreate this daytime outfit all you will need are a pair of long shorts. A collared long-sleeve and the secret ingredient is a second long sleeve in contrasting color. Yet, not to be worn, but instead to be tied around the shoulders. It’s that simple.


24 – Pair a Loose Patterened Top Over a Denim Skirt

Yet another simple but special outfit in Lexi’s style includes a clothing item most of us already have in our closet. A dark blue denim skirt. Pair it with a shirt, of course, a collared one. And best if in a checkered pattern. To complete this outfit pair it with all black accessories. Including a mini bag, glasses, and lacquer loafers.

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23 – Wear All Black with a Slight Print for Rue’s Classic Look

The first outfit in Rue’s section contains for the majority the color black. Since it is one of her most worn colors, it seems fitting. Secondly, pay attention to the short style. They are cargo shorts, and they are quite true to Rues laid back style. Pair them with yet another staple in Rue’s closet – a printed button-down.


22 – Look For an Oversized Blazer and Pants Co-Ord in Brown

Since oversized clothing articles have been in style for the past two years it is possible you already have them in your closet. Alternatively, if not, shop for an oversized pant-suit co-ord in a classic brown color. The more oversized the better, since Rue’s style signature is that laid back, lazy look.


21 – Pair Cargo Pants with a White Button-Down For an Easy Look

Next, we have an even easier outfit to create. Similarly, this is a Rue classic and will work for any daytime occasion. Similar to the first outfit in Rue’s section, this outfit contains cargo pants. They are a perfect option, as they have a baggy fit, and sporty aesthetic. Pair it with something plain, like a layered crop top and white button-down.


20 – Go For Unique Denim Pants For a Fancy Rue Inspired Outfit

Lastly, it’s important to remember that Rue can look extra fashionable when she goes out. Although it is rare, some of her outfits are very stylish. This one, for example, is complete with large, loose-fitting high-waisted jeans. As well as a uniquely colored blue faux-leather jacket.


19 – Go Old School With a Juicy Couture Tracksuit For Cassie’s Look

A Cassie-inspired outfit list wouldn’t be complete without a classic Y2K pink tracksuit moment. These are not only very in-style, and trendy, but are also extremely comfortable. Aim for a bubblegum pink color to truly embody the Cassie aesthetic.


18 – Pair a Fleece Zip Up and Jeans for an Easy Cassie Look

Some of Cassie’s looks are very simple and casual. After all, she does partially play the character of the girl next door. For this look, all you need are skinny jeans, preferably in light blue denim. Since you might have noticed that Cassie doesn’t have a lot of dark hues in her color palette. Mix it with a soft, fleece pink sip up and you’re done.


17 – Create a Party Look With a Girly, Sports Aesthetic

One of the most memorable looks from Cassie’s party outfits is one where she wears a skirt and a sporty t-shirt. Pair a green mini skirt with a top that has a matching sports logo printed on it.


16 – Have This Skirt and Top Look Be Your Summer Go To

With the summer fast approaching, it is great to have a comfortable easy outfit on standby. This Cassie inspired Euphoria outfit, only consists of two clothing articles. Therefore, it is super easy to recreate. In true Cassie fashion, you will need a light pink skirt and a plain white cropped t-shirt.


15 – Create The Perfect Party Look With an All-Black Ensemble

Last but not least we have Maddie’s inspired outfits. These are, as promised – much more edgy and daring. Starting off strong, with an outfit that is perfect for parties. In true Maddie fashion, you will need a cropped top and a low-rise skirt.


14 – Try Out The Unique Zebra Animal Print

This look will work for both daytime and going out. All you need is a mini skirt with an animal print. However don’t settle for the classic, go for zebra. Here are some of the Cutest Animal Print Outfits you might want to try.


13 – Pair A Unique Blue Color With Black To Have a Dashing Look

Classic Maddie looks are created when you also pay attention to colors. She doesn’t only wear black, she mixes it with vibrant hues of blue, pink, and green. This particular outfit is a testament to how well she can pair a unique blue.


12 – Go For a Y2K Inspired Two Piece Pantsuit

This outfit is going to be all of your guys’ favorites. It encapsulates the current fashion trends perfectly, from color, to print, to the Y2K silhouette. This two-piece is a necessity for this summer.


Euphoria’s Male Characters and Their Outfits

  • Fez: Fez can be considered the male version of Rue. Similarly, his style is comfortable and laid back. He is the true king of street style. His closet has an overhaul of bright prints, caps, and cool sneakers.
  • Nate: Although Nates’ actions are concerning at times, nobody can deny that even his fashion has a certain appeal. He is the jock on the show, and it shows through his style. Although when it comes to a night out he sure does clean up nice too.
  • Eliot: Elliot is the perfect representation of the Emo-boy style. Moreover, he makes wearing soft woven sweaters cool. His secret ammo is his color palette and accessories. Deep brutal colors of greens and blues mixed with some reds do the trick. Though don’t overlook his necklaces and earrings that complete the look.

6 – Recreate a Laid-Back Outfit With a Light Blue Polo

The first Nate-inspired Euphoria outfit is very simple but has a special element that mustn’t be ignored. Instead of wearing a simple white or black colored polo, try out a baby blue, or dusty pastel blue. These colors are more unique and will differentiate your look from others.


5 – Try Out Layering Short and Long Sleeve Tops To Refresh Your Style

If you are like Nate and wear predominantly casual outfits, you can still make more fashion-forward choices. Yet there is no need to bring yourself out of your comfort zone for them. Simply try pairing your favorite long sleeve, with a short-sleeve over top. Even such a small change will make you see a difference.


4 – A Faux Leather Jacket and a Band T-shirt is a Must Have

Eliot’s outfits are grunge, therefore a faux leather jacket paired with loose ripped jeans and a band t-shirt are a must-have


3 – You Need a Brown Flannel For this Eliot Euphoria Outfit

A brown flannel, matched to brown pants is a must-have if you want to recreate Eliot’s outfit. Similarly don’t forget a pearl necklace to truly match his aesthetic.


2 – Pair a Shirt and Pants Of the Same Color For a Put Together Look

Even Fez’s outfits are all very intricate. Therefore we recommend you pay attention to the color pairings in order to replicate them.


1 – Get a Hoodie with a Goofy Print to Chanel Fezco’s Vibe

Fezco as we know him is a very silly and kind person at heart. Therefore, you can sometimes witness that in his outfits. For example, a baggy hoodie with a cute graphic print portrays his character’s personality well.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I wear to a Euphoria party?

There are two options that will work very well for a Euphoria-themed party. A silk slip dress, or a two-piece low rise pants and crop top. Another key feature that you must not forget is the color scheme. Attempt to find either of these clothing options in a pastel color. For example a violet, green, or baby blue. Furthermore, make sure you pay attention to the jewelry and accessories. We recommend something shiny and sparkly, as well as a mini bag to fit the Y2K aesthetic. Lastly pay attention to your make-up, especially if you’re going to a party. Match the color of your eye shadow to your outfit and don’t be afraid to add glitter.

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