Graphic Sweatshirt Outfits – 20 Ideas on How To Wear A Graphic Sweatshirt

Graphic Sweatshirt Outfits: Graphic sweatshirts have always been in style. A fan favorite, they are most popular due to the variety of colors, designs, and sizes they come in. They are one of the most comfortable and easy-to-style items of clothing that require zero to the minimal effort to turn into a casual outfit to lounge around in, or a slightly elevated look, good enough to wear on your day out.

Most people like to go for the oversized look regarding graphic sweatshirts. The loosely fitted look makes it much easier to style as it leaves no room to layer anything over it, which allows for a more effortless look. This is perfect for those who do not want too much complexity in their outfit but still want to look and feel stylish and comfortable.

What To Wear With A Graphic Sweatshirt? 

The options are truly endless when it comes to choosing what to wear with your graphic sweatshirt. If you want to prioritize comfort, go for a pair of leggings with it. If you want to display the graphics on your sweatshirt outfit, opt for a matching pair of sweatpants or even matching tights.

If you want to dilute the graphics without completely hiding them, layer on a jacket and get a printed bold pair of trousers that adhere to the color scheme of the sweatshirt! You can let your imagination run completely wild while styling graphic sweatshirts.

Do’s And Don’ts For Styling Graphic Sweatshirts

  • Do try to create a color palette while styling graphic sweatshirts. Just a simple color-matching theory can work perfectly to elevate a casual sweatshirt into something that looks much more sophisticated and put together.


  • Do not opt for any skirts or similar options for the lower body. Graphic sweatshirts are usually not form-fitting and do not do much to accentuate the body, so it is important that anything worn with it, is something that hugs your curves. An overall loose look may drown out your body and will not be very flattering.


  • Do try to layer where possible! Layering different textures and materials over or under your sweatshirt can make all the difference in the world to make your simple graphic sweatshirt outfit stand out so much more. 


  • Do not opt for too many patterns. If your graphic sweatshirt is very loud and busy with its design, then try to opt for something plain to wear on the lower body. This will ensure that there is no clashing with the patterns in the overall outfit and there is overall coherence in your outfit! 

20 – Matching Green Sweatshirt and Sweatpants Set 

This graphic sweatshirt is best styled with a matching pair of sweatpants. This is done to highlight the white detailing of the sweatshirt and really make it prominent enough to come to the forefront.

The bold white colored print is therefore used as an accent in this outfit that is further enhanced by the addition of some retro sunglasses, which add another element of style to the outfit and carry the white of the graphics on the sweatshirt. 


19 – Black Sweatshirt With Bold White Graphic 

This sweatshirt is very simple in terms of its graphics. It only contains an affirmative message on the back in a plain, white, bold font. To accentuate the message and prevent it from drowning out, the best approach to styling this graphic sweatshirt would be to pair it with something that matches perfectly with it.

This is done by the use of matching sweatpants. This creates sort of a blank canvas and the all-black makes the white stand out more, hence giving the otherwise plain graphics on the sweatshirt some life and really accentuating them.


18 – Black Sweatshirt With Coloured Sneakers  

This is another variation of the outfits described above. Only in this one, one of the accent colors in the graphics of the sweatshirt is carried forward in the shoes. This is a unique and fun touch to add to your outfit.

It is the most subtle detail but it can do a lot to enhance the overall look of your outfit. The matching effect is small, but the otherwise plain base will be a little pop of color that can take your outfit to the next level. 


17 – Graphic Sweatshirt With Faux Leather Shorts and White Loafers 

This outfit consists of a fun graphic sweatshirt and all the colors included in the graphics of this sweatshirt are reflected in the rest of the outfit. The black is mirrored in stunning faux leather shorts which create a flattering silhouette while adding a fun textural element to the outfit.

The white in the sweatshirt is mirrored in the white loafers which brighten the outfit and add style to it. This altogether makes the perfect color combination, that works to complement the graphic sweatshirt. 


16 – Beige Sweatshirt With Black Leggings and Combat Boots 

If you’re looking for some graphic sweatshirt outfit ideas then we’ve got you a cool one: An oversized sweatshirt paired with black leggings. This creates a flattering silhouette and elongates the body. This is paired with combat boots that add a new level of style and dimension to the outfit and take it from casual to something you could wear while going out.


15 – Duochromatic Look with Blue Graphic Sweatshirt and White Add Ons 

This stunning teal sweatshirt has a relatively minimalistic design on it that is very well reflected through the white shorts and white sneakers that match the detailing on the sweatshirt.


14 – White Graphic Sweatshirt With Dark Purple Tights 

If your sweatshirt is white, it is most likely that the graphic design on it will be more prominent. This is going to be helpful to decide what to wear on the lower body as the main aim will be to enhance the graphic more.

Any accent color can be chosen from the design and be paralleled in the lower body piece, in the form of leggings or tights, which are the most minimalistic and comfortable options to choose from. 


13 – Cowboy Boots and Denim Shorts Paired with a Graphic Sweatshirt 

This is a wonderful way to amp up your outfit to the next level. The graphic sweatshirt is paired with denim shorts which helps in elongating the legs and giving a flattering silhouette. This is further achieved by the addition of cream cowboy boots which add to the outfit to create a dramatic flair that will add so much to the otherwise casual outfit.


12 – Faded Green Sweatshirt With Light Wash Jeans 

This outfit is based on a very muted and faded color palette. The faded sage green graphic sweatshirt has a very minimal and simplistic design on it which provides coherence to the overall outfit. The look is enhanced further with an added layer of sophistication with the use of white ankle boots which add a more formal look to the outfit. This also works perfectly to enhance the soft faded colors. 


11 – Beige Graphic Sweatshirt With Grey Flared Jeans

This outfit is based on very neutral, fall tones. A sweatshirt is a comfortable option for the chilly winter weather and it is paired with a pair of flared jeans to elongate the body and give an overall flattering effect.

The shoes worn in this example are sneakers, but a pair of ankle boots could also be worn for a more formal look.


10 – Colorful Graphic Sweatshirt With Black Velvet Flared Leggings

This outfit is so easy to pull off, and while it is like the previously mentioned one, it has some differences which make it stand out. The chosen sweatshirt in this example is a white one with neon-colored prints on it. To make this stand out, a neutral, black pair of flared leggings is chosen.


9 – Grey Sweatshirt, Faux Leather Pants & White Cowboy Boots

This outfit follows an outdoorsy look. This can be very easy to pull off, all you need to do is to reflect the colors of your graphic sweatshirt into certain pieces like boots and your style of pants. In this outfit, the faux brown leather pants tied with the white cowboy boots create a unique color palette and make this outfit ready to wear to any outdoor occasion. You can give this outfit something extra by adding a cute straw hat which will elevate it even more.


8 – Layering a Brown Teddy Jacket Over A Black Comfy Sweatshirt Outfit

Sometimes bringing forth the graphics of your sweatshirt is not the main goal when planning an outfit. You can keep it simple by wearing a toned down, black, mostly plain sweatshirt with matching black tights and layer over it, a brown teddy jacket.

You can never go wrong with it. Teddy jackets add that pop of color to make your outfit instantly better, and more importantly, they will keep you warm and comfortable!


7 – Grey and Orange Graphic Sweatshirt With Chessboard Print Flared Pants

This outfit is definitely one that will catch everyone’s eye. A relatively simple graphic sweatshirt is paired with an orange chessboard print flared pair of pants. The beautiful orange color comes directly from the design on the sweatshirt, and it is reflected in such a unique way that uplifts the entire outfit and makes it so much more interesting. It is the easiest way to spice up an outfit.


6 – Grey Sweatshirt Over A White Collared Shirt

This outfit takes layering from another perspective. Usually, people would go for a layer over their sweatshirt, but this outfit does the opposite. Layering a graphic sweatshirt over a white collared shirt makes the design on the sweatshirt so much more prominent.

This is a cute preppy look for people who would like to maintain a certain aesthetic and do not want an overall casual effect. Some black loafers would complete this look.


5 – Cream Sweatshirt With Denim Jacket

Throw on a denim jacket over your favorite graphic sweatshirt and the mixing of materials will instantly make your outfit dimensional and fun!


4 – Black Denim Jacket Over Graphic Sweatshirt

This oversized denim jacket that matches the graphic design on the sweatshirt ties the whole outfit together, especially with an introduction of a new texture to the outfit! It creates a cute and casual aesthetic that will go perfectly with black converse sneakers.


3 – Cream Sweatshirt With Black Faux Leather Pants and Long Trench Coat

This outfit has it all! The leather from the faux pants and the combat boots accentuate the black detailing on the graphic sweatshirt. The coat adds a dramatic flair and pulls the outfit together. The cream sweatshirt becomes an accent color and looks amazing in the all-black leather outfit.


2 – Sage Green Graphic Sweatshirt With Sleeveless Black Puffer Jacket

This outfit without the puffer jacket may have been a very simple and basic one. While it may also work, it would have lacked an extra bit of dimension. The sleeveless puffer jacket elevates the look without completely drowning out the colors and the graphics of the sweatshirt, making it a fun outfit to try out!


1 – Pink Graphic Sweatshirt With Brown Flare Leggings

This outfit is perfect with its gorgeous color scheme. Flared leggings go with almost anything, so you can definitely match them to the graphics on your sweatshirt to create a wonderful outfit.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Is the design of the sweatshirt supposed to match the rest of the colors?

A. This is definitely not a necessity, as you can take a color in the graphics of your sweatshirt and contrast or match it according to your liking. Remember, work your way around the graphics and the sweatshirt. Finding a specific graphic design to create a specific outfit will be very hard and inaccessible! 

Q. Won’t layering make the outfit very stiff and comfortable?

A. This completely depends on how you decide to layer and what you decide to use. A sleeveless puffer jacket will be perfectly comfortable, whereas a tight-fitted denim jacket over a graphic sweatshirt might be hard to breathe in! The solution to this is to opt for an oversized jacket to layer over your sweatshirt. Another alternative could be to layer under your outfit with turtlenecks and collared shirts! 

Q. Can my lower body clothing item be patterned and colorful?

A. Yes, it can as long as your sweatshirt is not too loud in its colors and graphics. A minimalistic design can go with loud patterns on the legs very nicely, however, be careful of clashes in color and pattern! They may not be the most flattering, so always go for a pattern when your sweatshirt is relatively simple.

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