Modern Kitenge Dresses-18 New African Kitenge Designs 2018

Modern Kitenge dresses. The fashion of Kitenge fashion in Africa is the top focus of all clothing lines in Africa and make up a large budget of the fashion business. Kitenge dressing is a cultural symbol of the native Africa from the many past years, and African women still adore dressing up in cultural colors and Kitenge costumes to celebrate their fashion.

Many fashion designers from Africa are investing in creating as much as possible of the newer styles and designs in Kitenge dressing for women to explore in. Many newer styles are invented each year by fashion artists and therefore, here are about 18 classic and latest styles in Kitenge dresses for women to try. Have a look!

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How to Wear Latest Kitenge Fashion Stylishly

The term ‘kitenge’ usually refers to a special type of African fabric that is worn in many different ways by ladies. For example, it could be wrapped just around the waist, worn as a dress or just simply as a headscarf. While it has historically been a part of African traditions, lately, designers from across the world are using the fabric to create some spectacular and fashionable masterpieces. Traditionally, the kitenge is made using wax printing techniques or the ‘batik’. However, now these designs are commercially produced at a large scale, using roller printing. By incorporating them in their latest collections, designers have given the kitenges a more modern touch which is why it has become immensely popular in the younger generations too. These days you can not just find outfits made of kitenge but also mane different accessories such as bags and jewellery.


↓ 18 – Kitenge Maxi Dresses

These classic and colorful Kitenge maxi dresses are at the top of every fashion trend in Africa. It’s masterpiece fashion work of a great designer. Do you want some tips on how to wear it best? Find below!

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↓ 17 – Printed Kitenge Dress for Plus Size Women

A gorgeous and downright stylish Kitenge dress produced artistically for all the classy plus size ladies. Get your high heels and curls on and look your best. If you’re a chubby lady then look big and beautiful in these Swag Outfits for Chubby ladies-18 Plus Size Swag Styles


↓ 16 – South African Traditional Style

When it comes to the fashion of Kitenge, they come out in all possible styles and designs. The South African traditional style of Kitenge is still a very timeless top rated piece for women. Since these days statement sleeves are trending, we love the use of ruffle on the shoulder of this dress as it gives it a very different and chic style.

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↓ 15 – Kitenge Dashiki Skater Dress for the Beach

African fashion is considered the ultimate king of uniqueness and supremacy because of how much it appreciates the culture. For more amazing styles, here are 18 Perfect Beach Outfits for Black Girls this Summer


↓ 14 – Nigerian Kitenge Long Dresses

The Nigerian style in the Kitenge long dresses has long inspired the classy African women and still is a vital part of their cultural dressing.

↓ 13 – African Kitenge Style 2018

The newest and trendiest style in the African Kitenge dressing in 2018.


↓ 12 – Kitenge Wedding-wear Style

African cultural trends and values could be very distinct from ours and this is why Kitenge wedding-wear is immensely unique, bright and gorgeous.


↓ 11 – Modern African Kitenge Top

The modern Kitenge style is composed of a slender-looking coat and a mesmerizing skirt with a stylish print of many colored leaves. Some hot makeup and a stylish hairdo will be a plus point. For an amazing hairstyle to go with this outfit, check out 20 Cute Hairstyles for Black Teenage Girls


↓ 10 – Nice Chiffon Kitenge Dress


↓ 9 – A Summer Kitenge Style

For daytime wear in Summers, go for shades or orange and yellow. This dress has combined both these colors with blue and the pleats help give the dress a better shape and structure. It would be ideal for casual wear in Summers.


↓ 8 – Michelle Obama in a Kitenge Dress

Michelle Obama in a Kitenge-inspired dress.


↓ 7 – A Kitenge Style for Prom Night

Prom nights can be made nicer with Kitenge short and pretty style of dress. It’s a really cool kitenge design for short dresses. For more prom inspiration, check out these 15 Cute Prom Outfits Combinations for Teen Girls.



↓ 6 – A Fancy Style in Kitenge Dressing

A sexy and slender Kitenge design for fancy parties and occasions. The high ponytail hairstyle is a matching pitch.


For hot dressing, hot makeup is mandatory!


↓ 5 – Kitenge Printed Skirt for Girls

Some style coming in handy for all the high school teens – Kitenge printed skirt outfits! If you like wearing skirts then do have a look at Hippie Skirts Outfits- 16 Ideas How to Wear Hippie Skirts


↓ 4 – Nigerian Kitenge Long Lace Dress

A lace dress like this would be the perfect party outfit or even for attending a wedding function. These dresses have all the glitz and glam of a kitenge and yet the lace makes it look simple and unique.


↓ 3 – A Funky Printed Kitenge Look

Funky and graphic prints are once again a hit this year. You can easily find these prints on kitenges too. However, if you want to wear them for formal occasions or to work, you might need to make some modifications for a more polished look. For example, pair them with other solid colored pieces such as the tights or the cardigan.


Try this makeup idea for an excited look.


↓ 2 – Kitenge Fancy Wedding-wear

Yellow kitenge is one of the best and boldest color to wear this year. And even though it is one of the boldest colors, it surely is not easy to wear. So our tip is to add another color or print with it to tone it down a notch. Find here 14 Chic Ways to Wear Yellow outfits.


↓ 1 – Latest 2018 Kitenge Dress

Here’s a beautiful Kitenge fashion long dress that you can wear both casually and semi-formally.


Try gorgeous nude makeup for elegance.



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