What to Wear in Europe? 15 Outfit Ideas & Styling Tips

If you have landed on this blog post, then you are travelling to any of the European countries soon. Wherever you go, comfort is the first thing that has to be taken care of. Europe is filled with art, history, rich culture, and unpredictable weather.

As you will be catching a lot of trains and Metros, keeping that in mind, your choice of clothes should be functional and fashionable.

If you have not packed your travel gear yet, then these few tips can help you out to look classy yet comfortable throughout your trip. You probably do not have many ideas on how to dress when traveling in Europe; what clothes to pack for a European trip for different seasons. So let us start with it!

Styling Tips

  • Always prioritize your comfort over everything else, as this is the outfit you will probably be spending the rest of your day in. So make sure to pack some comfortable clothes.
  • I would suggest keeping your make-up light and neutral. Go for the flawless no-make-up make-up look, with perfect skin and rosy cheeks to blend right in. On the contrary, wear a bright lip with a more subtle outfit if you are the kind who likes to stand out in the crowd.
  • Accessorize smartly. Wear easy-to-carry and user-friendly items, for example, a fine watch accompanied by an exemplary handbag. Most importantly, you have to pack a clutch bag that can go with most of your outfits.
  • Europe is all about solid-toned and neutral colour palettes with one statement piece. Keep it simple and monochrome by packing a top that can match two bottoms or vice versa. This would make styling for your trip easy and occupy less space in your bag. Keep reading ahead to find the perfect ways to execute the colors in your outfit!
  • Make sure to pack your most comfortable pair of shoes for europe, for example, a white pair of sneakers. Trust me, you will be thanking yourself after those long walks wandering in the streets.
  • Purchase a cheap yet stylish summer hat. They will match most of the outfits you wear when dressing down for a fun day.

What to Avoid

  • On your more casual days assigned for exploration, avoid dressing down a bit too much to the point it seems distasteful. Make sure to plan an outfit that is comfortable yet looks proper.
  • Pack according to the plan! It would be best if you plan your clothing options as per your schedule. If you are planning adventure rides, water sports, or hiking, then pack accordingly. Your beach outfits, beach hats, and for your adventure rounds, make sure to keep windbreakers and warm clothing.
  • No pajamas for the days out. Period. They will be your perfect companion for staying inside your hotel, although we doubt you would want that on your trip!
  • Try to avoid wearing more revealing clothes like shorts or tanktops when visiting the churches, historical and religious sites.
  • Leave your expensive jewelry behind in a safe space as European streets are notoriously known for their pickpocketers.

Europe Travel Outfit Ideas

Must check our Country / City specific guide :

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↓ 15 – Jackets For Colder Days

Always keep one structured jacket/coat, warm cap, and a pair of gloves with you. You never know when the sun goes down and brings a grey sky with heavy rain. For that unexpected cold, you have to be prepared. And what better way to do so than a classic leather jacket?! This look is perfect for the windy summer days during your travel.

Europe Travel Outfits - 15 Ideas for What to Wear in Europe Now
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↓ 14 – Summer Flowy Dress

This dress is the definition of cute! The entire look is not only comfortable but is also fashionable. It is perfect for your exploration days in the European city and streets.


↓ 13 – Pastel Blue Hues

The entire colour palette of this ensemble screams cool and fresh! The flared pants are the perfect combination of the squared neck top. Switch this shoulder bag for a crossbody bag so that it can hold your travel necessities for the day out. As a bonus, it would be easier to carry as well!

Europe Travel Outfits - 15 Ideas for What to Wear in Europe Now
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↓ 12 – Pleated Skirt with a Beret

This outfit looks immaculate and is perfect for your formal excursions, whether it be a candle-lit dinner or visiting an art gallery. Everything about this look, from the beret to the pleated skirt, is right on-brand with your Europe trip and leaves you looking like a dream. If the weather gets too warm, get rid of the black blazer, and you are good to go!


↓ 11 – It is all about Accessories!

If you have packed basic wardrobe pieces with you, accessories can make them look high-end. If you ever imagine yourself being in the streets of Rome wearing nice shoes and a basic top, the picture won’t be complete without a neck choker or a long layered necklace. To bring some inspiration your way, the look below is the prime definition of basic yet modern.

The hair scarf looks chic, and the red shoes are such a statement! Comfortable shoes are essential, so make sure to pack pairs that are your true tried-and-tested. For more detail on footwear, check out the 15 Best Walking Shoes you need for Europe Trip.

Europe Travel Outfits - 15 Ideas for What to Wear in Europe Now
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↓ 10 – Two-Piece for Beach Days

Keep a summer hat with this gorgeous two-piece outfit, perfect for beach day.

Europe Travel Outfits - 15 Ideas for What to Wear in Europe Now
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↓ 09 – Floral Skirt

Skirts make a perfect match to whatever top you wear, whether a loose flowy one or a fitted turtle neck. Tulle or long chiffon – either way, skirts look formal and attractive. Do not forget to wear a perfect pretty skirt while visiting the churches and palaces. They are ideal for the summer season, which is the best time to visit Europe.


↓ 08 – Printed Scarf

Adding some print to your monochrome outfit can make your entire appearance look more vibrant and lively. And scarves are the perfect way to bring some contrast and texture to your look. Not only do they look fashionable, but they also provide much-needed warmth on the cooler European days!


↓ 07 – Say Yes to Ruffles!

The printed beret with the ruffled skirt is such a fun way to style berets. This outfit is the perfect pick for your visit to Paris, blending you right in with the locals. So fashionable yet fun!

Europe Travel Outfits - 15 Ideas for What to Wear in Europe Now
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↓ 06 – Floral Summer Dress

Europe has wild meadows and calm beaches. A floral summer dress is perfect for your trips to the flower fields and the meadows!

Europe Travel Outfits - 15 Ideas for What to Wear in Europe Now
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↓ 05 – Chequered Pants Look

The chequered pants look so modish paired with this cropped sweater. Opt for a white bristol top if the weather prevents you from wearing a sweater like this. Add a nice cross-body bag, and you are good to go. This patterned statement belt pulls the entire look together and is a cherry on the top!

Europe Travel Outfits - 15 Ideas for What to Wear in Europe Now
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↓ 04 – Polka Dots are your Best Friend

Polka dot is the only print that’s used in casual and formal wear, both. If you are wearing a polka dot skirt, then a subtle lace shirt can make you look exquisite. Likewise, this dress on its own is a dream to be in—just the right amount of boho casual for your Europe travel. If you love prints and do not want your clothes to be that simple, polka dots are your safest pick.

Europe Travel Outfits - 15 Ideas for What to Wear in Europe Now
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↓ 03 – Monochrome with White Pants!

If you wish to create memories, then do not forget to take your favorite clothing item to your favorite destination. A lot of people, even myself, love to associate memories with their belongings. So whip out your favorite piece, throw it on and get ready to make some memories!

Europe Travel Outfits - 15 Ideas for What to Wear in Europe Now
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↓ 02 – Stripes and Summer Hats

A beach hat can be a modish accessory on a hot sunny day. This jumpsuit is perfect for your road trip to the nearby farmer’s market.

Europe Travel Outfits - 15 Ideas for What to Wear in Europe Now
<a href=httpswithlovefromkatcomfarmers market run target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>Via<a>

↓ 01 – Pack One Formal Dress

You never know if you might need to attend an unexpected party or a formal event. Always pre-plan and keep something that you can wear for your formal gatherings. It should not be too flashy but also should not be a simple outfit.

This blue piece finds the perfect balance between the two and will make sure to turn some heads your way. Accessorize it with minimal jewelry and a pair of white or silver heels. In this gorgeous attire, you would indeed be a vision to behold.

Europe Travel Outfits - 15 Ideas for What to Wear in Europe Now
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of clothes should I prepare before travelling to Europe in the winter?

A. When traveling to Europe in winter, layering would prove sufficiently helpful to keep you warm. Ensure that you pack an essential woolen coat that will match most of your outfits, along with thick sweaters. You can also check out these 14 Winter Travel Packing Tips & Packing List

Furthermore, cram a variety of scarves because you will probably be wearing these every single day of your travel. They not only keep you warm but also look stylish if styled appropriately. Next, an excellent woolen hat that covers your ears is a must to stay snug, and they will make you look oh-so-cosy!

However, if you do not wish to hide your outfit under all the layers, thermals answer all your problems. Pack a bunch of thermals to be worn under your outfit, enabling you to show off your cute ensemble. Also, carry a few pairs of warm socks to keep your feet warm and cozy.

Trust me, cold and freezing feet would ruin not only your vacation mood but also hinder your activities planned for the day. So make sure to keep your feet happy!

Q. What is the best way to dress to avoid standing out as an American, while visiting Europe?

A. In all honesty, it depends more upon the country you are traveling to in Europe. Think of intelligent alternatives for your clothes that might be considered more revealing to the Europeans. While some may view a particular article as revealing, other countries might be okay with it.

However, to be on the safe side, I would suggest leaving your shorts back home and opting for longer skirts and capri pants. Similarly, switch your tank top for a lighter-weight option that covers your shoulders. Do not wear beachwear when exploring the city and streets unless you wish to be frowned upon. Likewise, wear your gym attire only if you are going to the gym.

Q. What things should I must bring other than passport, money, and clothes for holiday in Europe?

A. Carry a neck pillow for comfortable travel on the plane along with your earphones. In today’s day and age, where technology is the prime guide for every tourist, do not forget to bring your charger and necessary accessories for your gadget(s).

Make sure to keep your toiletries along with sunscreen and skincare. Do check your airline’s guide on the standard size for products you will be hand carrying to breeze through the customs. Also, a quick tip would be to make a checklist of your travel essentials a week prior to your travel to ensure that you do not forget anything!


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