30 Cute Kitenge Dresses for Young Girls

Kitenge Ankara Dresses for Young Girls – By the word Ankara, the only thing that pops up in mind is that ” Isn’t it the capital of Turkey! ” Yes, indeed it is, but here Ankara is the name of the fabric that is worn by Africans. This fabric is also known as “African prints,” “African wax prints,” “Holland wax,” and “Dutch wax.” It is a 100% cotton fabric with vibrant patterns and made through a wax-resist dyeing technique called batik.

Now let’s move on to the word Kitenge, it is an East African cotton fabric printed in versatile shades and designs, that are mainly worn by women. The fabric Ankara is also referred to as Kitenge as it is one of the most popularly adored attire today.

How to Wear Kitenge Ankara Dresses Fashionably

Here are some handy Advice for Styling up with Kitenge Ankara Dresses:

  • Make sure that you put on single tone shoes as you might have got the idea that the Kitenge Ankara is a printed, so putting on some muti-colores shoe over it would ruin the entire outlook.
  • Don’t accessorize yourself too much, go easy on the jewels as the fabric itself is having the broader and large prints; therefore, wearing heavy jewelry with it will look awful.
  • Braids or curls is the most recommended hairstyle with such outfits as they give a very subtle and traditional look.
  • If only one piece of your dress is in African print, then don’t merge it with another print, instead, go with black or white.
  • Grab some African printed headbands, journals, footwear, jewelry, and bags to enhance your kitenge collection. We also recommend that you check out these Modern Kitenge Dresses.

Kitenge Ankara Dresses

↓ 30 – Casual Kitenge Top

Hello friends! So, you are on your hunt to get the best outfit in kitenge print, isn’t it so? Well, start with the basic that is tee in African prints with blue or black jeans. This is the most simple yet elegant way to wear Ankara prints. You can try out the tee below that is in African floral print with short sleeve and ideal length. Such tops are suitable for both easygoing and semi-formal occasions. Accessorize your look with bold statement ornaments, and you are done! All set to go.

Kitenge Dresses for Young Girls

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↓ 29 – Kitenge Fringe Cape For Girls Night

Be the glimmering girl in glossy and throbbing Ankara with a sassy fringe cape. Wear it with grace and with style on top of a solid shirt or dress. You can also wear kitenge accessories if the rest of your outfit is dull. Put on some nude makeup, and you are ready to go.

Kitenge outfits for young girls

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↓ 28 – How To Dress In Kitenge For School

Be the center of attention in your college the same way you are at party nights or functions. Get rid of your typical old school and college bags and get your hands on this giddy mini Ankara kitenge backpack which is ideal a fashionista like you. You can also style yourself astoundingly by wearing African printed hairband and bangles. Keep your outfit as light as possible and accessorize with the aid of African prints.

Kitenge outfits for young girls


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↓ 27 – Long Flowy Kitenge Dresses

If you are craving for some girly and princess feels, then get yourself long flowy dresses like maxi gowns or skirts. You can wear them on casual days, hangouts even on formal events. Wear your hair in a loose bun and put on light jewelry like studs or bangles. Go with solid color heels and enjoy your day. Here are 30 Best Kitenge Designs for Long Dresses.

Kitenge outfits for young girls

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Kitenge Dresses for Young Girls

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↓ 26 – Bold Colors

Kitenge is all about dark colors and energetic prints. What can a better idea be than an all red jogger set with yellow design on it? A big yes for those who love bold and dark colors. Wear red or yellow heels, and you are more than okay!

Kitenge outfits for young girls

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↓ 25 – Cute Flare Kitenge Frocks

Girls, dresses, and flare! We have never seen such a right combination before. Girls, add some adorable flare knee-length dresses to your wardrobe and wear them with shorts or leggings. If you love matching, then you can go with some Kitenge printed jewelry for final touches. Go for pumps or ballerina shoes for an engaging look.

Kitenge outfits for young girls


Kitenge outfits for young girls


↓ 24 – How To Wear Kitenge Short Dress

Planning to make a new sapphire look for hanging out with friends on a sunny day? Then this look would perfectly fit in. All blue shades from head to toe are making a quite stylish look. The cut on the waist in the dress shows off the fine waist size that includes in as one factor for giving a style and attractive looks, and the other one is the short length of the dress both of them will exhibit how curly the body is.

Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (31)

Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (5)

↓ 23 – Celebrity in Kitenge Ankara Dress

The celebrity Gwen Steffani is a fashion and music icon, who is popular in own style statements by putting on Kitenge Ankara prints at her events. The African print jacket, pants, white inner and black high heels make her a fashionista. She went easy on the jewelry and just wore a bold shade of lipstick. Also, have a look at 25 Stylish Celebrity Fashion Trends In 2019 For Women

Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (25)Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (24)

↓ 22 – Kitenge Ankara Jumpsuit Styles

A jumpsuit is the best idea for an outfit in which you can go with entirely one print without looking extra or weird. Wear your Ankara jumpsuits with nude footwear, and that is all you need to look on point.

Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (16)

Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (17)

↓ 21 – Kitenge Ankara Everyday Wear with Jeans

Styling up with ripped blue jeans ripped is not as easy as it seems. Of course, this thing might come up in your mind like come on, just have to wear a Kitenge Ankara top over it. But No, accessorizing yourself with it is not an easy task. Here is a model wearing ripped jeans with Ankara top and she went white with all the other stuff like white shades, white bag, and even white sneakers that gives a sophisticated look. In the other picture, the model is playing around with the mustard color tone. Here are some cute Jeans Outfits in Heels.

Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (6)

Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (32)

↓ 20 – Hairstyles with Kitenge Ankara Dress

Hairdo always compliments the dress therefore with Kitenge Ankara, full braided African hairstyle will look superb as this dress belongs to the African continent but if one has got wavy or curly hair then can make a messy bun or let down their hair both of them will look great. Models below exhibit some of the fabulous hairstyles that you can opt for with your Kitenge Ankara look.

Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (21)Kitenage Dresses for Young GirlsKitenage Dresses for Young Girls (23)

↓ 19 – Beautiful Kitenge Ankara Shirt and Blouse

Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (4)


↓ 18 – How to Style with Kitenge Ankara Miniskirt

If you are going with Ankara mini skirts and don’t want to wear a simple top, then nothing is better than contrasting Ankara top.

Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (15)

↓ 17 – Say Hello to Winters in Kitenge Ankara Style

Welcome winters with the Kitenge Ankara jackets. Going out in winter and staying in style is a tough job. Models in the clicks below will guide how to style with Kitenge Ankara jacket with the blue pair of ripped skinny jeans and white straight pants.

Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (35)Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (36)

↓ 16 – Kitenge Ankara in Fishtail Style

Fishtail skirt or shirts or even gowns are the mainstream styles in Nigeria that are worn by many girls. If planning to hang out with the friends or going to attend a late night party then this fishtail Kitenge dress style should definitely in one’s closet because the cuts done in this dress style are not that simple, but they do one thing that they up bring the whole outlook of an individual. If you want to be a fashionista the opt the styling ways like models in the pictures below.

Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (27)Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (26)Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (28)

↓ 15 – Kitenge Skirt With Black Top

A black top, kitenge skirt, red shoes, and silver jewelry is so awe-inspiring. Do give it a try.

Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (34)


↓ 14 – Jackets in Kitenge Ankara Print

Jackets in Ankara prints over denim or black dress is a perfect idea for a casual day out or even for a coffee date with your man.

Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (20)Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (19)Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (18)

↓ 13 – Kitenge Ankara Outfit for Wedding

Here is how you can dress for a wedding in Kitenge. Do check out these Kitenge Dresses for Weddings.

Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (2)Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (3)


↓ 12 – Styling with Kitenge Maxi Skirt

Have a look at these outfits for some great ideas.

Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (13)


↓ 11 – Style up with Peter Pan Collar Kitenge Dress for Work

Going for some Casual styling then this Peter Pan Collar would do the work, with kitenge Ankara dress with a navy blue blazer and black tight. Peter Pan collar Ankara dresses are stylish, versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on occasions. For the day outlook the this Peter Pan collar Kitenge Ankara dress with flat shoes and for evening outlook pair it with the right heels and a clutch bag. Don’t miss out these 22 Elegant WorkWear Outfits Combinations for Women

Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (9)Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (10)

↓ 10 – What To Wear With Kitenge Printed Pants

Alright, enough with kitenge dresses, skirts, and tops. Why don’t you think of wearing a kitenge pant with a solid top and statement jewelry?

Kitenge Dresses for Young GirlsKitenge Dresses for Young Girls

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↓ 9 – Kitenge Dress Styles for Plus-Size Girls

Here is an idea to dress in kitenge if you are plus sized.

Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (7)Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (8)

↓ 8 – Chic Style with Kitenge Ankara

Dress up chic and unique in bold and vibrant colors.

Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (30)Kitenage Dresses for Young Girls (29)

↓ 7 – Summer Kitenge Trend Alert – Off Shoulder Tops

To get a cool and casual look in the summer season then this is the right place you have reached because the Kitenge Ankara off shoulder tops are going to be the latest fashion trend in 2019 that one would love to wear. This tops would give a casual street style look. The advantage of the Kitenge Ankara tops is that one looks quite active and energetic. As whites are an all-time favorite, the model here is wearing a rose red color top with white ripped jeans with the red stiletto that makes her overall outlook superb. Here are some more ideas and tips on What to Wear With Cold Shoulder Top for Women.


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