Disco Party Outfits – 30 Ideas on What to Wear to a Disco

Disco party outfits: You really know how to party if you are throwing a disco party or are perhaps going to one. Disco is one of the best genres of dance that emerged in the 1970’s and perhaps the only one where you can go all out with your outfit and look fabulously fashionable. The dim lights, the disco ball, flared pants, metallic pants, funky glasses, and the dance floor are all the vibes for a disco party. Today we look at some outfits you can wear to a disco party and stand out.

How to Dress for a Disco Party?

Rule number is that you gotta have fun! And secondly, you MUST go all out with your outfit. If you are someone who enjoys looking extra and likes to try out new styles a Disco party is the place to go. All kinds of flared pants work, from velvet, to sequin, striped, metallic, silk or printed. You can even go for jumpsuits of all kinds of materials and pair them up with big hoops and platform heels or shoes. To accessorize you can wear head bands, big colored retro sunglasses and experiment with wigs too. You can even go looking like a disco ball with a full metallic jumpsuit. Disco party outfits are so versatile that you can almost wear anything if its shiny, colorful, and metallic.

Disco Party Outfits - 30 Ideas on What to Wear to a Disco

Tips to Style Disco Party Outfits

-Bling out with jewels, shimmery pants, dresses or tops.
-Wearing animal print is always a good idea, especially for pants. Make the pants your statement.
-Avoid skinny jeans and always opt for wide, flared or bell bottom jeans or pants.
-Accessorize with fur, cowboy hats, bling boots,
-Show some skin! Its Disco Baby. Experiment with different cuts and lengths.
-Wear color, do not opt for boring neutral colors. Some element of your outfit needs to shine bright like a diamond so that it reflects off on the dance floor.

↓ 30 – Best Disco Party Outfits

Here is the perfect outfit to wear to a disco party. Look like a disco ball in this gorgeous metallic dress. Pair it with silver heels and a pair of silver hoops and you are ready to dazzle on the dance floor. You can find similar outfits from these Ideas on How To Wear Metallic Outfits For Girls.

Disco Party Outfits - 30 Ideas on What to Wear to a Disco

Outfit Details:

Anna-Kaci Womens Sleeveless Sequin Shift Halter Sexy Mini Cocktail Party Dress

↓ 29 – Couple Disco Party Outfits

Going with a plus one to the party? You can sparkle through the night in a two-piece metallic set. The halter top is so 70’s. And for the guys you can look like a stud in flared colored pants and a printed floral shirt. If you really want to look the part, open a few buttons of the shirt, and accessorize with jewelry, head bands and sunglasses.

Outfit Details:

Velius Women’s Sexy Metallic Sparkly Wide Leg Pants Trousers

Yong Horse Men’s Floral Printed Button Down Shirt (Similar)

↓ 28 – All Black Always

Black always looks stunning. Wear a blinged-out velvet one sleeve bodysuit with leather pants. Add a chunky silver belt and a beautiful pair of big earrings. Black booties complete the all-black-on-black look. This look is sexy, and the puffed sleeve adds the most modern touch to this look.

↓ 27 – How to Wear Disco Party Outfits

Look like a million bucks in a sparkly two piece. Its so effortless and sexy and you do not need to add a lot to this outfit because the outfit is more than enough. Add heels and you are good to go.

↓ 26 – Extra Glam Disco Party Outfits

If you want to go all out this is the look for you. Look dazzling, in a dress paired with even more sparkly stockings and big, long boots, which are also surprise, surprise fully jeweled ready to sparkle. 

↓ 25 – Barbie Style

Who knew a leather jacket in pink would look this good? This metallic barbie pink outfit is perfect for a disco party. The cropped leather jacket can be worn with high wasted flared pants and colored shades for the perfect look. Going to a 70’s dance party with a 20’s style is the perfect move.

↓ 24 – Punk Disco Outfits

The green leopard print dress paired with stockings and boots is giving me all the vintage punk vibes. The heart shaped hair clip adds the cutest bit of touch to the outfit. Let the whole outfit be your style but add an accessory to make it disco!

↓ 23 – Purple Outfit

Doesn’t always have to be a dress or a jumpsuit that you gotta wear to disco party. A sexy top like this one paired with denim jeans looks gorgeous as ever. This outfit is one of my favorites. You can play with colors and match your eyeshadow with the color of the top.

↓ 22 – Winter Look

Still look ever so glam, disco, and sexy while staying warm. Even if you opt for something sheer or short under, such as a bralette in this case a thick fur coat like this one will keep you warm throughout the night. Wear a matching headpiece and dangling earrings for this look.

↓ 21 – For Skinny Girls

Petite and skinny girls can wear short loose fit dresses like these as they don’t stick to the body as much and look gorgeous as ever and manage to hug your body at the right places. These stunning dresses come in all colors and are great to wear to a disco party.

↓ 20 – Matching Sets

Matching sets are immensely popular this year so why not take them to the disco? For more ideas, check out this collection of the Best Matching Sets to Wear This Year.

Disco Party Outfits - 30 Ideas on What to Wear to a Disco


↓ 19 – Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are definitely the most classic option to wear to a disco party. I love everything about this look, the deep neckline, the color, and the metallic studs all over. Here are some more of our favorite Jumpsuits Outfits.

↓ 18 – Sexy Disco Party Outfits

Disco Party’s are a place you can wild out, and wear something totally out there. Look sexy in a jumpsuit, that has a cropped halter top and white shimmer pants. This one is a look that will make all the heads turn.

↓ 17 – Glam

Going to a glamourous disco party and want to look your best? Here is a beautiful jumpsuit with multicolored polka dots on the top, and off the shoulder sleeves. The pants are wide, and this outfit will make you look tall. Pair it up with a pair of gorgeous earrings and high heels.

↓ 16 – How to Wear Skirts for Disco Party Outfits

Skirts are an easy option, because all you need is a metallic skirt of your choice and if you pair that up with a cute black top you are good to go. This is a great last-minute option, as you will look great and look the part. This metallic skirt will surely shine in the disco lights and make you look stunning.

Disco Party Outfits - 30 Ideas on What to Wear to a Disco

↓ 15 – Confetti

Confetti always remind me of a disco party and this dress is gorgeous and looks like someone made a dress out of gold confetti. This long gold shimmery dress is perfect when paired with high heels, perhaps a fur coat, some hoops, and retro glasses. The keyhole cut out brings in the right amount of sexy to the look.

↓ 14 – For Teenagers

Boohoo style and funky prints are a great option for teens to opt for. Mostly because these outfits are easier to recreate and look fun. Another great idea is to wear the same outfit in different colors with your friend group. Pair a colorful patterned dress with a matching head band and add hoops and glasses. Bell sleeves, V necks and off the shoulders are all very disco-esque cuts and shapes.


↓ 13 – Pink Sparkle Ombre

Absolutely in love with this look. The ombre pink glittery matching set is stunning. It will shine through the night as you dance away. Pair it with pvc heels an add a lot of jewels and bling out.

↓ 12 – Metal Chain Link

Metal chain tops have been a huge trend for the past two years, and for all the right reasons. You will look like a total trendy babe in this top. The top is so versatile and goes with almost anything. You can pair it up with slit straight pants, skinny jeans, skirts, or leather pants. 


↓ 11 – Pink Zebra

Kendall Jenner stuns in this striped dress and so can you. Bright colored prints are perfect for a disco party and are easy to style because they will be the star of your outfit. It is a simple dress, but the print is what makes it stand out.

↓ 10 – Neon Green for the Win

An all-green outfit is hard to pull off, but when done right, looks amazing! This glittery set does all the talking for you, making you look like a colorful disco ball through the night.

↓ 9 – Black Shimmer

Here is a very classy look that you can wear to a disco party. A studded blazer paired with trousers and high heels.

↓ 8 – Starry

This outfit screams disco. The entire outfit is fully covered with silver stars. You can add a belt, hat and boots and be the star of the show in this one!

↓ 7 – Best Friend Disco Party Outfits

These outfits are so aesthetic and 20’s inspired. In my opinion these kinds of outfits are the best option to wear. I am loving the metallic color block skirt and leather jacket and need it in my closet right now.

↓ 6 – For Women Over 50

Who says women over 50 can’t party? A little party never killed no body. Play with patterns and mix and match them. If it is a winter party add on a coat to stay warm.

↓ 5 – Tequila Sunrise

Loving the color of this jumpsuit. The confetti material looks amazing, you can wear this in whatever color you want, and it will look great.

↓ 4 – Metallic Vibes

Metallic multicolored dresses look amazing because they change color as you move and look different from each angle.

Disco Party Outfits - 30 Ideas on What to Wear to a Disco

↓ 3 – 90’s Inspired Disco Party Outfits

Whenever I scroll through 90’s fashion it always reminds me of disco and club wear.  Sine everything is so sparkly and shimmery it is perfect for a disco party. Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, the OG supermodels stun in metallic dresses. These designs always make a comeback into the fashion trends every now and then.

↓ 2 – Onyx

The detailing on this Elie Saab jumpsuit is beautiful. The big belt is what makes the entire outfit, and the pants are wider than the usual which makes it look great.

↓ 1 – For Plus Size Women     

Here is a purple velvet jumpsuit, with ties at the front and a pink faux fur on top. Add a pair of heels and you are good to go.


Where to Buy Disco Party Outfits

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Beginning Boutique Cher Rib Pants Gold
FashionNova At The Disco Sequin Mini Dress

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should Disco Party Outfits can guy’s wear?

A. The options are endless and there is a wide variety of looks to choose from. Opting for colors is a great option. If you do not want to wear crazy prints, wear silver boots or a tin foil material hat for a disco vibe. If you want to look the part, wear flared pants, or bell bottoms. Printed shirts with funky prints, or floral prints is also a good option. A velvet or a striped matching suit can be worn as well. Collared shirt is a must with big, buckled belts.

Q. Can I wear Skinny Jeans to a Disco Party?

A. There are no rules for a party, but if you or the host of the party really want to follow the theme there are many options to wear other than skinny jeans. You can wear mini skirt, boot cut or flared jeans, and jumpsuits for the perfect look. If you really want wear skinny jeans a great option is to maximize the disco vibes with the rest of the clothing items. You can wear a colored wig, wear a metallic, sheer, or glittery top, wear a ribbon head band, a buckled belt, boots and a funky jacket on top too to fully complete the look.

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