Women Khaki Pant Outfits- 20 Ways Girls can Wear Khaki Pants

Khaki Pants for Women. Audrey Hepburn’s favorite khaki pants are our favourite too. These classy pair of pants are always in fashion and no matter what color you pair it up with, you will look chic with these pants on. Below is the list of styles you can try with your khaki pants.

Read on and let us know which one is your favourite.

How to Wear Khaki Pants in Style for Ladies

↓20 – Khaki Pants-The Diva Style

Summers are here and wearing those skinny jeans all the time can be such a hassle, but who can compromise of style, right? Well, if you want to maintain your style but be comfortable in what you wear, then a plain shirt with baggy Khaki Pants is all you need to show off your style. Wear a Leather belt to complete the look. RECOMMENDED: Top 20 Ways to Style Palazzo Pants with Sneakers for Women

Khaki Pants the Diva Style


↓19 – Casual Look with Khaki Pants

Just because you are at home, does not mean you have to dress-up bad, you never know, guests can arrive at all the wrong hours. So stay in your comfort zone by wearing a bell-bottomed Khaki Pants with your comfortable T-Shirt. Neat and super voguish.

Casual Look


↓18 – How to Wear Khaki Pants with Tank Top

Khakis are just love, you don’t have to think for hours to select the color which would look good with your Khaki Pants, every color can go with it. So dig in your cupboard for your tank top and wear it with your cargo khaki pants, viola, you’re dressed up for Summers. Tank tops are one of the simplest yet hottest outfit items so do check out these 16 Cute Outfits with Tank tops.

How to Wear Khakis with Tank Top


↓17 – Funk it Up for Office

You don’t have to go in your usual, strictly formal dresses to the office, your Khaki Pants, paired up with a bright colored Coat would look lovely and you have not broken any official dress code rules too. Win, win situation it is!
Funk it Up for Office


↓16 – Kitty Party Dress

Khaki Pants have such charm, these can be worn on any occasion and you will always look super classy in it. If you have a kitty party to attend this weekend, go for this adorable dress, khaki pants with a light neon colored sweater and a printed scarf, trust us, you’ll get all the envious looks from your friends because of your style.Kitty Party Dress


↓15 – How to Wear Khaki Pants with Denim Jacket

Denim Jackets look super fashionable with Khaki pants but you have to select a neutral colored shirt or camisole to go with the look. All shades of blacks or whites would go with this look. To make it more classy, wear nude pumps and you’re the star of the day.How to Wear Khaki pants with Denim Jacket


↓14 – Dressing Up for Family Meet Ups

Family meet ups or dinners can be such a competition. You don’t only want to impress people with your food but your style too, so always choose smartly. Don’t spend bucks on shopping for the right outfit. Just grab your usual khaki pants, pair it up with navy blue cardigan and white dress shirt and you’re ready to be an apple of the eye of everyone. If you’re planning to arrange or attend a family dinner soon then have a look at these awesome Ideas on What to Wear to a Dinner PartyDressing Up for Family Meet Ups


↓13 – Cute Summer Dress

Be playful with your dressing this summer. Wear the super cute Khaki pants with your sweat shirt. Complete the playful look with studs in ear and a colorful bandanna, aha! you look cutest!

Cute Summer Dress


↓12 – Girl-Next-Door Style

Everyone adores the simple, preppy style. If you’re one of those who enjoy simple clothing then your khaki pants can be worn with the always-stylish polka dotted print and a simple woolen sweater. Go, melt some hearts with this sweet look. If you love such preppy outfits then pair them up with one of these Preppy Hairstyles for Women.
Girl-Next-Door Style


↓11 – Dress Up for Shopping

If you’re planning to go shopping after work, don’t wear anything that can be uncomfortable. Dress up formally but make sure you’re wearing these comfortable dress pants, a silk scarf, and your slim fit coat. Apart from being stylish and formal, this dress is comfortable and would make it easy for you to roam around in malls. Just by the way, don’t wear heels, instead, go for wedges with this look.

Dressed Up for Shopping


↓10 – Khaki Pants for Beach Parties

Khaki pants are not just for offices. You can wear it to fun places like beaches and sea views. Now that its summers, find all those frilly off-shoulder shirts, pair them up with pants and rock the party. For some celebrity style beach inspiration, you might wanna check out these Hollywood Celebrities Beach Outfits.

Khaki Pants for Beach Parties


↓9 – Dream Date Outfit

If you’re finding it difficult to decide what to wear for the perfect date- we have that sorted out for you. Your favorite straight khaki pants with a lace print top would be the perfect match. Accessorize your outfit with dangling earrings and a long chain. Don’t forget your solid colored heels to go with this look.

Dream Date Outfit


↓8 – How to Wear Khakis like Parisian

Parisians are famous for their fashion sense. No matter what the dress is, they just know the perfect ways to carry it smartly. So if you are in awe with their fashion sense, why not try one of their looks.Wear your Khaki pants with your hoodie and a long overcoat and you’re all set to look like a Parisian. Hey, don’t miss wearing shades with this look. Here are some more amazing Trench Coat Outfits Women.Wearing Khakis Like Parisian


↓7 – Vintage Look with Khaki Pants

Khakis are in fashion since forever. If you want to wear this sexy pair of wide bell-bottomed pants in vintage style, just wear it with a bow-collared shirt and rolled up sleeves. Curl your hair and clip them on the side to complete the look.
Vintage Look with khaki Pants


↓6 – Ultimate Street Style

Show off your carefree, free soul with this super classy baggy khaki pants and a sleeveless shirt. Not only is the look very comfortable but it is the perfect definition of the street style. Few cuffs in hands would look very trendy with this outfit. You could also layer this look with a vest if it gets too chilly, here are the Best Vest Outfit Ideas for Women
Ultimate Street Style


↓5 – Khaki Pants for Afternoon Strolls

Afternoons can be very tiring. One doesn’t feel the need to dress up for it, but you can not afford to look disastrous, can you? If you are too conscious for your style, then a comfortable tank top with a khaki Capri is the perfect look for you, best for summers and very funky.Khaki for Afternoon Stroll


↓4 – Smart Dress for Work

Don’t be boring at your workplace, the way you dress up matters a lot, not just for you but for the people around you. In want to create an aura of you, then dress up smartly in these khaki dress pants and slim fit blazer. To accentuate the look, wear animal printed pumps and tie your hair in a high, clean bun. If you’re looking for some new shoes to wear for work then find the most amazing collection here: Best Business Casual Shoes for Women

Smart Dress for Work


↓3 – Hot Street Style

Here is another look for you to carry in streets. A simple, plain tank top with linen khaki harem pants. Messy hairstyle would enhance the look even more.Street Style


↓2 – Dressing Up for Girls Day Out

girls you want to look stylish in your friends get together? Well, what are you waiting for, pair your khaki pants with a checkered print shirt and a navy style coat and let your friends adore your style. Simple yet very elegant.Dressing Up for Girls Day Out


↓1 – Perfect Meeting Dress

Meetings can the time when you want to impress your clients with your abilities and your business tactics, but they will be judging you with the way you dress up too because personal hygiene matters the most. Go in this neat attire of printed Georgette shirt and straight khaki pants, the look is very formal yet very smart-just the right one for the smart business woman.  Perfect Meeting Dress


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