What to Wear to a Hockey Game? 18 Hockey Game Outfits

Outfits To Wear To A Hockey Game: Choosing an outfit for a hockey game is quite confusing because of the temperature difference inside and outside the arena. Although the large and rowdy crowd makes the environment pretty hot, it’s going to be cold inside the arena since the game involves ice. And, the closer you are to the ice, the colder you will feel. 

If you’ve got a seat near the rink, it would definitely be cold there. You will feel the cold on your hands and feet. So, you better be wearing thick socks and warm boots so that you do not end up in a miserable condition while watching the game. On the other hand, if you are sitting far from the rink you still can’t choose sandals or peep toes as the people around you would be steeping on your feet often. Therefore, hockey game outfits need to be a lot more than just stylish. 


what to wear to a hockey game

How to Dress Up For A Hockey Game

There are a variety of outfits you can wear on a hockey game but a basic one is to pair a loose and long-sleeve t-shirt with jeans or black leggings and wear your hockey jersey over it. But, this outfit isn’t enough to keep you warm. Hence, your hockey game outfit should be practical, stylish, and cozy. With some styling tips and ideas, you can rock anything. Therefore, we bring you some amazing outfit ideas that you can wear to hockey game. Let’s get started with some tips first, shall we?

Tips and Tricks For Styling Hockey Game Outfits

  • Layering is the key. You can wear a long sleeves t-shirt with your jersey over it. Then, you can add long coats and a scarf. This is the best thing to do because you can always take your coat off if the temperature is rising. Besides, you look edgy and stay warm.
  • Make sure to choose comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. Because, what’s the point of attending a hockey game if you can not even cheer for you favorite team? Hence, choose a casual and comfy outfit. 
  • For a uber-cool look, add your leather jacket or sweater to your waist. 
  • Add hockey caps or a hat of your favorite team. 
  • Although thick and long socks are recommended, you should definitey check the weather before choosing your outfit for the hockey game. 
  • For shoes, you can wear anything as long as you can walk and move with ease in them. You can choose to wear long boots, ankle boots, or sneakers. 

18. Cute and Casual

hockey game outfits


17. Blend of Comfort And Style For School Game

A plain white loose sweatshirt with black tights and brown boots is a perfect combination of style and comfort. A scarf gives a much warmer touch to the overall look. Carry your essentials in a crossbody bag and finish your look with ankle boots.

what to wear to a hockey game (17)

White sweatshirt $11

Black pants $27.99

Ankle Boots $100.17


16. Layering Is Multi-Functional

Here we bring you a outfit for colder games. A turtleneck sweater paired with black pants. Add a jacket on top of it to stay warm. Complete the look by adding matching long boots and bags. For this outfit, put your hair into a low ponytail and apply light make-up. And, you are ready to enjoy your hockey game. Also, if you start to feel hot, you can always remove the extra layer and still look gorgeous. Long boots are a winter essential that you need to have in your closet!

what to wear to a hockey game (16)

Oversized Turtleneck Pull over $24.98

Jacket $39.89

Long Boots $89.95


15. How To Dress Up For A Game With Your Beau?

You definitely need a stunning outfit for a day like this one. A hockey game is indeed one amazing place to take your date if you guys are into hockey. You have to ensure you look sophisticated. So, start with wearing a hockey jersey with leggings or denim. Make sure to wear thick socks and ankle boots so you can stay warm. Moreover, get some loose curls and add a beanie to look super cute and stay warm. Do your make-up nicely and you are ready to dazzle. 

what to wear to a hockey game (15)


14. Stylish Hockey Game Outfits

Create a ultimate diva look by adding leather leggings and denim to your outfit. For this outfit, pair your leather leggings with a plain t-shirt and add a denim jacket over it. Wear a beanie on your head for a stunning look. Moreover, wear heeled ankle boots but only if you can carry them at a crowded place. Boots are always the first preference for a game. The final look is a sophisticated sight to behold. Besides, you can wear this outfit anywhere and still look great. 

what to wear to a hockey game (14)

Black Leather Leggings $13.99

Blue Shirt $10

Denim Jacket $39.98

13. Pee Caps For A Sporty Look

A simple yet casual outfit for a hockey game. A pee cap, boyfriend jeans and adorable booties. That’s it! and you have a casual and comfortable outfit that will enable you to enjoy yourself to the fullest. 


12. Accessorizing Is Key

A plain black top with jeans, pumps, a classy bag and belt. Pair this simple outfit with the accessories you love to wear and are easy to carry. Delicate and light-weight jewelry pieces will do such as earrings, a necklace, some rings, bracelet or a watch. Perfect look for older women who prefer to stay modest and look classy. 

Denim Jeans $40

Black long sleeve shirt $12.95

Women’s Belice Ballet Flat $21.08


11. Hoodies


10. Thermal Shirts With Flannel Pants


9. Floral Dress With A Sweater For Fall Games

Taylor has got some amazing fashion sense – her casual wears especially are my favorite. She is truly a stunning diva who can slay everything. Have a look at one of her looks. A floral printed white dress with jacket and heels looks great. Many people would ask, why wear a dress to the hockey game? Well, it’s all about comfort and confidence. If you are someone who feels confident in dresses then wear it. There is no hard and fast rule about what to wear to hockey game. It’s more about which outfit matches your comfort level and style. Hence, wear a dress if you feel confident in it and enjoy yourself. 

what to wear to a hockey game (9)

8. Hockey Game Outfit To Keep You Warm

7. Vest Sweater 

It’s definitely a sophisticated outfit. I am pretty sure you have seen how vest sweaters have taken over winter fashion this year. Therefore, if you really want a fashion forward outfit then create this one. I can not wait to recreate it. You should also give it a try. First up, get yourself a cropped vest sweater of your favoirte color. There are tons of ways to style it but let me share the popular two with you. 

First, wear your white tee shirt and black straight leg pants. Now, put on your vest sweater above it and add your boots. Open your hair and carry a tote bag. Second, get yourself a turtleneck vest sweater and wear long sleeve t-shirt under it. Pair this with flared blue jeans and you will have an ultra chic look. 

outfits to wear to a hockey game

White t-shirt $8.00

Straight Leg Pants $14.49

Cable Knit Sweater Vest $13.99


6. What To Wear To A Hockey Game In The Summer?

Here is an outfit that will let you move freely and cause less sweating due to warm clothes. An outfit that would count as dailywear – a scoop neck tank top with skinny jeans. I know it might not be an ideal sporty outfit for some. But, trust me, you know how to elevate your look through make-up and hair. For this oufit, get into the casual wear tank top and jeans. Create some bouncy curls, either you do it before the game or you can get some with a t-shirt by leaving it in  your hair overnight. Yep, you heard it right. With a t-shirt, just put this into search engine and recreate the one you find easy. Ensure you have a balanced look, make sure to add lightweight itmes like tote bag to carry your things. Add mid top white sneakers and complete the look with your favorite pair of shades. 

what to wear to a hockey game (6)

Summer Scoop Neck Tank Top $19.99

Fitted Denim Jeans $27.99

Mid Top Sneakers $114.97


5. Shorts With Hoodies For A Spring Hockey Game

Hockey game are mostly in winters. Therefore, it’s quite tough to dress up for a summer hockey game. Don’t worry because I have got you covered. Here is another look for a summer game and the best part is you are probably going to have this items in your wardrobe. Let’s not even mention how effortlessly we can create this look. Get yourself a hooded sweatshirt in vibrant color and wear your shorts with it. You can ever wear a jersey hoodies and look stunning. Sneakers are ideal for this look. And, since the outfit is very basic, you can apply make-up as you want. Lasty, let your hair loose but if you do not like it this way, You can create high ponytail and create stunning look. 

Red Zip-up Hoodie $21.95

Jeans Shorts $29.99


4. Take Inspiration From Gigi Hadid For Winter Game Nights

Who can not approve the fashion queen style hockey game outfits? Take some inspiration from the lovely Gigi hadid and dress up the same way next time you have a hockey game. The outfit is so fuss-free that it will probably allow you enjoy yourself to the fullest and stay warm. For this outfit, you will have to put on layers. So, get your seat near the rink and enjoy the cold environment and the much awaited hockey game. First, pair your blue button down shirt with skinny jeans in same color. Add an oversized sweatshirt as your second layer – roll up the sleeves for a sporty and chic look and put on a look white coat as your last layer. 

Coming to make-up and hair, it is recommended to apply light or no make-up since you will probably be sweating while cheering up for your favorite team. If you love Gigi Hadid’s look, you can also opt for a middle part low ponytail. But, you can also create a cute messy bun. Lastly, wear your ankle boots or sneakers. 

what to wear to a hockey game (4)

3. Mini Skirts And Ties for A Sport-chic Look

what to wear to a hockey game (3)


2. Ripped Jeans With Shawl And Boots

what to wear to a hockey game (2)

Denim Pants $11.69

White sweatshirt $11

Classic Baseball Cap $9.99


1. Blazers And Booties

Blazers give you an ultimate fashionable look. Have a look at this picture and see how amazing the outfits is. It’s definitely an appropriate look no matter where you go, be it work or games. You can create a similar outfit if you have a hockey game right after your work. This way you will not look unprofessional at work and will be able to enjoy the game without having to worry about work place clothes. For this outfit, make you sure you have a blazer, tank top or any top of your choice, and skinnny black pants.

Furthermore, carry a handbag and put some essentials/make-up touch ups in it.  Wear your watch for a professional look. Now, add your favorite booties to balance the overall look. Curl your hair and throw in your favorite pair of shades. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you dress for hockey games?

Hockey game outfits can be anything – from blazers, vests, jeans to tracksuits, t-shirts. Nevertheless, they should be comfortable so you can enjoy the game and stylish enough for you to be fashion-forward.

Q: What do hockey girls wear?

Ans: It’s important to wear clothing that enables them to play without having to worry about anything. Some girls wear comfortable clothes like loose-fitted shirts with jeans. Whereas, others prefer to wear tights, leggings with hoodies.

Q: What do you wear under a hockey jersey?

Ans: Wearing a shirt underneath your jersey is a good idea because it will keep you a bit warm and you will look great. Consider wearing three-fourth sleeves or raglan sleeves. they look great and create a sport-chic outfit. But, there are more options than just this. You can get really creative with your clothes and build your outfit around the jersey. For instance, playing with colors is easy. If you have a dark blue or red jersey, you can wear a turtleneck underneath it. Also, you can jacket your jersey creating a sporty outfit.

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