What To Wear To A Luncheon ? 25 Outfit Ideas

Women’s luncheon outfits. Once upon a day, the term ‘luncheon’ was reserved for a small social gathering among the ladies to get together and have a light meal while their husbands worked. These days the tradition remains a classic get-together for people of all sorts of backgrounds.

What To Wear To A Luncheon ?

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↓ 25. Business Luncheon Attire

What to Wear to a Business Luncheon? When going to a business luncheon, it’s important to retain a sense of classic professionalism in your attire while still letting your personality shine. This ensemble is a great example of that. A white fitted blouse with flared hem is paired with a close-fitting black skirt along with some black pumps. Bright red lipstick, statement eye-wear, and an over-sized, bright pink purse keep this look personable and fun. Here are Women Business Casual Shoes Guide & 10 Tips For Perfect Look.


Alternatively, you can pull pieces together from these items for a look that is as classic as it is fashionable.


↓ 24. What to Wear to a Country Club Luncheon

Country clubs are known for strict dress codes, so if you are attending a country club luncheon, be sure to find out if there are any big no-no’s that you want to avoid. With a luncheon, you can go for a preppy look or “country club casual” look. Stick to light colors, primarily pink, sky blue, navy blue, lime green, Nantucket red or yellow. This outfit is, in our opinion, the perfect ensemble. Floral, elegant, and still summery, this collared top (when in doubt, wear a collared top!) and cap sleeves pair so well with the gold jewelry of your choice. This full skirt is elegant and sophisticated. Pair with nude heels (elongating) and a sky blue purse.


What you don’t want to wear to a country club luncheon:

  1. Anything too skin-revealing.
  2. Excessively casual wear like tee shirts or jeans.
  3. Sneakers.
  4. Very short skirts or dresses.

Which leads us to our next point…

↓23. What NOT to Wear to a Luncheon

Many of the principles that apply in what not to wear to a country club luncheon also apply to regular luncheons. Think of a luncheon as an opportunity to show your sophisticated and feminine side. This could mean a dress or a skirt, a pantsuit if it’s a business luncheon, and so on and so forth. Cardigans, sheath dresses, floral pieces – that’s what you’ll want to look for.

You’ll want to avoid these items:

  • Jeans
  • Tank tops
  • Flip flops
  • Anything too skin-revealing
  • Tee shirts
  • Sneakers
  • Overly casual wear

↓22. What to Wear to a Charity Luncheon

A charity luncheon differs from a business luncheon in that the attire carries less of a professional demand. Instead, look for elegant and conservative, feminine and sophisticated. Of course you can still adjust your outfit if you need to look more business-like (opt for a pantsuit over a dress, etc.). You should also ascertain if there is a dress code in place. Some charity functions expect very formal attire.

However, if you don’t have a specific dress code and you’re stumped as to what to wear, here are three outfit ideas to choose from:

A) Black sheath dress with gold accented jewelry, beige heels, and a calfskin brown purse.

B) Gray sheath wrap dress with belted middle and silver accessories. Pair with statement coat, white heels, and purse.

C) Black blouse, floral pencil skirt, black purse, pale pink heels to match skirt.

↓21. Formal Luncheon Outfit for Women

Formal luncheon attire may seem a little tricky to navigate. After all, what is too formal? In our opinion, you can never go wrong with a little black dress. Consider this shin-length beauty paired with glitzy drop earrings, a black clutch, and strappy black heels. To dress it down, simply switch out your earrings for studs, pearls or diamonds, and let your hair down.


↓20. What to Wear to an Afternoon Luncheon

There are various types of afternoon luncheons. It could be business-related, charity related, or social. And you might be wondering, what’s appropriate to wear in each case? Well, look to our previous options for business or charity; if social, or if there’s no stated dress code, we recommend sticking with something classic like this beautiful white and pink ensemble. When you think of an afternoon luncheon, opt for florals or light, breezy colors. Pearls or diamonds accessorize such outfits wonderfully. A nude heel will elongate your legs and provide a classic, sophisticated finish to this beautiful ladylike look. Do have a look at these 15 Simple Fashion Tips for Business Woman.

↓19. How to Dress for a Spring Ladies Luncheon

Let your dreamiest spring fantasies loose with florals, pastels, and soft, romantic colors. Here are three outfit ideas to choose from:

A) Floral Jumpsuit worn three ways: switch it up with accessories, bags, and shoes.


B) Blue floral dress with handbag and nude heels


C) Sheer green floral dress with satiny pale pink heels

↓ 18. What to Wear to a Winter Luncheon

For a winter luncheon, crisp colors, extra fabric, and chic looks that provide a decent amount of warmth are a must. Here is a great look that carries all those musts and more! Start with a pair of long, wide-legged, chiffon pants. A white blouse is tucked into the high waist. Over this you can add a chic white jacket or coat. Opt for gold or bronze jewelry and loosened hair.

↓17. Celebrity Luncheon Style

You don’t have to be Kate Middleton to pull off this gorgeous purple floral dress because it has all the right elements for the perfect luncheon look! Knee-length, pleated front, high collar, and long sleeves make this dress elegant and classy. Wear with nude heels and loose hair.

↓16. Floral Frock with Mulberry Heels

A gorgeous ensemble that would suit almost any luncheon type. This look requires very little accessories. It’s all about those gorgeous flowers! Throw on some matching heels and drop earrings and let your elegance shine.

↓15. Blue Buttoned Top and Skirt

When in doubt, look to the royals! This gorgeous blue blouse is button down, long-sleeved, and tucked into an absolutely stunning knee length skirt patterned with – you guessed it – a smattering of flowers. A thin belt and blue clutch purse are the minimal accessories. Pair with strapped heels, black or dark navy blue.

↓14. Classy Luncheon Look

For another look featuring a blouse tucked into a stand-out skirt, look no further. This white, three quarter-length sleeved blouse is the epitome of class and sophistication, especially when paired with this navy blue skirt overlaid with white stripes. Wear with simple drop earrings and heels.


↓13. White Lacy Maxi Dress

This dress is so breezy and beautiful and just perfect for your next luncheon invite! Floor-length and exquisitely lacy, this all-white look is perfect to pair with long, loose waves and a bracelet! Wear with heels.

↓12. Rusty Red Pantsuit

Perfect for a business luncheon or just a luncheon where you know a pantsuit would totally fit in, this gorgeous look takes a step away from the classic dress look and makes a bold and colorful statement. A pink turtleneck is worn under this rusty red jacket and paired with an over-sized purse and matching heels. Feel free to let your gorgeous smile shine!


↓11. All-White Jumpsuit

For a sophisticated and dressy luncheon look, why not try this chic jumpsuit? Featuring V cape sleeves and a deep neckline, this ensemble looks great with strapped heels and loose hair. Use minimal accessories.

↓10. Pretty in Floral and Heels

A lovely luncheon attire option: this beautiful floral dress paired with a light jacket (or cardigan) and nude heels. A chunky bead necklace imitates an almost pearly look. Tie your hair back in a low chignon and throw on a pair of nude heels. An over-sized beige purse completes the look! You’ll also get some great inspiration from these Women Banquet Outfits & 25 Ideas On What To Wear To A Banquet.

↓9. Patterned Blouse and Skirt

Let your personality shine with this bold and attractive look. Choose a patterned blouse that has a billowy feel to it. Tuck into a pleated orange-gold skirt. The accents in the top is mirrored in orange nails and a matching purse pull together this look; the accented colors blend well and give a polished finish to this sophisticated and endlessly fashionable ensemble.

↓8. Sophisticated in Blue Dress

For a classy and sophisticated luncheon look, opt for a soft knit knee-length blue dress and pair with a neutral to brown handbag. Wear matching heels to your purse and go for a sleek hairdo. This is an effortlessly beautiful, simple, and easily replicated look that is perfect for most luncheons.

↓7. Polka Dot Look

For a fresh, chic, and fun look, try out this polka dot beauty! Single-strapped and paired with a chic hat, this fabulous look will get all eyes staring.


↓6. Lacy Dress For Charity Luncheon

For another look that would be perfect for a charity function, check out this gorgeous sheer lace dress. Featuring a tiered skirt, a sash at the waist, and a high lacy collar, this outfit makes a statement while being both sweet and feminine. Throw on a pair of strapped diamante covered heels. And while you do not need a brand-name handbag, it certainly won’t hurt! This Louis Vuitton purse is the perfect addition to this fashionista approved luncheon look!

↓5. Classy Luncheon Accessories

So far, we have shared a lot of dress looks and alternative options that would do well for a luncheon of most types. But here is an option that is just as appropriate and just as fashionable but veers a little away from the floral looks shown before. This statement blouse is long-sleeved, collared, and features an array of gold buttons and a neatly placed pocket. Pair with understated jewelry like a watch, a ring, and small stuff earrings. Tuck blouse into an olive green wool skirt. For your footwear, you can go with a nude heel.

↓4. Outfit for the Lady Who Loves Pink

This matching outfit is all-pink and fabulous! With this look, let your natural beauty shine. Let your hair down and opt for minimal accessories. Or dress it up with some statement earrings and a long necklace. Throw on a pair of heels and grab your favorite handbag. This is a super simple look perfect for a sunny day.


↓3. Bold Blue Outfit for Ladies Luncheon

Don’t you just love this beautiful bold print?! This dress closely resembles a top tucked into a skirt. With a fun print like this, go for minimal accessories. Black heels would work well with this outfit as well as a simple bracelet or two. But have fun with it! Let your hair down or tie it back in a half-up, half-down do. This is such a pretty look for a springtime luncheon or an afternoon lunch, especially on a warm day.


↓2. Simple, Elegant Luncheon Look

For one of our last looks, we are going for a blouse and skirt ensemble. This satiny coral pink blouse features tiered sleeves and has a hemline that hits right at the hips. Worn over a shin-length black skirt, this is a figure-flattering look perfect for almost any body type. Opt for a chunky beaded necklace and throw on a pair of beige heels. Wear your hair up or down according to taste. Enjoy your lunch, sister!


↓1. Perfect Ladies Luncheon Attire

For our final ladies luncheon look, we think this option is the very epitome of classic elegance, fashion, and style. Opt for a well-fitting, boldly pattered dress along with matching heels and let your hair down. It’s all about the dress with this one so don’t be afraid to let it shine. Works well for most luncheons. Now go enjoy the occasion!



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