How To Wear Yellow Blazers? 21 Outfit Ideas

How to wear yellow blazers – Short on the budget but wanna slay like a queen? Here we are with a low-budget and chic outfit idea. Take out your years-old yellow blazer that is lying on the cupboard and transform it into a brand-new outfit.

In this world of colors, yellow is one such color that is refreshing yet sophisticated. According to color psychology, the yellow color is associated with sunshine and it generates feelings of happiness, optimism, and satisfaction.

Be it a bright yellow or a mustard yellow, all shades have been making a noise in the world of fashion but it’s difficult to style yellow outfits. So, get ready for an exciting ride to the world of yellow blazers and we are sure that once addicted to this gorgeous color, you will not be able to resist wearing it.

What to Wear with Yellow Blazers?

Our suggestion is to invest in a good quality blazer for one time and enjoy the sheer elegance and style over the years.

A yellow blazer can be worn with a work outfit as well as with casual attire. You don’t need to put a lot of effort into such vibrant colors because they themselves are a statement piece and make your outfit a different one.

For a day at work, when you are going with a yellow blazer, make sure your top and pants are in neutral colors. This will maintain the sophistication of the outfit.

An outfit should always be light on the pocket but classy in style. For a casual day out, you are not supposed to go overboard. Just take out a white shirt, and denim jeans and wear them with your blazer. That’s it! You are all sorted.

Tips on How to Slay in a Yellow Blazer

  • The very first thing you need to keep in mind while styling a yellow blazer is the size of your blazer. An ill-fitted blazer can ruin your whole look. Make sure you try on the blazer before you buy it and check the fitting, the fabric, and the comfort.
  • Do not go for bright yellow or orangish-yellow colors when going with a dark monochromatic outfit. For example with a black bodycon dress, you should wear a pastel green or a light mustard blazer rather than a dark yellow blazer.
How To Wear Yellow Blazers? 21 Outfit Ideas
  • When you wear a blazer with a skirt or a flared dress, make sure you go for cropped blazer rather than a straight-cut blazer. This looks more pulled together as compared to a straight one.
How To Wear Yellow Blazers? 21 Outfit Ideas
  • Don’t go for entirely different prints when putting together an outfit. If you are going with a top with smaller prints, you should choose the pants or the skirt in the same patterned prints.
How To Wear Yellow Blazers? 21 Outfit Ideas
  • If you are going for pants with a yellow blazer, and are confused about what color to go for, try the color-pulling technique. This means you can take any color from your top or t-shirt and wear the pants in that color. For example, a polka dot dress has both white and black. Take out the white from it and wear it in the form of pants.
How To Wear Yellow Blazers? 21 Outfit Ideas

21 – Cargo Pants Are Always in

If someone would ask us, what are the comfiest pants of all, our answer would surely be cargo pants. They are made up of cotton which is a breezy fabric and the cut is so elegant that despite being a loose fit, it never goes out of fashion.

Here this beautiful lady has styled these green cargo pants with a cropped corset and a mustard yellow blazer. A perfect amalgam of colors that are going so well together.

The bright blazer’s saturation has been lowered by the white corset and giving us a very pulled-together look.


20 – Go with Green Pants and A Blazer

The combination of green and yellow works well when both colors are in lighter shades. If you are not afraid to experiment with your looks, you can definitely go for both in darker shades but then keep the inner top white or neutral.

Here we have light yellow with green pants and it’s going so well together. You can go for a black or beige top under the blazer to tone down the saturation of the two colors.

How To Wear Yellow Blazers? 21 Outfit Ideas


19 – Add Blazer Over Your Floral Dress

Springs and floral dresses go hand in hand but pairing them up with a blazer can even spice up the outfit.

Yellow goes well with all the shades of pink that’s why you should don these pretty shades this spring.

Blazers have the magical power of turning every outfit into sheer elegant attire. For a dress-down look, go for this yellow blazer and add some sunshine to your pink floral dress.

This look is perfect for a Sunday brunch with your friends. Add matching pink pointed-toe heels and match your mini bag with the color of your jacket. That’s it, you are all sorted for an exciting day ahead.

How To Wear Yellow Blazers? 21 Outfit Ideas


18 – Pair Up Your Floral Pants with Cropped Blazer

Floral pants are a refreshing addition to the tiny world of pants. They give out such fun and cool vibes.

For a change, go for floral pants with your cropped blazer but make sure your pants contain the color of your blazer. It could be less but it should be there for a pulled-together look.

How To Wear Yellow Blazers? 21 Outfit Ideas


17 – Do Black And Yellow Look Good Together?

We rarely get to see this eccentric combination but it looks classy and royal. Don these two colors when you want to make a statement.

You have to wear a black dress to an event, but you want to dress down the look. So go for this blazer over this black dress and your oh-so-subtle wedding guest look is ready.

Moreover, I suggest going for an orange blazer with this outfit if you want a vibrant color. You will look classy and will have a variety of shades in orange to pair with a black dress.

How To Wear Yellow Blazers? 21 Outfit Ideas


15 – Hit the Streets in Style with A Graphic Tee And Green Chino Shorts

Styling blazers with shorts is a new trend that we absolutely adore! This laid-back look is perfect for a spontaneous lunch plan with your friends and family.

How To Wear Yellow Blazers? 21 Outfit Ideas


14 – Make a Statement Outfit with Stripped Yellow Pants

Stripped pants are in great trend these days. They give a very modern and snazzy touch to your outfit.

For a girl’s day out, pair up your staple yellow blazer with matching yellow striped pants and a black top. We suggest going with black stilettos or pointed-toe pumps rather than these boots or suede shoes. Add light gold pendants and some stud earrings.

Pro Tip: Pants that are horizontally striped give you a taller and slimmer look, hence a great pick for women who are conscious about their height or weight.

How To Wear Yellow Blazers? 21 Outfit Ideas


13 – Green Buttoned Dress with A Slim Fit Blazer

Another stunning green and yellow outfit inspiration is here for you. This time, we are going with a plain dress in green and a blazer in yellow.

Add ankle strap heels to this outfit and you are ready to slay.


12 – Fun Outfit Ideas for Office Wear

Plain dresses are not a hustle to style. You just need to keep a few things in mind. Do not go for entirely different colors that have no color coordination. For example a dark blue and a bright red. Keep it low-key.

Here this gorgeous woman has paired up a plain light blue dress with a yellow blazer. The thin belt around the waist has added more aura and grace to the attire. Add a pop of orange color to this pastel outfit with orange pointed-toe pump heels.

Wear your favorite shades and throw your hair open.

How To Wear Yellow Blazers? 21 Outfit Ideas


11 – A Road Trip with a Stripped T-shirt And Ripped Jeans

Road trips become more fun when your outfit is on point, isn’t that? To spice up your road trip outfit, go for these ripped jeans with a striped shirt and of course the staple yellow blazer.

Since an outfit on the trip should be a comfortable one, so that you can enjoy everything, we suggest going with flat pump shoes in yellow. You can also match them with the colors of the shirt and go for black shoes. If you are more into heels and don’t want to go with shoes, make sure you go for wedges or block heels and no higher inches or stilettos.

For all the clumsy girls, ditch both options and go for dad’s sneakers or ankle-length boots.


10 – The Staple Blue Jeans with An Oversized Yellow blazer

The best outfit for all the lazy lads out there is a white button-down shirt and casual denim pants. Give a semi-casual look to this attire by going with a blazer and you are all sorted.

Add a statement belt and some accessories like pendant and hoop earrings. Go for heels in the same color as that of your belt.

Don’t forget to put nice nail paint on your toenails.

How To Wear Yellow Blazers? 21 Outfit Ideas


9 – Nothing Can Beat White And Yellow Combination

Wearing a cream top with white pants would make the outfit boring and monotonous. Add a yellow blazer to this fit to remove that gloomy vibe from the fit. You can go for glowy makeup with this look by using a lot of highlighter and mascara.

Wear heels in yellow or in silver to add some more life to the outfit. Since you already have added a lot of yellow, go for a handbag in shades of brown or black. These simple hacks will make your neutral outfit the star of the show.

How To Wear Yellow Blazers? 21 Outfit Ideas


8 – Add Some Mustard Yellow Goodness to a Mono Chromatic Black Outfit

How To Wear Yellow Blazers? 21 Outfit Ideas


7 – Purple Satin Dress with A Printed Yellow Blazer

The two colors, purple and yellow pair up really well. It is said that opposites attract, and since these two colors are opposite to each other on the color pallete, they complement each other.

Here we have this beautiful gown dress in satin fabric and purple color, ticking up all the requirements of a luxurious dress. Pair it up with a lightly printed yellow blazer and you are all sorted.

You can also try a purple blazer over this gown if you don’t wish to pair it with yellow.

How To Wear Yellow Blazers? 21 Outfit Ideas


6 – Add A Pop of Color To Basic Checked Dresses

How about transforming a basic checked dress into a chic one? Well, just wear this relaxed oversized blazer on a basic dress. Open your hair, and put on some makeup.

Wear matching yellow pointed-toe heels and elevate the look with a chain mustard bag. You are all ready for a day ahead, classy and sophisticated.


5 – Formal Look With Yellow Blazers

Do you know the secret of the easiest and the most sophisticated work outfit? Let us tell you, take a tank top in white or black from your closet. Pair it up with a co-ord blazer and pant set and you are all dolled up.

You must be thinking that yellow is a bit too bright for work wear but that’s just a myth. You can pull off any color to the work if you style it properly.

Here the saturation of an all-yellow suit is balanced out by the white tank top, and the outfit is very much ok for a day at work. You can further elevate the look by going with white strapped heels and a white bag. We have added the accessories and shoes in white and the makeup is minimal.


4 – Lunch Date Outfit Inspiration

Dressing up should not be a complex task. You should be able to take out any piece from your wardrobe and make a masterpiece out of it.

Here we have this beautiful white co-ord mini skater skirt and a cami top. Pair it up with your relaxed fit regular blazer and you are done with a minimal yet stunning outfit.

Ditch the pointed toes and go for laced-up heels in the same color. This outfit is a stellar choice for a lunch night. Make sure your makeup is not too bright as white always complements a soft pinkish makeup look. Wear hoop earrings and lastly carry a mini white bag.


3 – How to Wear A Blazer with Hijab?

You must be happy to know that styling a hijab with a blazer is no big task. It’s just that you need to keep in mind two things. Firstly, don’t match your hijab with the color of the blazer. Instead, match it with the color of your inner t-shirt or top.

If you don’t want to do that, you can choose any other contrasting color, that makes your hijab a statement. Secondly, go for hijabs in cotton or georgette that can be pinned up nicely. If your hijab is not done neatly, your whole outfit will lose its charm.

How To Wear Yellow Blazers? 21 Outfit Ideas


2 – White Corset Top with Magenta Pants

Burgundy is such a refreshing and mood-changing color that goes with every outfit and on every occasion. Add these burgundy pants to your basic outfit by pairing up a laced corset top and a blazer.

Layering up with a blazer is a great idea if you want to wear a cami or tank top without showing too much skin. You can wear a light pendant with this outfit to elevate the look and don’t forget to take colors from the outfit and match them with your bag.,


1 – Go with All The Gorgeous Bright Colors

Lastly, we have this stunning and radiant outfit that is colorful enough to brighten up your day. Some days, it is good to add colors to your outfit from head to toe to make you feel good.

So go for a pink top paired with a yellow blazer. Complete the look with shiny leather pants in black and ankle-length shoes in purple.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I wear under a yellow blazer?

Ans; The options to wear with a yellow blazer are unlimited. If you are going to work, try going for solid colors like a black tank top or a white buttoned-down t-shirt. Make sure the colors go well with the shades of the blazer. For a rich yellow blazer, go for colors like blue, white, black, and beige. For pastel yellow shades you can go for colors like green, pink, red, and neutrals. For parties and formal events, you can wear a bodycon dress or a mini skirt under the blazer but make sure to go for cropped lens blazer with these instead of an oversized or straight-cut one.

Q. Are blazers still in style in 2022?

Ans. Blazers have always been in trend. Be it the 1980s or 2022, a classy blazer will never go out of style. It elevates your look and even makes a casual outfit a classy one. So do stock up on at least 3 to 5 solid-colored blazers, including yellow, mustard, purple, white, black, and blue in your wardrobe. Only these 5 colors will go with almost all of your outfits and you are sorted for the whole year. Mix and match the articles according to the occasion and you will feel like you are wearing a new outfit every single time.


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