Most Comfortable Heels-The 7 Best High Heels in 2021

Most comfortable heels. Every time I see a gorgeous pair of stilettos, I have to fight the urge to buy them. Because no matter how gorgeous they look on that model or on that store’s rack, I would never be able to walk without limping in them.

And even if by some miracle I do manage to pull them off for a day, it will be followed by days of excruciating pain in my heels and lower legs. So what’s the solution? Not wearing heels and dedicating my life to non-heeled booties and flat pumps? Of course not! A girl needs her heels for so many reasons, I mean even though I can’t wear sky-high stilettos, I can not imagine wearing an evening dress with flat shoes because it just doesn’t look as good and to be honest, at times, it simply looks ridiculous. What we need here are comfortable heels that don’t leave blisters in your feet.

Best Pain-less High Heels 2019

With the huge range of heels in the market these days, it’s not that difficult to find ones that will make you look great while making sure that you stay steady on your feet and walk with confidence. After much research and experimentation, I’ve come up with this list of top 10 heels that all girls like me need to have in their wardrobes. The best part is that most of these heels are incredibly budget-friendly, they have thousands of positive customer reviews and you can shop online for them! So starting with a summary of some tried and tested sho types that I recommend: (all of these shoes will be discussed in more detail below, along with the best brands to buy them from)

  • Mules with block heels
  • Strappy sandals
  • Espadrille wedge heels
  • Booties with heels
  • Platform heels
  • Pump heels
  • Cone heels

Most Comfortable HeelsThe 7 Best High Heels in 2021

↓ 7 – Classic Nude Mules with Block Heel

Mules are a type of shoes that come with an open back and a closed or semi-closed front. This means that they cover up most of your feet, except the back, ankles, and toes (if you opt for peep-toe mules). Between the 16th and 19th centuries, mules were considered as nothing more than bedroom slippers but welcome to the 21st century where they’ve become one of the most classy and trendy type of shoes.

One investment that you wouldn’t regret this year and in many years to come would be to buy nude mule heels. What I recommend here are the classic block heel mules in any nude color. Since the mules cover most of your feet, they make sure that you’re well-supported and the block heel makes walking so much easier. Another great thing about mules is that even the shortest heels will make you appear much longer, especially if you pair them with vertically striped outfits.

These shoes will go with almost any outfit and you can easily rock them every single day. You can see below five different looks of fashion and lifestyle blogger, Christine Andrews as she styles them with every outfit including jeans, shorts, and a sweet little dress.

Most Comfortable HeelsThe 7 Best High Heels in 2021


 The heels you see on Andrews are Vince Allison Mules which are currently out of stock in most stores but you can still wishlist yourself or check the few sizes available on eBay. You can also find three similar but great alternatives below:

Most Comfortable HeelsThe 7 Best High Heels in 2021

Vince Allison Heels $277

Most Comfortable HeelsThe 7 Best High Heels in 2021

Dolce Vita Renly Block Heel Mules  $150.00 $105.00

Most Comfortable HeelsThe 7 Best High Heels in 2021

JOANNAH Flared Heel Mule $89.95 $35.98

Most Comfortable HeelsThe 7 Best High Heels in 2021

Rachel Zoe Salana Mules  $328.00

↓ 6 – Strappy Sandals

Straps always add style to your look along with keeping your feet together so you can dance all night long. While slim heels are hard to walk in, straps always make things much easier so you’re comfortable while walking in them or standing for a long period of time. And they give you the chance to show off your perfect pedicure!

Depending on how much support you need or what style you prefer, you can choose anything from simple ankle strap sandals to lace-up straps. There’s definitely a huge variety of strappy sandals available these days and I’ve listed down three of my favorite ones below. And remember that these shoes are the best option to wear with dresses, for special occasions or just a night out with your loved ones, as proven by the incredible plus size blogger, Tanesha Awasthi.

Most Comfortable HeelsThe 7 Best High Heels in 2021 Most Comfortable HeelsThe 7 Best High Heels in 2021

Longitano Squared Toe Sandal NINE WEST $89.95

Most Comfortable HeelsThe 7 Best High Heels in 2021

Public Desire Sultry black patent strappy sandals $42.00

Most Comfortable HeelsThe 7 Best High Heels in 2021

Maryam Nassir Zadeh Maribel Sandal in Flame Calf $522 $364.99

↓ 5 – Espadrille Wedge Heels

If you walk a lot at work, or you’re looking for heels to travel in then nothing beats the comfort of wedge heels. But instead of the typical old heels, you need to opt this year for the more updated and classy and trending espadrille wedges.

Blair Eadie of the Atlantic Pacific blog recommends these gorgeous espadrilles from Castaner that she herself wore for a trip. I love how she paired the shoes with a matching midi dress. You definitely won’t find a more comfortable traveling outfit and shoe combination than this one.

Most Comfortable HeelsThe 7 Best High Heels in 2021 Most Comfortable HeelsThe 7 Best High Heels in 2021

Castaner Bluma Crisscross Wedges $150.00 $75.00 (Color: Verde Militar)

Most Comfortable HeelsThe 7 Best High Heels in 2021

CASTAÑER Carina canvas wedge espadrilles $150 (Available in 5 colors)

↓ 4 – Booties

Every girl needs at least one pair of booties with heels that are high enough to wear for work or formal occasions and yet comfortable enough to help you last all day long. For the effortlessly casual look, you should pair them with jeans. They also make awesome transitional shoes which make them the best option for the Fall season.

My most recommended booties for this year are the Nix Booties by Something Navy. This brand is the brain-child of the extremely creative and talented blogger Arielle Charnas. The shoes are pretty much basic because of their minimalist look but at the same time, they’re also very feminine which makes it really easy to incorporate them into your OOTD. They come in a lot of different designs and sweet colors so do check them out and I’m sure you’ll stumble upon something that you’ll just want to buy.

Most Comfortable HeelsThe 7 Best High Heels in 2021

Nix Bootie SOMETHING NAVY $129.95

↓ 3 – Flatform/Platform Heels

If you’ve never worn heels before then the easiest way to get used to them would be by wearing platform or flatform heels. The difference between the two is that platforms usually have a raised heel and a thicker sole. It can be said that flatforms are the cross between flat-shoes and platform heels. Both of them can help you get used to what it feels like to add some height to your shoes and once you feel that you’re used to them, you can move to the more adventurous heels. These shoes are also very practical and ideal choice for casual wear. Last but not least, they give off those dreamy retro vibes that we all desire every now and then!

The shoes seen above are by Stella Mccartney and they manage to give you an extremely comfortable experience, along with the height. They are of course only suited for casual wear but despite having been launched back in 2014, they’ve continued to be the ‘it-shoe’ till now. There are different styles available and the price ranges from $600 to $900, but if you keep an eye out you can get a really good deal on them as they often go on sale of up to 70%. But considering the level of comfort and quality that these shoes offer, they are definitely worth purchasing despite the high price point.

Because the shoes are heavier in weight, you can’t wear them without socks and to make sure that they stay in good shape for a long time, remember to clean them up with a damp cloth or a soft toothbrush every now and then. Below you’ll find some style inspiration on styling these shoes along with some other more budget-friendly options.

Most Comfortable HeelsThe 7 Best High Heels in 2021

Stella McCartney Black Elyse Shoes $ 835

Most Comfortable HeelsThe 7 Best High Heels in 2021 Most Comfortable HeelsThe 7 Best High Heels in 2021

GABRIELA HEARST  Cady leather Mary-Jane flatform shoes $795 $238

Most Comfortable HeelsThe 7 Best High Heels in 2021

MIU MIU Mary-Jane satin flatform pumps $650 $195

Most Comfortable HeelsThe 7 Best High Heels in 2021

Schutz Heloise Flatforms  $180.00 $54.00

↓ 2 – Clarks Pump Heels

If you’re looking for heels that you can wear to work and then continue to wear them for post-work plans then Clarks is your best bet. There are many other comfortable heel brands out there but Clarks has continued to stand out because of its reliability. Often times, with brands that provide medicated or high-tech soles, you’re forced to compromise on style but that’s not the case with Clarks. If you browse their store, you’ll find a huge range of shoes from casual to classy formals.

Their heels truly will give you that ‘walking on the clouds’ kind-of feeling and this is one brand that I can vouch for as I’ve personally worn many of their shoes. I recently wore their rose-gold, leather pump heels to attend a wedding function and I must say that these shoes did not disappoint as I absolutely loved wearing heels for once. These shoes came with a full leather lining inside which means that your feet stay protected by the padding and the additional Cushion Plus technology makes these shoes really light, breathable and easy to wear.

Most Comfortable HeelsThe 7 Best High Heels in 2021

Clarks Laina Rae Women’s Shoes Rose Gold Leather €99.95

In their USA store, these shoes are also available in black and tan colors.

comfortable high heel brands

Clarks Laina Rae Black Leather $110.00

↓ 1 – Cone Heels

Unlike stilettos, cone heels provide wider support to the base of your feet which makes walking in them so much easier. But the comfort is not the only reason you need to buy them as these are currently the most popular type of heels amongst fashion companies, celebrities, and bloggers. The shoes are also really versatile which means you can wear them to school, work, night outs, festivals, wedding parties and what not. Their bizarre shape also makes them stand out which means that these are the statement-making shoes that you can wear for all occasions. Moreover, these heels come in almost every single style of shoes including mules, sandals, and booties.

I’ll be sharing two of my favorite cone shoes here today. The first ones are the Schutz Lys heels which are great for formal outfits. They were worn in silver-golden color with a mini dress at a recent red carpet event by the gorgeous young actresses Storm Reid. At the same event, we also saw Riverdale’s Veronica, Camilla Mendes wearing the same shoes in black color with a long maxi dress.

comfortable high heel brands

SCHUTZ LYS Cone Heels – $190.00  $76.00

And since these are statement-making shoes, the next shoes take things to a completely new level by introducing pearl detailing. These are the Korean designer, Yuul Yie’s pearl booties that are available in two beautiful colors and their quirkiness makes them a must-have for this Fall season.

comfortable high heels

Yuul Yie Short Pearl Booties  $470.00 Color: Black

comfortable high heels

Statement Heel Bootie YUUL YIE Price$470.00 Color: Ash Rose

most comfortable high heels


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