17 Cute 1st Birthday Outfits for Baby Girl All Seasons

As a mother to a baby girl myself, I am spoilt for choice when it comes to finding her outfits and the same goes for her first birthday. With it being a very special day, it is essential to find the perfect outfit for that special little bundle of joy.

These outfits would be dependent on the time of year that your baby’s birthday falls in so I am going to split these simple ideas down into seasons.

Spring Birthday Outfit

Spring is full of Easter wonder so why not incorporate this annual event into your baby’s 1st birthday outfit for spring season? Tiny chicks, cute lambs and flowers all make for fantastic spring outfits. Costumes are an obvious choice for an annual event such as Easter but for your baby’s 1st birthday try and keep it more about them. Pastel pinks, greens, blues and yellows make for great color choices at this time of year.via.

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Summer Birthday Dress Idea

Styles that include flowers, polka dots or even creatures such as bees and ladybirds are all popular selections for this season. Bright and bold primary colors such as yellow, blue and red are great for making your baby girl stand out on her special day. During the warmer weather stick to shorts, t-shirts and dresses or even adorable tutus which are available in multi-coloured fabrics so are fantastic for adding a splash of color.

Autumn Outfit 

This season brings in more subtle and warmer tones. Browns, oranges, bronze and auburn are lovely choices for autumn. With the colder weather starting to creep in you can start introducing back in the woolies, tights and booties so dresses are still an option. For a baby’s 1st birthday around Halloween, why not venture towards a slightly spookier themed birthday costume? Cute pumpkins and bats are always winning outfits for this time of year. Here are some cool Halloween outfits-30 Best 2016 Halloween Costumes Ideas

Winter Birthday Party Outfit Idea

My baby is a winter baby and for her 1st birthday I have opted for a royal-purple party dress, tights, cardigan and booties. Even to keep her warm and yet still a great first birthday outfit. Nearer to Christmas, it is optional to have dresses with seasonal twists such as holly, robins and mistletoe. This idea is great for keeping the Christmas theme alive without taking the thunder away from your baby’s birthday.You can also get lot of ideas from our previous post on winter kids dresses.

Do not forget that it is also a common yet brilliant option to have dresses or t-shirts with prints of the number 1 or baby’s first birthday on them. Now, it is even possible to have personalized prints with your baby’s name so why not take full advantage of this for your littles one’s big day?

Have a look at the following images for inspiration and create that gorgeous bundle of joy a fantastic and personal 1st birthday outfit that no-one will ever forget 

Pink Dress with a cute Head Band

baby girl 1st birthday outfits (1)

Top with 1 Written on it is a Great Choice.

 There are so many dresses available in the market nowadays that have one written one them and are available for mini sizes too. Get one of that dress and make your little princess wear it on her first birthday and trust me she will rip up the dance floor. Do add a cute polka dot bow head band.

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baby girl 1st birthday outfits (2)

Pink Top with Polka Dot Perfect combo for spring season

Check out this perfect birthday combo for perfect birthday

baby girl 1st birthday outfits (3)

Add a flower head band .

baby girl 1st birthday outfits (4)


baby girl 1st birthday outfits (5)


If your birthday party theme beach and Hawaii then this outfit for the star of that birthday party is the perfect idea. For this birthday party outfit idea you can go for a green colored short net skirt and then make her wear a yellow colored mini top as a combo. For accessories in this outfit, you can wear  or add as many as you want to. You can go for beaded necklaces, floral headbands, floral belts and floral sandals to match the theme.

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baby girl 1st birthday outfits (6)

baby girl 1st birthday outfits (7)

You can never go wrong with you little princess birthday party theme to be all princessy. Princessy theme for small girls birthday party is the most chosen one. For this theme, all you have to do is to put everything in pink and white color at the venue. From glass cakes to chairs, everything has to be either pink or white. And for the little princess she can wear a pink cute frock with net skirt. For more details, she can also go for wings and magic stick.

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With the same princess birthday theme. Sparkle dresses also look very cute and adorable for cute little girls. If you don’t have one, you can easily make one all by yourself using all the things that you have at your own house. For a DIY set, you can wear sparkly shorts or mini skirt and pair it with any kind of white or matching t-shirt. Don’t forget to tuck in the shirt to give frock look.

baby girl 1st birthday outfits (9)

 1st birthday princess dress

baby girl 1st birthday outfits (10)

Yellow Sleeveless Dress for Summer Season.

Yes, you don’t have to go for pink and white colored dress only for your little one’s birthday. There are so many different colors available out there for you to choose from. For example, if the party is in summer then you can go for yellow frock or if it is winters ten you can go for red dress with black coat on top. And since we’re talking about yellow, how can we forget minions. Minions are the cutest thing in the world, after your babies of course, so why not have a minion themed birthday? Check out these 12 Cute Minion Outfits for Babies/Toddlers You will Love

baby girl 1st birthday outfits (11)

 1st birthday tutu outfits

baby girl 1st birthday outfits (12)

Tutu Dresses


Swag Birthday Dress for Baby Girls

Multicolored dresses are so adorable on little girls. If you can’t decide on one color then make sure that your little princess wears her first birthday party dress in rainbow colors rather than going for only pink or white. If you want to keep the dress sober then you can make her wear a plain white shirt with multi colored net frock. Oh and don’t forget to add a cute flower head band. Do check out Kids Swag Style -20 Swag Outfits for Kids for a Perfect Look


Personalized Spring Dress

Rather than going for net frock dresses that are extremely formal you can also go for something that is moral casual. Little girls look adorable in cotton frocks. These frocks can be worn in any color but make sure to give full attention to your little one’s shoes and extra accessories. RECOMMENDED: 18 Super Cool Fashion Ideas for kids- Dresses for Kids


Beautiful Patchwork Easter T-Shirt




You can buy all these lovely and sweet dresses online from ETSY and eBay at very reasonable price.
You will also find lots of other varieties like shoes for baby’s first birthday, different accessories, baby girl birthday gift ideas and much more. Good luck.


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