How To Wear A Beret Hat? 18 Outfit Ideas

How to wear a Beret hat? Ah, le béret. This well-known hat has been around for centuries, harking back to the Bronze Age, as discovered by archeologists who found traces of the flat hat inside tombs, as well as depicted in sculptures and paintings across Europe.

In the 14th and 15th centuries, berets became most common amongst the poorer classes (i.e. farmers and artists) before steadily gaining popularity in political circles, even attaining integration into wartime uniforms.

However, they unofficially achieved peak chic status in the 1920s when famous folk like Ernest Hemingway, Lauren Bacall, and French singer Edith Piaf took to wearing them, making them a symbol of Parisian bohemianism.

What Outfits To Wear With Beret Hats?

Today the beret remains a classic representation of French culture and has made its way into the closets of fashionistas across the globe. Keep reading for 18 ways to wear your very own beret! Starting with some tips:

  • If you’re confused about how to position the beret hat or the proper way to wear it, know that there are no rules here. You should try adjusting it yourself in different positions to find one that feels most natural to you.
  • If you’re wearing the beret hat to a place where you’re afraid it might fall, for example, an amusement park, it’s pretty easy to keep it secured with the help of some bobby pins. This is also a good way to make sure that the hat doesn’t mess up your hair.
  • Beret hats are not just reserved for formal or semi-formal wear, you can easily wear them with the most casual outfits and instantly upgrade the look.
  • The best hairstyle with beret hats is to let your hair loose or go for a ponytail. A bun will hardly ever work with a beret.

outfits with beret hats

↓18. Wear Your Beret Like A Parisian

If you are going to wear a beret, you might as well do it right, eh? For many, that means donning a cap in a way worthy of a Parisian. So, first off, we have an outfit perfect for strolling – you guessed it – the streets of Paris!

Start with a classically red beret and wear over loose, lightly curled hair. A silky deep blue camisole tucked into mid-rise jeans is stylish and chic, and is further accented with a pair of glittery drop earrings.

For this outfit, you can wear flats, boots, or espadrilles as your footwear of choice. You should also check out our earlier post on How to Wear Hats with Different Outfits.


↓17. How to Wear a Beret Hat with Short Hair

We love this cute and cheeky look that somehow conjures up a Parisian accordionist displaying her skills beneath the Eiffel Tower. Or a really fun art teacher.

Whichever you are, this look was made for you!

A high-necked red and white striped tee is tucked into a pair of mid-rise pants. Plop on a beret and a simple necklace and voilà! C’est magnifique!



Everlane The Work Pant $50

Pure Cotton Striped Paris Straight Fit T-Shirt

The Heron – Black $120

Wool Beret Hat $32

↓16. Ultra Stylish Outfit To Wear With Beret

Ooh-la-la, we spy a fashionista!

A mustard-colored jumper has never looked so fabulous, especially when paired with a chic wool beret, black ankle boots, and a bejeweled purse. To ensure that the highest possible level of fab is achieved, go bold with your choice of a jumper. This one is cowl-necked and features oversized bishop sleeves, as well as a hem that hits right above the knee. If yellow is your color, do have a look at these fabulous Yellow Skirt Outfits.



Emily Shak Mustard Cowl Neck Oversized Jumper £15.99

↓15. Styling The Beret Hat

For an outfit where our favorite hat takes center stage, check out this simple but super cute ensemble.

Throw on a cashmere sweater (opt for off-white or other neutral shade) and a pair of high-rise skinny jeans. Black boots are the footwear of choice, and you can accessorize with a necklace, a watch, and perhaps some stud earrings.

For your beret, go bold with bright pink or red. It is your standout piece, after all!



Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny Jeans $68

Cashmere Crew Sweater $100

Wool Blend Beret

Lucy Williams Beaded Coin Necklace $188

↓14. Fabulous Gingham Suit for Plus-size Ladies

Work it, girl! This outfit is ridiculously cute and works on all shapes and sizes.

Pair your gingham trousers with a matching blazer and tuck in a little white tee beneath it. A cute beret is worn straight (not tilted), adding a boldly stylish twist to this look. It also matches perfectly with a pair of stiletto mules. Accessorize with sunglasses and a pale pink purse.

This is the perfect ensemble for grabbing lunch with your girlfriends or hitting the shops after brunch.


Topshop Gingham Blazer $95

Quilted Flap Lock Crossbody Bag

Qiabao Women’s Adjustable PU Leather Beret Hat $12.99

Hope Stiletto Mule $72

Nordstrom 1901 Graphic Tee $35

↓13. Super Cute Coffee Date Outfit

Grabbing coffee with your favorite guy? Sitting down for lunch at a cafe? We have the perfect outfit for you.

Matching your beret with your tee is like, so cute. So opt for a color that really stands out! This orange-red hue grabs the eye and is perfect when paired with a matching lipstick. Accessorize with a camera. For more ideas, check out these Date Outfits For Women.

↓12. Like A Fashionista

We can’t decide what’s chicer: this gorgeous tan beret, these standout shades, or this absolutely stunning ruffled sweater. Worn all together, you have an ensemble that’s basically to die for.

With this look, it’s all about the individual pieces. A classy tan beret is worn over curled hair and is further highlighted by a pair of wire-rimmed sunglasses. This deep navy blue sweater is tucked into a pair of high-rise jeans and is accessorized with a Louis Vuitton fanny pack.

The overall effect is breathtaking.


Tularosa Manny Sweater $76

Audrey Beret Hat $55

Louis Vuitton Purse $519.99

↓11. How to Wear a Beret in Winter

For a perfect winter street-style outfit, check out this look!

This gray wool beret works so well with this chunky turtleneck sweater and these gray gloves. Pair with jeans and over-the-knee boots.


High Waisted Denim Perfect Curves Jean Leggings $88

Nordstrom Alinda Over the Knee Boot

↓10. Dressy Fall Outfit – Great City Look

As the leaves start to fall and winter creeps closer, keep yourself smiling with this super stylish city outfit featuring – you guessed it – a cream-colored beret that, quite honestly, steals the show.

Pair your adorable hat with an equally eye-catching ruffled eyelet blouse and toss a checkered blazer around your shoulders for warmth and added pizzazz. Throw on some casual jeans and some bright red slingback heels. For accessories, a chic little purse, as well as some diamond stud earrings, a couple of rings and a watch or bracelet will really bring this look home.

Check out the outfit details

SHEIN Schiffy Eyelet Ruffle Trim Blouse $18

Beret Hat £6.40

Clara Red Round Heel Slingback Shoes

Check Patterned Blazer £50

↓9. Simple & Stylish Winter Outfit

We all need an outfit like this tucked away in our wardrobes for a winter day where we just need that little bit extra to feel cute and put-together. With this hat and these boots, you are sure to achieve it.

Leave your hair natural or curl slightly with a curling iron. Accessorize with rings on your fingers and simple jewelry.


Shimmer V-Neck Sweater $19.88

Carlene Suede Over the Knee Boots $99.88

French Beret Hat $25

↓8. Sophisticated Winter-Ready Look

From a knee-length cozy and chic teddy coat to a chocolate colored beret and a pair of super trendy Doc Martens, we love the overall effect these equally stunning outfit pieces have when worn together.

Stick to warm tones when putting together this outfit. It adds color and depth to an otherwise dark ensemble. Opaque tights keep your legs warm while bringing an added layer to this gorgeously sophisticated outfit. Here are 19 Best Winter Jeans Outfits for Girls to Stay Cozy and Chic.


Brixton Audrey Beret Hat $55

Dr. Martens Jadon 8 Eye Boots $170

Abrigo Largo Teddy $197

Cuello Vuelto Oversized $97

↓7. Vacation-Ready: Beret Hat with Curly Hair

With color popping everywhere, you are going to want to stop and pose wherever you turn in this outfit!

A cherry red beret with matching sunglasses isn’t the only fun aspects of this ensemble. This boldly striped mustard yellow and white sweater is absolutely stunning, especially when tucked in ever so slightly in a pair of high-rise skinny jeans. You won’t want to forget your matching lipstick with this outfit as it really brings the whole look together.

Great for touring new cities, doing a photo shoot, or grabbing lunch at a cute little restaurant!

Check out the outfit details

Women’s Highest-Rise Skinny Jeans

AE Heart Sunnies $15.95

↓6. What to Wear to a Theater Show ft. Beret

You may just find yourself humming Sinatra’s New York, New York with this fun little outfit!

Let your playfully fashionable side shine with a paisley-printed top, black wool beret, and infinitely chic trenchcoat. A bucket bag is an ‘a la mode’ accessory you won’t want to put down. Some high-waisted ankle pants and old school Vans complete the look, as well as add an unexpected twist to this city-ready ensemble.


ASOS Design Long Sleeve Paisley Puff Sleeve Top

High Waist Ankle Pants $238

River Island Bucket Bag

Vans Old Skool Sneaker $54.95

Kangaroo Wool Black Beret Hat $9.95

↓5. Effortlessly Stylish Outfit

Hitting up a new restaurant? Touring an art gallery? Grabbing front-row seats at your favorite play? This outfit lets you do it all!

Tuck a striped tee into a pair of high-waist skinny jeans. Top it off with a short trenchcoat and a slightly darker toned beret. We love these animal print flats, especially when paired with some super cute shades. Leave your hair loose and curled and be sure to accessorize with a couple of necklaces and even some dangling drop earrings.


Slim-Fit Striped Tee $9.97

H&M Short Trenchcoat $69.99

Steve Lauryn-L Flats $108.95

Klong Wool Beret Hat French Style $9.99

↓4. London Street Style – Adorable Tweed Dress

This fun look is great because it’s versatile. It could work for a variety of occasions (visiting a new bookshop, going to a concert, reading live poetry, grabbing lunch, and so much more!) and suits all body types. Keep reading for how to score this look yourself!

Start with a tweed dress. This one hits midthigh and features a super cute collar and added ribbon. Wear black tights underneath and pop on some little bright-red heels. A trench with a contrasting pattern looks super cute and brings a new element to the ensemble.

Last but not least is a beret dotted with faux pearls and a little black handbag.

So cute!


Faux Pearl Beret Hat $8

Tie Neck Tweed Dress $24

Brushed Plaid Wool Blend Trench

Push Lock Shoulder Bag $21

↓3. City Girl Winter Outfit

A beret and matching coat never looked so adorbs.

Wear with a pleated magenta top, jeans, and boots. Leave your hair loose and go natural with your makeup. This is a casual city girl look you’ll be wearing again and again!

Check out the outfit details

Hat Attack Wool Beret Hat $32

Pleated Peplum Top

↓2. White & Fluffy Outfit For Winter

For the girl who doesn’t feel like style needs to be sacrificed for warmth, check out this winter-approved ensemble. This is a look that’s sure to keep you warm while also ensuring you are looking as chic and stylish as ever.

Start with a merino turtleneck. We love this deep purple one. Bundle up in gloves and shaggy faux fur and pop a white beret on your loose and natural hair. Next, throw on a pair of white skinny jeans and a pair of over-the-knee boots. Accessorize with sunglasses and a crossbody purse.



Banana Republic Merino Turtleneck Sweater $59.99

Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans

LOFT Felt Beret $9.88

SW The Tieland Over-the-Knee Boot $399

Small Faye Leather & Suede Shoulder Bag $695

↓1. Gorgeous Spring & Summer Outfit – Super Chic

An outfit like this will make you want to hit the road with a friend and drive for 70 miles before stopping at a rundown gas station to snap a perfectly poised natural pic…

Or maybe that’s just me.

Regardless, you’ll feel like a million bucks in this final outfit we have for you, so prepare to be amazed!

It’s all about statement pieces with this ensemble. Start with a dress that can take center stage with no problem. This off-the-shoulder number features long trumpet sleeves and a stripe of color down the side. Over-the-knee boots are chic and very nearly steal the show. Last, but certainly not least, accessorize with a beret that matches the detail on your dress, as well as sunglasses and a necklace or two.



Red Dress Boutique Over the Knee Black Boot $44

Ja-jo Polarized Brown Gradient Round Ladies Sunglasses $89.50

And there you have it! 18 stylish outfits to wear with a beret!

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