Leg Warmer Outfits – 22 Ideas On How to Wear Leg Warmers

How to wear leg warmers in style? A very difficult question but with really simple answers. Leg warmers are no longer a piece of clothing that you need to be embarrassed by or hide under your outfit. They come in so many colors and styles these days that you can easily wear them with any outfit you want. All it needs is a little styling and some creativity.

If you haven’t bought a pair of leg warmers then you definitely need to buy a pair or two for yourself or for someone else as a gift, it can be a perfect gift for any girl.

We are here today with some great tips to help you pull off leg warmers for any occasion, be it a formal one or a casual one. So this winter, don’t just be comfortable in your leg warmers but also be stylish and fashionable with them. Here are 22 cute winter outfits with legwarmers for a unique look.

Best Outfit Ideas to wear with Leg Warmers

#22- Styling a Scarf outfit

Accessories like scarves and fingerless gloves look great with leg warmers, especially if you can find matching ones.

how to wear leg warmers (22)


#21- Fall Outfit

Wear your leg warmers with a sleeveless blazer for an amazing fall outfit. Try to add a touch of colours like brown or burgundy since they are the best ones for Fall. Try wearing a sleeveless leather blazer with a white striped sweatshirt to complete the look. Leg warmers also look cute when worn with skin-tight jeans.

how to wear leg warmers (21)


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#20- Over your Black Tights

Wearing leg warmers over black tights creates a very modern and elegant look. You can also try adding a loose sweater for sweatshirt on top of your black tights to look more chic. The choice of the hat with this outfit is also an amazing one.

how to wear leg warmers (20)


#19- Causal outfit

Long boots and a cardigan that matches your leg warmers give you so much confidence. This look will add just the right amount of horse rider vibes along with the modern and elegant ones. Don’t forget to wear a matching infinity scarf and dangly earrings.

how to wear leg warmers (19)


#18- Puffer Vest

how to wear leg warmers (18)


#17- Celebrity Sporty Look

Emmy Rossum is wearing her leg warmers as part of her gym outfit and surely she looks amazingly hot. Leg warmers not only keep your legs warm but they also look very stylish when worn, so because of their being multi-purpose you can wear them on top of your gym outfit to achieve that sexy and trendy look.

how to wear leg warmers (17)


#16- With a Dress – 80s Style

Actress and Singer Chelsea Kane is wearing her leg warmers stylishly with a short dress. A look you too can easily manage, if it’s too cold you can always add in black tights with such an outfit.

how to wear leg warmers (16)


#15- Simple Black Tunic

Sometimes it’s nice to just be simple and comfortable and there is nothing better than leg warmers in such times. A cute and casual look you can wear every day or even to school or college. the best way to wear them to your school or college and by wearing a knee-length dress, infinity scarf and long boots along with the leg warmers.how to wear leg warmers (15)


#14- Over Your Spandex

Lindsay Lohan is wearing leg warmers over her spandex, a very unique and daring outfit if you are bold enough to manage it.

how to wear leg warmers (14)


#13- Leather Leg Warmers

how to wear leg warmers (13)


#12- Night Suit

Who doesn’t love being all comfortable and warm in bed for Winters?

how to wear leg warmers (12)


#11- Winter Party Outfit

Kim Kardashian opted to wear leg warmers as part of her party outfit. You can wear leg warmers to any formal event too. Just add a little bit touch of fur with any diamond jewelry and you are good to go.

how to wear leg warmers (11)


Step by Step Video Tutorial: Top 3 Ways to Wear Leg Warmers

#10- All Black Outfit

Once again, Kardashian is in leg warmers matched with a leather skirt. A very hot casual outfit, just like her, you too can always wear matching or contrasting leg warmers and leather mini skirt with a tank top for the hot and classy look

how to wear leg warmers (10)


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#9- Party Night at the Club

Yes, you can wear leg warmers with heels and guess what? It looks amazing as hell too

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#8- Ballet Dancer Style

Do you know that leg warmers originated in the 80s for ballet dancers to wear in order to keep their muscles aways from cramps after stretching. And this my friends is exactly why you can wear them to your ballet dance class to feel more comfortable and cramp free.

how to wear leg warmers (8)via

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#7- Leg Warmers – Ideal for Yoga

Who doesn’t love to feel even more comfortable while doing yoga? You can always wear leg warmers to your yoga class and feel more relaxed and at peace while doing yoga and wearing leg warmers. Two of the best things at the same time.

how to wear leg warmers girls


#6- Over Your Shoes

You know what? If your can find matching shoes or you don’t love the shoes that you are wearing, then you can easily hide them away with your leg warmers. Simply, pull your warmers over your shoes and voila!

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#5- At the Beach

how to wear leg warmers (5)


#4- Casual Day Out

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#3- Maternity Days

Okay we all want to feel comfortable during those difficult months of pregnancy. You can always drink green tea to feel good but using leg warmers during your pregnancy will make you feel extra comfy in your bed or anywhere else. Even if you want to feel more comfortable during your periods then you always have the option to wear them during that annoying week too.

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#2- Boho Look

Wearing leg warmers with your classy lacy dress is the perfect match for casual parties or get togethers. Add a cute cap with flowers for even more fun.

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#1- With Crochet Shorts

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