Smart Casual Attire Guide for Women – 26 Outfits for 2022

A Smart Casual Attire for women can always be a little tricky and confusing because it combines two elements that are quite the opposite of each other. A smart casual attire has elements from both the parallels and is usually an upgrade of your casual outfit. 

It is definitely not as formal as the business formal style of clothing. Being so neat and put together, these outfits are perfect and versatile for quite literally any event, or perhaps day or night looks. You can always experiment with your outfits, and they can be more fashion-forward than your business formal looks. Today we guide you through smart-casual outfits you can wear and get inspiration from.

How to Wear Smart Casual Outfits?

This style of clothing is not as restricted which gives you room to experiment a bit more. Picking items from the smart and the casual side and putting an outfit together with them is the best way to go to achieve the perfect smart casual look. Try wearing neutral shades, ranging from creams, beige, browns to black, white and navy. You can even wear color, but it depends on the event you are going to and if done right looks great. Wearing blazers, and button-ups with straight jeans or a flirty top with a blazer is a great idea. Replace the heels with pumps and flats, sneakers, or block heels as it tones down the dressiness of the outfit and makes it casual. A cute, vibrant top or a printed t-shirt can be worn with a black outfit. Suit pants can be replaced with baggy jeans, or trousers, leather pants and palazzos. 

Smart Casual Attire Guide for Women – 26 Outfits for 2022

Tips on Women’s Smart Casual Attire

-Opt for collared shirts, button ups and blazers.
-Incorporate at least one element that belongs to the smart or casual category.
– Bright colors are acceptable but opt for more neutral shades.
-Bright colors are also acceptable depending on the event and if it is done right.
-Wearing sweatpants for the casual element is not acceptable because the outfit still needs to be smart.
-Simplify the accessories, wearing chunky jewelry and big statement earrings is not recommended.

If you don’t have time to read the complete article here is short summary you can watch

↓ 26 – Pink smart casual attire

Here is an example of a colored smart casual outfit done right. Notice how the pink is not as vibrant and there are smart elements to the outfit as well. The straight beige pants are tailored beautifully, and the sweater gives the comfiest, most relaxing feeling ever. The sweater is not too baggy and is paired with beige loafers and a matching Chanel bag. The jewelry is kept minimal, and the headband matches the sweater. This two-toned outfit is one of my favorites and is perfect for a day look. I would also recommend that you check out these Outfits with Pale Pink Blazers.

↓ 25 – Preppy

Here we have a beautiful dress and a white collared blouse peeking through. The collar adds the loveliest touch to the overall look. The pattern on the dress adds a casual touch, and it is paired with white block heels. The colors in this outfit are stunning.

↓ 24 – Denim jeans

Gone are the days of skinny jeans and all we see on our social media feeds are mom, boyfriend of straight jeans. Keep the top half of the outfit casual with a blazer and a plain black tank top and ditch the matching suit pants for this outfit and substitute them with your favorite pair of jeans and converse.

↓ 23 – Button up

Going for a smarter look? This look is perfect for all your corporate meetings and presentations. The black and white combo always looks great to pull off that smart look. The rounded collar instead of the usual collar and the frayed jeans add the most subtle touches of casual to your outfit, without going too over the top. Pair this look up with black pumps and you are good to go.


↓ 22 – How to Style a Basic Smart Casual Attire?

Quite possibly the most basic smart casual outfit, a striped blue and white shirt paired with black jeans and a pair of black open black loafers. This look is perfect for all work-related events and so easy to achieve.


↓ 21 – Fall Smart Casual Attire

Here is a light autumnal outfit perfect for a day look. A cream button-up sweater paired with light wash jeans and a warm long coat. Pair it up with your favorite pumps and you are ready to go!

↓ 20 – When to Wear Smart Casual Attire?

Pair up a double-breasted boyfriend blazer with denim jeans and a plain white tee, and some cute block heels. The double-toned heels look beautiful and look great with any outfit.

↓ 19 – With a Dress

Want to wear a dress for your smart-casual look? Here is a navy solid-colored fitted dress, paired with a gorgeous brown coat and matching loafers. The color combination is perfect for the winter and fall months. This outfit is so classy, neat, and trendy.

↓ 18 – All Black Smart Casual Attire

This look is a sexy night look. An all-black outfit never disappoints and looks stunning. Pair a black fitted top with leather pants and a vintage leather jacket on top. Heels or flats both will look great with this outfit. Finish the look off with a pair of sunglasses and you are ready to make heads turn.

↓ 17 – Button up Dress

A denim dress is great to achieve that modern smart casual look. Pair it up with knee-high socks and black platform shoes or perhaps combat boots.

↓ 16 – Best Smart Casual Attire

I absolutely love this look, and it’s perfect for a day at university, work, or a day out when you want to look smart but feel relaxed. Sweater Vests have made a huge comeback and have become an essential piece in everyone’s closet. Pair it up with a white collared shirt and leather pants to achieve the look.

↓ 15 – With Leather Pants

Here we have such a sleek look! A black hoodie paired with leather pants and an oversized leather jacket, and converse shoes. It is a perfect combo of the cool casual smart look. Here are some more of my favorite Outfits with Leather Pants.

↓ 14 – Printed Shirt

Want to add something fun to your look? Pair a graphic tee, here we have a yellow smiley tee paired with an all-black outfit. This is a great way to add a splash of your color to your monochromatic outfit without looking too vibrant or funky. A black leather skirt looks so smart paired with a black fitted coat to keep you warm.

↓ 13 – Trendy Smart Casual Attire

Wear a thick flannel jacket on top of your all-back outfit to add the casual element. Accessorize with a crossbody bag and a cap.


↓ 12 – For Women Over 50

A white button-up with a black pair of formal pants or jeans is a classic. Add a thin coat or shrug on top of your outfit to tone down the dressiness of your outfit.

↓ 11 – Night Out Smart Casual Attire     

This outfit is one of my favorites because of how effortlessly sexy this outfit is while still looking smart and casual. The cropped knitted sweater and tank paired with the pants look so stunning and perfect for date night or a night out with your friends.

↓ 10 – For Teenagers

A very trendy modern look for the teens is a cropped white top, paired with your favorite jeans and a light cardigan. Add a crossbody bag if you are going out and add minimal jewelry.


↓ 9 – Summer Smart Casual Attire

Looking for an easy-breezy summer outfit? Here we have airy white pants, a cropped top, and an embroidered top to go with it. The top adds a bit of color to the outfit without looking too casual.

↓ 8 – For a Day Out with Friends

Are you looking for a cute outfit? Here is a perfect outfit for a day out with friends, to the beach or the park or perhaps the mall. It is smart and comfy at the same time. The white and blue button-up is paired with some white trousers and white sneakers.

↓ 7 – Work Wear smart casual attire

Smart Casual outfits are appropriate for workwear as they look presentable and are comfortable enough to spend the whole day in. The brown pants are baggy and breathable and look formal as well, while the black button-up looks effortless and classic. Instead of wearing heels opt for sneakers for the max amount of comfort.

↓ 6 – Pop of Color

Colorful outfits are generally not advised but if you are not necessarily going to an event that requires a particular dress code and want to dress up smart casual for a day out you can add color to your look. Here is a bright yellow statement piece blazer paired with a pair of comfy shorts and a white t-shirt. Add small hoops and layered necklaces and you are good to go.

↓ 5 – Cool Casual

Pair ribbed comfy pants but a white button-up and a leather vest. This look is giving me modern indie vibes and isn’t hard to achieve at all.

↓ 4 – How to Wear a Smart Casual Attire with a Skirt?

A white collared shirt paired with a sweater on top is a look that has been trending all over Instagram. Pair a mini pleated skirt with your outfit with some combat boots, a white bag, and minimal jewelry.

↓ 3 – For Plus Size Women

Pair light pink skinny jeans with a white top and a grey blazer. A white pair of slip-on shoes to match the white shirt and a big black bag for all your essentials.

↓ 2 – Smart Casual Dress

Here is an example of a smart casual dress you can wear to all summer events, from garden parties to brunches and outdoor parties and picnics. The ribbon synchs in the waist and the slit at the bottom showing the leg adds so much to a simple dress. This dress is not too revealing and looks great for a smart casual event when you don’t feel like putting too much thought into your outfit but still want to look good.

↓ 1 –  Color of the Day: Cream

Loving this sweater, as its not just some ordinary sweater vest but has slits on the side adding the most modern touch to your outfit. Pair it up with a pair of straight jeans and nude heels.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Where to Buy Smart Casual Attire?

Shein Colorblock Single Button Blazer
ASOS collar detail shirt dress in blue cotton stripes
Mango Midi shirt dress
Stradivarius 90s dad jeans

Q. Can Smart Casual include jeans?

A. Yes! A smart casual outfit can be more fashion-forward than a business casual/formal look. Today, skinny jeans have gone out of fashion and all sorts of jeans from mom, dad, and bell-bottom or wide leg jean trends have been on the rise. Jeans dress down your outfit and add the casual element. A blazer on top paired with a blouse, or a collared top looks great. You can wear sneakers, block heels, mules, or loafers with your outfit. Jeans look great with any outfit and keep you feeling relaxed and comfortable throughout the day.

Q. Can I wear smart casual attire for an interview?

A. Yes, you most definitely can! Look number 23 is perfect for an interview or is essentially an outfit you can wear to work because you will look presentable, formal, and subtly casual too which will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. If you add a black form-fitting blazer to that outfit you will achieve the perfect look for an interview. Do not wear vibrant colors and stick to neutrals for an interview. If heels are required, you should incorporate them to your outfit.

Q. Can Vans be smart casual?

A. No, I do not think so. Vans are usually associated with teens, or streetwear that is too casual. However, you can wear white trainers and sneakers and there are many looks that I have incorporated into the article that you can take inspiration from. Vans usually dress down the outfit too much.  

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