Types of Kisses – 50 All Types of Kisses with Meanings You Should Know

Types of Kisses. Want to surprise your love partner with a sweet kiss but afraid of being awkward? Kissing each other usually exhibit how deeply in love the two persons are. Whether you are in some new relationship and trying to build affection with each other or a 90’s couple still blooming in love, kissing will always be the most pulse lifting experience for both of the love partners any day. To your surprise, there are many ways you can kiss your partner and each type of kiss delivers a unique message that you convey to your love partner by kissing them by the specific way.

What are the different Types of Kisses and What they mean

Kissing involves fun and foreplay. Coming closer together, discovering each other’s vulnerable parts and finally there comes a kiss that should be at least not so awkward for both of the persons in love. So sit back and enjoy as we take you to the world of ways of loving your partner.

Loving your Partner

↓ 1 – Cheek Kiss

Meaning of a Cheek Kiss: I want to get you to know better.

Let’s start with a rather a simpler one. Keep your lips really soft and lightly brush them against your partner’s cheek with a sensitive touch of your tongue (do not make your partner feel wet). You can run your tongue alongside the ears of your partner only if you are not at some public place. Nibbling earlobe with a kiss on the cheek is another good idea to keep your foreplay going. All the above activity can be done very lightly and slightly and Cheek Kiss does not involve rough and toughness.

How to Kiss Your Love?


↓ 2 – Eye Kiss

Meaning of Eye Kiss: I feel close to you

Nothing is sweeter than putting your lips very softly against your partner’s closed eyes and to kiss them gently (since eye itself and area around the eye are so sensitive so keeping it gentle is mandatory).

Kiss to Eye

↓ 3 – Forehead Kiss

Meaning of Forehead Kiss: I care about you

Forehead kiss is one of the sweetest and protective types of kiss that anyone can. If you really care about each other, occasional forehead kisses can do wonders for you. Plant your lips firmly on the other person’s forehead and show them how much you love each other.

Meaning of Forehead Kiss

↓ 4 – Hand Kiss

Meaning of Hand Kiss: You are lovely

Touching the back of your partner’s hand with your lips is the cutest thing a couple can do. Although it is not much of a sensual one, it possesses magic as well.

Ways to Kiss Hands

↓ 5 – Wrist Kiss

Meaning of Wrist Kiss: Each part of you is awesome

This Halloween, surprise your partner with a vampire kiss. Yes, you heard it right! Wrist kiss is also called a vampire kiss as kissing there may seem like your partner is trying to suck blood from there. Whether you chose to kiss directly on the wrist or a little bit up towards the arm or near shoulder, your partner will love it every way.

↓ 6 – Jaw Kiss

Meaning of Jaw Kiss: I like your face

Start kissing your partner gently to all the way along their jawline from one ear to another. It is certainly not a bad idea to nibble earlobes at the very end of the kissing scene and your partner will surely enjoy it like anything.

↓ 7 – Nose Kiss

Meaning of Nose Kiss: You are cute

The cutest kiss award goes to none other “Nose Kiss”. A soft peck on the tip of the nose is one of the adorable kisses one can give to other person and it will certainly end with a smile.

Ways of Kissing Your Wife

↓ 8 – Back or Back of the Neck Kiss

Meaning of Back or Back of the Neck Kiss: Let’s explore this further

Whether it is a kiss on the back or on back of the neck, it is one of the sensual places to be kissed on and you might have no idea how much your partner would be craving to get kissed on such area.

↓ 9 – Finger Kiss

Meaning of Finger Kiss: Each part of you is better than the last

Who would not love to get their fingers kissed or even licked? It worth at least a try! It can start with running tongue from your mouth along the soft pads of your partner’s fingers or you can gently suck the fingers (Biting is a Big NO here so don’t attempt!) and ending up with kissing the top of the fingertips.

↓ 10 – French Kiss

Meaning of French kiss: I feel good with you

Lips are a gift of nature to us but tongues are something which can do real magic. The most popular type of kiss but very few can do it with mastership (Wink!). Start sealing your lips with other person’s lips slowly as warmth is necessary before executing French kiss. Keep your tongue really soft and introduce it to your partner’s mouth.

Ways of Kissing


↓ 11 – Keep Away Kiss

Meaning of Keep Away Kiss: I like to play with you

Want to drive your partner really crazy for you? Pulling away from your partner when they lean into smooch you. Instead of planting your lips on your partner’s lips, pleasantly surprise them with a gentle nibbling off their lips with slight pulling away from the skin of their lips and finally perform a lip-locking kiss just the way you both like it!

How to Kiss your Girlfriend

↓ 12 – Single Lip Kiss

Meaning of Single-Lip Kiss: You are hot

Single lip kisses can go one way around like you can kiss the upper lip part or the lower lip part or in either way you can gently give a little suck or nibble to upper or lower part of the lip. We can bet that this gentle kiss and nibble way will not be less than a really sexy move.

↓ 13 – Melt Kiss

Meaning of Melt Kiss: You are delightful

WARNING: Choking Hazard! Melt kiss is really fun especially when you get some cold drink near you. You can help yourself putting an ice cube in your mouth and hold it for few seconds to the tip of your tongue. Then French kiss your partner in the most longing manner and see how long you both will take to melt the ice cube in your partner’ mouth.

↓ 14 – Hot and Cold Kiss

Meaning of Hot and Cold Kiss: I am slowing down but I am about to speed it up

A gentle lick to your partner’s lips following up a nice blow will lead to a sensual explosion in your partner’s mind and heart filling it with love and lust simultaneously.

↓ 15 – Lower Lip Sucking Kiss

Meaning of Lower Lip Sucking Kiss: I can’t get enough of you

You just need to gently suck your partner’s lower lip and simultaneously running your tongue along their lip as you hold their mouth with palms of your hands.

↓ 16 – Licking Kiss

Meaning of Licking Kiss: I want you

Pull your partner a bit closer with the help of your arms on their waist. Lean towards your partner with an intention to kiss their lips with your lips but instead start running your tongue along both sides of their lips and in the last kiss them gently.

Types of Kisses

↓ 17 – Tongue Sucking Kiss

Meaning of Tongue Sucking Kiss: Let’s take this further.

Similar to French kiss, tongue sucking kiss is equally capable to immense your partner in deep love and lust. Very lightly suck your partner’s tongue when you both open your mouth intend to kiss each other.

↓ 18 – Butterfly Kiss

Meaning of Butterfly Kiss: I love you like hell.

The moment you both get closer to each other, lean towards each other and bring your face up to their face level, against your partner’s cheek, eyes and nose slowly repeat to open and close your eyes and your long eyelashes bring the tingling sensual emotions to your partner.

Ways to Kiss your Love Partner

↓ 19 – Eskimo Kiss

Meaning of Eskimo Kiss: You make me smile.

Simply rub your nose smoothly to your partner’s nose from side to side in slow motion.

Meaning of Eskimo Kiss

↓ 20 – Hickey Kiss

Meaning of Hickey Kiss: You are mine.

Just suck your partner’s neck side slowly and leave them with such good memory.

↓ 21 – Spiderman Kiss

Meaning of Spiderman Kiss: Let’s try something new.

You and your partner would love to try this one inspired from the iconic movie “Spiderman”. It involves kissing while your partner face is upside down. You would love to try this one while lying on a bed on alongside your bed.

↓ 22 – Fruity Kiss

Meaning of Fruity Kiss: You are fun.

Very similar to the melted kiss but the point of difference lies in keeping a berry or a piece of fruit in your mouth and leaning into each other in French kiss style. Once you get your lips to touch each other try passing on the fruit to each other mouth while using your tongue and both of you nibbling the fruit simultaneously running the juice into both of your mouths.

How to Kiss with a Fruit in Your mouth

 ↓ 23 – Vacuum Kiss

Meaning of Vacuum Kiss: You make me feel good.

Sucking your partner’s breath while you both open your mouth to kiss each other. Note: Don’t forget to use mouthwash or chew a mint flavored gum before attempting vacuum kiss.

Making a Vacuum while Kissing

↓ 24 – Sip Kiss

Meaning of Sip Kiss: I like being around you.

Have some tasty drink around you and leave the residual drink on your lips. Kiss your partner with the residual drink on your lips. We bet it will be the yummiest kiss you guys will every experience!

↓ 25 – Foot Kiss

Meaning of Foot Kiss: You have sweet feet.

While exploring each other, try a gentle attempt to suck your partner’s toes making your partner a bit ticklish and excite them with your sexy moves.

↓ 26 – Lizard Kiss

Meaning of Lizard Kiss: I am comfortable with you.

It is all about touching the tips of your tongues initiating a sensual sensation to both of you with much more love, life, and lust.

Meaning of Lizard Kiss

↓ 27 – Nibble Kiss

Meaning of Nibble Kiss: You are delicious.

Nibbling can be done with cheeks, lips, and earlobes which means anything that can your love partner on. Light bites can accompany nibbles but make sure to they are the gentle ones and not to hard especially for girls.

Kissing guide


↓ 28 – Back of the Knee Kiss

Meaning of Back of the Knee Kiss: I want to make you feel good.

The back of the knees is the really sensitive place to be kissed on. Please note that while smooching the back of the knee, no biting should involve not even the slight one because it may hurt your partner physically.

↓ 29 – Trace a Shape Kiss

Meaning of Trace a Shape Kiss: I have fun with you.

↓ 30 – Collarbone Kiss

Meaning of Collarbone Kiss: Your body is amazing.

↓ 31 – Belly Button Kiss

Meaning of Belly Button Kiss: You Are fun to be with.

↓ 32 – Palm of the Hand Kiss

Meaning of Palm of the Hand Kiss: I trust you.

↓ 33 – Elbow Kiss

Meaning of Elbow Kiss: Your arms are sexy.

↓ 34 – Shoulder Kiss

Meaning of Shoulder Kiss: I like being near you.

↓ 35 – Gum Kiss

Meaning of Gum Kiss: I can be silly with you.

↓ 36 – The Peck

Meaning of the Peck: I like you.

↓ 37 – The Smooch

Meaning of the Smooch: You make me feel goofy.

↓ 38 – The Muah Kiss

Meaning of the Muah Kiss: I want to be close to you.

↓ 39 – The Text Kiss

Meaning of the Text Kiss: I am thinking of you.

↓ 40 – Shoulder Blade Kiss

Meaning of Shoulder Blade Kiss: I like to spend time with you.

↓ 41 – Superman Kiss

Meaning of Superman Kiss: I will hold you up.

↓ 42 – Adventure Kiss

Meaning of Adventure Kiss: You fill me with joy.

↓ 43 – Spotlight Kiss

Meaning of Spotlight Kiss: I am a fan of yours.

↓ 44 – Twister Kiss

Meaning of Twister Kiss: I love having fun with you.

↓ 45 – Sweet Kiss

Meaning of Sweet Kiss: I feel adventurous with you.

Asking for Kiss


↓ 46 – Sprinkle Kiss

Meaning of Sprinkle Kiss: You make me feel creative.

↓ 47 – Lipstick Kiss

Meaning of Lipstick Kiss: I want to make you mine.

↓ 48 – Buzz Kiss

Meaning of Buzz Kiss: I am mad for you.

↓ 49 – Mail Kiss

Meaning of Mail Kiss: I like thinking about you.

↓ 50 – French Roll Kiss

Meaning of French Roll Kiss: What are you doing in 10 minutes?


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