Women’s Neutral Outfits 15 Best Ways to Wear Neutral

Women’s Neutral Outfits– Neutrals play the role of backbone in any functional wardrobe. Charcoal, taupe, gray, icy pink, peach, navy blue, beige, khaki coral, cognac and salmon. Don’t you think these colors are pleasant to eyes and relaxing enough to see when you are tired?

They don’t even pinch in your eyes as bright colors do. It’s time to add these trendsetting colors to your wardrobe to look decent and stylish without the fear of looking boring and dull.

How to Wear Neutral Colors?

Buy less, chose well. Make it Last. Quality, not Quantity. Neutrals! You can create endless outfits with minimum pieces. We know that neutrals are building blocks of anyone’s wardrobe and they either help you create a fashion statement or just become a total disaster and you surely don’t want any massive destruction. So here is the complete guide on how to pair up perfect neutral with anything for any occasion.

  • Know the color palate
  • Know your skin undertones so that you can choose to complement neutral colors
  • Choose the right accessories and play with different textures like wearing a leather jacket with a long pastel coat
  • Don’t restrict neutrals to only a certain kind of weather, and they can be rocked in every season if styled rightly
  • Mixing neutrals with animal prints is always a good idea

Understanding Your Skin Tone And Hair Color

Wearing neutral is becoming our new favorite. Want to wear neutral without looking dull, boring or sick? Here is what you need to know first! Figure out your skin tone and hair color in order to match the perfect neutral and look effortlessly beautiful and graceful. People with cool skin tone look good in neutrals like pink, blue and peach as it helps their complexion not to look pale.

If you have a medium skin tone brown, gray, khaki and navy are definitely your colors. If you have dark skin and want to ace neutrals go with white, black, dark brown or silver. This is the first basic thing, and we don’t want you to fail in the very beginning.

Moreover dressing according to your hair color is also a great idea. If you have platinum, blonde, red, or gold hair the best fit will be to go with pastel shades and jewel tones. Wearing olive, mustard or blue will be a really great choice if you have golden, caramel, ash brown or dark brown hair. And if you have jet black, espresso or honey blonde hair the best idea is to dress up in white or ruby.

↓ 15 – Building A Neutral Capsule Wardrobe

In the building of a basic wardrobe, we can not go wrong if we strive for simplicity and perfect fitting. Just in case you are on your way to creating a neutral capsule wardrobe you need to get some plaid shirts in all neutral colors. They can be used as your base for every outfit. Get yourself some wide leg pants, straight pant, trousers, and jeans.

Moreover get blazers, sweaters, long coats and dusters in all primary light and dark shades of neutral. a few neutral footwears in black, white and skin. And if you are a skirt person get some of them and pair them up with anything in your neutral wardrobe and create your own style. And your wardrobe will be forever incomplete without belts, bags, purses, and of course jewelry. And to further help you out, here are 18 Cutest Outfits with Camel Coat.

Do well, live well & dress really well.

how to wear neutral colors

↓ 14 – Wearing All Neutrals

I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful but also to reassure them, give them confidence. And the more confident you are in what you are wearing, the better you look. We often think that wearing all neutral is really a boring choice, but this is absolutely wrong! Going all neutral is so decent and elegant. You can go on wearing a neutral jumpsuit, shirt with your favorite pants or a long maxi. Any color choice can be great if you are planning on wearing an all neutral. White, black, gray whatever you like! You can add the dark accessories, bold color shoes and dark lips to complete your look. This can be the best idea for any age group.

↓ 13 – Monochromatic Style

Ladies, Make it simple, but significant. Wearing neutral is trending a lot. For the last few years, we are encountering many fashion changes, and we’ve noticed that people have started to prefer neutral over dark and bright shades. The most significant plus point is that you can create a versatile wardrobe with just a few pieces. Wear neutral with an undertone.

Make your one piece of a lighter shade and the other of a darker shade having the same base. To enhance your look, you can add a belt to your dress or use any other accessory of your choice. You can go for monochromatic outfits in any shade of your choice like beige, cream, camel or gray and remember, this is one of the fashion blogger’s most recommended way of making a simple outfit look like its way more expensive, making it perfect for fancy dinners or meetings.

how to wear neutral colors

↓ 12 – Neutral With A Tint Of Texture

Keep on adding texture. The more the texture, the better. Plain neutral might not be your favorite thing to do. Why not add some texture in any piece? It will brighten up your look. You can wear neutral textured sweaters, pants, hoods, scarfs. The best option is to add at least one textured piece in your complete outfit. It will prevent your gear from getting boring. If you are planning monochrome tint of texture will be the perfect fit. It will be all voguish and chic.

And if you’re bold enough, you can always go with an oversized furry sweater.

neutral outfit ideas

And plaid colors, of course, are a timeless addition for your wardrobe:

how to wear neutral outfits

↓ 11 – Neutral With A Bold Pop Of Colours

Time to add bold colors to neutral to create an entirely new style statement. Who says you can’t wear neutral with popping colors. Get yourself some tremendous bold pieces and match them with your neutral capsule. Any season can be an excellent choice for bold popping colors with neutral. If you don’t want much of bold color in your outfit, you can go on wearing a fluffy scarf. Accent colors like cognac, coral and berry are usually considered favorite.

↓ 10 – Neutral With High Shine For Party Wear

A style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. So, let us get splashy and spiffy. It’s time to add high shine to your neutral line. One of the best match with neutral is to add a glimpse of glitter to it. We always have many ways of wearing any outfit.

You can wear an all neutral dress with beadwork or just shimmer, or you can go on wearing a gleaming top or skirt. Being shiny and sparky never goes out of fashion and here is your chance. If you’re into shiny and metallic outfits, you wouldn’t want to miss out these 26 Best Ideas on How To Wear Metallic Outfits For Girls.

↓ 9 – Neutral With Denim For Casual Wear

Neutral With Denim? Our favorite casual wear. But where does it get complicated? Of course in color coordination. But don’t worry your neutral wardrobe is your go-to place. Open your wardrobe and style up any neutral with denim. You can wear denim jeans with neutral Tees, oversized sweaters or tops. A denim jacket can be styled with neutral skirts. Or denim tops with pants. It’s your choice whatever you like better.

↓ 8 – Classy Pairing With White

Pairing any Neutral With White White is a go-to color! Most favorite color and a perfect fit for every outfit. You can use white shirts as inners and add other neutral over it. Or a dark neutral as a base and white blazer or coat over it. White jeans or pants can be best paired up with a top of any color.

And white footwear: favorite for any season. You can wear white sneakers, heels, and flats with any outfit. Just have every type of white in your wardrobe and you don’t need to worry about the of rest colors. You don’t have enough time? Are you in n hurry? Just pick up white with anything while eyes closed and you won’t regret your choice. That’s a promise! Here’s our earlier post with some fab ideas on How to Wear White Wide Leg Pants.

↓ 7 – Layering Neutrals For Winters

Go forth & be fabulous! Why not mix some colors and do layering and create an entirely new look? Layer a midi dress over wide leg trouser and complete the look with oversized blazers. Oversized blazers, coats, and dusters are usually best for layering. You can go on wearing dresses with fitting underneath them. And don’t forget some texturing and of course the monochrome ideas. You are all set the dapper and dashing.

We love the idea of adding in an army hat with your neutral winter outfit to mix things up.

how to wear neutral

↓ 6 – Flower Power

Why not add a glimpse of floral power to your neutral wardrobe? Floral prints are great for spring and summer season. They can add life to your neutral appearance. You can wear neutral with floral blazers and coats. Another option is to wear floral pants or skirts with a neutral base. Here is another idea! Why not allow a floral frock to peep coyly from under a white cape with some sneakers. Stun anyone and everyone.

↓ 5 – Neutral For Weddings

Tired of seeing brides wearing bright colors like red and maroon? You don’t want to follow the typical tradition of wearing a red dress at your wedding? Want a change? Want to create your own style statement on your big day? Neutral is an excellent option without any doubt. Pick up your favorite neutral with shine and glimmer. All glamorous! Neutrals look great with embroidery. You can style up your big days wearing neutral and be the center of attention without going bold.

↓ 4 – Celebrities Rocking Neutral

Neutral outfits are the perfect fit for any occasion, and we are witnessing that celebrities are loving the neutral trend. Meghan, Gigi, Kim, and Kendel are often seen wearing neutral sometimes with a tint of texture, sometimes with layering. Celebrities are rocking neutrals on every occasion. They’ve been seen wearing neutral capsule on movie premier, promotion, award function on the ramp and even on the red carpet. Following celebrities is one of our favorite thing to do, and dressing gets so easy because they become our inspiration and we can have some great ideas from them. And hence we conclude that neutrals are not for one occasion but every occasion.

↓ 3 – All Black Swag

Most people consider only nude shades or browns as neutrals, and they forget our favorite old friend, black. Black is such a classy color, and it never fails to impress. We love this simple outfit in all black that’s perfect for work, just a casual day at home or running errands in style. We’ve already done many posts on wearing all black outfits, but you should definitely check out our favorite one on 25 Celebrities All Black outfits Styles to Copy.

how to wear neutral colors

↓ 2 – All White

The freshest outfit for your mornings, an all-white look.

how to wear neutral colours

↓ 1 – Perfect Travel Style

Neutrals are all you need for your next vacation as they help you take the perfect insta-worthy pictures and its so easy to mix n match them up that you won’t have to carry a lot of baggage with you.

how to wear neutral outfits how to wear neutral outfits

Makeup With Neutral

Neutrals may seem a little dull or boring at times or you might feel like your complexion is fading away. To look fresh you can wear some natural pink makeup with a blush on, lip tint, mascara, and some highlighter.

A completely fresh look will really complement your dress. Or a light overall makeup with bright eyes or bright lips will definitely look great and can be a great option if you are wearing neutral to a wedding or any other function. You can always play with colors but the right choice will be to go with dark lips or eyes so that you don’t look boring but elegant! Makeup is the finishing touch, the final accessory. If you’re looking to buy neutral makeup or want some new additions in your palette, we highly recommend checking out blogger Julia’s amazing post on her favorite neutral makeup picks.

neutral makeup ideas

Must-Have Neutral Footwears

You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet. Neutral footwears are a must have! You must have every sort of neutral, from flats to heels and from boots to sneakers.

White, black and skin are three basic colors that will match with any dress that you are planning to wear, be it a neutral dress or any other dress. Neutral footwear can be rocked on any event and any time whether it’s a daytime function or a nighttime function. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a formal or a casual occasional. By wearing neutral, you’ll be stepping stylish 24/7 and giving people some major style goals.

Must-Have Accessories

Any outfit is incomplete until and unless you use the right accessories with it. Make sure the accessories you use compliments your outfit really well because the right choice can enhance your whole appearance and the wrong one can ruin it all for you.
As for wearing neutrals might seem dull and boring but you can always brighten up your look by fixing a belt of comparatively dark shade or even some glamor and glitter will work. Pairing up your neutral outfit with a dark bold bag will be a great choice, be it a shade of dark pink, black, navy blue or a darker tone of your dress. And don’t forget to wear jewelry. You can go with a heavy necklace or heavy earrings or just light chain, studs and some rings. Another option is to go with some hand bands of bright colors. But never forget to wear the most valuable accessory that is your smile. And your look is complete!


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