20 Orange Blazer Outfits For Women-How To Wear Orange Blazer

How To Wear Orange Blazer Outfits: Orange is the new black and as you must know black goes with everything, the same is the case with orange. This super fun and playful color has become immensely popular and fashionable and looks best on women. From saffron to burnt orange, there are so many shades and styles you can wear with this color. Coupled with the right accessories and pants, this look instantly makes you stand out. There are several variations that can be made to dress up or down and express your energy through your outfit. To help you with this, this article includes some really nice outfits and tips for a ravishingly stylish look.

What To Wear With An Orange Blazer?

Orange goes well with both casual and formal looks, you can go with jeans for a casual and effortless look and pair it up with solid colored pants for a more formal look. Women can wear a blazer with shorts, depending on the occasion. Additionally, go with lighter colored shirts, preferably white, to balance it out with orange and give the whole look a pop of color. For teenagers, this color will look best paired with jeans or plaid pants. For accessories, go with a necklace for a more expressive look and pair it with chinos for a casually sleek look. To help you further, this article offers several styles that can guide and inspire you to put together an alluringly stylish look for any occasion.


Dos And Donts For Orange Blazers

Before we dive in, here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind to make your look stand out every time.

  • Blazer style fits every occassion, you can mix and match the seperates to complement the orange blazer. You can opt for a tradiitonal, feminine or semi-feminine look according to the occasion.
  • Make sure that the blazer is in the right size. The most improtant factor is to determine if the blazer fits perfectly especially on the shoulders. See for indentations between the shoulders and make sure that the top seams are not big.
  • With an orange blazer, try to keep the rest of the look neutral and understated. This will help in making the orange blazer stand out without having to take too much of a risk.
  • Accessories are essential to make any look stand out. Opt for a chunky necklace to make the entire look more stylish. This will also help in making the outfit fit for formal events.
  • For hair, you can opt for a tied bun or pony tail to give a more classy look.
  • Shoes play an important role in making or breaking the entire look. If you are wearing orange pants with an orange blazer, go with stilletoes or high heels. Opt for sneakers or flats for a more casual and relaxed look paired with chinos or skirts.

20 – As A Contrasting Piece

A neutral outfit with this blazer is perfect for you if you are looking for something for a casual event. The best choice will be to wear a blazer with monotoned pants and a top or maybe a jumpsuit. It gives you a classy and sophisticated yet playful look. The blazer needs to be slim fit and the best occasion for this look has to be office or professional wear.


19 – With A Bralette

You know the feeling when you get a nice lacey bra and you wish to show it off to everyone during summers. Take the plunge with this adorable look that will let you show off your bralette in an alluringly sophisticated way. Bralette adds a sultry edge to the blazer and gives a more structured look. This will look best with an oversized orange blazer and can be paired with maxi skirts and is best suited for teenagers and women under 30.

This Look does not have an image.


18 – Cropped Blazer

This type of blazer is shorter in length and has long sleeves. It looks super chic and gives a classy look. It can be worn with simple dresses or denim paired with solid-colored tank tops or shirts. This look serves as the best choice for brunches and casual events. The fit of this blazer is cropped and can be added to your office wardrobe.


17 – With Matching Bottoms

This super versatile look can be worn on any occasion. All you need is a matching blazer and bottoms. The bottoms can be plaid pants, bell bottoms, or a straight fit. If you want something to make you stand out in the crowd, this look is definitely for you. Here you can see the blazer is paired with matching straight fit pants and a white shirt To complete the entire look, pair it with a white bag, mules, and half-tied hair.


16 – With A Pair of Shorts

In case you are looking for a laid-back but stylish getup, this look is the best choice for you. Pairing all-black shorts with an orange blazer and a cute top is perfect for a brunch or night out with friends. This look is super chic and playful and helps you in looking effortlessly stylish. Pair it with a nice bag and half-tied hair for a more fun look.


15 – For Teenagers

Orange is a fun and playful color perfect for teenagers You can play around to make this look fit for you by adding a nice pair of leather boots, a tank top, and a leather short skirt. The blazer will add a pop of color to the entire look and to add a fun element to the look, add a nice pair of sunglasses with an orange chain and a nice handbag. Tie your hair in a sleek ponytail for a more formal look.


14 – With Leather Pants

Leather pants are definitely a style statement piece and to make the look stand out and look super stylish, you can pair it with an orange blazer. This will make you look sophisticated yet quirky and can be worn on both semi-formal and formal events. To complete this look, pair it with a nice gold satchel bag and orange pumps. A high ponytail with a nice necklace will add more charm to the look. This look can be pulled off by women of any age and body type.


13 – The Travel Fit

Depending on the occasion, you can style an orange blazer in a variety of ways to look best each time. This look can get your creative juices flowing. All you need is a pair of denim, a nice top, and orange pumps paired with a blazer for a nice weekend look. You can effortlessly create this look for a day out or when you want to dress up during travel.


12 – Over A Maxi Dress

The key to wearing a blazer with the main dress is the blazer itself. This super versatile and fun colored blazer will look effortless with any type of maxi dress. Here’s solid proof that the maxi dress looks best for a casual day out with friends or can be pulled off easily on a weekend. This look is simple and can be put together easily by pairing a nice white maxi dress with a nice tote bag, and a pair of leather espadrilles.


11 – For Women Over 40

If you like to step out of your comfort zone and style. This look is perfect for you. Pair a nice burnt orange blazer with a pair of off-white jeans and a high-neck sweater. To put the whole look together, pair it with a leopard-print wool scarf and a statement bag. Open hair will look best with this look and a nice long necklace will help in giving a stylish touch.


10 – With A Minidress

For a more cheerful and ladylike look, wear a short orange blazer with a mini flared dress. This look is perfect for both daytime and nighttime events and a chunky necklace will help in achieving a more put-together look. Complete the look with a black bag, a nice pair of sunglasses, and if you don’t know what shoes to wear then try leather open-toe ankle boots.


9 – Mix And Match

You can style an orange blazer however you like but if you like experimenting and want to put together an outfit that is super unique, quirky, and stylish, this look is the right one for you. Pair the orange sleeveless blazer jacket with orange flared pants. to add some contrast, wear a white buttoned shirt. Complete the look with a neon green crossbody bag paired with matching wedge heels.


8 – When To Wear An Orange Blazer?

To give proper summer vibes, pair your ripped jeans with a nice long orange blazer. To further add a pop of color, wear an orange tube top and complete the look with a tote bag and strappy heels. This look can be pulled off effortlessly for a formal meeting or when you have a daytime interview.


7 – With A Leather Fringe Skirt

For an evening look, pair the orange blazer with a leather fringe skirt. The blazer will give a pop of color to the entire look and to further boost it, you can add hot pink sock booties. This look is perfect for women who like to style outside their comfort zone and give some serious attitude.


6 – How To Pull Off Bright Blazer?

Here are some clothing ideas with an orange blazer, pairing it with a pencil skirt and a printed top is your best bet to achieve a professional look. A black skirt will make you look more flattering and makes look more versatile. You can pair this outfit with faux leather open-toe heels and a nice statement necklace. Let your hair down to make it look sophisticated and laid back.


5 – Orange Power Suit

Another style inspiration to make you look super chic and stylish is to pair a nice orange power suit with a white top. Complete the look with a small cross-body bag and a nice pair of sunglasses for a kickass bossy look. For shoes, you can go for nude slingback block heel pumps.


4 – Forever In Style!

You can flaunt your beautiful curves with this outfit by pairing the orange blazer with a tie knot blouse, high-rise relaxed dad jeans with rips, and nice chunky quilted sandals. To put together the entire look, pair it with a mini zipped tote and you’re good to go. This super fun and stylish outfit can be worn on a night out with friends or brunch.


3 – How To Style An Orange Blazer For Work?

Orange is definitely a color you can use to make you look seriously stylish. For a work-appropriate look, you can pair an orange blazer with matching loose pants. Adding a black boat neck top will give a more sophisticated look and match it with black pumps. Viola, your work look is ready!


2 – Jessica Albas Look

For a casual look, pair a blazer to exhibit your stylish side with a grey crew-neck T-shirt, olive cargo pants, and white slip-on sneakers. For carrying your stuff around the whole day, wear a nice white leather satchel bag. This effortless look can be worn and can fit perfectly in your daily routine.

1 – With Leggings

For a chic look, pair an oversized blazer with ribbed flared leggings with a zip front. This will add some fun to the look. This look is perfect for any casual event and you can easily pull it off without having to step out of your comfort zone.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do women wear an orange blazer?

Ans. Pairing a white shirt and chinos is undoubtedly the best combination to go for with an orange blazer. To give the look a major style boost, pair the orange blazer with stilettos. This article offers some super stylish and interesting looks such as orange skirts that you should definitely check out.

Q. What kind of pants look best with Orange Blazer?

Ans. The most common type of pants that will look best with an orange blazer is white or navy chinos. This super trendy and playful colored blazer will give a pop of color to the entire outfit and should be paired with lighter pants to make the whole look stand out.

Q. Can an orange blazer be worn both casually and formally?

Ans. Definitely, you can dress up an orange blazer for a semi-formal event by pairing it up with a classy shirt and nude pumps. For a unique and attractive business casual look, you can pair it up with a chiffon button-up shirt and flared pants. Moreover, you can add pair it with jeans chinos, and shorts for a more relaxed look.

Q: What kind of shoes look best with an orange Blazer?

Ans: You can get creative when it comes to shoes and pair them with woven leather loafers for achieving an effortlessly stunning look. You can also pair it up with nude pumps for a semi or business casual look. A nice pair of stilettos will also look good for a date night look. You can also go with shoes without socks for a casual relaxed look.

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