How to Wear a Bralette 22 Outfit Ideas with Bralette

How to Wear a Bralette. Bralettes seem to be making a huge appearance in the world of fashion and for good reason. A simple garment that certainly brings elegance to the whole get-up. So what is a bralette? Well, basically a type of crop top that doubles up as a bra.

Since bralettes are typically more decorative than traditional bras, they work for all sorts of styles. For a casual look, a bralette can be worn under a loose-knit sweater or a shirt with an off-the-shoulder top. To dress up a bralette, pair it with jeans and a jacket, a mesh top, and a pantsuit, or under a gorgeous dress.

Great for summer outfits and spring attire and definitely a head-turning item to wear to parties. Whether you wear them with shorts, skirts, trousers, or tanks, due to how versatile they are, there is always a unique way for women to wear a bralette. Some women may feel a bit self-conscious about wearing bralettes as it is a break from the normal bra and top routine but no need to fret 🙂

Outfits with Bralette

Women everywhere of all shapes and sizes have mastered the art of the bralette so you can wear yours with pride and confidence. Dress them up or keep it simple. Go for a more saucy look with strappy-backed ones, or keep it casual with simple yet elegant lace.

In the event that you need to add an easily in-vogue component to your closet, a bralette is an exemplary piece of ladies unmentionables that is both adaptable and popular. From ribbon to strap plans, bralettes come in a wide range of styles, tones, and materials, and can be combined with various sorts of outfits to make a slick look. You can style a bralette with a traditional shirt, sewn sweater, shirt, coat, tube top, or even a maxi skirt and a restless cowhide coat. While most ladies style this design piece under a shirt or tank top for a hot tasteful, a mainstream recent fad is to spruce up the investigate a top.

With the correct styling, there are a few different ways to make adorable outfits with bralettes for a stylish and shocking appearance. Regardless of whether you’re going out on an espresso run or making a beeline for supper for a young lady’s night out, bralettes are an incredible decision for some additional style. For motivation and outfit thoughts, we’ve arranged this guide on the best way to wear a bralette with style.

But what are the best ways to look confident in bralettes Without showing much of your body? Can you wear them on your own? What styles are available? Outfit Trends brings you 20 great ideas on what to wear with bralettes.

Styling Tips

  • Wearing a bralette over a t-shirt or stylish top is an excellent way to create a bold casual outfit.
  • Style a bralette over a button-up shirt or under a sheer shirt for a modern, smart casual look.
  • For a modest yet alluring style, a bralette can be worn under a loose-knit sweater.
  • A backless dress with a bralette is a sexy style for a night out.
  • The most daring variation of this fashion trend is to go without a traditional top and wear a bralette with a jacket.
  • To stay within your comfort zone, experiment with a knitted jumper or mesh shirt over your bralette.
  • A black bralette works with most outfits across all seasons, but a white bralette can be a great piece for the summer.
  • Try different styles and materials such as lacy, satin, and racerback to explore the types that best match your look and fashion.

#22- Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski rocks like a chic-street-style goddess in a sheer white bralette top with a tan over-sized blazer. Emily the style risk-taker is inspiring to embrace lingerie as an out-wear trend. For a casual everyday ensemble, you can rock this look exactly like Emily!

bralette top

#21- Kendall Jenner rocking a Bralette

Kendall Jenner totally rocks a classic satin black bralette top with a ripped Metallica shirt. She pulls off the whole look with some light washed denim and accessorizing with choker layered jewelry with some white ankle boots. Instead of wearing just a crop top with a pair of blue jeans, wear a bralette top underneath a ripped t-shirt. This way you’ll add some sass and style to the overall look.

bralette top

#20- Summer Style 

White lace bralette with cargo style shorts. perfect for beach wear. A white lace/net bralette suggestive of a cloudless summer day carried a much-needed refresher to streetwear and easygoing fitting.

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#19- Alternative Loli Girl Style

White open back dress with multi back strap bralette in a contrasting black. The high heeled ankle boots go beautifully with this look.

#18- Summer Beach Style

White opaque and lace bralette paired with a beautiful floor length yellow skirt. Awesome look for on holiday.

Step by Step Video Tutorial how to wear a bralette

#17- Cute and Simple Look

Simple black opaque bralette combined with an easy on the eye striped, fitted pencil skirt. A great look for a night out.

#16- Street Style

Casual look with cheeky lace bralette under a grey deep V jumper. Paired with black jeans, combat boots and leather jacket makes for a look with attitude.

#15- Minimal Look

Perfect for students, this look combines neutral colours with natural floral patterns. Lace and cotton fabrics make it even more of a natural outfit. Sandals give that free and almost boho style.

#14- A Saucy Look for Spring

Raunchy look incorporating all white garments. Lace bralette with high split skirt and over shirt. A simple necklace adds a touch of elegance.

bralette outfit

#13- Skater, Casual Look 

A great style for students during summer. White tank top over a black bralette combined with blue shorts. Add some volume by tying a chambray shirt around your waist.

#12- Side Showing Bralette

A cheeky glimpse at a side bralette makes for a cute look. Blue tabard style top and contrasting blue and white denim shorts finish this look. Perfect style for a girls night out.

#11- Party Look

Black centre back tank top over a multi strap bralette paired with blue denim shorts. Add a bag for extra shape. A great look for the summertime.

bralette outfit

#10- Floral Kimono Style

A gorgeous look consisting of a navy blue open kimono style jacket and skirt. A black and floral patterned bralette adds colour and depth to this outfit. Perfect with matching make-up.

bralette outfit

#9- Black and Grey Casual Look for Fall

Stunning look for spring. Black lace bralette with knitted grey cardigan. Black skinny fit jeans are an ideal match to this outfit. A large brim hat adds style, shape and sophistication.

#8- Boho Style

V-Neck shaped white lace bralette matched with a beautiful blue foral circle skirt. The cut off denim jacket adds layers and is in keeping with the colour palette.

#7- Funky Look

Pink opaque bralette with blue denim shorts and an amazing patterned jacket. The colours look amazing in this outfit and compliment each other well.

bralette outfit

#6- Simple Holiday Look

Perfect look for holidays. White bralette under a striped tank top. Match this with high cut blue denim shorts and accessorise with sunglasses for a true holiday look.

bralette outfit

#5- Boho Style 

Gingham bralette with neautral toned brown patterned skirt. A very simple yet effective style. Add more colour with a splash of red lipstick.

bralette outfit

#4- Gothic Style

Steampunk bronze patterned bralette combined with a chiffon ankle length skirt. The high platform boots add height and shape. Matching lipstick makes this look stand out.

bralette outfit

#3- Spring Floral Look

Deep V-Neck opaque bralette with bright and colourful floral pleated skirt. Nude coloured sandals with a blue strap and black bag finish this look.

bralette outfit

#2- Casual Look

A great look and so easily achieved. Grey knitted and knotted jumper over a white lace bralette. Cheeky peak of blue denim shorts. Add a pendant for added shine and colour.

#1- Ariana Grande Celebrity Style

I simply love this jacket. Black lace bralette under black faux fur jacket with jeggings. Easy handbag add shape. A simple look and yet so effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the point of Bralettes?

A bralette feels more like a training bra than a sports bra, to be very genuine. It offers practically no help, similar as a bandeau, and is basically an article of clothing intended to either search pretty for your accomplice, or in case you’re a challenging sort, for swarms at concerts.

Q. Can you wear Bralettes in public?

In contrast to a conventional bra, your bralette is an in vogue part of your outfit and is intended to be seen. So you can wear it rather than a bra or wear it out in the open as a scaled down crop top. Bralettes may look and act like bras yet they’re socially adequate to wear out openly.

Q. Can you wear a Bralette everyday?

Actually a bralette is an undeniable choice for some individuals to wear as a regular bra. Furthermore, for other people, these are put something aside for explicit events or outfits. Customarily, bralettes are sans wire.

Q. Pros & Cons of wearing a bralette.


  • Price. Depending on the brand, some bralettes are made with less fabric, material, and hardware which means they can be made for less and sold for less.
  • Comfort. One of the biggest reasons people wear a bralette is for the comfort factor. Bralettes tend to be wire-free, which can be very comfortable. And they tend to be very unstructured, without an inner cup sling or super firm material. Beware, though, that a poorly fitting bralette can be more uncomfortable than a well-fitting underwire bra. Fit is always a favorite way to say hurray.
  • Coverage. Also as noted above, I sometimes wear a bralette to help when wearing a very low cut or revealing top. I would much rather you see my pretty lace bralette than my breast.
  • Heat. Because bralettes tend to be “less bra”, they can be a Godsend during high heat months. Wearing a thick, constructed, firm bra may feel like too much on a 97-degree day. An airy, light bralette may be the answer!


  • Limited cup sizes. TAs the industry sits now, a true “bralette” is generally designed to support and fit the A-C cup range across most band sizes. I, however, wear a 32DD in most bras and can make it work in some bralettes, and more and more companies are creating bralettes or bralette-like styles for full busts.
  • Shape. The next biggest complaint. If you want the feel of a bralette and the look of an underwire bra, try a wire-free molded or push-up bra.
  • Coverage. Small triangle cups or low-cut lace bralettes may not offer the kind of coverage you need to feel supported in your bra. There are bralettes made for full busts that provide more coverage! Additionally, since most (though not all) bralettes are non-molded, that can mean nipples show through.
  • Sizing. Small, Medium, Large, etc sizing can be problematic in bralette sizing. Bra sizing works best, especially for those whose band to bust ratio is not mirrored exactly as a bralette may suggest with each size up. This kind of in-betweenness causes people to compromise on the size. Bummer. If you can find a bralette that uses bra sizing, that usually leads to the best fit.
  • Adjustability. One of the biggest concerns about bralettes is their lack of adjustability in the straps and band. Those over-the-head, stretchy band, stretch strap style bralettes work great for some people and are tough to wear and get a great fit for other people. 

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