What To Wear In Goa?25 Best Outfits & Packing Tips For Women

Beach outfits to wear in Goa: Goa, the city of love, fun, with it’s oozing party vibes and the chill and cool atmosphere have always been the first choice for a chill summer trip for people living in India and even tourists visiting India.

Every year around summer, goa is flooded with tourists around the globe and the party never dies. If you are planning to visit goa this year girls, you have landed on the right platform for all useful tips and tricks for packing for a fun-filled trip.

How To Successfully Pack For A Trip To Goa

Planning a fun-filled trip successfully with your long lost friends from school or family, it takes a lot of effective planning and outfit packing to have the best time of your life. If you are a first-timer to a life-time endeavor to goa with your best friends and looking for tips and tricks on what to pack, how and what to carry for a lightweight and a fun-filled yet stylish trip to goa, we’re here to help.

Goa is filled with luscious beaches and aesthetically pleasing beachside cafes, pubs and clubs so you will be strolling the streets and beachsides of goa day and night. Goa is from nowhere a place to go and stay in your resort room all day. Go to goa and explore the city, stroll the beaches and dip in the sea every day, go out and witness the beautiful beaches, hike the mountains and have the best time of your life. For all of that fun and an Instagram full of goa pictures, first, pack effectively for all the days you will be in the city having fun.

We shall get into the glitz and glam of all the outfits you should be flaunting in goa, but first, have a look at some tips and tricks on what to and how to pack for a successful and fun-filled trip to goa.

  • First and foremost, you need to know that packing heavily for a week’s trip to goa is useless. Pack lightweight and pack effectively, fit everything you will need for a week’s trip in a backpack if you can and enjoy a hassle-free trip.
  • Never forget keeping sunscreen lotion with you at all times in goa, keep two if you can, for a friend or a friend of a friend or a stranger, help people from getting sunburned on a happy trip.
  • Sunglasses, hats, funky accessories like printed scarfs, funky necklaces, beads or seashell bracelets should be your companion throughout the trip and they will give you the best and most useful company. These accessories will help you gell in the funky, party and cool environment of the city.
  • For footwear never pack heels, stilettos, boots or any other footwear that might annoy you in walking around the streets of the city or going to the beach. Always opt for wither flip flops or sneakers, or flats if you feel a little fancy. Comfortable, easy to walk in and will go with every outfit you want to pair them with.
  • Other than bikinis, shorts, bralette and tank tops for the beach, pack some party dresses with you as well. Mini dresses, denim shorts, maxi dresses and other of the same kind according to the number of days you are going to be staying in the city.

goa travel outfits for girls

Now that we are done with what to pack for footwear and accessories and all the extra stuff other than outfits for goa, it’s finally time to go into the details of outfits that should make your goa trip a fun-filled one for sure.

↓ 25 – Sightseeing In Goa

There are a number of places worth seeing in Goa, some of the most popular include Chapora Fort (you might remember it from the movie Dil Chahta Hai), Fort Aguada and the historic church Basilica. While you go sightseeing in these places, wear something simple and light for example shorts and tee or a flowy dress with lace detailing like the one shown here. And don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes or sneakers for these tours. Here are some ideas on Best Hiking Outfits for Women to Wear in Summer and Winter.

  goa travel outfits for womenwhat to wear in goa


↓ 24 – Comfortable Wear For Beach

If you are a beach lover and plan to stay on the beaches of goa day and night not dipping in the ocean, but staying at the beachside and enjoying some beer while letting beach sand and beach air in your face, this is the perfect outfit for you. The basic gym outfit which can get anywhere around goa. A sleeveless crop top paired with a lightweight and airy cotton short and hair tied up to beat the heat. I would recommend you to ditch the shoes, however, and opt for flat sandals instead. Throw on some shades and head out the door for a cozy day at the beach.

beach outfit for women

Hotty hot short $58

Ignite bra $68

Women’s Adidas ultra boost 4.0 running shoes $150.00

↓ 23 – Out And About In Goa

Goa is all about heading out your hotel room every day and just exploring the beautiful city without any plans, this is where the excitement of the whole trip lies, unplanned days bring the best adventures. For days you plan on strolling the streets of the city in search of a cool club to chug some beers, a breakfast or a lunch place, this outfit will get you through those days.  A simple tee and shorts with sneakers and no one is stopping you. Lightweight to pack and can be paired with different shorts or different tank top for a party outfit as well.

what to wear in goa

↓ 22 – Modish Yet Cosy

While we are still talking about packing lightweight and only carrying comfortable and chic clothing with you to goa, this outfit can not be not talked about. Monochrome shirt and shorts that are as comfortable as it gets and looks ultra-chic and stylish. Let your hair down, carry a tote bag and throw on a pair of classy sunglasses and you are good to go.

women summer vacation outfit


Suede Stripe Transport Leather Tote

↓ 21 – Out For A Party

You can take inspiration from this outfit on how to pack lightweight and use one piece of clothing for more than one time and for different occasions with a change of accessories, shorts, shirts, hairstyle or makeup. This gorgeous beauty has done the same with this outfit, paired a belted shorts with a white cute top that can be worn to a party like this, to the beach with cotton shorts or to a breakfast and lunch outing in the day as well. It will look refreshing nonetheless. Add a number of funky accessories like bracelets, wristwatch, hoops and a headband. Keep the makeup glowy and shimmery for the night and you are ready.

summer vacation outfit for women

Button-up cami $34

Belted twill shorts $29.70

Steven by Steve Maden

Headbands $18.99

↓ 20 – Easy-going Outfit For Goa

After you have had a long beach dipping session with your girls and hunger strikes all of a sudden and you need to head over to lunch right away, keeping a pair of shorts or a baggy shirt to throw over your bikini and go lunching comes in very handy. You can wear denim shorts over your swimsuit and it looks super stylish and gets the job in minutes. Goa may be very chill for you to wear bikinis on the beach, but as soon as you come out in the streets and where there are locals, it is better to cover yourself up. If you’re planning a road trip to goa, don’t miss out our earlier post on Women Road Trip Outfits.

summer vacation outfit for women

Urban Renewal Recycled Levi’s Basic Denim Short $49.00

Bubble jacquard tote $32.97

Birkenstock Arizona EVA Sandal $40.00

Out from under tulip underwire one-piece swimsuit $59

↓ 19 – Beach Fix

For days on your goa trip when you only want to go and dive in the ocean and chill there for the whole day, you do not need to take any additional clothing items with you other than a bikini or a swimsuit for the beach. However, you can not go to the beach passing the streets of goa merely in a bikini, for times like those throw on a long tee over your swimsuit and you are good to go. Looks like a dress and gets the job done perfectly, just take off the shirt and dive in the ocean, no additional baggage hustle.

women beach outfit

↓ 18 – In Style

Goa may have the most chill and cozy vibes where no one cares about what anyone is wearing or doing, they are all busy having fun, partying and beaching. This is a very beachy yet stylish outfit for all young girls out there. A cute strapless bow white top paired with white shorts, throw on an oversized, colored button-down shirt like a top on top of the dress to cover up a little. Some dainty accessories, hair tied in a cute ponytail and trendy rectangular glasses, all combined together it is a perfectly stylish yet comfortable beachy outfit for summer.

summer vacation outfit for women

About You x Gizem Emre 19,90€

About You x Gizem Emre 34,90€

Celine Eyewear € 245

↓ 17 – Cute Beach Wear

Another proper beachy and cute outfit for girls out there. Nothing perfect than a deep neck swimsuit or a silk top paired with super short white shorts like this. Take away as much tan home as you can from a week in goa and look summer-ready.

beach outfit for women

↓ 16 – Cute Bikini For Beach

what to wear in goa


↓ 15 – Covered Yet Summery

A printed flared medium length skirt paired with a super cute white off-shoulder shirt and some hoops to complete the look with cuteness.

summer vacation outfit for women

Glamorous Curve midi skirt with ruffle layers in ditsy floral $72.00

Plus Size Ruched Crop Top $22.00

↓ 14 – Summer Vibes

Other than shorts, swimsuits and bikinis only, you would need to pack some cute maxi dresses and short dresses with you as well. These dresses can be worn with shorts, tucked in, as well as on their own and look perfect for a beach party. Flowy, flowery and added some dainty accessories and a hat maybe, it is a perfect beach party outfit.

what to wear in goa


summer vacation outfit for hijabi

Frayed-brim straw hat $14.99

↓ 13 – Cute Tops For Goa

You can get yourself a strap crop top like this for your goa trip as well. Cute as anything and can be worn with jeans, shorts or as a beach outfit as well if you are not a big fan of bikinis.

women cute top for summer

Stella Crop Top Pkr 5,053.60

↓ 12 – In Pajamas All Day Every day

This is another comfortably cosy, easy-going, easy to carry and slip in and out of outfit when you want to go ocean dipping and also heading out for lunch or breakfast in the day. Wear a loose tank top over your bikini, throw on a pair of cool trousers and you are ready to hit the cafe for a scrumptious time out. For some tips, here are the Cutest Outfits to Wear with Pajamas/PJs.

lazy women outfit for summer vacation

Like a dream lounge pants $29

Lucy lace tank $27.99

↓ 11 – Cute Summer Dress

This lace bodysuit is perfect for flaunting your summer body on the beach. When you have to head out the beach you can wear shorts and throw on a big, over-sized jacket to cover and march onwards to your day.

women cute party dress for summer

Mesh bodysuit € 13.00

Misguided denim jacket € 39.99

↓ 10 – Cute Mini Dress For Parties

The classic epitome of cuteness on a summer day. An off-shoulder mini dress, tied on the waist to add some shape to it and a cute hat goes perfectly together.

women mini dress for summer

DUBASCH women off-shoulder dress $14.99 – 19.99

Lisianthus women fedora hat $19.99

Another mini-dress inspiration that you can keep in mind for your goa trip. Simple yet on the top of the style game, however, I would highly recommend to ditch the heels and opt for sneakers or flats for a comfortable outing day, heels are a big no for goa.

cute mini dress for women summer vacation

Oversized plastic square sunglasses € 10.00

Denim smock dress € 27.00

what to wear in goa

↓ 8 – Basic Summer Dress

This is something any girl can find in her wardrobe. A black strapless crop top, or a sleeveless crop top, even a normal crop top would work, and mom jeans paired along for easy and comfort. Tight jeans in the scorching sun of goa are only a hassle, ditch skinny jeans and pack a pair of mom jeans with you. As loose and as airy as possible.

women summer dress

High cut rigid high waist jeans stonewash € 21.00

Petite – Ribbed Basic Bandeau € 5.00

Women’s sneakers with a platform and notched sole € 39 99

↓ 7 – Maxi Dress

This boho, farm style white long dress matches the aura and style of goa perfectly. You can enjoy the local culture of goa and gell in perfectly with this dress, a chic hat, and white simple flats. You will be able to breathe in a cotton dress more because of the lightweight of the fabric, opt for that if I may suggest.

white long dress for summer

Aphrodite embroidered pin-tucked cotton-voile maxi dress £509.40

SHELL Straw Round Grab Bag £22.00

Round Top Straw Hat £29

↓ 6 – Beach Fix

Another airy and comfortable beach fix for you girls – yes they are still coming. A sleeveless, front-tied top paired with the same patterned and colored skirt will look breathtaking. This genius has also thrown over the same colored hat which makes it a perfect outfit. Lose the skirt and you are ready to hit the waves. Some beachy, shell necklaces and bracelets, which you can find in the local markets of goa, and it’s a full look. Here are some Bollywood Celebrities Beach Outfits for your inspiration.

cute beach dress for women

Coolchange Daria top $138

Coolchange Victoria skirt $228

Knotted summer slide sandals $129

Caroline charm necklace $75

Here you see a similar jumpsuit in black color:

goa outfits women

↓ 5 – Jumpsuit

Another perfectly beachy and awe-inspiring beachy outfit. Lemon patterned white jumpsuit with cute detailing on the top, so cute, and a furry tote bag with flats as footwear. As beachy and comfortable as it can get.

white jumper for summer

Allison jumpsuit $278

Knotted summer slide sandals $129

↓ 4 – Long Flared Dress

A baggy, polka dot dress can be thrown over a bikini suit or a swimsuit after you are done with the beaching session and ready to hit the roads. Some funky, dainty jewelry to complete the look and white sneakers.

summer dress for women

Color Gitano Polka Dot Print Wrap Maxi Dress €40.00

↓ 3 – Honeymoon Outfit For Goa

If you’re honeymooning in Goa, we suggest packing as many dresses as you can. This is because they’re perfect for some romantic photoshoots no matter where in Goa you go to. Here we see blogger Jigyasaa Malhotra in a beautiful Lilac dress by Shein India and if you’re looking for some romantic dresses to shop, this is definitely the place to look for them.

what to wear in Goa

↓ 2 – Skirts In Goa

We suggest packing at least 1-2 skirts with you in a neutral color like black or beige, or you could go for a floral one. These skirts can easily be paired with different shirts or crop tops to create new looks every day.

what to wear in goa


↓ 1 – Yoga In Goa

Goa is particularly famous for its Yoga retreats, if you’re planning on attending a yoga session, you need to pack accordingly for which you should check out our earlier post on What To Wear To Yoga Class.

what to wear in yoga

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