21 Celebrity Skirt Outfits Ideas We Are Obsessed With

Celebrity Skirt Outfits Ideas. From Holly Willoughby’s always stylish ensembles to Rihanna’s denim skirts, few things rival a great outfit like a celebrity’s great outfit. And in today’s post, we are going over a personal favorite of mine: skirts! And all the stylish ones we’ve recently seen celebrities sporting.

So, grab a cup of coffee and kick your feet up while we go over 21 of the most fantastic celebrity skirt outfits that we most adore, as well as ones we wouldn’t mind rocking ourselves. And psst… We think you’ll love them, too!

How to Wear Skirts Like Celebrities?

celebrity skirt outfits

Celebrities are famous for a variety of reasons, but oftentimes, their fame is boosted by their ability to gauge current fashion trends and rock them in a way that becomes instantly iconic. We’re all familiar with the likes of Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber. They rock new and emerging trends like it’s their full-time job (oh, wait, isn’t it?!) And we have got to say, they seem to know what they’re doing. Check out these and more in today’s article.

Tips for Styling a Skirt Like a Celebrity

Celebrity styles vary widely but here are some tips that should get you on the right track.

  • Look for a standout piece and build your look around it. With many celebrity outfits, you’ll notice that they usually have at least one statement-making piece in their look. For most of the outfits in today’s post, that standout piece is the skirt. (Just check out Zendaya’s skirt in #13 to see what I mean!)
  • Don’t be afraid to mismatch different style items. Celebrities seem to have an uncanny ability to combine the most outrageous items to stylish effect. (Or it’s down to having a stylist. Probably the latter.) Try it out for yourself! Wear that thrifted men’s shirt with a mini jean skirt. Rock that purple suede skirt with some shiny loafers. You never know what will work unless you try it.
  • Try something out of your comfort zone. That might be a short, sparkly, camo skirt. Or it could be a tutu! Celebrities often rock these as street-style looks and do it without breaking a sweat.
  • But wear the skirt you’ll be most confident and comfortable in. You might discover that you love how other gals look wearing a mini skirt but feel really uncomfortable when you wear them. That’s okay! You might be more a midi skirt kind of girl, or even a maxi. Don’t adopt a trend unless it’s one you are excited about sporting. Here are some ideas on Black Midi Skirt Outfits since they are the easiest to style.

Once you have these tips locked and loaded, you are ready to try some of these trends yourself. Now let’s look at some of our most favorite skirt outfits from these 2021 celebrity outfits.

↓ 21 – Millie Bobby Brown Celebrity Casual Style 2021

Millie, Millie, Millie. Queen of our hearts and queen of style! I love this outfit of hers that was girlish, cute, and feminine. She’s rocking the pale pink fluffy skirt paired with a white crop top, dark red mask, and adorable patterned flats. And hey, if she can rock a cute little doggo as an accessory, why can’t we?

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celebrity skirt outfits

↓ 20 – Sophie Turner

The new mom is often sighted taking walks with her sweet little family, but she’s always dressed in comfortable, trendy styles and we are here for it. On this night however, she stepped it up. A sparkly camo skirt takes the stage with this look, neatly paired with a green leather jacket, a black top, and some black and white platform sneaks.

celebrity skirt outfits

↓ 19 – Kendall Jenner Celebrity Skirt Outfits

Kendall Jenner is a regular style icon and she knows it. On this night out she wore a long black leather coat over a white tank, a short skirt splashed with a big purple flower, and some pointy black boots. A note for the aspiring fashionistas: a piece with a loud pattern or print paired with neutral pieces is a simple fashion statement anyone can pull off!

celebrity skirt outfits

↓ 18 – Victoria Beckham High-Waist Skirt

We are featuring several style icons in this post but few compare to the likes of Victoria Beckham, who has been nailing every possible best dressed celebrities list for as long as we can remember. With an outfit like this, it’s easy to see why. I’m a huge fan of neutrals and this elegant, sophisiticated look checked all the boxes for me!

celebrity skirt outfits

↓ 17 – Megan Fox Monochrome Blue Look

Megan Fox has really been making waves this past year with her utterly trendy, risk-taking ensembles that showcase a burgeoning talent for following as well as championing new trends. Here she is rocking an all-blue look featuring a frayed hemmed skirt and a oversized sherpa-style jacket. She knows what she’s doing, that’s for sure!

celebrity skirt outfit

↓ 16 – Celebrity Skirt Outfits Zoe Kravitz

As famous as her mom for her laidback, unique clothing choices, Zoe seems like the chillest gal when it comes to her street style. With this look, she wore a short, pleated skirt with a white tee, tucked in, and some Mary Jane-style shoes with white bobby socks. This look is such a throwback to the familiar schoolgirl style, but worn in a modern, grown-up way.

celebrity skirt outifts

↓ 15 – Reese Witherspoon

Amidst all the Gen Z-approved trends we see rise and fall in the fashion sphere, it’s refreshing to see some classic styles still being embraced. I love this simple but very stylish outfit worn by Reese Witherspoon that features the most darling polka dot pencil skirt, a simple white tee, and some ankle strap sandals. The addition of a fedora hat and cute cat-eye clear sunnies round off the look to perfection.

celebrity skirt outfits

↓ 14 – Yara Shahidi

One of my favorites from this entire list, this absolute STUNNER of a look, worn by Yara Shahidi, has no comparison. Every inch of this ensemble is unforgettable, from her hair down to those iconic sleeves to that fantastic satin-crepe skirt! Every piece of this look pushes the envelope in the best possible way and while there are few places we could rock such a look, doesn’t it make you want to try?

celebrity skirt outfits

↓ 13 – Zendaya

Of all the celebrity outfits to recreate, one of my favorites to get inspiration from is Zendaya. No matter what she wears, she exudes such poise and sophistication – she’s definitely a fashion icon! And this look (one of her many, many stunning ensembles) is no exception. You can get more styling ideas like these from our earlier post on Slit Skirts Outfits.

celebrity skirt outfits

↓ 12 – Angelina Jolie’s Long Skirt Outfit

I love seeing casual styles that embrace a long skirt. This outfit would be pretty average otherwise, but that long, dark gray skirt kicks it up a notch and adds a note of elegance.

celebrity skirt outfits

↓ 11 – Ana De Armas: Celebrity Street Style Summer 2021

Maxi skirts can sometimes be a little difficult to style. That’s why I love this casual take as worn by Ana de Armas that doesn’t feel super overwhelming. She went for a long, dark blue checkered skirt paired with a form-fitting crew-cut tee, tucked in. She added chunky boots, a simple pendant necklace, and a modish black purse. Love!

celebrity skirt outfits

↓ 10 – Kristin Cavallari

Among the best-dressed celebrities in 2021, Kristin Cavallari ranks up there. To be fair, she ranks up there most of the time. She’s got a great eye for classic fashion that she wears in trendy, very current ways. Personally, I love this look and would definitely recreate it!

celebrity skirt outfits

↓ 9 – Bella Hadid Celebrity Street Style

All the awards should go to Bella Hadid for consistently rocking those trendy, super-edgy styles… and here’s another one of them! From the furry crop shirt (who even knew those existed?!) to the pink, tailor-cut blazer and the satin-pink mini skirt, every inch of this outfit demands attention.

celebrity skirt outfits

↓ 8 – Kate Middleton Polka Dot Skirt 2021

One of my personal favorite style icons is Kate Middleton. She consistently wears elegant, stylish pieces that are every inch worthy of the Duchess that she is. Yet, her looks never feel out of reach to us regular common folk, and they are ones we could easily emulate with a little time and practice. This polka dot skirt outfit is a great example of that.

celebrity skirt outfits

↓ 7 – Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo has become a true fashion ICON and doesn’t this pink skirt outfit say it?!

celebrity skirt outfits

↓ 6 – Lily-Rose Depp Met Gala 2021

Nothing says iconic quite like Ms. Depp’s pink and black ensemble for the 2021 Met Gala. This shimmery, sparkling matching set featured a low waistline (very trendy for Chanel couture) and a strapless top that allowed her to stand out, even in the midst of all those other fashion statements!

celebrity skirt outfits

↓ 5 – Holly Willoughby Plaid Skirt

Anyone who has seen even a small sampling of Holly Willoughby outfits will agree that few can match her skirt game! The television presenter showcases a number of beautiful outfits, so much so that it was hard to pick just one. I settled on this one, perfect for fall or winter with the addition of a coat.

celebrity skirt outfits

↓ 4 – Ivanka Trump: Celebrity Outfits to Recreate

If you are headed to a formal dinner affair, why not kick it up a notch by recreating this beautiful ensemble Ivanka Trump once wore, featuring a silk button-down shirt, a high-waist, embroidered skirt (with the coolest flower piece), and a pair of black pumps.

celebrity skirt outfits

↓ 3 – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Another gorgeous floral skirt was worn by the model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I love the soft elegance of this look, the shimmery silk of the top and skirt, and the silvery heel. This is a beautiful ensemble that shows off a very feminine pick of colors as well as cuts.

celebrity skirt outfits

↓ 2 – Rihanna Denim Skirt Look

Rihanna recently sported this absolutely iconic look, with just the right blend of sea colors to make you think of summer styles. She went with a denim skirt (our inner early-2000s selves are loving it) with dainty heels and an oversized open shirt.

celebrity skirt outfits

↓ 1 – Hailey Bieber Purple Skirt Outfit

What celebrity post could exclude the always-iconic and fashion-forward Hailey Bieber. Many people would agree that when it comes to celebrity street style, few people can rival the always adventurous Mrs. Bieber. For this outfit, she wore a mix of purple hues and textures to achieve an incredibly eye-catching and girlish ensemble. She kept it utilitarian with a pair of shiny black loafers. The overall effect is chic and daring – we like it!

celebrity skirt outfits
PARIS, FRANCE – JUNE 21: Hailey Baldwin Bieber is seen on June 21, 2021, in Paris, France. (Photo by Marc Piasecki/GC Images)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about dressing like a celebrity. Check them out!

Q. Which celebrities should I follow for current fashionable outfits?

A. This really boils down to whose style you most want to emulate or whose style you most admire. Zoe Kravitz’s style, for instance, is very different from someone like, say, Taylor Swift. However, if you are just looking to stay on top of the ever-evolving fashion trends of our modern world, then you might consider certain celebrities like Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, etc. These girls are models and can wear pretty much anything, it’s true, but if you want to see what Gen Z is doing fashion-wise, those three are good indicators. Here’s a list of the best Women Fashion Accounts to Follow on Instagram.

Q. Where to buy celebrity-style clothes?

A. Celebrities are known for wearing high-end designer pieces and rocking serious brand-name clothing. To find clothing in a similar range of styles (clothing that looks high-end and might even feature a popular brand name), you can check out stores like Zara, Urban Outfitters, and Steve Madden.

Q. How to look like a celebrity on a budget?

A. While many of us can’t afford the Gucci bags and Prada clothing tag, nabbing a celebrity-style wardrobe can be done, and on a budget too! Your first task is to decide which celebrity’s fashion style you most like. You might like the somewhat bohemian stylings of Vanessa Hudgens or the elegant takes of Olivia Palermo. Once you have your celebrity picked out, Google their street style and take notes! You can pick one specific outfit that you want to try to copy or you can try and capture the overall flavor of their most stylish looks.

Next, hit up your local stores. You can try thrift stores and online thrifting options like Depop or Poshmark to find gently used high-end items. Or you can look at affordable stores like H&M to try and find similar pieces that you see your fave fashion celeb rocking. Decide on a monthly budget that you can put toward remaking or adding to your wardrobe and focus on quality over quantity. You’ll be rocking a celebrity-inspired wardrobe before you know it!

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