What To Wear When Ice Skating 18 Gorgeous Ice Skating Outfits

What To Wear When Ice skating Do you love going to snowy areas? Are you a fan of snow? Surely, most people love watching the snowfall. And What would be better than having sports to play while being there. Ice skating, figure skating, and ice dancing are popular and favorite sports. There is no other better option than ice skating where you can have fun and get your muscles worked out.

The question, however, is what to wear for ice skating and is there any specific outfits that you need to wear? This is the question challenging specifically to those who are going for it for the first time. don’t get yourselves worked up though.

Outfits To Wear When Ice Skating

Before anything else, have a lesson beforehand. That being said, you don’t need expensive and skintight attire for ice skating. First and foremost, opt for attire that is easy for body movement. What I mean is that wear loose clothes in which you can move around freely. Jeans are not ideal for you as you might face difficulty in moving. Besides, if you fell, which is quite likely, your jeans would get wet and that might make you feel awkward. Choose warm stuff like scarves, a bunny hat, gloves, and socks to keep yourself warm. For more elaboration, read the article till the end, and you will find an ice skating outfit that suits you the best.

What To Wear When Ice Skating

Tips To Be Considered While Choosing Ice Skating Outfit

  • If it’s your first time (and even if it’s not), try your outfit beforehand. Try a flat surface and see if there is any difficulty in moving around. If there is, you need to opt for something else obviously.
  • Avoid jeans, particularly skintight jeans. You don’t want to tear them while ice skating.
  • Choose lightweight but warm outfits as cold weather might become uncomfortable for you.
  • If it’s just for fun and learning, opt for ice skating outfits casual like a loose tee shirt with loose pair of pants.
  • For the competition, make sure you know the proper attire, as improper attire might affect your performance as well as your overall score.
  • Avoid wearing long stuff. Long outfits tend to be hazardous at times.
  • Try to wear woolen socks that are thin rather than cotton ones as these tend to blister your feet.

18 – Grey Hoodie With Black Pants And A Bunnie Hat

Here are two cute outfits for ice skating for you to try. Go all black while layering your outfit with a gray hoodie or a sweater as you see fit. Don’t forget to wear a bunny hat to keep your head warm. These two outfits are the best for you and your bestie to wear for ice skating.


17 – Turtleneck Sweater With A jacket And Plain Leggings

Another look is a turtleneck sweater and a pair of white leggings along with proper skaters. If you feel cold, throw a jacket over your sweater. You are ready for ice skating.


16 – Black Off-Shoulder Loose Sweater With Black Pleated Skirt

Here is a look for you to try. Wear your loose sweater with a street-style pleated skirt. Avoid tights if you think they would hurdle your skating. If it’s just a casual ice skating trip, i.e, if you are going to skate casually while chatting with your friend, you can wear tights in that case.


15 – Legging With Overcoat And A Muffler

Go for a cozy and casual ice skating outfit as you would probably want to be comfortable with the person you are on a date. Go for black leggings with a sweater or sweatshirt underneath an overcoat. You can remove it while ice skating. If you plan on running on snow instead of skating, a pair of Running on Snow and Ice shoes would be advisable.


14 – Golden Mini Skirt With A Matching Shirt

Here is one of the cutest and coolest outfits for you when ice skating indoors. Make sure the material you wear is a light and easy-to-dry one. Since the surface would be wet most probably because of the ice, there will be higher chances of getting wet. So, be careful.


13 – Pair Plaid Skater Skirt with A Tank Top

We have one for you. Recreate this look by wearing a black plaid skater skirt with a black printed tank top as worn by Taylor Swift. You will get all the celebrity vibes while ice skating.

12 – Black Coat And White Jogging Pants Monochrome Ice Skating Outfit

If you are out for practice or an ice skating lesson, you might want to try this outfit. Since these two occasions don’t require fancy kinds of outfits and it is totally okay to go for your usual winter cozy clothing.


11 – White Top With Black Leggings And A Sweater

Get yourself inspired with this look. It is with no doubt that stylish and inspiring outfits keep you motivated for ice skating. So, here is one for you. Wear a white top and layer it with a cardigan, or a sweater. Team your top up with black leggings.


10 – Lilac Periwinkle Velvet Mini Dress With White Skating Shoes

When you have to perform professionally, you need proper attire for the occasion. Most competitions or shows have proper dress codes and rules for dressing. Make sure you are aware of all the rules. This Olympic-inspired dress is suitable for ice dancing and figure skating. You can wear a mini dress with your ice skating shoes and cross your fingers for your performance!

What to wear when ice skating

9 – White High-Neck With Black Leggings And A Wool Coat

Get a bit glamorous and stylish for your next ice skating experience. This outfit will definitely keep you warm and cozy as well. All you have to do is grab a high-neck sweater, a cute muffler, a pair of leggings, and a comfy wool coat. That’s all.


8 – Graphic Blue Tee With A Blue Plaid Skirt

The cute outfits for ice skating will never get outdated. If you are a fan of Kpop and Jpop, this could be the best pick for you. Pick your blue tee and plaid mini skirt out of your wardrobe and wear them. It’s that simple. You can look like a KPOP star while ice skating in this outfit.

If it gets too cold, you can always rely on additional layers like a lightweight jacket, a cardigan, or something alike. For Bottoms, you can opt for dark blue pair of leggings matching your outfit.


7 – Pair A Black Long Coat With Leggings And A Knit Hat

Cover yourself all the way with a long coat and pair it with leggings so that fitting looks are maintained. You can wear any type of top underneath your trench coat. Cover your head with a cute bunny hat and wrap a muffler or a scarf around your neck. Don’t forget to wear your ice skating shoes!


6 – Pair A Button-Down Shirt With Black Pants And Boots

If your colleagues are planning to go ice skating during a business trip, you might be wondering about a suitable ice skating attire. In that case, you need semi-formal clothes to wear. Here is an idea for this scenario. Get a pretty colored button-down shirt and pair it with a pair of contrasting leggings.

For instance, in the image below, a purple shirt is matched with a pair of dark blue leggings. You can copy this look.


5 – A Striped Line Button-down shirt With Crop Pants

Do you want to wear a comfortable ice skating outfit? Are you going to practice ice skating? If your answer is affirmative, then we have the best option for you. With this look, you won’t feel out of place and will be comfortable enough to carry out your ice skating smoothly.

Match your striped button-down shirt with a pair of straight-leg crop paints. This outfit will stay out of your way while you ice skate and have fun. You can wear a mustard yellow sweater over it if it gets cold for you.

4 – Leggings With Plaid Sleeveless Skirt And An Oversized Shirt

The stylish KPOP inspired ice skating outfits casual are not new. People have been going for these outfits for years now. You can also follow one by recreating the look shown in the image below. You can always alter it with certain modifications of your liking such as adding a layer of a sweater or a jacket. You can also replace a berretta hat with a knit hat.

3 – Pair Black Leggings With A Sleeveless Fluffy Wool Jacket

If the weather is too cold for you, you can always opt for the outfit shown in the image below. It doesn’t take much to do so. A bunny hat, a fluffy jacket or sweater, a pair of gloves, a top, leggings, and of course, your ice skating shoes and your attire is ready.

2 – Long Coat With Turtleneck Sweater And Flared Pants

Get inspired by this cool and cozy look. This look can be your go-to look for ice skating. This is among the simplest and the most stylish ice skating looks. Wear a turtleneck sweater with a pair of pants and throw a long coat over yourself. You can add a bunny hat if you feel like it.

1 – Gray Hoodie With Jeans/Leggings Or Pants

Normally, jeans wouldn’t be advised to opt for when ice skating as these tend to get wet easily. However, there can be exceptional case where you can go for it. For example, if you don’t plan on intensive ice skating or maybe you are there just skate casually and slowly with your friends, you can follow this look. Otherwise, a pair of any pants would be better. You can replace jeans with leggings.

What to wear when ice skating

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you wear jeans while ice skating?

A. Jeans seem fitting for all occasions, whatever the occasion might be. From far away, a pair of jeans might look suitable for ice skating. In reality, jeans aren’t suitable for ice skating. If you are wondering what to wear when ice skating, a pair of jeans is unlikely to be a wise choice. Guess why? The reason is that its fabric is vulnerable to getting wet. These get wet too easily while taking a lot of time to dry up. Water Soaked outfit would be the last thing you would want for yourself while ice skating.

Q. What Pants to wear ice skating?

A. Ice skating is an activity, or you could call it a sport that involves free movements mostly. If you wear too tight fabric, it might turn out to be hazardous. So, pants that readily get dried if soaked up are appropriate for ice skating. Pants like leggings, yoga pants, or even jogging pants are better suited for ice skating. Various cute outfits for ice skating are often paired with loose-fitted pants.

Q. What to wear to go ice skating indoors?

A. While indoors, the ice skating outfit still needs to be made of warm fabric like wool, velvet, and the like as the temperature would be still cold because of the ice rink. Protective gear like helmets and knee pads are essential, especially if it’s your first time. Besides, scarves, gloves, light sweaters, coats, a pair of leggings, and a sweatshirt or a tee are recommended to adjust to your attire. In case you feel too hot, you can always remove a layer which can be a cardigan, a hoodie, a jacket, or a sweater.

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