How To Style Bandana Tops – 20 Outfit Ideas

How To Style Bandana Tops: Bandanas are conventionally known as a hair accessory, something you can put in your hair as an additional add-on to your outfit. They were only ever known as something to add to your hairstyle, with the added benefit of bringing color to your outfit. But recently, due to the ever-changing fashion trends, bandanas are worn as the main component in an outfit.

They are being worn as tops, and most brands have also altered them as tops with the addition of some supportive straps. But strap or no strap, nothing stops recent models and girls alike from donning this interesting DIY look. For a bandana top, you need one thing. You guessed it, a bandana! There is no need for any additional clips or strings to hold it in place.

How to Achieve The Best Bandana Top Look

Bandanas are almost always found in very fun colors and unique, eye-catching patterns that will never be “too much.” These tops can be styled with almost anything, as they are one of the most versatile kinds of tops. Any bottom can go with them, ranging from denim skirts and jeans to wide-legged pants and even shorts! The options are endless, and with the right colors and matching, you can take it in the direction of whatever aesthetic you come up with!

Do’s and Don’ts of Bandana Tops

  • Don’t be afraid to be creative! Try out different patterns and colors, even if they seem like too much. Because after pairing them with the right bottoms, they will definitely work as a more coherent outfit and will be so fun to wear.
  • Do try to find different materials for bandana tops. Some can be found as corset bandana tops and even crocheted ones, Try those to stand out.
  • Do opt for matching color schemes. While bandana tops are conventionally known as casual tops to wear, with the correct type of matching and color scheme, they can be perfect to wear to semi-formal occasions too, especially if you create the right color palette!
  • Don’t be afraid to layer! If you like modest outfits, you can layer over a t-shirt or a turtleneck to create a dimensional outfit.

20 – Blue And Pink Bandana Top With Denim Shorts

This first bandana top outfit is the most simple one ever. This bandana top is a cute turquoise blue one with pink patterns and detailing, and it goes perfectly with denim shorts. The color scheme of the bandana goes very nicely with the denim shorts and makes this outfit nice to wear on a hot summer day out.


19 – Navy and White Patterned Bandana Top With Lightwash Denim Shorts

This is a really cute version of a bandana top and goes very nicely with light-wash denim jeans. The overall outfit made is one with a beautiful color palette of blues and white, which makes the entire outfit look very elegant and put together, despite being made of everyday casual items of clothing. A pop of color can be added by pairing a contrasting color in the form of a small accessory like the small, cute handbag pictured below.


18 – Orange Bandana Top With Minimal White Floral Print and Black Mini Skirt

This is another way to elevate your bandana top outfit to the next level. Instead of opting for denim shorts, you could choose a black mini-skirt that could contrast with the bright colors of your bandana top, as shown in the picture below. This will not only accentuate your body and hug your curves in all the right places, but it will also draw attention to the main star of the show, the bandana top by providing a dark solid base that will make the color pop even more.


17 – Neutral Printed Bandana Top With Light Wash Denim Shorts

This neutral shade is perfect to wear as it will complement all skin tones. The colors are perfect for a day out in the summer as they form a very nice summery color palette that will most accentuate your skin tone. This is so easy to put together and can be worn with any shoe, be it sneakers for a casual look or heels for a slightly more sophisticated look. Even cowboy boots would look amazing with this outfit


16 – Dark Blue Bandana Top With Spaghetti Straps and A White Denim Skirt

This outfit works so perfectly because the bandana has only two significant colors blue and white. In this case, blue is taken as an accent color while the white detailing on the bandana is matched with the white denim skirt to create a very well-thought-out and coherent outfit, This outfit can work for many different occasions and is perfect to wear in the summer.


15 – Plain White Bandana Top With Light Wash Distressed Shorts and White Slides

This outfit focuses on a very basic color: white. It is a color that you can never go wrong with. In this case, a white bandana top is matched with white accessories like white slides and a zebra print shoulder bag. The light-wash denim distressed shorts tie the whole outfit together. This outfit is a staple outfit that can be worn and put together by anyone!


14- Red Brown Bandana Top Layered over A White Tee With Matching White Trousers

If you are into modest outfits, this one is for you. This red-brown bandana is perfect to wear as it has one of the most flattering colors that will definitely suit all skin types. This outfit is completed by the addition of a white tee layered under the bandana and matching white trousers that create the perfect white base, allowing the red bandana to really pop and stand out as the main component of the outfit.


13 – White Bandana With Black Minimal Print Layered Over a Black Tee

This is a similar bandana top outfit as the one mentioned above, but this time, the base color is chosen to be black. Similarly, the main color chosen to stand out is white, which works perfectly with the black base as it has minimal black print and patterns on it too.


12 – Pink and White Checkered Crochet Bandana Top With Shorts

This bandana top is a little different than the usual conventional one that we are used to seeing. This one is a crocheted bandana that has a beautiful and simple checkered look with pink and white squares. This works best with light-wash denim shorts and creates a very unique overall outfit.


11 – Cinched In Bandana Corset Top With Leather Pants

This is another twist to the usual bandana tops that are seen all over the internet. This one is a cinched-in bandana top that is pleated strategically to look like a corset top and give the waist and upper body some definition. This is a plain white one, without the usual patterns and prints of the bandana, and is paired with black leather pants that create a classy look. This look can be further accentuated by golden jewelry and is definitely worth trying out!


Some similar outfit inspo:

10 – Blue Bandana Top With Yellow Suit

This is a great look to try as it has very fun colors that will definitely make you stand out. This look has a printed bandana top with a busy pattern that is offset by the calmness of the plain, pastel-yellow wide-leg pants that are beautifully combined with a matching pale yellow oversized blazer.


9 – White bandana Top Paired With Fleece White Sweatpants

This is a more casual rendition of a bandana top outfit. This simple minimalistic white bandana top is paired very nicely with fleece sweatpants. The sweatpants add an additional texture to the overall outfit which is very unique and contrasts very nicely with the tight-fitted bandana top. Paired with joggers or any type of matching sneakers, you have yourself a very comfortable yet stylish outfit.


8 – Pink bandana Top With Straight Leg Jeans and White Sneakers

This outfit is a very basic one that will be perfect to wear to any casual occasion. It is a simple one that anyone can pull off and it only requires three things: a beautiful pink bandana top, that is paired with straight-leg blue denim jeans, and topped off with white sneakers. This will really elevate that look and add a bit of youthfulness to it. Not only that, but all the colors together also create a very coherent and stunning outfit.

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7 – Red and White Bandana Top With Wide Leg Jeans

This bandana top outfit is a very simple one and requires minimal effort. It is a gorgeous bandana top which is red colored and has white patterns on it. It is paired effortlessly with light-wash denim wide-leg jeans that will really make the bright red color pop against the light blue of the jeans. This outfit accentuates your body in all the right ways and gives the most flattering effect.


6 – Black bandana Top With Silver Dangling Details

At first glance, this black bandana top may seem very normal, but upon closer inspection, you will notice that this top has silver detailing along its lower hem. This adds so much dimension to the bandana and makes it so much more of a unique piece to wear. This is paired with light denim shorts that come down to the knee.


5 – Pink Bandana Top With Low Waist Jeans

This is a very basic outfit but it has a very pretty bandana that has a unique print including different shades and variations of pink. This is paired perfectly with low rise jeans that complement the shape of the body and is also tied with a small white baguette bag that really adds to the color scheme.


4 – Lilac Butterfly Top With Light Jeans

The bandana top that is usually seen with very heavy patterning and prints, in this case, is worn as a light-colored one, with a minimalistic butterfly pattern. This is very pretty and simple and is tied very nicely with light distressed skinny jeans that really complement the colors of the top. Overall, a light pastel outfit is created that works perfectly in the summer.


3 – Floral Bandana Top With Sage Green Wide Leg Pants

This is a graphic bandana top that is very unique and different from usual tops. This floral design matches very nicely with the sage green pants to create a color scheme that is very coherent and flattering. These colors work perfectly in the springtime, especially if you add a cute knitted tote bag to the outfit too!


2 – Pink Floral Bandana Top With Big Flowers and Purple Pants

This outfit has a top with big white flowers on a pastel pink base. It is tied very nicely with a statement pair of lavender-colored wide-leg pants that complement the whole look and make the bandana top stand out. This outfit can be paired with a small white cute little baguette bag that matches the flower on the bandana top.


1 – Beige Bandana Top With Wide Leg White Jeans

This outfit is very pretty as it has a beige bandana top that is paired with white wide-leg jeans. The jeans match perfectly with the white detailing on the top to create a stunning look that will definitely leave everyone speechless. The overall look, especially with this color scheme makes the outfit look so put-together and flawless.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have to purchase a bandana top or can you make it yourself?

Ans. One of the reasons bandana tops have become so famous is due to their DIY nature, which allows almost anyone to wear them. All you need is a bandana, and once you fold it strategically and tie it securely at the back, you have yourself a great bandana top! It really is that simple.

However, if you want some more support, you can always purchase one with straps, or extra stitching, but it really is not necessary. So it all depends on personal preference!

Q. What is the best fabric for a bandana top?

Ans. The best fabric would have to be cotton, as it is the most breathable one out of all of them. However, since it is a DIY concept, any other fabric like silks may also be used to create a dimensional outfit.

Furthermore, brands have come out with new materials too, like crochet bandana tops, so you can try those too.

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