20 Plus-Size Celebrity Outfits That You Can Actually Wear

Plus-Size Celebrity Outfits: For so many years, being skinny has been known to be a sign of beauty.  We have seen different models and actresses dealing with maintaining their figures. In the 90s, being thin was the norm, and women with an average body were deemed plus-size.

Although there were plus-size actresses back then who marked their names on the industry’s canvas like Marilyn Monroe, plus-size was still deemed as an average body type and a topic of criticism for a few.

In this age, when our mindsets have evolved, some celebrities have dealt with issues of weight-watching and have faced a huge block of criticism for their eating habits. But they came our stronger and have proudly accepted their body types. They have proven to inspire so many other girls and bought out plus-size styling to a whole new level.

Latest Plus Size Outfits of Celebrities

Plus-size celebrities have started accepting their bodies and are, in fact, very proud of who they are in this industry and outside. These twenty celebrities, among others, have taken plus-size fashion up a notch and have proven that curvy girls can and should wear whatever they want to wear and still rock the outfit.

These celebrities not only inspire others but also give the trendiest outfits for you to try out. Along with clothing and styling, they are stepping out to normalize the love and appreciation for all body types. And that is more important than anything!

20 Plus-Size Celebrity Outfits That You Can Actually Wear

Styling Tips to Dress Up Like a Celebrity:

The key to dressing like a curvy celebrity is finding out what works best for your body type and shape. That is what most famous people focus on and why all their outfits seem so flattering. Once you have got the basics figured out, putting together an outfit is not a problem at all! Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • The first thing is first and is to embrace your body. Give it the love, attention, and appreciation it deserves.
  • Experiment and find out what styles and silhouettes complement your figure.
  • Try out different sizes instead of sticking to just one. This depends upon the type of outfit you are going for and the look you want to achieve.
  • Consider investing in good quality undergarments that help bring out your figure in the best way.
  • Make sure to do your make-up and hair, even if you are going for a natural look to dazzle like a celebrity.
  • Play around with different patterns and fabrics and leave behind the ones that do not look good on you. The same goes for colors!

20 – Felicity Hayward is Ready for the Pool Party in this Gorgeous Outfit

I adore this gorgeous dress! The colors, print, fabric, and silhouette make this outfit a hit for the summer when visiting the beach or a pool party!

19 – Olivia Campbell Got the Summer Color Palette Memo!

Her smile is bright enough to shine on all of us, and this gorgeous outfit is simply the cherry on top! What a great day to embrace fashion without having to compromise on your style and comfort.

20 Plus-Size Celebrity Outfits That You Can Actually Wear

18 – Get Glammed for the Red Carpet with Chrissy Metz

Chrissy Metz made her mark with an exemplary role in This Is Us. Despite receiving criticism for her weight, Metz accepted her figure happily and kills the plus-size style with her signature dresses. She sure knows how to carry her style on and off the red carpet. And she stuns in this beautiful purple shade.

20 Plus-Size Celebrity Outfits That You Can Actually Wear

17 – Amber Riley Knows How to Look Trendy & Fashionable

The Glee star sure knows how to pull off an outfit. She has chosen not to let her weight get in her way of getting her dreams. Amber flaunts her curves in trendy printed pants and a daring crop top. She went with sneakers and cool shades to complete her insta-baddie look!

20 Plus-Size Celebrity Outfits That You Can Actually Wear

16 – Flaunt Those Printed Pants Just as Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday, a plus-size model, and a body positivity ambassador introduced the hashtag #effyourbeautystandards. Tess is known for her bold fashion sense and her effort for pushing the industry further by accepting women as they appear in reality.

She sports a tie-around black shirt with printed pants to accentuate her curves in this image. Her contemporary earrings are the perfect minimalist accessory to go with the outfit.

20 Plus-Size Celebrity Outfits That You Can Actually Wear

15 – Show Off Those Shoulders Like Danielle Brooks

Danielle Brooks who wowed the audience with her role in Orange Is The New Black, struggled with her dressing for quite a while. She is known for having a funky, fun style. She rocks the casual straight pants and an off the shoulder top paired with a cardigan.

Don’t miss out on these 12 Hot Plus-Size Street Style Fashion Ideas for This Season.

20 Plus-Size Celebrity Outfits That You Can Actually Wear

14 – Go Bold in Neon with Nina Parker

Nina Parker is a true fashionista and can pull off absolutely anything in her wardrobe. From knee-length dresses and skirts to fun, printed pants, and blazers to jumpsuits and gowns, Parker has proven to be an amazing example of how curvy women can mix and match items from their wardrobes.

My favorite look of hers, among others, would be this neon jacket paired with classy denim and heels.

20 Plus-Size Celebrity Outfits That You Can Actually Wear

13 – Queen Latifah Stuns in All-White Suit

Famous for her stage name and her body positivity enthusiasm, Queen Latifah has emerged as a fearless and strong individual despite all the hardships she had to go through before she finally chose to accept and love herself for who she is.

Her outfits are stunning yet sophisticated both on and off the red carpet. Blazers in primary tones are her favorite items in her wardrobe.

20 Plus-Size Celebrity Outfits That You Can Actually Wear

12 – Barbie Ferreira Shows Us How to Slay in a Corset Top!

Lately, the trend of wearing and styling corsets is increasing. Barbie, also famously known as Kat from the TV series Euphoria, showed us how to put together a simple and stunning outfit using a corset top.

You can even make your outfit more adventurous by opting for an oversized collared button-down in white and wearing the corset top on top. Pair it up with similar black jeans and you have a wonderful look that is street style!

11 – Learn to Play Around with Texture like Gabi Gregg

Gabi Gregg is one of the first fashion bloggers to highlight the trend of fashion-forward clothes for women of all sizes. Being a body positivity enthusiast, Gregg introduced her plus-size clothing line because she believes that plus-size clothing shouldn’t be limited to one section of the stores like it usually is.

For this look, she donned a denim knee-length, off-shoulder dress and accessorizes her outfit with leopard-print pumps. Add a pair of sunglasses, and the right accessories to turn all heads your way!

20 Plus-Size Celebrity Outfits That You Can Actually Wear

10 – Step Out Bold and Daring with Niecy Nash

The Scream Queens star, Niecy Nash experiments with her style. She is never afraid of taking risks and wears bold colors. She flaunts her curves in this tribal printed skirt and pairs it up with a denim button-down shirt.

I sure am blown away by her style and the way she proudly carries her body. Add a statement belt for a snatched waist and heels to stand taller. A skirt like this would also look great with a bralette. I also recommend that you check out these beautiful Bralette Outfits for Plus Size Women.

20 Plus-Size Celebrity Outfits That You Can Actually Wear

9 – Adele Always Know what she is Doing!

This British singer has made her mark with both her voice and her looks. With the color black being her favorite, she has proven that you don’t have to pair a trench coat with knee-high boots to get a typical black outfit.

She accentuates her curves in all-black attire and accessorizes her look with a narrow-brimmed hat and sunglasses. Moreover, her shoes are the perfect item to add texture and drama to her outfit! Here are some of the Best Adele Outfits Every Plus Size Woman Should Follow.

20 Plus-Size Celebrity Outfits That You Can Actually Wear

8 – Hayley Amber Hasselhoff Nails the Animal Print Aesthetic

If someone knows how to step out in style, it is Hayley Hasselhoff! She is an actress who starred in a few TV shows and movies and an aspiring model who gives us some great looks.
This outfit is a testimony to her fashion. Who would have thought that cheetah print could have looked so seamless for a jumpsuit? Style this look with clear nude heels, and wear the right accessories to elevate your outfit and make it pop!

7 – Iskra Lawrence Shows Us How to Get Comfortable in Style

This British model is a style icon everyone follows due to her easy-to-get & versatile looks and bright smile. In this photo, she shows us how to relax in style. All you need is a good pair of sweats, an oversized & bright button-down shirt, and a cropped tank top. Throws them all together for a stylish & relaxed outfit!

20 Plus-Size Celebrity Outfits That You Can Actually Wear

6 – Don’t be Afraid to Show Off that Slit Just Like Precious Lee

As the first black, plus-size model to grace the cover of American Vogue, Precious Lee is every bit proud of her curves and her weight. She plays around with bold styles and silhouettes. Lee will never stop amazing us with her amazing outfits. And this black dress with a slit and pout is everything we have ever wanted!

20 Plus-Size Celebrity Outfits That You Can Actually Wear

5 – Nicolette Mason Shows us How to Slay a Winter Outfit

Writer, editor, designer, and blogger Nicolette Mason launched her first fashion line Premme. Filled with super fun designs of crop tops, jackets, and funky and super feminine dresses designed specifically for plus-size women.

Mason is a fan of Gucci and includes a piece in every outfit. I love the shiny skirt with a turtle neck. And pairing with this statement skirt is what makes this look a hit! Don’t miss out on these 18 Best Denim Skirts Outfits for Plus Size Women.

20 Plus-Size Celebrity Outfits That You Can Actually Wear

4 – Get an Edgy Look with Kelly Clarkson in Leather and Stocking!

From basic satin dresses to diva-worthy sequins gowns, Kelly Clarkson has shown her fans that daring fashion looks are for everyone. Whether she’s wearing bright prints, sweet pin-up dresses, or form-fitting mermaid gowns, Clarkson is living proof that curvy girls can pull off anything.

20 Plus-Size Celebrity Outfits That You Can Actually Wear

3 – Can’t Go Wrong with an All-Black Fit with Melissa McCarthy

McCarthy takes risks both on and off the red carpet and we love how those risks pay off. She flaunts her curves in a piece of her fashion line Seven7. We love how she brings out the festive look with a sequined skirt and a plain black shirt with sequined shoulders.

20 Plus-Size Celebrity Outfits That You Can Actually Wear

2 – Ashley Graham Goes Double Denim & So Should You!

Curvy supermodel Ashley Graham constantly impresses us both on and off the runway. From jaw-dropping body-hugging dresses to cute flouncy skirts, Graham is proud of her curves and donned an all-denim outfit to flaunt them.

20 Plus-Size Celebrity Outfits That You Can Actually Wear

1 – Opt for a Statement Garment Like Brielle Anyea

This model, entrepreneur, and designer has a great fashion sense and serves some killer looks for the plus-size audience! This outfit is proof of that. The white polka dot pants are a statement piece in this gorgeous look, and the red heels sure do brighten up the ensemble!

Her make-up looks fresh and stunning. I would add a bandanna to give retro vibes and complete the look. Moreover, I would have loved to see her hair in tight waves left behind from braiding the hair!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are some trends for plus size clothing this year?

Y2K fashion has recently been making a comeback, and some killer looks are being served by plus models. If you do not know what Y2K fashion is, it is the clothing style worn back in 2000. Furthermore, distressed jeans and crop tops are a huge hit.

Lately, pastel shades are making rounds. However, academia and hot goth looks are becoming increasingly popular, especially among plus-size ladies. People are styling blazers casually and pairing them up with hoodies to make a fashion statement!

Q. Can plus size woman wear white pants?

Of course, they can! I firmly believe that you can wear whatever you want to as long as you style it right. White pants are a chic garment for everyone, especially curvy ladies.

Style your white flare jeans with a cropped cardigan or flowy blouse for a casual look. And to make it formal, opt for a classy black blazer for a monochrome look or a pastel-colored blazer to make it trendy. Throw in stiletto heels to the mix, and you are all set!

Q. Where can I buy plus-size celebrity clothing?

There is a stereotype that celebrities only shop at high-end brands. However, that is not true. Most of us like to indulge at times, similarly, they do too!

Plus-size celebrities shop at some great generic and mainstream brands, including ASOS, Nordstrom, Pretty Little Thing, and Princess Polly. These brands are affordable, and they carry an excellent plus-size collection for you to browse and shop!

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